DENMARK: Danish soldiers forced to eat barbarically slaughtered Islamic halal meat

While Denmark closes its slaughterhouse on the island Bornholm, soldiers on the Sunshine island are outraged because of an entirely different issue of slaughter – barbaric, inhumane, Islamic halal slaughter, the products of which Danish soldiers are are being forced to eat in their field rations. How many Muslims are in the Danish Army – 1% or 2% at most?


Liveleak (h/t Don Laird)  In 2011, a similar case was up in the media, because there no longer were served pork and instead only halal meat in the Danish military. Now soldiers are protesting again. Several are still unhappy because they are forced to eat Halal meat when they are on exercises.

Emil Malling from Almegaard Barracks on the island is one of them . “I have all my life kept myself far away from religion, but on Friday, I issued an ultimatum. Either I should eat religiously food or get no food. And that’s what I’m mad about. That religion being shoved down my throat.”

He packed his field rations on Friday afternoon and discovered that there was halal on the chili con carne, he had been given. In protest he threw the food out. “I ‘ve probably eaten many rations halal meat – and for me, people that likes to eat Halal meat can eat it, I just don’t want it into my life. I’m tired of that minority religion gradually overtaking everything,” said Malling.