This is what Muslims post about us on Facebook and their accounts don’t get taken down

Facebook account of ‘Our Eye on Islam’ received the following comments:









The Muslim Issue (h/t Susan K)


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    • You bloody pisslims be ready for extermination. You the mother fuckers be ready for swine fuck in you mom’s pussy. Your Muhamad’s mother was fucked by the pig allah and Mhamad was born the actual kuffar that fucked dogs in open desert. You dirty pigs your mothers are public fuckers fucked by mullah’s everyday. You were raped and fucked by mongol’s and again is getting fucked by us.Bloody homosexual go fuck
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  1. I’m a Muslim. This is not part of my religion. Islam is a peaceful religion. Such words spoken by those certain Muslim, is not from the Qur’an or Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). Ignorant Muslims harm Islam more than any belligerent non-Muslim could ever imagine.

    • Karl you are either the most Mendacious or most Stupid Muslim thinking you can DECEIVE us Infidels/ Kuffar~

      Al Baqara 2.216: “Jihad (holy fighting in Allah’s Cause) is ordained for you (Muslims) though you dislike it, and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know.”

      Sahih Muslim Hadith 4631 & 4626 Abu Huraira
      “I heard Muhammad say: … I love that I should be killed in Allah’s Cause [Jihad]; then I should be brought back to life and be killed again in Jihad.'”

      Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 4.50 Narrated by Anas bin Malik
      “The Prophet said, ‘A single endeavor of fighting in Allah’s Cause {Qital fi Sabil Allah} (JIHAD) is better than the world and whatever is in it.'”

      Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 4.73 Narrated by Abdullah bin Abi Aufa
      Allah’s Apostle said, “Know that Paradise is under the shades of swords.”

      Al Mai’da 5: 51 “O ye who believe (Muslims)! take not the Jews [Yahood] and the Christians [Nasara] for your friends and protectors: they are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them…”

      *** The implications of the last sentence is of immense importance “And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them…”

      meaning that any followers of Muhammad who befriend or under the rule of Christians or Jews (or any none Muslim group) would be considered Apostates to Islam, outsiders to Islam, enemies of Islam who must be slaughtered.

      In a nutshell, no Muslim in the USA (or any none Muslim country) can ever be loyal to the American Constitution because it is Man Made NOT from Allah’s Sharia nor can any Muslim in the USA (or any none Muslim country) be a loyal citizen because none Muslim Americans are called Infidels/ Kuffar/ Unbelievers/ Kafiroon to be either subjugated or exterminated***

      IQ al Rassooli
      Kafir & Proud!

      • Alrassooli, your beliefs are nonsense and you all know it. The Bible will bring Ishmaels wild donkeys to their knees. You are all descends of a slave who’s sword will be turned against all men. You are all doomed.

  2. Insult the false prophet every chance you get. The filthy, child molesting pile of maggot dung was a scum bag.

  3. The most efficient way of destroying Islam is by Discrediting Muhammad as a prophet and the alleged divine origin of his Quran as shown herein

    I dare any Muslim or any of their brain dead supporters to prove anything I reveal about the depraved Muhammad and Islam in this video as either wrong or false

    Please spread to all your contacts so that more people get enlightened about Islam’s threat to humanity

    IQ al Rassooli
    Kafir & Proud!

  4. I was blocked on fb for insulting a transgender you know those twerps who one day they are male one day they are female one day they are a blend one day they don’t have a gender lmao

  5. Ever since high school (2004) I’ve always been very cautious of Muslims. Even back then I never dared talk out against their religion as I’d be labelled as a bigot and intolerant.
    My my, a lot of people are realizing now what a group of sick minds they are.
    Allah Akbar? More like Allah fuck-bar

  6. Allah does suck. Muslims are nothing but small minded people. Their brains are still in the stone age. I cannot wait until they stand in front of me. If they want their 72 virgins they won’t get them. All of my bullets will be soaked in bacon grease. Sick of these people threatening us Americans on our land. It is either my life or theirs and I bet you guys already know the answer to that one. I will take as many with me as possible. Fuck muslims. Period. I am not a “bigot” or a “racist”. I am an American that will protect my country from terrorists weather they are foreign or domestic. I took an oath in 2007 and I will be damned if anyone fucks that up.

  7. OMG, thank god there are other people that feel the same way I do about Isham. The religion of bullshit. My god it is like the rest of the world is asleep. There is no such thing as a good muslim, there are the ones that kill and the ones that will eventually kill, this cult needs to be removed from this planet. Islam is a cancer and we better destroy it before it destroys all that is good in the world. They claim to be peaceful but everything they do is evil. They can’t even get along with other muslims, they are so fucking stupid.

    • your right. I do think many Muslims would like peace however you can’t get away from the fact that the quran is evil and Mohammed is false and that is a fact. However, their religion gives them a sense of community hence a feeling of power from what otherwise is a weak and cowardice culture who are that frightened of their women leaving them they abuse them through brain washing them into believing the burka is for the purpose of love…

    • Once brexit comes into play every dirty low filthy sneaky cowardly goat fucking Isis supporting bum poking muslims the fuck out of our country along with every other non British citizen but ESPECIALLY ALL FUCKING MUSLIMS

      • We can only hope just have to chase that scum Karna out of office then clean up our cities like London, Huddersfield, Manchester, Bradford and birmingham. We can ship them all out.

        As above always threatening, fro Facebook, or will fight in packs cowards all of them. Staring to see them in my area now when it was 100% British (Real British)

  8. Some disbelievers say all sorts and when some impatient people get wound up they say this is what Islam teaches.. Actually Islam teaches patience and to ignorant people speak a kind word.. And to argue with eloquent speech. those who attack Muslims and Islam have a similar mentality to hitler and the nazis.. And if u think that’s a good way to be and hate people because of a different way of life then carry on hating Muslims and Islam… And those Muslims who swear and speak hideously should be ashamed of speaking evil and then speak of Allah in the same sentence every word uttered is recorded against us so learn true Islam and utter only that which u as a Muslim will be proud to read on the day of judgement and stop living like a fool.. Learn what a real Muslim is like…

      • What the heck is barenakedislam ? Sounds very, very, disrespectful toward a belief system of any kind. And, also, those so called religious folks who speak utter trash don’t deserve to be a member of any belief system of godly faith and Religion. Loud mouths reveal nothing but cowardice and very low intelligence..that is sad, very sad

        • why do you religious muslim idiots come to our countries? if your religion and mentality is so good, than god damned stay where u come from. nobody wants to see you in our western countries except maybe asholes like Merkel. i fought my life against conservative idiots and religion. Get it muslims. there is no God, except for in your inferior minds and primitive way of thinking. we in the west are 100 years past this bullshit. god only exists in the fear of people.

          • Max Mayer

            Muslims come to the West so that they suck our blood as PARASITES and our Criminal leaders allow this.

            Hopefully, enough Europeans will Wake Up next year to overthrow every single dysfunctional treasonous leftist government and start dealing with the Muslim INVADERS to save their countries from utter destruction under Sharia

            IQ al Rassooli
            Kafir & Proud!

        • Muslims ARE NOT a religion!!
          They are a cult ideology!
          Once you become a Muslim you are never allowed to leave .. ever!
          They will kill you in the most brutal way.
          We are NOT SAFE with the inflow of Muslim refugees, period.

        • Ok, so you are a tree hugging liberal coward, who is afraid to take a side. You can’t even stand up for your own people when they have a legitimate problem. They are trying to do away with the problem at hand, and you are sticking up for the true problem. Everywhere muslims go, the same problems arise, because they live by a false, vile doctrine that tells them to be this way. No muslims, No Problems!

      • While reading the facebook posts along with the attitude of the siteowner here, one phrase came to mind : bigotry begets bigotry! By the way I just made that phrase up now. You like it? I should copyright that if it hasn’t been done already. Anyhow back to my main point..To be honest I don’t see any difference between the vile behaviour of those Muslims and the vile behaviour you display towards Muslims. Your both just as filthy as one another. You basically spat in their face and they spat right back in yours. So you don’t really have a leg to stand on when you go around provoking idiots for reaction and then running back to complain about it. Your both as bigoted as one another. Same mentality, same prejudice, same bigotry. If you could swap places, nothing would have really changed.

        • stater,

          It is not bigotry to table the ‘Dark Truth about Anti-Freedom Apartheid Islamic Doctrine’. It is bigotry to table lies as exists in the Qur’an and is taught to young Muslims, which brain-wrecks their understanding of truth. This battle against Islam is not a fight against their misguided religion, it is a fight against their anti-freedom oppressive political ideology that uses religion as a disguise to conquer every person Muslim & non-Muslim and force them into submission.

          If you look closely at all BNI reports they are researched subjects linking to other posts around the globe. BNI is simply passing forward other people’s information, with additional comments by readers. This process is called “Freedom of Speech” which protects our right to openly speak freely and defend the right of all persons to live free.

          BNI is wise in banning all person’s that reject ‘Freedom of Speech’ which is what all ‘True Muslims’ do… they reject “Freedom Values”, as instructed in the Qur’an. We don’t all have to agree with each other, but we do have to respect every persons right to “Freedom of Speech” & “Freedom of Choice”.

          And any person that rejects ‘Liberty Values’ is an enemy of ‘Freedom’ and should be criticised and rejected. Dangerous ideas start with rejecting ‘Liberty Values’ and such dark ideas must not ever be tolerated.

        • Stupid is as stupid does! You people who want us in the West to stick our heads in the sand and ignore real threats islam poses are INSANE AND STUPID! How many buildings must fall on your brainless heads for you to finally realize this? Duhhhh! That bitch running/ ruining Germany and all of Europe needs to be sent to Saudia Arabia and forced to live there for 5 years. Let her try to run her moronic mouth there and she will end up with a body without a head if she isn’t quite literally crucified!!!
          Islam has murdered more people than the combination on Nazis and Communist. Over 100 million Hindus alone murdered in the name of that religion of filth called islam. It is the religion from hell itself!

        • Another left wing brainwashed fool! Life can’t be solved by sitting round talking, this cult is a sicking Isidore disease and is producing more and more of it self. They need removing from western society as soon as possible

    • Crap Adam, you are a liar. I read the Koran in 1984 and realised immediately that it is riddled with hate speech against all non-Muslims.

      You are a bloody low life liar and I hate liars.

    • Thanks but NO thanks Adam, I’ve already learned enough about your sick ideaology which has set off enough warning bells telling me to stay away.. My research has NOT been through media propaganda nor from hateful intolerant people, I have studied much of the Quaran & learnt for myself Exactly how hatefilled and Intolerant Islam truly is…

      The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites’ and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter..
      So… Mohadam, unless you are reading from a completely different version of the Quaran then it would appear it is in fact yourself who is the liar and the fool.
      Many of us are sick and tired of the way in which you Muslims march about our British Streets in colossal numbers chanting your hatred through a tannoy.. We do NOT want to have your shitty Sharia Law imposed upon us & we the British people will NEVER allow that to happen… This is a free, democratic Country, it’s what our Grandfathers & Forefathers before them fought with their lives for & we are sick of you Muslim bandits laying claim to our towns and turning them into Ghetto’s and shitholes

    • From the very first pages, the koran COMMANDS all of its cult followers to behead all able-bodied men who are non-believers, enslave the elderly and children, and rape all women and girls starting from age 8 to death.

