Hey, DALLAS BNIers: Anyone want to be our reporter for the ‘Walk Against Islamophobia’ on Sat. May 31st?

Should be a lot of laughs. We would love to get some video interviews of the non-Muslim schmucks who participate in this farce. 



LOCATION = Reverchon Park 

3505 Maple Avenue

Dallas, TX 75219


The volunteer employees of Enlightened Generations have been working hard since June 2013 to get Enlightened G. up and running and we are so excited to finally be able to share it with everyone. Although EG will be in and out of classrooms teaching children about prevalent issues around the world and the humanitarian efforts working hard to fix those issues, our ultimate vision is to all but cure Islamophobia.  


As a start we want to bring people of different faiths together in order to, as a community, establish that Islamophobia is a real problem and it is time to come together to fix it!

At our 5K WALK AGAINST ISLAMOPHOBIA on MAY 31st 2014 we will walk around Reverchon Park in Dallas, TX and communicate with each other, both Muslims and people of different faiths, about the reality of, causation of and solution to Islamophobia. We will get to know each other and consciously decide to be free thinkers who find out the truth behind all opinions for ourselves instead of letting the media or anyone else tell us how to think and act. 


By registering for this walk, you are promising to join us in standing up against Islamophobia, and we are excited for the future that you will help us create! You will be given the opportunity to sign up as an individual or join forces with someone of a different faith in order to walk at the event and raise money for Enlightened Generations through your own fundraising page. 

Want to know more about EG and how we plan on fostering generations of insightful Muslim humanitarians? Visit our website!




11AM – Sign in and T-Shirt Activity begins

11:20AM – Speakers 

11:45AM – Presentation of Enlightened Generations’ Cure to Islamophobia 

12pm – Walk begins 

12:30PM-2PM – Mingling, Food Vendors, Activities, Discussion amongst each other, Enrolling students into EG’s program. 

2PM – Everyone goes home a little more open minded and motivated for change than before Insha’Allah (God Willing)! 


  • Nicole Queen will be speaking at our event. She is an individual that has shown to be a leader of the Muslim community here in Dallas over and over again as she has directly faced Islamophobia and overcome its many faces. 

BNI Readers will remember Nicole Queen, the Muslim convert drama queen who alleged that Friday’s Restaurant had intentionally put bacon in her soft drink:

  • Pastor Wes Magruder will also be speaking at our event. He is the epitome of a  humanitarian who shows his commitment to standing up against injustice and for unity consistently throughout his daily life. 

You may know him for his decision to fast during the month of Ramadan in solidarity with his brothers and sisters in Islam.

We know you will not be able to disagree with us once you check out his blog: 


At the Walk Against Islamophobia you will pick up these t-shirts and use fabric markers to fill in the blank on the front of the shirt. You can be as creative as possible by putting anything from your name to your religious identity to your personality!!!