LONDON: “Whites Not Wanted” graffiti likely painted by citizens angry about Muslim-preferred multiculturalist discrimination against whites

UK media focused only on the “Whites Not Wanted” sign which is misleading, although true. If you look at other graffiti painted around the Prince of Wales Primary School, it is apparent that the signs are directed at discrimination against white students that favors Muslim immigrants, many of whom are school troublemakers and illegal freeloaders.


HUFFPO UK  Coverage of the vandalism, which was left on the entrance path to the Prince of Wales Primary School, focused entirely on just one of the messages which said “whites not welcome.” A second bit of yellow graffiti (not shown here) was found in an alleyway with an arrow pointing to the school which read “Islamabad”.

But the mother who alerted the media to the graffiti has responded furiously to coverage by publications including the Daily Mail, Daily Express and Evening Standard who, she said, are creating “misconceptions and division.” Jasmin Nathan, who has two sons aged nine and six at the school, sent several images of the graffiti to a number publications, including the Huffington Post UK.


She has now said that she is “very disappointed and angry” that only the one image has been widely circulated. “The school is multi-cultural and this has offended pretty much everybody in some way,” she told HuffPost UK. Responding to the coverage, she said: “I think it creates misconceptions and division not only within the area, but within society in general.

Lutfur Rahan is the corrupt Muslim mayor of Tower Hamlets Muslim ghetto in East London
Lutfur Rahan is the corrupt Muslim mayor of Tower Hamlets Muslim ghetto in East London

“The school has ongoing issues with English parents complaining that the school doesn’t recognise English culture – St Georges Day isn’t celebrated, for example, whereas other cultures are recognised and celebrated – but there is definitely a divide within the area at the moment. Racial segregation is “fast becoming an issue,” she said. And whites come out on the losing end.


Ms Nathan said all graffiti was done on the same day, but that she believes it may have been carried out by a group of vandals rather than an individual due to variations of writing style and spelling errors.

Police are currently investigating the incident. A spokeswoman from Enfield Council told the Mail that the graffiti has been removed “as a matter of urgency.” “We have a large multicultural and harmonious community in Enfield which embraces its diversity. (And therein lies the problem, which this article totally misses)