      Religion of peace.

      • I believe in time to come Islam, what ever it is will fade away. We have lived a civilised way of life for many years and i believe it is a nice situation to be in. It is Muslims themselves who will change Islamic thinking or turn to christianity. They are just like us, have families, a warm pleasant life. They in my opinion hate what Islam stands for and will want to continue living a good life, so all you muslim loud mouthed haters, jealous of our way of life go away and crawl back under that filthy rock you came from and dont bother decent people again..

        • Karl,

          Good words to a point… but misguided… not nice conclusion. The non-Muslim grievance against anti-freedom apartheid Islam is justified. The Koran, Hadiths all verify volumes of Hate Speech against all non-Muslims. The unbelievers have a good reason to be angry and disenchanted with Islam & all ‘Jihad Muslims’.

          Sell your ideas to the heart of Islam, namely Saudi Arabia. Demand that the Saudi’s learn to be nice and allow other belief systems to exist freely in Saudi Arabia. Demand Saudi bans anti-freedom of speech ‘Blasphemy Law’. Demand Saudi bans anti-Liberty Sharia Law. Stand against these insane laws, and I will believe you and all Muslims that think like you are genuine caring beings. But I don’t see that happening, whilst you believe in anti-freedom ideology, do you?

          Do yourself a favour in the learning of wisdom read two books written by Muslim Dr. Tawfik Hamid titled “The Roots of Jihad” & “Inside Jihad” – these books are honest and absolutely truthful.

          Then think again. Hate is a two-way flow… The Koran teaches Muslims to hate all non-Muslims and non-Muslims instinctively hate back.

          To stop the flow of hate both ways, the Koran Hate Speech must be rejected. Blasphemy Law & Sharia Law must be outlawed. Until that happens conflict between Muslims & non-Muslims shall always exist. The world is now divided in two between Freedom Values & Totalitarianism.

          Islam will not begin to fade away, until Blasphemy Law is banned in every Nation around the world in both the West and in all Islamic Nations.

          Even Christians like Muslims are foolishly fighting to preserve the existence of anti-freedom of speech ‘Blasphemy Law’. Such is the backward mentality of people that cannot comprehend that until ‘Freedom of Speech’ is respected as a human right, in every Nation around the globe, peace shall never evolve, and respect of differences, shall never exist.

          If you want change to enjoy more peaceful living… it is simple stand for Freedom Values & become an ex-Muslim.

    • I am a muslim in South Africa and i have say that after reading the above statements i am absolutely ashamed of these people calling themselves muslims and talking in such a derogatory and filthy manner about non muslims. It truly is a disgrace and it makes me sick. This is the total opposite of what our Prophet Mohamed had taught us. These are probably the same individuals that are corrupting the rest of the true followers of Islam. I urge you people to please stop cussing another human being. We are all ALLAHS creation at the end of the day. ALLAH is the most kind and the most forgiving. Remember he could forgive anyone who he wishes and he may not forgive you if he wishes not to for he is the final judge and not you.

      • Makes NO difference..ALL muslims read and follow the quaran which is a book of hate and lies. I lived in Turkey for a year and met two kinds of muslims, the regular ones, like everyone else, nice folks. Then there are the freaks who are filled with hate 24/7 and always looking for a fight.
        Since rat obama has been jamming muslims into the U.S., I have revised my opinion of muslims, they must ALL leave and go back to the hell they came from. Muslims are like parasites or a disease, they just destroy and breed like flies.
        Islam is a disease and the cure must be administered, now.

    • I love idiots who claim islam is peaceful, LOLOL.

      go look at any of the mid east islam countries how the heck do you call this pile of crap “peaceful”?! blind morons.

    • muslims had full SS regiments at the end of the second world war ,muslim Nazis,so you need to read your history and not out of a school book ,because that’s all bullshit.there wew also African SS regiment,but most muslims were from turkey which we all know are radicals dressed like civilized people.but what are you waiting for ,TELL THEM WHERE HE WORKS ALREADY.he deserves it,typical muslim they have very little honor ,you can tell the way he threatened you with death then tried being nice to you ,turning nasty again and then eventually came crawling back on his belly.i was going to call him a pig,but I like pigs,they are much better company than muslims,and ill put my money on a pig against a muslim in a fight anyday.even a small pig could take down a human just saying .pigs deserve makes me wonder if whites if faced with war would pawn our burden and hardship on people who have developed a productive society,like the refugees in Europe,i think whites would rather die than have to have to beg and whine for housing and money,and on top of that they would never help us ,the boats would have been turned around or sunk,vigilantes would have taken the initiative something Europeans have forgotten how to do,just think a pike {long sharpened spear} with a speed boat could have sunk every boat and the wooden ones .well I’m pretty sure any old deer slug would put a good sized hole in the sounds cruel but after the 78 billion spent this year it seems better sense to solve it with under 200 bucks worth of equipment.just remember they would do it to us.i still believe they threw that one kid overboard to drum up sympathy,{the one who washed up on the beach}and who was there first on the scene to capture his lifeless body as it lay motionless face down in the surf?????by some strange coincidence a known feminist and advocate for refugee rights and JEWESS photographer,to snap the picture that would make merkel submit to allah….thanks jews,i bet it was very profitable for her though.funny how she just stumbled upon it .enough rambling but I hope I made some good points that’s why I say they have no honor,they throw their burden on others for the survival of this awful cult to continue.and the saddest part about it is ,our weak leaders fall for it every time.

    • Does that go for the muslims beheading people? Raping children? Raping women? Groping women? Beating up women? You need to be honest, although that is not part of your belief. Take your ignorant, third world, Anti-Christ body and mind to some islamic-dominated nation. Get out of this Satanic cult while there is still time. Eternity is not for any muslim except the kind that includes suffering. Forever. If you choose to ignore reality and truth, Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life, then you choose death. If you backwater retards choose to bring your slimy, bigoted crap to my neighborhood I will be happy to attempt to explain the truth to you. Should you insist on violence, then force will be met by reasonable force. Fact of the matter is, you and your kind are cowards.

    • Islam is a sick throw back it does not belong in our country or any. If it’s not stopped soon we will see another war this time on the streets and hopefully it will be the eradication of the cult religion and the culture!

  9. That Judenrat in Chief, his disgusting Lowness, Mickiie Clucker-Woman is plain quite mad, and a dick as well, the clown who owns Jihad Book.

    How many of you have had this charming bit of stupidity from them? He/it,, claims that I am not me and to prove that I own the account, I have to send a photo, complete with full name date of birth and a photo, in the form of a drivers licence, and or, a passport.

    This fuckwit, pardon, wants the very thing to make false IDs for various scumbags. That is why I never give out my datr of birth to anyone. All Mr Crook has to do is, if he knows your home town, go to the courthouse, and get a copy of your birth certificate. Well done, Judenrat Shit for Brains, Mark Zuckerman. I am sure your moslim pals love that information. It seems about one million other people have had the same request. Not a prayer, Mark you stupid dickhead.

    • Dearest Bonni and fellow BNI readers, I was not very clear there in that post. What I meant to say is that FaceBook has decided in it’s wisdom, that I am not me, and I have to prove that I am me by providing a copy of my drivers license, with full name, photo, date of birth, or copy of my passport with same – – – for FaceBook.. That is just to get my ‘account’ back with FaceBook. What a thick hide, it is ONLY social media, for Christ’s sake. Just about every moslim name is ‘Modhamid’ something. That Mark Zuckerman is a dick, in my opinion, him and his fakebook AKA Jihad Book shit. It seems about one million other users have gotten the same rubbish. I would like to have an alternative.

  10. Hilarious how I**** is always referred to as a religion of peace.
    Firstly it is not a religion, but a cult and a very, very dangerous one at that.
    As for peace, even Shia and Sunni believers resort to killing each other.
    Also love the laughable contradiction thathey spread of peace while their ‘religion’ permits the killing of homosexuals, beating and stoning of women and death for apostates. The I**** cult is pure evil.

    The West needs to keep these cultists at arms length and protect what we have, rather than sell our lands to political correctness. Protect what many generations before us fought for, freedoms.
    These very freedoms that I**** does not recognise and yet WE bow down and give away OUR freedoms to them.

    • I agree with you the Canadian Mounties just said it was ok for the wearing of head scarves it starts there. I don”t feel free in my own country I get dirty looks from muslim women because I choose to wear clothing that shows abit of skin I will not bow down give away my freedom

      • Very happy to read that. As a Canadian myself, who likes my Canadian women, the more skin the better lol Let the Muslim swine choke on that awhile. I hate the term “Free Country”, as political correctness has made it anything but free. Muslims need to assimilate or fahk off. If we were to try and pull the crap they do in their homeland, we’d end up on a YouTube video. Our weak ass government is of no use. We as Canadians (and Americans, your government sucks too) have to ban together and rid our cities of these parasitic death mongers, while we still have the numbers to do something. Another 10 years and we’ll be speaking Arabic as our first language. To hell with that.

        • Nothing is free, tolerance will be the death of us, empathy will get is there quicker! Common sense needs to rule over both. It’s not a black and white matter (not meant in the colour of skin but the analogy sense, sigh… See that’s what PC nonsense has done it’s made me feel like I have to explain my comment…. ) Common sense followed by empathy. If you have Muslims like those listed above spouting off then you send in fully armed polive to remove them and lock them up it’s that simple. If you have these so called demonstrations regarding how everything a country holds dear (I’m not religious so couldn’t care less about any of them!) Then round them up arrest them, fine them, and I mean tens of thousands take their homes from them kick them out the country… Common sense has to rule, unfortunately left wing regressive tactics of “we can shout the loudest” and to call anyone who disagrees with them no matter how logical the point of view is, is shot down by some derogatory term such as xenophobe or racist or bigot, it’s got to the point where the terms have lost their meaning!

        • Go down fighting. Take a good hard look at all the Europeans wetting their pants as the racist dogs of islam rape their women and children and have the nerve to claim they are “persecuted”. Do your level best to speak the truth to these animals. God knows they have souls. However, if they persist then meet force with force. That is all they know. Put your foot in their backside and make it clear you do not tolerate their rotten, degrading culture.

    • The only difference between a religion,a cult , and a myth is the number of followers. So by definition Islam is just as much a religion as Christianity. ,… equal faces of the untrue. Both these religions today are the myths of tomorrow. The only reason Christianity .. doesn’t sound ridiculous to you is because you were raised with it and it had been drilled into your head since you were a child.. I mean look at psalms… , there’s actually a psalm that mentions how joyful it is smashing little babies heads against rocks… because the people they are doing it to our enemies of someone’s imaginary friend(god)… If you weren’t raised with this crap you would think that was horrible too.

