FRENCH ELECTIONS do have consequences as riot police storm the Calais ‘jungle’ and bulldoze the filth-ridden tent camp for Muslim illegal aliens

Wow!  That was fast.  Not even a week has passed since the European Union was turned on its head by a stunning victory for immigration control candidates in EU parliamentary elections.

Faces of defiance and a despairing message as migrants prepare for the French onslaught on the Jungle

RRW (h/t Susan K)  If you don’t know about Calais, see more by clicking here.  Like migrating birds, the faux asylum seekers were looking for a better deal in the UK and thus were camped at the English channel crossing just waiting for the winds to change (an opportunity to arise) so they could slip into Great Britain where the welfare is reportedly top notch. Legitimate asylum seekers would have applied for asylum in the first safe country they reached.

Reuters French riot police started evacuating three campsites housing hundreds of immigrants in the northern port town of Calais on Wednesday, days after the anti-immigrant National Front party hammered the ruling Socialists in a European election.


Calais has for years attracted floods of illegal immigrants from Afghanistan and Iraq, many of them hoping to cross the narrow sea channel to Britain by ferry or the sub-sea train tunnel. 


“This is sad, and it changes nothing,” said Jalal, an Iraqi in his 20s who watched as police moved in. “I’ll move my tent somewhere else … but I am staying put (in Calais). What else can I do. I will try again to make the crossing. I did not come here just to give up now.” “I’m going to try to cross [to England] again. I’ve not come all this way here to give up now.” (England gives out better free stuff)

junglecalaisMany of the estimated 600-800 immigrants living in the three camps had moved out before the well-publicized evacuation ordered by Denis Robin, prefect for the Pas-de-Calais region. The operation came on the heels of the European Parliament elections, where the National Front took one in four votes to come first ahead of the mainstream centre-right opposition party and, in third place, the ruling Socialist Party.

5471891aPas-de-Calais lies in north-west France where the FN won 34 percent of the vote in Sunday’s election, one of its best tallies and a tripling of its score from the 2009 EU election. The FN has long campaigned for a dramatic reduction in immigration and opposes the “Schengen” borderless zone at the heart of the 28-member European Union.


The Guardian  French authorities have bulldozed three makeshift migrant camps that had been sheltering hundreds of refugees at the port of Calais, citing health concerns following an outbreak of scabies and increasing violence. The authorities claimed the areas needed clearing because of “deplorable hygiene” conditions.




There were also complaints from local people and officials that the number of migrants in the port area and “at the mercy of people smugglers” offering to take them to Britain had doubled in the past few weeks. However, there was no indication of where the hundreds of migrants, many of whom have fled conflicts in Syria and Afghanistan, could or would go. (How about back where they came from?)

The French authorities had organised a fleet of buses to take the migrants to a centre where they could shower and be given new clothes, but most refused fearing they would be taken far from Calais.



Aid organisations said dozens of migrants, warned of the impending police operation, had made last-ditch attempts to cross the Channel. Border police reported groups of 30 to 40 people hiding in shrubs along roads leading into the port. Some were attempting to jump on lorries as they slowed down.

A young Sudanese migrant was killed on Friday after trying to conceal himself near the axle of a coach that had stopped in a supermarket car park. “As if the situation isn’t tragic enough, it is intolerable that once again these expulsions are being carried out without any alternative being proposed,” said Jean-Claude Lenoir, president of Salam, which has been offering meals to the migrants.

Detained Riot police officers face immigrants in Calais today after the morning raid

Humanitarian organisations distributed tents to some of the migrants and lambasted the authorities for “a show operation that solves nothing”. In a letter to the prime minister, Manuel Valls, and other ministers 10 humanitarian groups, including Médecins du Monde (MDM)and the Secours Catholique, attacked the authorities for failing to address the Calais camp problem.

“The situation in Calais is deteriorating in a deafening silence. Despite having repeatedly warned the public powers of the threat to public health that this situation is causing, no proper response has yet been proposed,” they wrote.


Jean-François Corty, of MDM, said it was impossible to treat the scabies outbreak and at the same time dismantle the camps, leaving the affected migrants with nowhere to go. “I am scandalised and furious,” he told journalists at the scene, adding that the forced evacuation, like previous operations, would change nothing. “They evacuate and everything starts over again. A few months, years after the evacuation, everything is the same,” he said.

The clearing of the camps came just days after France’s anti-immigration Front National won the north-west constituency in the European elections. FN president Marine Le Pen, who stood for election in the region, scored 34% of the vote, tripling the party’s 2009 European election score.


Between 800 and 850 migrants were believed to be in the Calais area, while up to 650 were in the city’s port area hoping to reach Britain. The notorious camp at Sangatte known as the “jungle”, which held up to 2,000 refugees all hoping to cross the Channel, was closed in a joint agreement between Britain and France in 2002.

“Given the larger and larger concentration of squats in the public port area, given the increasing violence between the [smugglers’] networks and the health problems, we have no choice but to act in the interest of public order,” he told French television.


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  1. Easy enough if they don’t get the idea shoot them. Now you could give them a warning. “We want you out of our country, or we will shoot you” Easy enough.

