YES! Pamela Geller creates global firestorm over her “Islamic Jew Hatred” bus ads

You know you’re over the target when you’re getting flak. A far left Jewish organization, the ADL, does not approve. Screw’em, they are part of the problem.


National and International Media Uproar Over AFDI’s Groundbreaking Islamic Jew-Hatred Campaign

This campaign does so many things. First, it exposes the long-kept secret of the collusion between the the Third Reich and the Muslim world. Second, it exposes the vicious anti-Semitic material in Islamic texts and teachings. Third, it informs people that two-thirds of all U.S. foreign aid goes to Muslim countries.

It’s really an historic moment. And you helped make it happen.

We want to take this to New York City. We want to buy the prominent panels at the entrances to subway stations, which will cost us $5,000 apiece. We want to buy San Francsico, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Houston next.

This must be done. Help us. CONTRIBUTE HERE.


Every aspect of this message is important. People today know little to nothing about how the Mufti, the most influential figure in the Islamic world at the time, collaborated with Hitler because of their shared anti-Semitism. The same Islamic anti-Semitism that the informed the worldview of the Mufti today incites the “Palestinian” jihad against Israel today and Jew-hatred around the world.   The Mufti organized a Muslim SS division and was responsible personally for the deaths of hundreds of Jewish women and children. For those two things alone, he should have been executed. He was arrested and was awaiting trail, but escaped his captors. Yasir Arafat was his natural heir; Arafat, the modern godfather of terror, was the Mufti’s nephew.   It’s really an historic moment: these truths are finally being told.


And people are talking about it.

Anti-Muslim group sparks controversy by posting ads featuring Hitler on 

New York Daily News – ‎2 hours ago‎
The American Freedom Defense Initiative’s 15-foot ads show Hitler talking to Haj Amin al-Husseini, the grand mufti of Jerusalem who teamed up with the Hitler in an attempt to try to drive Jews out of Palestine. Al-Hesseini once supported Hitler’s policy of …

DC Bus Ads Featuring Hitler Call For End To US Aid To Islamic Countries

CBS Local – ‎17 hours ago‎
Gellar is president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), which has been categorized as an anti-Islam hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. According to the AFDI website, the latest ad is in response to a “Jew-hating” ad that was seen …

‘Islamic Jew-hatred’ bus ads featuring Hitler roll out on DC streets

USA TODAY – ‎22 hours ago‎
A bus ad declaring “Islamic Jew-hatred” and showing a photo of Adolf Hitler hit the streets of Washington, D.C., this week. The ads are running on 20 D.C. Metro buses for four weeks. The ads were paid for by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI).

Pamela Geller ‘Hitler’ Anti-Islam Ad Comes to Washington DC

Jewish Daily Forward – ‎May 22, 2014‎
The American Freedom Defense Initiative, led by the Islam critic Pamela Geller, launched its effort this week on about 20 Metro buses. The ads are headlined “Islamic Jew-hatred: It’s in the Koran” and call for a suspension of U.S. aid to Muslim countries.

Anti-Muslim Ads Linking Islam To NThe Third Reich Appear On Washington Buses, Spark 

Headlines & Global News – ‎May 21, 2014‎
Sponsored by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), the ads aim to “raise awareness of the depredations of Islamic supremacism,” according to its website. The campaign, which is due to run until mid-June, has been condemned by the Council on …

Hitler belongs in history books, not on bus ads

Washington Post – ‎May 19, 2014‎
I would like my D6 bus without a side of Hitler, please. Twenty Metro buses are crisscrossing the nation’s capital with Der Führer on their sides for the next month, thanks to an incendiary, anti-Muslim ad campaign by theAmerican Freedom Defense Initiative.

Washington DC bus ads urge aid cut for Muslim countries

World – ‎May 17, 2014‎
Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative has posted adverts on Washington DC Metro buses featuring a Muslim imam speaking with Adolf Hitler besides the title ‘Islamic Jew-Hatred: It’s in the Quran’. World Bulletin / News …

‘Anti-Muslim’ bus ads in US capital spark controversy – ‎May 20, 2014‎
A new series of advertisements on Washington, DC buses calling for an end to US aid to Islamic countries have raised concerns of ‘anti-Muslim’ sentiment. Sponsored by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), the nearly five-metre long ads feature a …

Hitler belongs in history books, not on bus ads (commentary) – ‎May 20, 2014‎
Twenty Metro buses are crisscrossing the nation’s capital with Das Fuhrer on their sides for the next month thanks to an incendiary, anti-Muslim ad campaign by the American Freedom Defense Initiative. The westbound D6 featured a PNC Bank ad early …

D.C. bus ads to feature Hitler in anti-Islam campaign

Washington Times – ‎May 19, 2014‎
The ads were created by the American Freedom Defense Initiative, led by conservative pundit Pamela Geller, and will be displayed on 20 Metro buses for a month, a local ABC affiliate reported. The ads call for an end to U.S. foreign aid to Islamic countries.

More Condemnation for Hitler Bus Ads

Washington City Paper  – ‎May 21, 2014‎
The ads, purchased by Pamela Geller of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, call for an end to U.S. foreign aid to Islamic countries and prominently feature a picture of Adolf Hitler talking to the Palestinian leader Haj Amin al-Husseini during World War II.