      • Dimwit! The enemies of Jews did that to Jews. Jewsish law is an eye for an eye. King David was askingGod forjustice. vd. And it doesnt say joyful nor prescribe it,fool. Get a proper education abd then acually read the entire Bible. Islam actually prescribe the killing of civillian women and child during Jihad. That is exctly what Muslims do. Wake the fuck up and realize that you need the Christians to defeatIslam. After allit is their political system that you live under. Yousecular dimwit do not have your own state.

    • What’s the most ironic of all is the left wing Marxists who defend this sick culture and religion! And allow it to fester in western society. They are the ones who support women’s rights, and gay rights and everyone should be equal to thing is you put it to them regarding the treatment of women in Islam and the way muslims treat these people and the Islamic culture and law (even going on in the uk which is against our laws) they get stuck in some sort of circular argument! They have been brainwashed in schools they can’t use critical thinking and also can’t use common sense the Islamic culture needs removing (by force if necessary) out of western society!

  11. Hi all,, this is the wonderful Red who has come back..

    I read all these comments about how FakeBook is a ratty site. Agreed.

    Sooo ,, can you all please tell me which new places/sites to post on??

    I post a little on one, but it is overly Christian,, and you have to be so straight laced.. I am very Christian myself but to swear at sand rats now and then is good.

  12. Never on record has their ever been a Muslim Genius. I did read however that their average I.Q. was 80, but no doubt soft soft in the head libtard was being generous.

  13. very bad and sad, non muslims shouldn’t provoke young Muslim lads and make them angry,
    all issues should be discussed with good manners and respectfully/ We also see some kufaar abusing and go well over the limit just to make Muslim youth incite this kind of things in retaliation. You can’t provoke people then cry wolf after they retaliate in that way.. both sides should learn to be polite and respectful so peace in community can be achieved
    No one has the right to kill innocent people kafirs or Muslims as all innocent lives are equally precious.
    ”Love good and hate the evil” that’s all Islam teaches..

    • Ray,

      I read the Koran in 1984 and that is not what Islam teaches. The Koran states clearly do not make friends, with Christians, Jews and all Kafir, us non-Muslims. And the Koran teaches if we refuse to submit to Islam, Muslims must kill us.

      I have over the years read many Hadiths and the example of Muhammad and these other texts verify what the Koran says.

      Anti-Freedom Apartheid Islam, does not teach love of the Kafir, Islam teaches hate of the Kafir. You are either very naïve about your creed Islam or you are using Taqiyya to trick non-Muslims into submission.

      ‘Jihad Muslims’ have marched on our streets flying Muhammad’s Black Battle Flag, with signs threatening to behead those who offend Islam, by simple free speech rejection of its teachings. Constantly in every Western Nation, we are told in Muslim demonstrations that ‘Freedom’ must be ended, recorded on protest placards.

      So why should we believe Islam is a religion of peace when we constantly are threatened with abuse and violence?

      ‘Jihad Muslims’ & the Koran has made it quite clear, all of us non-Muslims are rejected by Muslims in our own Native born country. So why should we trust a Muslim? We are enemies because the Koran has declared us as enemies, and that is fact.

      Islam is not compatible in the West with Freedom Values, not now, not ever. If you want to live under Sharia Law, go and live in an Islamic Nation, we don’t want you, and conflict will always exist between Muslims & non-Muslims because the Koran demands it.

      • You are speaking the truth. Mohammed created a religion that let him do whatever he wanted and claim God is ok with it. It is the biggest scam ever put together. The peaceful things they all bring up were written early on . He stole from the Bible and the Jewish book in the beginning. He was run out of Mecca and moved to a Jewish settlement. There he pretend to be their friend. All the while writing evil things and gather men. He then turned on the Jews. Killed the men and boys. And. turned the girls and woman into sex slaves for him and his men. A goat ate. a third of what he wrote according to one of his wives when they came to out it together after he he died. Its a mumble jumbled mess. Contradict itself over and over.

      • This is insane. I may be very wrong, but it seems muslims, are thinki g they are going to ” take over” while claiming, they are following their religion, of peace. To me, it sounds a bit rediculous. I am bothered by the way they speak of us.

      • Hey you shocked polite little fools, wake the HELL up!!! This is the devil, and evil in the flesh. Polite, nice, refined. SERIOUSLY!!!!!! This is like asking Hitler to attend Temple and enjoy a Sader meal with the Jews. If you fools are waiting for nice polite Muslims, I suggest you move your sorry ass, to Syria, and sit and talk with ISIS. Let me know how that goes… LOL

      • The truth of Muhammed was that he did not perform any miracle, he was a religious preacher, a military leader commited the genocide of 600 to 900 jews and female war captives was forced to be slaves and sex slaves

        • No such thing he was probly just some nob head shouting his mouth of in street preaching at people and thay all suckt it up brain woshd fools go Home make something of yu own country your not wonted here

    • Ray, Get your head out of your ass. You & your family will be who they come for first. Because, make no mistake, Islam wants to Murder/Rape/Molest all that is good in God’s great creation. Islam is Evil, founded by Lucifer through his surrogate, Mo-Ham-Head!

    • Ray, we should all turn away and run with our legs between our legs? Islam wants to rule the whole world and subject Christians and other nonbelievers of the Allah, to basically slavery. If we do not stop the growth of this evilness, our grandchildren will curse us, especially the girls. Take your rosy colored glasses off.

    • Ray, you realize how idiotic you sound. “All issues should be discussed with good manners and respectfully.” Yea, too bad Muslims clearly have no idea how to do this, as is clear from the above.

      The above shows exactly what peace to Muslims looks like. Only if you agree with them on everything will the religion of peace be peaceful.

      People being provoked shouldn’t resort to killing those who disagree as the first resort. Ever heard of those things called debate, discussion or reasoning? That is what the civilized world does. Unfortunately, anything touched by PISSlam quickly becomes uncivilized. Those who follow it can’t seem to properly think or use logic, since they can’t even say why they must kill to defend their idiotic religion, other than quoting their book that supposedly has no hate in it.

      Islam is the worst thing the world is facing today, because we have let it grow and move out of the sh**hole countries that it is traditionally limited to. Eradicating the religion would be the best case scenario, but keeping it limited to it’s historically horrible regions would be the next best.

    • There is no way that you can truly believe what you posted. Please tell me that it’s a joke, pissing off mussie youth?? Ha,they’re brought up to hate. If you really believe what you wrote, please buy a weapon because your kind are the fools these barbaric animals seek out. The weak.

    • Brainwashed to accept anyone as a potentially good peaceful human because everyone really just wants to be loved and all people aren’t violent just because their religious beliefs tell them to be cause all other people are dirty in their eyes and don’t deserve to exist unless they bow down and accept being treated like animals! REALLY? You’re as stupid as what they consider peaceful. It boggles the mind to know there is such hate n ignorance being taught n spread like a middle school fart joke. And that’s the gist of it…… stupidity spreading like a disease with no cure, but death or absolute truth!

    • Provocation, always remain a gentleman regardless of who says or does what. You are all barbarians who force your opinion upon others, who believe that killing, enslaving and rapeing are ok. The world needs your kind to be kept out of the West, you and all those who think like you and believe that your doctrine needs to be accepted by all people by any means necessary. You will find one day there are white men in this world who will resist you, who will stand and eliminate you and your hateful ideologies.

    • Hey Ray, got a quick question. Ever read the filthy Koran, it is a how-to kill you and your family…………….Guess you don not care……………. go ahead fall for the crap. Just feel sorry for your kids, hope you DO NOT live in the US. BTW if you do, please move to Syria, and proclaim your love of other religions, and peoples, let me know how that works for ya!!

    • Why should we discuss it with respect? It’s a sick vile culture and these are sick vile men and women!

  14. This is fucking terrible, I reported this muslim pig fucker for posting this:
    “It is Haraam and Kufr to say RIP [rest in peace] for a non Muslim. As Muslims it is our fundamental belief that those who die as disbelievers will be punished in their graves and in the fire of Hell. This is due to rejecting Allah and the beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). For this reason, it is not permissible to seek forgiveness for them or to say RIP/”rest in peace” for them as there is no forgiveness and peace for such people after death.
    Facebook gets back to me saying it does not violate their community standards for being against certain religious groups. What the fuck are your community standards then Facebook you terrorist ass kissing shitwanks?

    • Funny is that coz i reported 4 separate times to double standards Facebook about Muslims posting threats to come to Britain & rape our women & children & then behead them & one threatened to come over & rape A child with his Muslim friends & force the mother to watch as they have anal sex with her tiny 6 year old daughter & then after make the child watch as they rape her mum,i was totally shocked & very upset by this & reported it to Facebook,there response was they do not find it to be offensive or abusive or out of the Facebook community standards & told me the posts will not be removed,this world has gone completely f—ing nuts & double standards sick evil staff working at Facebook shud be arrested & put in prison for A very long time,they make me sick to my stomach

  15. I too got put in the penalty box. I love how one wise remark can put your ass on block but they can threaten rape and murder and get off Scot free. If I get pissed enough I will start my own social network.

      • Sorry bro, but it’s just that when I hear or read aggressive and profane words I become a little upset and I have a tendency to retaliate by trying to give good advice..anyway, I apologise for assuming you belonged to that sad disappointing Cult I call Taqiiyah…sorry bro, glad your happy

        • Muslim Global Invasion

          For years during my talk shows with the USA and in numerous published articles I accused all the Media, Academia, Politicians and Clergy of gross dereliction of duty because of Political Correctness gone utterly insane for never addressing the root cause of the following facts, that~

          Ummat Muhammad (Muslims) constituting 20% of current humanity of about 1.5 billion – mostly scattered among 57 Muslim majority states – are the LEAST Productive, Inventive and/or Creative but among the foremost Aggressive, Destructive and Retrograde in human history.

          What are the common characteristics of these Muslims irrespective of Colour, Race, Nationality, Tradition, Culture or Background?

          1. Every Muslim state is Dictatorial, Autocratic, Theocratic or Despotic.

          2. 50% of their populations are females who are totally disfranchised, mostly uneducated and invariably treated like domestic animals useful to produce more Muslims at rates four times any other human group.

          3. Muslim countries invariably under perform compared to their Infidel/ Kuffar none Muslim neighbours in all fields of human endeavours (Agriculture, Science, Technology, Irrigation, Education, Economics etc).

          4. Without OIL, Muslim countries are among the poorest and mostly backward in the world but with highest birth rates.

          5. Muslim countries have had and continue to have the worst record of civil wars in the 20th and 21st centuries because most of them are dysfunctional undemocratic states.
          6. Lack of all known freedoms in Muslim countries prohibit individuals to hope, compete, prosper and succeed thus forever consigning these countries to the trash heap of history.