  2. Absolutely infuriates me! this can be solved over night by stopping benefits and access to the NHS etc etc. Nobody ever highlights the plight of hauliers regarding these scum fucks like the friend of mine who is an owner driver who lost his truck because they managed to get in the back of his trailer in Belgium, 26 pallets of yogurt which they helped them selves to and also pissed and shit all over the rest. (imagine the nightmare that ensued for a one man band) Another friend of mine bringing in medical supplies from Germany destined for the NHS (same thing) all had to be scrapped!. And listening to them on the radio yesterday “England very good” “England free house” “England my human rights very good give me money”. Also demanding an education and demanding treatment for various diseases and ailments. That’s my money! i work for three months out the year for the tax man to dole out to the hoards?? it’s like giving to a charity for cancer that supports the growth of cancer???
    Jesus people! stop the ride i want off.
    Worlds fucking crazy.

    • Sorry i forgot to add my “solution” as they do this now and then but there back ten minutes later after the authoritys dissapear.

      A flamethrower is a mechanical incendiary device designed to project a long controllable stream of fire. They were first used during World War I, and widely used in World War II.

      Some flamethrowers project a stream of ignited flammable liquid; some project a long gas flame. Most military flamethrowers use liquids, but commercial flamethrowers tend to use high-pressure propane and natural gas, which is considered safer. They are used by the military and by people needing controlled burning capacity, such as in agriculture (e.g., sugar cane plantations, muslim illegals and so on) or other such scum management tasks. They can be designed to either be carried by the operator or mounted on a vehicle.

      My solution Ladies and Gentlemen.
      I thank you.

      • Yep geoff in skem, not beating around the bush is the solution. Kinda like Hadenoughalready’s idea -following on Bonni’s suggestion- of just dropping the payload, and to boot, over one of their hellholes. They’re used to shit raining so…

    • Another solution: give them bottled water with a sleeping agent. Pick up in a pile two hours later, load on a chartered train straight for the Brussels terminal.

  3. The French need Joan of Arc! Ship them back to they’re home countries. If they would rather die, no-one is stopping them, go ahead do it, I dare you. Maybe others will follow their lead. How about everyone own a pig. Set up pig farms on the borders. When they start to riot, through pig blood on them or the people in the communities sick their pigs on them.

  4. @Hadenoughalready and others…….

    I’m off to bed and leave you with this…..

    As this world spins on its axis of madness, in its own little world of savage barbarity, of merciless, vicious unrelenting psychopathy, of the slaughter and butchery of innocence and beauty………there are moments, sweet fleeting moments of respite from all of that…….

    Enjoy a moment……..

    Music: Ludovico Einaudi – “Nuvole bianche”

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

  5. I still maintain that the best scenario is to pack them ALL, and I mean ALL, from all around the country, onto a cargo ship and send them off on a non-stop, one-way trip to wherever that ship is to be re-purposed as a reef.

  6. Look at their smirky faces …. I don’t see any fear of being beheaded …. they look well fed, too ! Monedas 1929 Comedy Jihad Smug Smugglers World Tour

  7. These Muslims want one thing. They want to build mosques. They talk of human rights . Well in the UK Muslims want to take away our human rights and subjugate all to this thug they refer to as the Saudi monarch .

  8. The wealthy millionaire socialist politicians don’t have to live with REPLACEMENT barbarians that they brought into France. Less well-to-do French people have no choice but to live near those who would rape, steal and burn their neighborhoods.

    Not fair at all. No one asked if we wanted all these invaders replacing us.

  9. The French would be smart if they leased a fleet of planes, force them all on board and fly them back to the Dar al Islam. It would be cheaper in the long run, and would send the message that no more should come or they’d get the same treatment. There is no other rational solution that benefits the French which is the only acceptable outcome. These men are bringing their testicles and a lot of them will be impregnating European girls which will only hasten the arrival of an Islamic Europe.

  10. there definitely is an alternative. deportation.
    besides scabies there is ebola and polio is on the rise deifinitely a health concern everywhere

  11. *** Great stuff France!!! ***

    I would like to see the Calais authorities “accidentally” leave a pile of pipes there for the locals to *deal to* these scumbags and *leeches*.

  12. And about bloody time too so Champagne! Ladies and Gentlemen, let us begin fun and festivities. Sanitation and eradication of that illegally entered uncivilized, useless, parasitic vermin on the program.

    The so-called ruling (ha !) useless bunch are loosing the plot and that prefect had better act fast for he knows he’s the last dyke, people are fed up, beyond exasperated and a breath away to take matters into their own hands.

    Hated are those obscurantist refugee-my-ass diseases-ridden shit, can no longer stand the sight, sound, and let’s not talk about that foul stench of them and so want them OUT, back were they belong : their hellholes. No faffing around with “oh boohoo human rights” crap, don’t care. Only right is to get the hell out. Or would they prefer to eat led?

    • Alain, all this is nice, but it’s been done before and they always come right back. Unless France puts them all on planes or boats or trains back to their countries, what makes you think it will be any different now?

