GEORGIA: De Kalb Muslim woman kicked out of hairdresser school for refusing to remove her headbag

Dalisha Barnett (photo below) enrolled at Pro Way ‘Hair’ School, but when she refused to remove her Islamic supremacist religious headwear and not conform to their requested dress standards, she claims school officials scoffed and decided not to allow her to attend classes.

Nice mustache
Nice mustache

News One  Now the Muslim woman is upset that the Stone Mountain, Ga., school reportedly violated her rights to manifest her religion along with her right to an education. Now, Barnett and the Dekalb Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) have teamed up to defend her religious rights, according to Fox 5.

Barnett wears an Islamist religious headbag that has, since the World Trade 9/11 tragedy, taken on a negative connotation even when worn by African-American women. The terrorist stereotypes of Arabs have been thrust upon women who wear headbags, and in many instances, they have even been attacked for wearing them in public. Therefore, African-American women who are Muslims reportedly have to face both racismfor being Black and a Muslim who wears a hijab.


According to reports, Barnett is upset that the school has violated her rights to manifest her religion as well as her right to an education. She has gotten the support of the DeKalb Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and they have decided to help her with defending her religious and educational rights.

The SCLC, who represent Barnett, held a press conference on Wednesday, saying that Barnett was notified of her termination from Pro Way Hair School via a letter (pictured) that offered no valid reason for the dismissal. According to the civil rights organization, the school violated Barnett’s constitutional rights and they are backing her battle with the school.

The protest against the alleged discriminatory act was held outside the school, and when Fox 5 reportedly  tried to contact the school, officials reportedly refused to offer their side of the story.