BREAKING! Suspect arrested in Brussels Jewish Museum shootings is MUSLIM, allegedly linked to Syrian jihadists

Mehdi Nemmouche, a 29-year-old French citizen, arrested in Marseilles carrying a Kalashnikov rifle.


Haaretz (h/t Maria J)   French police have arrested a suspect allegedly tied to the shooting last week at the Brussels Jewish Museum, AFP reported on Sunday.

French citizen Mehdi Nemmouche, 29, was arrested Friday at the Saint-Charles bus station in Marseilles, while he was on a bus from Amsterdam via Brussels. He had in his possession a Kalashnikov rifle, the same type used by the Brussels shooter, and a GoPro portable camera, also thought to have been used by the gunman. He also had a loaded revolver in his luggage.

The MUSLIM killer
The MUSLIM killer

The suspect was known to French security services, and is suspected to have fought alongside Jihadi elements in Syria in 2013, Le Monde reported.

In the May 24 attack, four people were shot and killed by an unknown assailant. The victims included a French national and Belgian museum worker, and Israeli couple Miriam and Emanuel Riva.

The shooting is being treated in Brussels as a probable terrorist attack. “The analysis of the camera images shows that we are dealing with an individual acting in cold blood and who is very determined in his actions,” Ine Van Wymersch, a spokeswoman for the Brussels prosecution office, told journalists in the Belgian capital.




 BELGIUM 4 dead in Jewish Museum shooting