Amsterdam´s famous red light district just got crazier! A new bar called Hot Crescent is offering its Muslim clients `halal prostitutes´

Albawaba  (h/t George W) Jonathan Swick, the bar owner, consulted three moderate, modern Imams to identify halal requirements. As a result, the prostitutes do not indulge in alcohol or drugs and they pray according to Islamic tradition, five times a day.


In return, clients must have sex in a way that does not breach Islamic tradition. According to several sources, Shi´a Islam allows Nikāḥ al-Mutʿah or `marriage for pleasure´, a contentious option that permits temporary, contractual marriage. The marriage´s duration is decided before marrying and is automatically terminated upon completion of the agreed time period.

Marriages may be renewed and financial payments may occur, typically with the husband paying the wife. Hot Cresent´s Halal prostitutes would complete medical tests every two months in what Swick hopes will give Muslims a healthy and guilt-free way to satisfy their needs!




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  1. Where I can find more Information about this brothel (if it exist really). Do they have a website?
    I want to take a visit 😉

  2. Interesting bunch of defenders for the fucking sick so called religion of the pedophile, subhuman prophet (joke) Mohamed!!!
    The whole mass of disgusting criminals (how many billion?? and they breed and feed themselves mostly on WELFARE in countries they parasite on) are deranged with the only dream that carries them -“destroy the world”
    And the question of why they haul their arse across to the countries that generations of hard working infidels have built? ——- these mother****ers will never know anything human in their own land which is overpowered by one or other form of dictatorship (and live under threat of sharia applied as it suits the bastards)
    The bane of the modern world, this longest standing warmongering pigs may achieve their dream as the impotent politicians in civilised nations turn a blind eye to reality

  3. You keep talking about Islam & sheikhs in sexual activities. Ignoring wat the so called “Christian leaders” Pop, priests & church leaders who rape , child abuse & most of them r gay. Pleasuring themselves in the name of ” holy Spirit”.

    • to Shakur:

      Are you talking of ‘child abuse’?
      Remember Moo-HAM-mad, the profit of pisslam? He was a child molester. Not only did he enjoy abusing minor girls (marrying one at the age of SIX), but also he sucked on boys’ tongues as a hobby in his spare time. That was a side-dish when his concubines were busy washing his clothes full of sperm from his going outs.
      You also say ‘most of them r gay’. Most of whom? You don’t like gays? Spill it out, in the name of the profit.

    • In every community and religion you’ll find prostitutes but both Christianity permits pornography and homosexuality the most. In Christianity the evil Vatican is culprit for child sex, USA and Europe for prostitution and pornography. Surprisingly for the first time according to this shameful article Islam has now become guilty for exposing itself to prostitution. Halal hookers and sluts in some modern Arab, South Asian and European countries is catching fast. I am surprised to watch this crappy shit. Some shameless Muslim women in Amsterdam have shamed Islam coming out of their burqa may lord punish them. Prostitution and child pornography are illegal but many countries around the world are unable to stop them. As a true moderate and secular Hindu i despise and condemn prostitution. There are so many rapes happening in rural and urban areas in my country India at alarming rates and this is all the result of poisonous and shameful western culture and pornography leave alone stone age medieval mindsets of some old fashioned backward people in India. Sex is holy and respected within marriage but before it its a sin. Ignorant Social activists and medieval minded policemen and politicians are helpless about it.

      • Half the rapes would not be there in India if prostitution is legalized. Sex was never an immoral thing in Indian culture Moguls changed us as well as changed us to cover up. Rest the Britishers and their missionaries taught us that sex was an immoral thing. Most Indians only wore the lower garment and went topless. Hiding creates unnecessary curiosity.

  4. We live in paradise and we enjoy it the way we please. No person is allowed to chain us to a religion and tell us how to live, think, feel and act. If a religious person wants to go to paradise, they must not coerce others. Religious persons make our paradise a hell and no one has ever seen that after death, there is another like let alone a paradise. Long time ago people accepted fairy tales, myths, and revelation lies, NOW, human mind has expanded and people want to see things for themselves. Therefore a group of retard-minded Muslims or other religions stop dictating the world on how to live. Adults are free to seek consent for sexual pleasures as they please. If Sunni preachers want to control their sexual activity, they cannot force others.

    • Hey Abdullah and like minded Brethren !

      If you don’t like the behaviour of the people in the Western Cities, why the f—ing hell do you leave your paradise in the M.E.and migrate to the sinful places full of Christians ?

      • Balachandran!!
        Thank you for writing a comment. You misunderstood my plain English comment. I admire the way of life in the West and I love Britain as my beloved country. If there is 1 paradise, it is my country Britain. Yes some people would have to fuck off if they think their idiotic religions, their holy books, their bogus prophets or Gurus and their primitive horde of followers can deprive others of freedom and human value.