          7. Allah instructed Muslims to emulate Muhammad as the best male that ever existed~

          Al Ahzab 33:21 “Verily in the messenger of Allah you have a good example for him who looks unto Allah and the Last Day, and remembers Allah much.”

          Tragically, based entirely upon the Islamic scriptures, Muhammad, his Quran, his Sunna and Sharia are: Hatemongering, Warmongering, Misogynist, Racist, Duplicitous, Treacherous, Hypocritical, Intolerant, Merciless and hence utterly Ungodly and this exactly why his followers (Muslims) are his exact clones and replica all over the globe.

          8. Allah told Muslims that they are~

          Al Imran 3:110 “You (Muslims) are the best nation produced [as an example] for mankind. You enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah …”

          9. The so called ‘Arab Spring’ was purely the asinine invention of clueless and totally Quran ignorant leaders in the West based entirely on ‘hope’ than reality. The Muslim world cannot ever get better for as long as they follow Sharia which is the nemesis of all known freedoms.

          In a nutshell, all the above have a single common denominator:
          Muhammad’s Quran.

          Thus when one puts the following ingredients in a witch’s brew~
          Fast growing un educated and poor populations fighting each other along religious lines, competing for dwindling resources of agriculture, water, trade, health and failing economies, Muslims especially young 17 to 45 (able bodied of military age) will have no choice but to INVADE the lands of the Infidels/Kuffar (none Muslims) to get their generous benefits without contributing an iota to the host countries and peoples.

          In 2015, 1.5 million Muslims INVADED Europe without a single Muslim soldier dying in battle because they were allowed to do so by the CRIMINAL and clueless elites in the parties ruling the continent.

          Hundreds of thousands have been allowed by Obama and the Democrats (with the connivance of the Republicans in congress) to enter the USA without any due process of vetting. Americans have so far paid a very small price in acts of Muslim terror. Deadlier ones will be coming in the near future unless Americans both Public and Politicians first stop this invasion and then reverse it.

          These INVADING Muslims are carrying with them exactly the same DISEASES that inflict them in their own countries to the host countries: Sharia, Racism, Intolerance, Misogyny, Polygamy, Hate, Disloyalty, Disobedience to Western laws, total disregard to the traditions and feelings of the host peoples, Criminality, Rape and generally they are a parasitic misfit group that will eat away at the core of Western Civilization like acid on the human body.

          Muslims are not a RACE. Muslims belong to a CULT called Islam. The CULT of Muhammad. Moreover Islam is also most certainly not an Abrahamic religion because Allah is most assuredly NOT the same as the God of Jesus, Moses and Abraham.

          Muslim invaders will continue to bring death and destruction wherever they are given a place to take root. They are not going to stop coming unless and until we in the West and all other none Muslim countries CLOSE the DOOR and Quarantine Muslims.

          As usual I challenge any Muslim the sum of $200,000 to prove all what I am revealing herein as either False or deliberately misleading.

          IQ al Rassooli
          Kafir & Proud!

  16. There are 1.6 BILLION muslims in the world. WHERE are the “peaceful muslim” public protests, public rejection and public condemnation of atrocities committed in the name of islam ….. I’ll wait …….

  17. Once again I have/had been put in the penalty box by Facebook for posting the truth about Muslims and Islam. The following post is what got me blocked:Muslims will not assimilate into the American culture and Sharia Law is not compatible with the US Constitution. Islam is a political and military system masquerading as a religion. Muslims can lie to the infidel to promote Islam. The Muslim Brotherhood calls for a “Civilization-Jihadist Process,” in which they would destroy the Western civilization from within. They said they would use the Constitution against the US to further their agenda. Their goal is World Islam. Muslims believe the infidels will have to convert to Islam, be enslaved or be killed. They state, we do not want to democratize Islam, we want to Islamize democracy. That is what we want. “We Will Raise The Flag Of Allah In The White House” I believe it has already been raised from the actions of Barack Hussein Obama as president and his Muslim Brotherhood advisers. Their prophet Mohammed was a pedophile rapist and mass murderer. And they will try to push Sharia law if the American people do not wake up. Again, Islam is not compatible with the US Constitution and the American culture. Look at what has been happening in Europe with the invasion of Muslims into the various countries.


        • I predict some enterprising person will come up with a new social media platform that will put FB and Twitter out of business…especially now the both of them are censoring views with which they disagree.

  18. Filthy putrid scum religion, invented by a child fucker so it’s not surprising they argue by threatening rape and murder.
    What a mistake allowing these scum into proper human countries, what a shame for Sweden Germany and Norway, all but finished as cultures, will America, Britain Australia and Canada wake up in time to eject the backwards subhumanoids? They’ve got the gang rapes, the crimes and the violence surely they can see the writing on the wall.

  19. FB blocked me for the second time and didn’t even tell me why. But I know it would have been for saying something true about islam or for posting a video about islam.

    There is a new uncensored sm site calle but it is still getting to kinks out.

    • ehhhhhh, all these dirty, filthy Moslems don’t scare me running their pie holes. This FALSE PROPHET Mohammed was nothin short of a POS, baby rapist pedophile who condones rape, torture and death. The so called “religion” Islam is only a death CULT who’s popularity is fading fast now that the secret is out about their TRUE beliefs.

  20. Proudly Christian and israelian, I live in Germany now.
    I’m Commander of a Templar Order and I’m training my Knights and Ladies to fight back Islam with Theological knowledge and physical combat skills.
    I’m ashamed of the Chancellor Merkel!
    We will stand up for our faith and land!

  21. I am a jew who converted to muslim secretly,i read quran and some hadees of prophet i don’t see people to know about religion.quran is salvation atlast i came to know.please read quran its a real one from god

    • You are a liar. If you were really a Jew living in India as you apparently are by your IP number, your English would not be so poor. You are a filthy muslim now and have always been one.

      • Hahaha, lmao, right!?–“Am yam jew, mushallah allahbahd, I come in pees to the kafur, leave message about de holy koran, yes, yes.”

    • Are you kidding me?!?! WTF you know they wanted Hitler’s help for mobile gas vans to kill Jews in the Middle East? How could you be so foolish. Mohammed is just a schizophrenic who heard voices. Mostly if it was a real vouce it was the devil. You should really be ashamed.

    • Allah is not the true G*d but he is the one and only satan. G*d would not say it’s ok to have sex with children, stone your women to death and run around beheading those who disagree with you. G**d is about peace and love. Everyone knows moslems are inbred from generations of family marrying each other and worship the devil.

  22. I can’t wait to get a real president that’s not a pusssy,that way we can blow up these pieces of shit n not worthy of living in the beautiful n free UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BEFORE WE TAKE YOU ALL OUT YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING.AND NOT WORTHY OF BREATHING N PRAY YOU ALL SUFFER SO BAD YOU’LL REGRET MESSING WITH THE USA.

      • Guaranteed,Trump is an American Patriot/Capitalist and he will win the nomination and the Presidency and than he will bomb Mecca and scatter all of the Islamist,illiterate,homely Cowards and these mutants are COWARDS!

  23. you don’t like america, we don’t want you here, go live in the storage caves with your dirty feet

  24. Such unbridled arrogance and utter true hate for all that does not obey allah.
    Is this a ‘peaceful’ person?? Is this the kind of person that deserves any form of freedom and rights? Is this an immigrant or refugee that you woukd invite in your homes or date your daughters or sons?? WHY DONT OUR POLITICIANS READ THIS SHIT??

      • Yes, it is time for all American adults to stand united and once again defeat this evil in God’s name. He will bless us with victory against this evil cult of murderers, rapist and perverts. They belong in the bowels of hell so we need to put them where they belong. Remember Pershing…

        • I agree Muslims need to be wiped out but saying God will bless you in this is fucked……your just using your religion to conquer another. Let’s get rid of Muslims because they are killing everyone and do it in the name of humanity. There are ppl that don’t believe in your god that are good ppl…..ppl that want you to be able to worship your God without Muslims killing you for it. Forcing your God on others is no better than what these Muslims are doing. If you are more peaceful than Muslims then don’t bring your God into it.

  25. televised beheadings , bombing ect ect ect…….muzzrats u heard of the world wars ? yeah world wars lol if u think we can’t handle u lol think again. you are all gonna get to see your beloved child raping mohammed, cos we gonna send u to him when we bury you alive in a pigs carcase … on t.v of course. last time there was a war u sided with Germany, look how that turned out ! i know your gonna rape my mum and kill kuffar ect ect ect hope you can dodge nukes because that’s where we are headed…you obliterated while we steal your oil , fuck your women, we don’t want your country it’s a dump full of sand sand and more sand. Enjoy chanting your mantra whilst you still can because we have BIGGER WEAPONS AND WILL USE THEM IF U KEEP PUSHING, bye bye for now soon to be annihilated excuse for a people.

  26. Is not the Facebook owned by a Jew , and if so , why has not ‘he’ or his helpers taken the moslim turds to be sin binned?

    Give us in the West an AK47 each and we will play cowboys and moslims, then they can go home to mommy for dinner.

    Merkel the slut bitch is on their team.

    • RED, Mark Zuckerberg is what is commonly known as a ‘Judenrat” – the kind of leftist Jew who fed the Nazi’s crocodile, hoping to be eaten last. There were a lot of them in Europe back in the day. Today, they are feeding a new crocodile – the Islamic one.

    • RED…

      Merkel’s far, far, FAR too ugly to be a slut…and she’s worse than a bitch.
      She’s almost pretty enough to be a sow…but not quite.

      And every female dog I’ve ever seen is simply GORGEOUS compared to her.

      Add to all that her arrogant condescension, and she’s in a league of her own.

      • Should be ideal for them . Hitler zigged when he should have zagged when attacked the Jews. Our stupid God gave those child raping Islamics the oil.

    • Owner of FB is a libtard tool. He does whatever he needs to keep political correct extreme liberals in America..Obama..happy. He is scum. Liberals will be the only ones killed because they do not believe in protecting themselves.

  27. Judging by the muslim post, show what kind of goid people they really are. QUESTION. DO YOU WANT PEOPLE LIKE THIS LIVING IN YOUR HOUSE?? DO YOU WABT THEM IN YOUR COMMUNITY OR COUNTRY??? IF so then pay for theur wekfare with your own money nit the taxpayers and let them sta your house, your street. ask politicians to take a paycut ti finance them. see if they want to be “humane”.

    • Vigil, my Member of Parliament is a Christian, with more money, land, houses, bedrooms and bathrooms than anyone else I know.

      This fool wants the invaders here, does not reply when I ask how many he is taking in and tries to silence me. My tax pays his wages but I’m not allowed a voice.
      He is right wing and, like many people of low intelligence, Merkel included, wants to boss everyone else around.

      I maybe wrong but I don’t think Jesus said ‘Go forth and multiply your bank balance’.

      • Wait till there enough of them in parliament then it dont matter if ur a minister or not. their necks get cut as much as all of us who toil for pay.