      • The positive I see Bonni is that they’re moving their asses faster than usual. Having said that, I think that the only real difference to make up to us, People. Taking matters into our own hands. Throwing them into the Channel and beating the crap out of them would help, for a start.

        And I don’t care how this sounds, these are illegally entered uncivilized scum anyway, and this is our turf. And that’s how not just I but many and more and more of us would deal with that shit, for that’s the only universal language they would understand.

  13. round up all the moozlooms invaders,hold them in camps for identification,and deport them to their shitholes where they came from.Izlam is a criminal cult,they could never be productive members of a European society…

    • I agree with their being arrested; however, they should not be allowed to remain on Western soil for ABSOLUTELY ANY LONGER than necessary!!!!!

      Better yet, let them not even reach ANY Western territory – if they using ships, submarines, personal aircraft OR WHATEVER, destroy them while in transit!!! With marine-craft, simply use thermobaric weapons to vaporise them and their boats or whatever!! If they are spotted coming without papers (or spotted throwing papers away) AND they have reached Western lands, they should be dumped by parachute or glider into Saudi Arabia, Iran or North Korea with the minimum possible delay!!!

  14. We want to be FREE and we want to be SAFE! Our wicked leaders are opposed to our people living in Freedom and SAFETY! When our people protest they are viciously persecuted by ruling elites!

    Why Is This Not Treason? by Paul Weston, Liberty GB
    • Thirty-three percent of Muslim students in Britain think killing in the name of Islam is permissible. Only thirty-seven percent oppose the introduction of Sharia law and only twenty-five percent oppose the creation of a worldwide Muslim caliphate.

    Liberty GB will deport all illegals.

    Liberty GB is a patriotic counter-jihad party! Join us!

  15. NO! We don’t want the muslim PARASITES in Britain living off our people and waging daily soft jihad!

    Almost every one of the muslim invaders are strong, healthy muslim males of WAR FIGHTING AGE! Why are the Soldiers of Allah allowed to even step one foot inside our countries?

    Send them all back to their hell-hole muslim countries! The muslim invaders are the sole responsibility of the fabulously oil-wealthy Middle Eastern countries.

    Europe and Britain are BANKRUPT as a result of financially providing for millions upon millions of muslim immigrants/invaders and also from giving mega money every year to Pakistan and other muslim countries!

    Send in the combined military of our countries! End the HOSTILE MUSLIM OCCUPATION of Europe and Britain! The 751 No-Go Zones of France
    There are 751 of them as of last count. They are convienently listed on one long webpage, complete with street demarcations and map delineations.

    Nov. 28, 2006 update: For an insight into how bad things are, the police in Lyons demonstrated on Nov. 9, denouncing “violence against the forces of order.” Things have reached a pretty sad state when the police have to demonstrate in the streets against the criminals…

    People get mugged, even murdered, in the ZUS, but the media prefer not to write about it. When large-scale rioting erupts and officers and firemen are attacked, the behavior of the thugs is condoned…


  16. Simply…. Impressive! Vive la France!

    Hopefully more and more western countries are following in France’s footsteps in dealing with these boat people, pretending to seek asylums! I admire Australia PM’s actions by refusing those boat people to enter the country. Or if those pesky UN-organization or NGOs whining about inhumane treatments of turning down those asylum-seekers (read: terrorists in disguise) then put them in one of the uninhabited/deserted islands somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Otherwise they’re bound to change the government to bow to their Muslim laws for sure!

    • The Aussies may even withdraw from the UN Refugee Convention as it is now considered a scam.
      They only this week cut all federal funding to their own refugee advocacy group, and recently shut down their refugee review board, meaning there are now almost no grounds to appeal a negative refugee application or security vetting result, and no more taxpayers funded legal representation.
      Last week they sacked the Human Rights Commissioner and cut funding to the department.
      The Aussies are hard core and hell bent on not letting their Muslim problem get anywhere near as bad as in the rest of Western civilization.
      There are glorious precedents set by the Aussies, French, Swiss and soon, others to build on.

      • Squeeeel!!! Really? Do you have links to all that?

        —< Aussie here. I know they were talking about the UN refugee convention but I didn't know about all the other stuff. If that's true…I think I just fell in love with Abbott!!! hahahah

      • What a great news indeed! Wish we could do the same thing in the US. Not while Mr. BHO is still in power with his trusted Muslim Brotherhood as part of his administration’s staff!

      • I live in Australia. The current govt are proving to be very unpopular because they are fools and buffoons. The policy on asylum seekers by this present govt is disgusting. I know that won’t fit with your ideals but too bad.

      • LMAO! You’d be hard-pressed to get this Aussie Govt to admit their policy is anti-Muslim! One minister the other week got very offended at the slightest hint that it could be racist.
        But yeah what a great policy. We have over 1000 children (babies included) in indefinite detention. Way to go Abbott!!

  17. These people want to come here, because not without flaws, the West is functional. Bring enough Muslims, and it will turn into the hell holes they came from.
    Send them back.

  18. notice that there are absolutely no women in these photos of the squatters/invaders.
    the throngs are completely comprised of the future rapists of the girls and women of europe.

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