        • Abdullah,
          Then please explain why within our western paradise you only see people with Islam background – who’s ‘Holy Book’ explicitly advocates slaughter of non-Muslims – behaving like a locust infestation trying to overthrow their host societies. Inquiring mind like to know since you don’t see this sort of behavior from members of any other religion.

  5. Right on ” Shi’a Islam allows Nikha al-Mu’ah or ‘marriage for pleasure…not Islam . You must know the difference” Are You Joking? From our Quran Sura 33:50 ” Prophet . we have made lawful to you the wives to hom you have granted dowries and those whom your right hand possesses and whom Allah has given you as booty, the daughters of your….” So in Islam sex pleasure is also allowed .Stop lying to us
    Right On

    • O!, muslim brothers who follow pislam by the book!
      I wonder… are there any 6 years old halal girls on display for Moo-HAM-mad? (I heard that there are a lot of Mohammed names in Europe – quite a trend!).
      So go ahead! Your prophet would have loved to have some fresh meat too.
      Don’t be shy! Have some action with some underage girls BEFORE going to Paradise.
      I know 72 virgins are secured for you in the afterlife, but don’t waste your precious youth: take some more minor-girls-unbelievers as sex-slaves now and start training for your future. It’s halal!

      • I would strongly encourage the use of bur-ka in street prostitution.
        This way, muzz-slims customers won’t know what they pick.

        Bur-ka wearing is to be promoted for the male-loving, newly-liberated prisoners in search for brotherhood in izlam. Let the customers forcibly recite the shahada under the pressure of the bur-ka owner.

        Moo-HAM-mad himself would have loved to suck a few boys’ tongues in a dress like that. Now, what I don’t know is… whether the pro-fet would be wearing Aisha’s clothes (as a cross-dressing fantasy) or just a full bur-ka (to attract the customers). Both ways, it would please him and the sollicitor.

    • Well, I cannot understand why boast about Islam and single-out the Shia’s. Sexual pleasure is a human thing and whether one is a Shia, a Sunni, an atheist, Jew or Christian all seek sexual pleasures, quite rightfully so. I just cannot understand why some obscurantist, narrow-minded people boast about their religious identity for allowing or disallowing things. It is 21st century and people must leave the religion bullshit and follow the principles of humanity, harmony and co-existence.

  6. I wish the liberal Imams allow Islamic pornography too, so that Muslim boys and girls can play in porn movies.

  7. Well done. Sex is a human desire for all people. Freedom in sexual pleasure with mutual consent is a very modern and civilised way of filling your desires. Hopefully, this will put the Muslims on par with the Westerners on sex and pleasure. Long live human freedom.

  8. Prostitution is haram/forbidden in Islam and that is a thing that cannot be changed from the religion innovators and the other non-muslims called Shia

    • Well. I would like to agree with your inter-gut claim but the evidence shows that the genuine Arab Sunnis, mainly Sheikh’s from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and other gulf states sleep with males, females, animals, prostitutes their recruited Philippino slaves. I think the evidence shows that majority Muslims try to cover their filth under Islam. Their Islam is as filthy as their personality, actions and mindset. Therefore, Islam or Shia none-sense belongs to people who live in their own filthy, fantasy Islamic world. Before one points a finger at others, 4 of his fingers point to himself. Therefore, do not look far ahead and stop taking pride in being a Muslim. As by doing so you glorify your own bullshit existence,

  9. Religion is one thing followers are another -sadly , it is in the name of religion the worst sins are committed . Reading all the books on a subject is worthless to a person sans wisdom. Wisdom cannot be communicated though book learning is communicable. The listener who lacks wisdom will understand at his own level of thinking. So anybody can pimp , prostitute or sell religion to purchase immoral gains . The truth is a true religion is unaffected by them . Don’t try to judge religion by its followers . Descent is easier than the ascent always.As long as money is the motive of a follower or leader of religion nothing good can emerge from them. this is the unalloyed truth

    • But when a religion says, ‘I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.’ – Qur’an 8:12, then the people who are beheading others are the ones who are actually following the religion.

    • Sorry, I don’t agree with Gaffoor. Religion without its followers is only an empty ideal. Its scriptures are just literary exercises. The followers bring the ideology to life with their actions – good and bad. When a Jihadist acts based on a particular verse of the Scripture and blows up a few people, invoking Almighty God, we Muslims have no valid defense by distancing our religion from this evil act.

  10. I hope this is right , then the wil visit à prostiragg in stead of raping our western women. I’m from Holland and this country in choking in islam , we all protest against it but our own politicians are giving country to them on à silver platter dumb fucks.

    • Shi´a Islam allows Nikāḥ al-Mutʿah or `marriage for pleasure…not Islam. You must know the difference.