  28. The Musanimals can go and eat lead. The Musanimals should be very careful what they wish for. If it’s a war they want, it’s a war they’ll get. We’ll nail their stinky turbans to their heads.

    • Aussie, be very careful not to use turbans as a hate thing alone, as the Sikhs out of India wear them, & they are a very peaceful loving spiritual folk and very kind and accepting. they wear turbans as their religion and are miles apart from filthy muslims. they dont cut their hair and wrap it in a turban. they are particularly HATED by the muslims, have been slaughtered in the millions by the death cult thru the ages. they even fought them and drove them out of Punjab. and their women refused to convert to the murderous filthy muslims pigs who slaughtered their children before their eyes and ripped their entrails out. they stood their ground and didn’t covert to keep their religion. they deserve our respect, so to do Hindus, Buddhists, Jews and Christians… all persecuted by the waring murderous jihadist muslims !

      nothing wrong with turbans when worn by our Sikh brothers. Muslim supremacists also wealth turbans. but hate them for their murderous non pluralistic supremacist ways not their head gear – yes even tho they think it makes them look superior.

      just saying !

        • Allan, I’m also in NSW, a few hours from Sydney’s CBD. I’ve read some of your posts and have been quite impressed and pleased to see another Australian here who knows how evil Islam is and is willing to do something about it, from posts via ‘social media’ to groups which are involved with taking pragmatic action with regards to both Islam in Australia and the politicians who are letting Muslims live here, often on ‘welfare’ whilst they plan jihad (killing Australians who refuse to convert) and abuse anyone who is critical of the Muslim ‘way of life’. I’m a member of a number of groups like this, some which are US-based but most are Australian home-grown and if you are interested you are welcome to send me a private message via my Facebook page (only ‘Friend’s on FB can see my posts including the ones about Islam) and I will reply and let you know what groups I belong to, as well as, if you’d like to have another connection to a fellow Australian who is passionately anti-Islam you’re welcome to send me a Friends request via FB (I have Google+ and Twitter also, but most of my posts are on FB and info about me is, to secure some safety for myself and my family, not visible to the general public-although it is via Google+). In the meantime, please continue to post here and wherever else the message about the inherent barbarity, misogyny, and deceitfulness of Islam can and will be seen and heard. All the best, Zirnitra Elan.

    • You wonder why people are so sceptical of the west. When everyone allways assumes it is all of the islam faith. A recent poll shows that one tenth of muslims accept the radical organisations like the islamic state. It is supprising to find that there are still hate groups suppressing islam. You are sceptical that some may wish for violence and yet you have just declared war.

      P.S. Not all wear Turbans anymore

      • Even a small minority of 1.3 billion people is still a lot of people. And the minority is not nearly as small as people like to think. Yes, the number of Muslims following Mohammad’s command to “kill unbelievers wherever you find them” may be small, but a much much larger percentage believes in the political purpose of Islam and is working toward that goal in other ways besides terrorism. There are many ways to wage jihad. Violence is only one. Demographics is another (that is, immigrate to a new country, maybe even let them support you with welfare, but definitely out-breed the original inhabitants, build up a politically-active and powerful voting block of Muslims in that country, and then start pressing for concessions). Many forms of jihad are possible — litigation jihad, forest fire jihad, falsify textbooks jihad, and the list goes on and on. Violent Islamic supremacists may, in fact, be the least of our problems.

        Jihad is obligatory for all Muslims. Jihad doesn’t mean only violence. Jihad means to struggle, in whatever way you can, to achieve Islam’s single political goal: The subjugation of all non-Muslims to Islamic law. That political goal is a Muslim’s religious duty. Mohammad didn’t approve of meditation or navel-gazing. He said the way you can prove your devotion to Allah is by action. So even mainstream “moderate” Muslims are active, constantly working toward the end-goal of worldwide Islamic dominance. They do it by paying their zakat, which goes to the mosque, which goes to supporting Muslim causes (which are almost entirely political causes). And they do it by having lots of children, to give Muslims a demographic advantage in democratic countries. They do it by making every non-Muslim they meet think that Muslims are harmless and well-meaning. They do it by crying “racism” every time someone criticizes Islam, even though they know full well Islam is not a race (they say it because it gets the desired response: It shuts people up). They do it by writing to every television or radio program that portrays Islam in an unflattering light. It is all jihad. Bamboozling the non-Muslims is jihad. As Mohammad said, “War is deceit.” And as you can see, they have been winning the war. You, like most other non-Muslims, know almost nothing about Islam and yet have a feeling that it must be all right.

        We get that impression (that it is a small number of extremists) because almost none of the constant attacks by Jihadis are covered in the media. Go to and you can see every verifiable attack in the world made in the name of Islam. There are about five attacks a day. Some big, some small. But it adds up to a constant war being waged against all non-Muslims everywhere in the world simultaneously. More people are being killed in the name of Islam per year than were killed in the entire 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition. And each one of the Jihadis doing the killing is supported by a network of Muslims that, while they are not killers themselves, help to make it happen, help to finance it, help to hide them, feed them, encourage them, and protect them. And the ones committing violent jihad are only the tip of the iceberg. In many other ways, many more Muslims are following Mohammad’s example and waging jihad on many fronts and at many levels at once.

  29. In the words of the Pahtun Tribal leaders and immams
    “girls are for having babies and most not have sexual desire
    boys are for pleasure”
    THIS IS ISLAM – the cult of pedophiles and Satan worshippers

  30. I understand how my brother and sister across the pond must feel. I just learned that to save face with the Muslims the Webster Dictionary has reacently took out the word “pork” so as not to insult the Muslim people. We get threatened over here every day too. The threats are just as disgusting as some of the one I saw on here. I wish they would stop but I fear it will not end until the death of one of our peoples.

    • How funny these ugly bitches are l think they must have no hair on their head only on their body, who cares if they call us names at least we can live with ourselves at night, this Naaz woman most likely has to shave each day, she is scum of the earth, no Muslim is innocent, you even let your men kill other women, has he got a knife at your throat when you write this crap, a pig is far too good for you this is why you do not eat it, you will all burn in hell, your life is all about killing and control, we have welcomed you to our countries to have a safe place to live, and this is how you act, you are filth, a pig is far more beautiful than you will ever be, there is not a gentle bone in your body… would kill your own grandmother and children aged 9 at a drop of a hat, or sell her to a dirty old man……and you call yourself a woman, keep on taking the ugly pills they are working…..See how this Mohammed Khan panicked, what a coward just like them men that kick and behead men with their hands tied, like all Muslim they are low life bastards…..

      • Do not bother to moderate my comment if you let these Muslims speak such hate and filth on this site and other sites, we should be able to say what we like……Typing error on my last comment l meant (Those men) they are such a disgrace if they think their god likes cruelty once they get where they are going the fires will be waiting for them to burn in hell, no Virgins waiting at all, just punishment, no god would ask their people to be so cruel as the Muslims are…..we only fight back we do not start anything neither do the Jews, your religion is full of hate and killing you all have blood on your hands…..

        • Margo, all comments here are required to be moderated. I delete ones with statements that could incite violence, direct threats to mosques or individual muslims, or excessive foul language. I delete most comments from muslims because they are so boring and/or foul and threatening. As far as the FB posts here, I want people to see what muslims really think of us.

      • Hello BNI. Could you not for a one off do a post of your best moslem comments? It’ll be a laugh if anything else.

    • l never listen to these Morons ever, they are best ignored, it is better this stuff they write stays on it just show what rubbish they really are, they are the evil of the world, and one day they will all be gone, just reading their stuff is just funny, they are such low life, they cannot even read a dictionary, and let them enjoy sex woth their mothers and children that is all they know…….we are the peacemakers we have done everything to make them welcome, l never disliked them before, but this just shows us what low life they really are, religion does not come into it….sad sick bastards…..

  31. It is a proven fact that the children of Abusers more often than not grow up to be abusers themselves. When the entire culture of Islam raises their children in an hate and abuse environment then they will be Haters and Abusers. This “Islam is violent because you make us do it”. is a line right of the abusers handbook. “Why do you make me mad and abuse you like this?”, It is all the victims fault. I got a .12 ga slug solution for you Achmed if you want to come Jihading in my neighborhood.

  32. Well it is obvious why their favorite form of communication is twitter it is limited to what 150 characters? And they obviously don’t have the intelligence to even use grammer or spelling in their ridiculous posts. It is quite obvious their recruiting targets and gets losers that have no life, no future, no intelligence, etc… I mean think about it there are a lot of religions all with bibles, prophets, beliefs etc… What morons follow the writings of some mororn who was obviously a pedophile and psycho who claimed to be a profit and conned at the time a lot of people wit follow him. Probably even then a bunch of psychos and child molestors that loved haveing someone says her is an excuse to rape, slaughter and torture little girls. I keep hearing there are a billion good muslims but first they all support that the world should be muslim and everyone else can’t offend their so called profit Mohammad. Got news for them all this crap offends me in multiple ways. In America we aren’t going to give up rights, convert or change our behaviors to make them happy. And we have enough groups playing victim cards I think they should all give up the victim crap and have some self respect. What these girls said was nice compared to if they had met up with some Texas Cheerleaders those teenage gorls could and would takew on several and win. I see any woman dressed like that or walking behind a husband whether she knows it or not she is being controlled and opressed and if you bring your wife to this country American women will educate her including how to take down her husband. Where are these billion good muslims. Why aren’t they offended by the crap being done by these savages in the name of their religion or Allah or Muhammad let’s see their leadership denounce these groups world wide. The only thing I do see if the groups that claim to be Islam Leadership taking instances like this and every other thing and filing lawsuits all over a lot of which trying to saw Sharia Law over rides the law of the land in any country? People should start paying attention to what is going on with the banks and now they have “Sharia Compliance Programs for Muslims” Muhammad now doesn’t like a picture of himself and doesn’t like interest either. A lot of banks are now offering Islam Sharia Complaint banking products so Muslims are getting different rates terms and conditions? I suppose at the expense of the rest of us and tax payers? This needs some priority.

    • I see you Brits are really having a bad time with the loving muslims. I know we’re not supposed to hate but they make it so hard don’t they. We have a lot of mosque and training camps here in Texas and I wish that we could run them out of here and the USA! Our POTUS is a muslim so of course we can’t. I love this state and country but I hate our president,

      • I so agree with you. Obama seems to thrive on weakening and destroying america and all it has stood for. He should be deported to be placed into and under Isis’s care. America is infiltrated with its enemies.mar

      • Its ironic that Americans voted Barak Hussein Obama, clearly n fkn muslim into power after 9/11 happened!!! Muslims fucked up your country, killing your innocent families, yet you ellect a fkn muslim into the White House!!! Must have been because he is black!!! Thats what you get for trying to be politically correct all the time and tooo shit scared to really say it like it is!!! Now that fkn muslim obama will sell out the USA together with all the gutless leaders of Europe that follow him like a lapdog!! Muslims bomb and kill millions around the world, yet you all invite them into your countries and give them MORE rights than your own citizens!! Yet the educated people who wanted to emigrate and who are able and willing to make a positive contrbution to your society gets rejected!!! And the “refugees” who wete taken in are more than 70% men!!! Running away from their own countries and leaving their women and children behind to face the war??? How fkn stupid are you people really???

