OLIVER NORTH: “I know that a ransom of $5 – 6 million was paid to the terrorists for release of Bergdahl”

images-1On NewsMax TV, former U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Col. Oliver North said U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was not a prisoner of war because he was actually being held hostage by the Haqqanis, a terrorist group separate from the Taliban and associated heavily with al-Qaeda.

NEWSMAX  North said he knew there was at least a $1 million dollar ransom being demanded for Bergdahl some time ago so he estimated the price paid to release the hostage must be close to $5-6 million now. “Someone paid a ransom,” North said. “Whether the Qataries paid it, or some big oil sheik, or somebody used our petrodollars, but there was a ransom paid in cash for each one of them, my guess somewhere in the round numbers of $5 or 6 million to get Bergdahl freed. 


North contended it wasn’t the Taliban in Afghanistan, but actually the Pakistan-based Haqqani network, which has links not only to the Taliban but to Pakistan’s national intelligence agency. 

“Think about what it means, this whole process that’s been done here,” he said. “Five terrorists who have killed Americans in the past or controlled others who do . . . are now not only risking the lives of American servicemen when they walk away from Qatar, whether it’s next week or next year, they’re threatening the lives of every single American by what they’ve done. Every American is now vulnerable to being grabbed and turned into a hostage.’