Thanks to Barack Hussein Obama, al-Qaeda now owns Libya

Late CIA Agent/US Ambassador to Libya, Stevens, was a gun runner for al-Qaeda and during the time leading up to his death he was trying to secure the return of 20,000 MANPAD surface to air missiles from al-Qaeda and affiliated groups. These weapons were transferred to radical Islamist elements in Libya to help the US/NATO overthrow the country.


Now according to James and JoAnne Moriarity in an interview with the Voice of Russia, al-Qaeda owns Libya, and the only way to get Libya back is through the tribal peoples of Libya, who do not support the fanatical Islamists. According to the Mr. and Mrs. Moriarity, Stevens was killed by Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood who were being funded by the US Embassy in Egypt.


Below is an interview with James and JoAnne Moriarty, they’re whistleblowers on war crimes in Libya and were part of an NGO 100 day fact finding mission during the recent NATO and US bombings of Libya. Due to their work with the tribes of Libya they were elected official spokespeople for the tribal nations of that country. 

TRANSCRIPT and AUDIO HERE:  Al-Qaeda-now-owns-Libya-interview-with-whistleblowers-James-and-JoAnne-Moriarity

h/t Laura G