        • I did not vote for Obama. I do not get how he got elected more so the second time. I believe there was a lot of voter fraud.

      • Care Bear I am with you. I am in simi small town. They are trying to build a gotty mosc in one of our areas. It made the news because a man stood up in the town hall meeting calling the muslim wanting to build the god awful mosc an extremist and pointed out terrorists come out of mosxs. The meeting got shut down.

        I want to fight back. I do not understand how so many Americans are being suckered. I HATE Obama and all the libtards.

        I am just waiting for the war cry from our fellow Americans to stand up and I will march beside them.

    Now No place is safe/available for islams to FART @ HEAVEN
    Now No place is safe/available for ‘islam Appeasers’ to islam Appease

    • Islam is an ideology that work political. The Koran is full of stolen twisted quotes from the bible and some left overs from the ancient arabic moon god. And a fair share lies from Mohammad the “prophet” that was not happy about a jew expansion of ideas to Arabic territories. Jesus.
      Islam is a teaching that is anti democratic and have fascist demands built in. The best for muslims is just,- stop beeing muslims.

  34. Hahaha- you dumb moronic muslims. You just a bunch of ducking clowns, nobody takes you seriously when you say you’ll take over my homeland. Go back to muslimland, coz we don’t want, or will ever allow you dominate my country-

  35. Rock on BNI…you’ve got another follower….I most certainly do not cling to any one
    schism of religion….but I must say, anyone who doesn’t like our way of life here in the west…seriously needs to go back to the shithole that they came from….
    I’m just sayin’

    • At last a site where I can identify with like minded individuals who see what these Muzzies really are all about. Your doing a quite marvellous job here Bonnie, I have
      Friends who don’t know of you yet, but when they do they will spread the word as safely as possible. Keep it up.

    • WELL, WHAT is these violent sexual predators home address ? Maybe they want a proper Welcome to the neighborhood party??
      Report these threats and demand they start deporting these child raping bastards. Unacceptable what WE are expected to accept in Christian Lands.
      Start Sending their Asses back to Shitistan.

  36. Muslim scums, I’m not scared of you rimmers come to uk and think your better than us, who do you think you are letter boxes or somert respect our country or you have our army to deal with they will blow you all away

    • Your politicians are scumbags, they are willing suck their wieners for the sake of votes. You can’t do anything except protests.

  37. I think its hilarious how yhey claim yo want nothing to do with “kuffar” when they use facebook…and twitter…both owned by jews!

  38. Apparently Adolf Hitler had the same attitude towards the rest of the world believing that Germans were the superior race and look at what happened to him and his beliefs.

  39. What is getting real old, real fast for me, is that so many posters (particularly on other sites), just throw the “You don’t know Islam, you are stupid, or don’t know what you are talking about” old song and dance. They just don’t seem to understand that there are many of us (like those here) with a LOT of experience with Islam. Some of us are former Muslims, some of us are like me, who have lived in a Muslim dominated country, and have first-hand experience with Muslim culture, and the majority of us are well-read and up to date on matters of Islam -vs- The West, worldwide. WE aren’t the “stupid people”, the stupid people seldom come to sites like this one, because they don’t wish to delve too deeply into such an “unpleasant” topic. They would rather just imagine a world where bad people are the exception – and NOT a high percentage to varying degrees, as in Islam.
    Thanks BNI for giving us a place to feel at “home”.

      • Join the APDM. Australian Patriots Defence Movement. We are the media arm of all patriot groups in Australia and we are intending to stand as candidates in the next federal election. We propose better rates of pay for soldiers, free health care to all Australians, raise and increase for the aged pension and an automatic stop to Islamic Immigration and ones here must assimilate or be asked to leave. Stopping free handouts like the 124 Billion annually to Indonesia and other Islamic countries, the banning of building of mosques and make built mosques open their doors and accept people of all faiths, more clear and accessible to all or be shut down.

        You can find us on facebook or contact me personally at:

        Thank you for your support and if we unite we can make a difference in Australia.

  40. Good work fellow patriots and barenakedislam. We as patriots are defenders of our faiths and ideals in our countries and must continue to stand tall and speak out against the evil fascist based ideology that is Islam.

    Forget the ignorant, the leftist retards and greenies, the same people that thought Hitler was a champion of human rights. They are idiots that know nothing and the first ones to hide when the shit hits the fan.

    We must unite worldwide and hit the media and get into the hearts and minds of every family in our respective countries. Like I am doing here in Australia.

    We must speak the truth and show Islam for what it is. A ideology that kills indiscriminately, rapes children, supports bestiality, promotes underage marriage and pedophilia, murder and mayhem world wide. These are all facts!

    We must know what we are talking about so that if we are confronted by the Islamic spin doctors we can beat them with truth and facts. They detest this.

    We must continue to speak out and fight for what our forefathers fought for and left us. Freedom, freedom of speech and democracy.

    We must denounce all Islam not just radical groups as all radical groups are Islam.

    I would rather fight and die then to leave my children grow up in a world dominated and controlled by Islam. I ask all Patriots world wide to unite and fight against a common enemy.

    There is no place in our world for a cult like Islam. Not now, not ever!

    If we don’t fight now, we will have nothing left to fight for!

  41. i will fight to the death for my county (ENGLAND) no muslin will take me and my family dont like it .. GO BACK TO YOUR FUCKING COUNTY IF YOU DONT LIKE IT HERE . this land is about or views not your . there is only one god in the bible if you dont like it fuck off !!! we will never back down to you muslim i will spit on allah . WHO THE FUCK IS ALLAH !!!!!

  42. There are idiots in all walks of life. I’m an Atheist but I don’t condemn all Christians even though if I started a page called ‘fundimentalists christians, it’s not religeous persecution when they’re really trying to kill us all off’ i’d probably get some attention from the 1 percent that need to be institutionalised.
    What is more concerning is that this matter is so pressing to you. You go out of your way to propergate this idea. You go out of your way to pioneer the rights of whites and british born whites as if there’s a large need. It’s scaremongering at its best by reserved nationalists who are too scared to admit what they are or are simply trying to fool themselves by convincing themselves they’re not racist.
    Racial pride in itself is fundementally racist. To draw attention to race or colour or to acredit the accomplishments of your race unto yourself is a ridiculous notion. You’re no better than the white cloaked KKK memers or skin heads shouting white power as if the accomplishments of every great white man somehow reflect in you.
    The sooner stupid people realise that people are just people and that colour, race and religeon measure nothing the sooner the world will be a better place.
    That goes for the Islamic terrorist spewing hatred and idiots such as the British National Front who are more concerned with defending our borders from the dark people and insighting hate than fixing the British economy or helping your fellow man regardless of where they were born.
    Hitler pinned the problems of pre-war Germany on the Jewish community. You are no better in this scenario. It is these idea’s and groups that will continue to propergate terrorism and hate between races.

      • Thank you BareNakedIslam, but please ban Jacob Evans from this group. He is only on the fringe of rational thinking. Comparing our desire to save our culture, and way of life, to Nazis and the KKK, is surely an indicator of delusional thought. Good luck to Jacob, but get rid of him.

      • You talk of Islam – the lack of human rights. The lack of free speech, yet threaten to ban someone who debates a point. How different are you from those who deny others free speech?

        • I am not the government. Individuals have the right to ban offensive/idiotic/ignorant speech from their websites. Try to post a conservative-leaning comment on the Daily Kos and see how fast you get banned.

        • Pam Kearney,

          Freedom of Speech is about defending the right to ‘Freedom of Speech.’

          The Islamic Belief System rejects ‘Freedom of Speech.’ This fact is verified by Muslim Jihad Demonstrations Banners on our Western Streets & by Muslim Clerics and by Hadiths & by verses in the Koran.

          Because Muslims reject freedom of speech it means that they also automatically reject every statement by those persons that defend ‘Freedom of Speech.’

          The Islamic Creed ‘Bans us’ and demands we do not have the right to ‘Freedom of Speech.’

          Having a discussion debate with Muslims is therefore pointless and a waste of time.

          To debate an issue on an agree to disagree basis, a person must first believe in freedom of speech and they must defend that human right. Since Muslims reject the human right to freedom of speech it means that for a non-Muslim it is a waste of time discussing ideas with someone a Muslim that will always reject it.

          Nothing is gained when disagreement is absolute on both sides.

          And we Non-Muslims reject Islam because Islam and its Sharia Law is ‘Anti-Freedom Totalitarian Apartheid’ -a bully belief system that is not compatible with Western Liberty.

          Furthermore, regardless of whether it is a Muslim or Non-Muslim person I will not waste my time with people that do not have ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and refuse to think intelligently about ideas whether they agree or not.

          One fool recently in response could only say… BLA BLA BLA …now why would anyone want to communicate with emotional fools like that.. that cannot objectively analysis ideas; and respond with calm intelligence.

          I would have no hesitation in banning abusive trouble makers and given Islam’s bully nature- and proof exists in volumes that Islam is a Jihad Bully demanding submission of every person that rejects Islam, it follows that it is commonsense to ban any person that rejects freedom of speech. Muslims hate freedom of speech so why waste time talking to them?

          I have seen time and again whom BNI has banned and BNI’s decisions have always been fair, truthfully justified and accurate in reasons for decision.

          You have to decide which side of the fence you are on for Islam or Against Islam- no one can sit on the fence.

          Islam does not like Dhimmis & neither do we of the ‘Global Freedom Resistance.’

          Those that accept & tolerate Islam are our enemies and for that reason it would be stupid to debate ideas with enemies.

      • Islamic religion was created by a book the Qur’an.. Which as anyone can see was made of a phycopath, a lunatic…who gives you sick, goat jumpers the right to choose who may live or come to our country, thinking it’s yours to take.. Think again scum bag’s…We will do whatsoever it takes to
        protect and keep our America clean…from all filth that you portray yourself to be….know one thing believers of the Qur’an… We stand up, and we stand on the right side of our God…and we are more then ready…You disgusting sick garbage… *God Bless America*…

    • It saddens me so many of my fellow agnostics/atheists have been brainwashed by the left into not only tolerating, but defending such a dangerous and destructive ideology. We (as in atheists) should all be very aware of the potential evils of any religion yet so many focus on Christianity. Granted it has a barbaric history and there are still wacko fundies around, but overall the Christian faith has thrown off the shackles of zealotry and learned to follow the wisdom of Christ and his message instead of mindless Bronze Age dogma.
      Islam on the other hand is destructive to its core and seems to have no desire to join modern civilization. Everything they believe is in direct conflict with the majority of progressive beliefs. I also find a bit racist that all liberals consider Muslims to be a race. I wonder how non-Muslim Arabs feel about that assumption.
      I don’t see how people can be so blind.

