[UPDATED] BARRAGE of angry e-mails ask city of Hailey, Idaho NOT to celebrate Bowe Bergdahl as a hero

The vast majority of e-mails sent to Hailey City Hall condemned the city for planning a homecoming celebration for Sergeant Bowe Bergadahl, now exposed as a traitor and a deserter. A lot of the messages talked about remembering the soldiers who were killed looking for Bergdahl.

KBOI  (h/t Susan K) One email reads,  ‘I’ve an idea….send an invitation to the families of the six honorable soldiers killed trying to find him on his ‘walk a bout’. From all the emails only three or four were positive. Emails even attacked Bergdahl’s father calling him a Muslim. Many emails talked about boycotting the town of Hailey, like this email: “According to Bergdahl’s father, ‘Hailey is just like Afghanistan.’ Congratulations, you made my list of places to avoid in America.” The majority of the emails were from veterans.

UPDATE: Idaho Town Cancels Bergdahl’s Welcome Home Celebration

Reuters reporter Mark Felsenthal reports that Sgt. Bergdahl’s hometown of Hailey, Idaho is canceling its planned welcome home celebration.