Muslim and anti-Muslim groups go to war in bus, print ads

Washington Post – ‎May 21, 2014‎
Then on Monday (May 19), Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative countered by deploying 15-foot-long ads on 20 buses in the Washington, D.C., system that equate opposition to Israel’s policies with the Third Reich One ad shows the grand mufti of …

Ads on DC Buses Show Hitler With Muslim Leader – ‎May 19, 2014‎
The Anti-Islam group American Freedom Defense Initiative has a new ad campaign that will be seen on Washington buses this week showing Adolf Hitler meeting with Muslim leader Haj Amin al-Husseini. According to the Washington Times, the initiative was …

Pro-Israel Group Features Hitler on New Bus Ads

Shalom Life – ‎May 19, 2014‎
Pamela Geller, a political activist known mainly for her criticism of Islam and President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), has approved the AFDI’s latest ad campaign, which sees twenty Washington D.C. Metrobuses brandishing the face of …

Hitler’s face to display on DC bus advertisements

Fox Washington DC – ‎May 19, 2014‎
‘The American Freedom Defense Initiative’ has paid to have Hitler’s face on 20 buses for the next month. The ad calls for an end to all aid to Islamic countries. The ad that angered ‘The American Freedom DefenseInitiative’ called for an end to aid Israel’s …

Anti-Muslim Long Island blogger to run ads linking Hitler to Islam on DC area 

Raw Story – ‎May 17, 2014‎
An organization run by an anti-Mulsim blogger has purchased billboards on the sides of twenty Washington DC Metro buses featuring Adolph Hitler and calling for an end to ‘all aid to Islamic countries.’ The ads are paid for by American Freedom Defense …

Seeing Hitler on your daily commute

The Times of Israel – ‎May 19, 2014‎
The 15-foot long ads featuring a photograph of Hitler were placed by Geller’s American Freedom DefenseInitiative on 20 city buses. The ads claim that Islam promotes Koran-based Jew-hatred and demand an end to US foreign aid to Islamic …

Inflammatory Bus Ads Link Islam to Hitler – ‎May 21, 2014‎
The American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), spearheaded by Pamela Geller, launched an ad showing Adolf Hitler meeting with Palestinian grand mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini. At the meeting, Husseini sought Hitler’s support for an Arab and …

‘Islamic Jew-hatred’ ads appear in US

Sky News Australia – ‎May 20, 2014‎
The ads, which are to run until mid-June, were placed by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), which aims to ‘raise awareness of the depredations of Islamic supremacism’, according to its website. It hopes the campaign will raise $US20,000 ($A21 …

Controversial Bus Ads Compare Islam with Hitler

Arutz Sheva – ‎8 hours ago‎
The American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) funded the ads, which are to run until mid-June. The group aims to “raise awareness of the depredations of Islamic supremacism,” according to its website. AFDI co-founder Pamela Geller called the campaign a …

Washington, DC bus ad resurrects memory of forgotten Muslim SS Division – ‎May 20, 2014‎
To reciprocate, Geller’s own organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative, calls for an equally speedy end of all American foreign aid to “Islamic countries.” Not her first go-’round with DC authorities, Geller had to take the WAMATA (Washington …

ADL slams anti-Muslim ad campaign in Washington

Haaretz – ‎May 21, 2014‎
The American Freedom Defense Initiative, headed by anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller, launched the four-week ad campaign headlined “Islamic Jew-hatred: It’s in the Quran” on 20 Metro buses in Washington, D.C., last week. The ad includes a photo of Haj …

‘Islamic Jew-hatred’ ads with Hitler adorn DC buses

Russia Today – ‎May 22, 2014‎
Stop racism. End all aid to Islamic countries,” the text of the ad reads, with a fine-print disclaimer from the city’s Metro transit authority. The ads, which are to run until mid-June, were placed by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), a self-proclaimed …

The Anti-Defamation League Doesn’t Like Pamela Geller’s Anti-Muslim Ad – ‎May 21, 2014‎
Geller, an anti-Islam blogger, first became known in D.C. when her American Freedom Defense Initiative funded controversial ads throughout Metro in 2012. The ads used a quote from the Quran next to a photo of the Twin Towers burning on 9/11/2001.

Anti-Islamic Ad Campaign Featuring Hitler on Washington DC Buses Stirs 

International Business Times, India Edition – ‎May 18, 2014‎
Pamela Geller, a blogger and head of American Freedom Defense Initiative(AFDI) – an organization devoted to fighting “global jihad and Islamic supremacism”, says the ad campaign is a reply to the relentless racism and Jew-hatred exhibited by the Muslim …

Hitler’s face to appear on side of 20 buses for a month in Washington DC as part 

Ahlul Bayt News Agency – – ‎May 20, 2014‎
The group behind the campaign, the American Freedom Defence Initiative (AFDI), say they are concerned by the ‘global jihad and Islamic supremacism’, with the ads calling for an end to U.S. foreign aid to Islamic countries. 

Washington Bus Ads Show Hitler And Muslim Leader With Message To End US 

Huffington Post UK – ‎May 20, 2014‎
The posters have been organised by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (ADFI), a group led by blogger Pamela Geller, best known in the UK for being banned by the Home Office ahead of a planned appearance at an English Defence League (EDL) 

Anti-Islamic Ads Hit D.C. Buses

Design & Trend – ‎May 22, 2014‎
The AFDI reports that the ad was launched in response to an anti-Israeli occupation ad put out by the AmericanMuslims for Palestine (AMP). The ad read, “We’re sweating April 15 so Israelis don’t have to – Stop U.S. aid to Israel’s occupation!” Geller told WJLA …

D.C. Buses to Feature Hitler for the Next Month – ‎May 18, 2014‎
D.C.’s transit system is no stranger to controversy. Here’s the American Muslims for Palestine ad that ran from the middle of March until the middle of April and triggered the AFDI’s response: The lesson here is to never be shocked by what you see on the side .