      • I believe that’s probably just due to the fact that the average atheist in the states has most direct exposure to Christianity, and a decent portion of it are straight from lines of Christians. It’s the devil they know, so to speak.

        Islam is allowed to run rampant in many parts of the world, and thus, you’ll find these barbarian, behead everyone types.

        To be fair, when Christianity was given that same chance, they were willing to hang and burn and drown pretty freely too.

        ..the closer anyone gets to a polite society, the more loosely they must interpret the words in their religious texts. I’m all for pointing out Islam as a problem, but because it’s a problem. Not… because we should preserve the way of life of Christians. Because let’s be honest– if either of them ever managed to “take over the world” the kind of dissent that leads to any progress, would just get you killed.

      • WHY the hell does everyone keep blaming Atheists???!!!!
        It’s NOT OUR FKN FAULT this shit is happening!!! FFS… We Atheists don’t believe in ANY RELIGION, that DOESN’T mean we don’t have morals, common sense, ethics, brains or common decency!!!
        I am a proud Atheist and I will stand shoulder to shoulder with ANY AUSTRALIAN and fight for OUR country!!!!

    • You shouldn’t be banned for defending Islam. Frankly, if there is true Islam being practiced, it would be growing faster than it is now. The problem is the Moslems and how they’ve twisted everything into a fight for God. Isil, with it’s leader claiming to be the king of Islam is only interested in capturing oil fields and selling the oil. Hezbullah ultimately dreams of ruling Lebanon someday. Boko Haram? terrorize, kill and rape until it captures sovereign territory. Al Qaeda, same thing. It hopes to over throw the Saudi royal family. Abu Sayaf? Moro and the rest of the south islands. Everywhere, it’s just a fight for power and money. Islam is the vehicle.

      You read so much about Islam nonsense all over the world and form such negative visions of it’s followers. Yet, when you meet them, you don’t see it. Is this violence and hatred lying latent in ALL of them? I seriously doubt it. In fact, most of them disagree with it. But why does religious hatred continue to fester? It’s the leadership.

      Even after 9-11, we didn’t see much condemnation from the religious leadership.

      “Islam is not about violence but about peace” A phrase we often hear. But the absolute silence from the religious hierarchy of Islam in condemning the violent side of Islam is deafening.

    • What a dopey moron, probably too stupid to see the real facts on Islam. The facts are obvious to anyone with more that half a brain. When this turkey uses the word idiot he should look into the mirror!

      Trouble with Britain and Sweden is that it is full of fools like this, when all the stats from welfare to crime, to the fascist desire to impose sharia law on all(pew polls and two studies quoted here at this site) demonstrate that the Muslim is a TERRIBLE immigrant that does not integrate.

      I suppose the fact that this idiot includes a picture of himself with his son, is an attempt to display himself as decent compassion man- supporting his argument.

      No just an idiot because muslims unfortunately have sons too, and WAY too many of them.

      Oh by the way moron, 13 Islamic countries have the death penalty option for atheists!, maybe we should sent you to one.

    • Is It STRANGE AT ALL (? I do now ponder whilst making my comment here,too) That in my own eyes [# yes, that I still use even today !] I gotta ask,

      ” As to just from where, or what right do you have to make statements as above like here. Then expect everyone else to believe as true then ?”

      May I point out that your the ‘RACIST TURD HERE’ and until ya wake up to that, your life will never improve at all ! It appears that many today,who need to openly abuse & this TRASH TALK ( BULLSHITE & CRUD ) that they throw around the be-little meant of the average free speaking WHITE PERSON ,is now the most Illegal thing that can be done on this sewer sinking world we live in……

      ” For ‘WHY IS IT (? Then ?) THAT THEY ARE WHO ARE COMING IN VAST/large NUMBERS to our western lands then.” And by using any & every bloody means possible too ! Rarely with the normal methods, or ID at that to be a honest person they claim to be is rare as ROCKINGHORSE SHIT,TOO!

      Now:- Somebody should draw these people in front of the media spotlights and ask them ,
      ” Why and what thy fucking hell,are they DOING HERE,if they feel they are stating is true then ? ”

      Don’t throw stones/pebbles nor try pissing in another person’s pocket ! Bitching about how racist,anti-whatever your gripe maybe is.. As they are who a came a running to these places ! And already they want to enforce their shitty sick feral ways onto us that have happily mixed in in the past together….

      So, I can I suggest to ‘U’ get on the horse/goat/boat or whatever it was YA come in on & go back to WTF IT WAS…. bye,bye :p

    • What an absolute tool you are. Islam is not a race it is a fascist based ideology. When you talk about colour lets speak the truth shall we. Why is it always the white nations that prosper whilst black ones are the ones depending on the whites for survival?

      They destroy their own countries and now they want to ruin what we have worked hard to build over time. Islamics are like locusts. They create nothing, they just move into an area destroy it then move on to the next area to destroy. Muhammad was a pedophile and rapist as well as a murderer. In today’s time he would be considered another Charles Manson. Should we also follow Manson’s teachings because he also said he was a prophet?

      People like me warned Germany of Hitler in the 30’s and no one listened because they were wrapped up in national pride and what they would get out of him succeeding. Today is no different. Islam promises so much but when it comes to d day, they will destroy the world because they are controlled by Nazi based morons with no education that have draconian third world beliefs. They treat women like cattle, marry off 5 year olds to 50 something men and have no respect for life.

      Why is that we never see an Imam blowing himself up? Because they are fat useless cowards that only spew hatred and are pathetic gullible cowards too scarred to do their own dirty work. Islamics are backward uneducated morons force fed everything to survive. They can not think for themselves and are nothing more than idiotic grubs that want to rape,fiddle with animals and murder defenseless people. As soon as they are confronted by real men capable of defending themselves they run like the cowardly dogs they are.

      And for all you pathetic backward uneducated morons that call your self Islamic, Lee the soldier never killed anyone and was a drummer. Shows how much you know, then again have to lie and deceive to defend your murderous actions like the parasites you are.

      I call on all islamics to stop immediately with all this crap you go on about. Attacking the UK and America is a cop out. They were not around centuries ago when you tried to bully and murder everyone you could. Because these two nations along with Australia stand up against your murderous brutality, you don’t like it.

      If you don’t stop attacking our holy days and our people, maybe we should bomb Mecca and start doing to you what you do to us, only fair in love and war. How would you like that? Goes both ways. Lets play on the same sporting field. Don’t come back with this- :get out of our countries” why don’t you first get out of our countries, go back to your hell hole muslim countries and clean up your own back yard, because believe me, you are no benefit to us and we surely don’t need you here. All you do is start trouble, wage war and kill innocent people.

      Maybe We should start doing back to you what you do to us to even the score.Believe me when we do you will notice the difference rather than us just defending our rights and countries. And don’t go on about Israel either, fact is- Israel was always Jewish centuries before arabs even thought about going there. The Jews have contributed more to society in 70 years then the whole Arab race has done in 300 years. Another fact. All Muslims are good for is building demolition, killing and raping little girls. Another fact!

      There is no place for an evil fascist based ideology like Islam in any democratic western country. Send it back to where it came from with its tail between its legs like it should be.

      This is why it will never succeed in Australia as unlike our British brothers we will not stand for or sit back idolly and tolerate this crap in our country. Start this crap here and we will stomp all over it immediately like we have done so. Look at Cronulla. Big bad Lebanese and Syrian and Jordan wanna be’s came out to rape 2 young girls on the beach and had their arses literally served to them on a platter by the community. Ran back to where they came from bruised and battered crying for their moms and all they could do was call us racist for protecting our women. Gutless parasites.

      There is no place for Islam in today’s society. To allow it is to ensure we have another Nazi movement getting around killing innocent people.

      Australian Patriots Defence Movement.
      Fighting Islam – anywhere, anytime!

      • Hey bro, very well put into words here ! Well done & simple thoughtful thinking shows a big picture of the reality of it all too…

        I owe ya a few beers 4 sure 4 sure EH, I am still smiling now!

      • MrBeatle1963,

        Well said…and yes bombing Mecca would cause confusion, it would be like hitting a giant ants nest…all would scatter running around in confusion; not knowing which way to look.

      • I look forward with great anticipation for GREAT political success for the NFSE. For you, Geert Wilders, Marine LePen are in positions to make a sea change for a return to sanity.

    • Jacob, three words for you mate: READ THE QURAN
      You have absolutely no idea what is happening and what is at a stake,
      You confuse ‘fear mongering’ with alarm raising.

  43. Attention friend TERI ,

    A 12 gauge close up knocks a splendid hole in them . Good girl . Have reloads in the fingers of your left hand .

    Even a .410 is good . I shot a neighbours dog with one to frighten in . Mutt jumped in the air and came down four paws skyward .

    I hear a .410 does a human very well at six feet . There are a bunch of single ab-dulls getting around here . There is no need for these vermin .

    • RED,
      I fail to see why you can’t join the Isis sick fuckas as you clearly gained pleasure from shooting a dog, why??
      You sound like a sick sob Muslim who recently declared Jihad on dogs!
      Get a grip!

      • Dear idiot Mark , that mutt came four miles through dingo/wild dog country just to fight our dog . This was in the Australian bush , a good place for you to get lost in . Australia is said to have seventeen of the twenty deadliest snakes in the world .

  44. It would Be alot more threating if there spelling and sentence construction skills where better. lmao fucking musrats lmao

  45. Lol im loving all the Muslim haters on here !!! All good crack we need these scum out this country nothing but evil bastards !!!!!!

    • To Z and Craig .. The two grammer Nazi’s… If you are gonna sit & dictate to us about our spelling errors then ffs you pair of dim twats… Firstly, Z used the word ‘Threating’ instead of spelling it ‘Threatening’… Then you see ‘Craig’ underneath there preaching about bad grammar yet instead of saying ‘Plus’, he spells it ‘pkus’!! Also, i am NOT a ‘dude’ !, i am a woman who right now, is sat here laughing at your utter stupidity.. Pair of funny little morons

      • BareNakedIslam
        JUNE 25, 2014 @ 12:03 PM
        Craig, we don’t like grammar Nazis here. <<< BNI I was NOT referring to you or anybody else other than those two names i mentioned, the people who are only here to pick on Peoples Grammar mistakes rather than concerning themselves with the real issues regards Islam etc… I come onto this site to find support with fellow infidels & like minded people who also oppose Islam, i do not come here to be chastised for making the odd spelling mistake!