      • Dear Righ on: Shia and Sunni are the same shit. They need conformity with modern standards of thought and behaviour. Sex is a humanistic natural desire, so who allows some or more is irrelevant. Let us suppose that Shia’s allow too much sex and they are very lax about sex. This means they are closer to modernity. The Sunnis hide the women in stables and then the men sleep with one another. Believe me, same sex rape amongst the Sunni Ummah is so common as they do not allow lax rules for male-female sex. Therefore please do not condemn those Shia’s who renounced and left behind Abrahimic culture and Beduine Saudi culture for being bad. No one is bad for being civilised about sexual relationships. If men want to have easy sex with women, then they must allow their sisters to enjoy it likewise.

  11. Absolutely disgusting and disgraceful. The words ‘Halal’ and ‘Prostitute’ should never be used in the same sentence! Only a deluded man can regard sleeping with a prostitute as halal. A whore is a whore, simple! Please do not use Islam to legitimise sleeping with prostitutes as no such thing is permitted under Islam. The so called sheikhs who approve of this obnoxious and vile practice are most likely to be pimps who are paid commission whilst exploiting vulnerable women. I am sure some pathetic and seedy muslim men will now use this article as a way to justify cheating and having extra marital affairs. Pathetic!

    • Very well said Prince .We are all educated people and know what is wrong and what is right . One cannot twist the laws of Islam on any technicality

      • My noble friend Wahid Mohammed, look for a moment; it is okay that one reacts to the things which are unacceptable for him. Prostitution is a fact of life, a necessity and an obvious need for all men and women. If you take a chill pill and look at statistics of prostitution in Islamic States, it is more common than the West. So why do you through a tantrum when people connect it to Islam. Just find out about Dubai, Malysia, Iran, Saudi, Pakistan, Afghanistan and all other Islamic countries. There are many million Muslim prostitutes. How long do Muslims want to continue to live in a coterie? Looking at some objective facts without emotions can help you bro.

  12. This is just another example of the inbred and evil lunacy of islum as they worship their lunartic moon god allah.

  13. Shias combine 3 prayers outta 5 into 1 so that one may think that they have 3 daily prayers instead of 5 even though they really have 5. Whoever thought of this ridiculous idea, he was a total ignoramus.

  14. Funny, real funny. What the right hand possesses…. of course, sex is always anal. For a woman to see a muslim guy in a moment of sudden weakness is haram, thus never ever do it facing front.

    Agree with above comments re donkeys and goats on the sideline…

  15. Halal prostitutes …. with Shariah pimps ? Monedas 1929 Comedy Jihad Pay Promptly Or Be Beheaded World Tour

  16. You really think Muslim men care how halal their whores are when they’re raping girls at random like they did in England?

  17. Ridiculous! The hypocrisy is literally jumping off the page reading this article. These Muslim scum want to ruin EVERYTHING! Leave the working girls alone!

    • They’re muslim women, they know what they’re doing because according to what is permissible under shariha they can safely make a living, i.e., they’ll not get stoned to death for adultery. But, I agree with the “hypocrisy is literally jumping off the page”. However, said bar owner consulted “moderate, modern” imams (who will likely receive some “remuneration” for their “favorable” consultation); would he consider consulting strictly fundamentalist imams?

    • BTW, in the second photo down, those are some awfully masculine looking legs on those nine burqa wearing, ah . . . , dudes. muslim gay prostitutes?

  18. If the guy that started this can get those islamo-idiots to pay for this… Charge them extra, a lot. Anyone need more proof islam is NOT of God? A “temporary marriage for pleasure” really? You can legalize adultery?

      • There cannot be a more convenient “religion?” for the “devinely” permitted pratice of the most prurient, bestial, savage, sadistic, ruthless pathology than this inbred “race” called islam.

  19. Bring on the popcorn. This Islam is even loonier and more murderous that I could ever imagine.

  20. We knew that’s what ‘TEMPORARY MARRIAGE’ was anyway…prostitution in disguise for braindead, inbred, hatefilled, supremacist, misogynist, killer zombie mozman jihadists!

    Moslems may be morons, but we don’t need to pretend they aren’t now that it’s obvious! Doing dumb CRAP like this, they then demand we RESPECT THEM!

    ‘Religious prostitution’ is beneath contempt!

  21. HOOT ! HOOT! Why not just open a stable featuring donkeys and goats, with a camel or two for those “special nights” ?
    Or are they afraid that muslims won’t pay for everyday pleasures ?

    • Contracts aren’t necessary for beastiality, as there is no need for consent from the animal victim. We’re not talking Mr. Ed here (a 60’s situational comedy about a fictional talking horse: Just simply go out and rape the nearest goat to relieve that primal, beastial urge. Good thing they don’t like dogs because then all our beloved canines would be in danger.