JERUSALEM: Palestinians demand that Pakistani Army liberate the holiest site in Judaism from the “Jewish filth”


Palestinian-founded and led sharia law movement Hizb Al-Tahrir, the Party of Liberation, hosted thousands of Muslims for Friday prayers last week atop the Temple Mount, at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, where footage showed its leadership denigrating Jews and calling for the Pakistani Army to emerge from under the thrall of America to liberate Jerusalem.

Algemeiner  Beginning with a deafening call and response from attendees, the speakers at the event exhorted sharia law-laden themes, including a call for a universal caliphate. The call and response began, “Oh the army of Pakistan!” followed by, “Come for the sake of the rule of the Koran!” Then, “Oh nation of millions!” followed by “Awaken to support your religion!” Then, “Oh our imprisoned Al-Aqsa Mosque!” followed by, “We bear the glad tidings of liberation!”

“Where is the Caliph Omar? Where is Saladin? Where is the Caliph of the Muslims?” the unnamed speaker asked those assembled. “Don’t you care that the Jews are defiling the place of the Prophet’s nocturnal journey with their filth? The Jews are the most hostile people towards the believers. They conquered Jerusalem.”

Another speaker took the microphone to say, “Oh people of Pakistan! Oh people of Islam! The place of the Prophet’s ascent to Heaven is calling for your help! What are you doing? The Al-Aqsa Mosque calls for your support! Will you heed the call?” “Oh Pakistani Army! America is using you to kill your brothers. America wants to destroy you. America is your enemy. Free yourselves from subordination to it,” the second speaker said.