        • Jaye, I wasn’t accusing you of being a grammar Nazis, just that we don’t like when they condemn people for spelling/grammar mistakes. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

          • Thats fair enough @ BNI & i totally agree with you on what you say, however, i personally was NOT condemning anybody for their spelling mistakes, it was Myself who was condemned by those two for a few spelling mistakes & i was simply retaliating to their silly comments and pointing out the dumb spelling mistakes they also made whilst having the audacity to make comments like that lol… ‘Those who live in Glass Houses, shouldnt throw stones’!!, you ever heard that saying?, well that is basically what i was getting at!.. Anyway, im sure you will agree this is all pointless conversation when the discussion here is supposed to be all about the Islamic shower of shite whom are wreaking havoc all over the world, well, thats the reason i am here anyhow 🙂 To be honest, i couldnt care less about spelling mistakes, its so trivial & meaningless i know, however, i could not help myself & had to react to their silly comments!. By the way, if you ever have anything you think should be brought to Public attention, i can bring your links over to the Crusades Group as im one of several Admins. I think we have almost 6000 followers & our discussions & beliefs regards Islam are pretty much the same as yours so lemme know if i can help in any way 🙂

  46. Don’t regret killing any of them while I was in afghan and Iraq, little scum bag rag head donkey fucking goat shagging basterds

    • lol I agree.It’s very sad how the only thing these idiots knows is violence and death,such a shame.

    • Satan is alive and well on planet Earth. He is happy as can be about all this fighting and war. Satan loves it every time someone calls someone else a name or puts someone else down. Satan is in his glory!!!! God protect us all!!!!!

    • On average as Media spokesman for the APDM, i get about ten per week on a bad week.

      They are all piss n wind. I have spoken at a rally in the heart of Lakemba (A well known muslim enclave) and not one of the gutless mothers had the guts to come out and confront me.

      They know that I will respond. I have publicly stated, that if they throw one punch I will respond with ten. If they spit, I will respond by ensuring they can’t spit again for a few months, if they burn my flag I will ensure they are on top of it.

      Muslims detest with a passion anyone that stands up to them as they are all talk and are gutless. They rely on gorilla warfare to get things done as they are way too gutless to confront someone that will kick their useless arses.

      As a former soldier I will not tolerate physical abuse shown against me and I will respond. I call on others to do likewise and show these scum we will not let them walk on in and do as they please. As soon as we start showing these parasites we will not tolerate or play their games they will realise the truth and move on.

      Just curious- is there any muslim country that does not abuse women, hurt little kids and respect humanity?

      Why don’t they admit the hard cold facts? Muhammad was a pedophile! Muhammad was a pirate and a murderer. Muhammad was kicked out of a Jewish village for raping little girls! Muhammad was originally Jewish then after being booted decided to denounce Judaism and start his own little religious sect/ideology to oppose them. At the end of the day he is nothing more than a gutless kiddy raping murderer that should have been drowned at birth.

  47. these fucks need to be taught an American lesson of respect! Are they here? Look at the nappy bitch in her smelly burka! Ba ha ha ha, what a tramp! These idiots think they will be able to walk among us and try to be superior! I have a double barrel surprise for them! What a bunch of inbred inferior idiots they are! When the shit hits the fan I want that smelly bitch! Fuck you you smelly burka wearin islamic inferior bitch, come see me please cause I got something for ya!

    • No double barrel for me, but a 308! When I wing ’em, I want a limb to be blown off! When I center mass them, I want a very large hole made!

  48. All I can see from the messages from those ‘Muslims’ is hate, insecurity, childish threats & stupidity. However, they are not exactly a representaton of all Muslims. They are just idiots.

    All I can see from a lot of the replies & comments on this page is hate, insecurity & stupidity. However, these commenters are not a representation of all western or Christian people.

    You can’t ‘beat’ something that you believe is wrong by acting & speaking in exactly the same way. So many of these people sound like self-righteous, nazis. The need to fight a war is caused by poltical brain washing, and all the sheep run to the slaughter, no matter what side you’re on.

    Loving people will be loving, hateful people will be hateful & stupid people will be stupid, no matter what religion they follow.

    p.s. I’m a white, British woman, but what the fxxk are they are doing in Palestine? Is that acceptable? 911 was an inside job, & a few rich bankers made a fortune from that.

    The muslims are nowhere near as much a threat to the West as the large multi-national companies, banks & the American government. The Islamic community are mostly just a good scape goat. Know your enemies!

      • Yep, Rachel is the full Islamic quid- all the usual brainwashed drivel, ‘911 inside job’, the Jooooz run the world, ‘Palestine’, etc, etc. We need to get after the imams who preach this idiotic victimhood- yet our “leaders” are still approving more mosques. Insanity.

      • barenakedislam. Not agreeing with you because I like your site or that you like Allan… its because your right…. people like Rachel, if she is an American citizen, probably voted for the traitor obozo not once but twice. And if she isn’t an American citizen (British) than she needs to look in her back yard for all the destruction these so called Islam loving people are doing to her little itty country…. and it wont take long to have a complete take over.
        At least for our country, America, it will take quite a while longer due to the number of patriots that are here…. so thank you for banning her
        I don’t how the other people feel about folks Ike her, but I get pretty damn tired of explaining over and over again our liberties. That they are being taken from us and GIVEN TO PEOPLE like these murderous crazy animals calling themselves muslims when in fact they are terrorists and they are killing the Christian Muslims…. and that our leader in charge is helping them…. so again thank you and keep up all the good that you do…. anytime you and good people like yourself keeps all of us informed about these terrorists I say “bless your hearts”. And thank you….

      • You ban people when they disagree?? You slag off a religion for it’s inability to compromise their beliefs and opinions (amongst other things I know but still) yet you harbour the same inability. Not saying the above posts are in anyway acceptable as they are not but the comments on here are also dripping with hate and contempt. As a whole the Muslim community are lovely as with the vast majority of the vast majority of religions/races/gender etc. Every group will have people with extreme views and tarring everyone with the same brush is how hate spreads and grows.

        • Islam is terrible. Unless you like beheadings, death penlty by stoning without a trial, honour killings, chopping off hands and feet for theft, even if the thief is still a child, child marriage, sex slaves, wife beating. These are real things that are part of sharia law, which most muslims would like to see implemented. Muslims themaelves are victims of their own vile religion.

    • Rachel,

      Yes you are right… “Know Your Enemies!” …that is why I am listing you as my enemy… you are an absolute idiot. You have the logic of a cockroach all reactive with no understanding of reality.

      In fact your statements are so recklessly stupid it is not even logical to debate your nonsense thinking.

      One fact you and all other idiot conspiracy thinkers need is a hard core boot up the arse… 9/11 was not an inside job.

      9/11 was an evil attack by ‘Jihad Muslims’ hell-bent on murdering as many Americans as they could.

      And this is fact… if I ever meet a male treasonous person that claims 9/11 was an inside job, I would have no hesitation in king hitting that evil person. Such disrespectful low life deceitful mentality deserves no quarter.

      And I have no doubt that there are thousands of American women that would love to smash you in the face for making such a deceitful claim.

        • Pam, I am not only a BIG fan and supporter of all that you, Robert, Noni, Brigitte and Geert do but I also know 9/11/01 was an inside job that used Islam, rightly so, to construct the New World Order’s POLICE STATE we now have here in America. Keep up the great work and GOD BLEES YOU ALL.

      • Everyone is entitled to their opinions. There is absolutely no need to attack someone over their personal thoughts on the internet. I can’t stand people like you on the internet that talk such filth to someone they don’t even know. Grow up, build a bridget and get over it. You disgust me.

        • So Donna,

          By your response it is clear that you agree with Rachel’s disgusting wrong statement that 9/11 was an inside job.

          As for opinions and if you bothered to read Rachel’s comments she attacked every comment on BNI. Her opinions were very wrong. And your criticism of my counter attack has rejected that it was Rachel that launched the attack. Your failure to recognise that fact makes your remarks hypocritical.

          Rachel made it absolutely clear that she believes that most Muslims that believe in ‘Anti-Freedom Totalitarian Apartheid Islam’ are all good Muslims. And that the Qur’an and all the Hadiths that prove that ‘Muhammad’ was a Paedophile, Rapist, Murderer, Slaver, Polygynist, and criminal war lord are acceptable texts of guidance to live by.

          Any person that supports the destruction of ‘Liberty’ is a dangerous evil person and that fact makes all ‘True Muslims’ dangerous to the ‘Western Free World.’

          And ex-Muslims that have written books will tell you that is true- but no doubt you have been too lazy to read such truthful books.

          You are clearly very immature, uneducated and absolutely ignorant in your comments. Furthermore your comments reveal that you do not have ‘Emotional Intelligence.’

          You are out of your league and need to upgrade your education; you need to learn to not make such stupid ignorant comments.

          Are you a naïve Dhimmi or a brainwashed Muslim that believes in 7th Century Barbaric Sharia Law as founded upon the Koran?

      • Allan, you can’t string a few big words together to make your point sound factual and believable. The fact is you’re no worse than the very people you’re attacking with ignorant and close minded views. Get an education.

        • Congratulations Jack,

          You sound like a Dhimmi or a Muslim? I have not used any big words…it is all easy to understand language.

          The attacks came from Rachel & Donna clearly you defend their false knowledge abusive garbage. Have you bothered to read the Koran & Hadiths now that is education?

          Have you read several books written by ex-Muslims attacking Islam head-on?

          Now reading these books is education.

          If you people want to attack me, you are welcome, I enjoy the fight, but please be professional about it…first indicate some intelligent arguments.

          So far all three of you have tabled emotional garbage.

  49. what a misguided bunch of terrorists these morons are, if they dont like our way of life, stop claiming benefits paid for by us responsible, humane tax payers and get on a plane and fuck off back to whatever a cesspit of a country you pigshagging *****

  50. Well Boss Man – Please send my comment to the blind eye of islam ie: Satan’s religion.

    “We will kill everyone of you ignorant savages” Jesus Christ defeated Satan and He will send all of you to Hell. Like in a herd of pigs running into the sea.

  51. hey u Muslims bitches u standin my way of freedom and my way of life u will be dealt with servere penalty I will fought for my country again and this will not stopuntilall u Muslims our gone from this great country of ours and that fake god of urs Allah will be destroyed

  52. Muslims will never dominate the world lol. Islam is already collapsing, but they think they are winning… So they use taqiyya (lying) to scare us that they are fastest growing religion. It doesnt grow, it breeds…
    And however, ppl are leaving islam everyday. The ones who convert to pislam, after few years they leave it. Many ppl in muslim/sharia country’s dont dare to leave islam, and they dont dare to talk about it, because they would be killed.
    Dont worry ppl, islam will die.

  53. Look at how cocky muslim cockroaches become when they get the upper hand, but, after they start reaping what they sow (like in Central Africa or Burma), they start whining and playing victim.

  54. Hey! They are not muslims. I know what I’m talking about.
    Because I am one and I know what’s thrash and what’s not.
    Cool huh?

  55. I say WE go in…. Proclaim these sites in the name of JESUS..WE are in a Holy war and this is what they do for allah..Im putting together a Prayer Task Forse to go to all Islam Mosgue and center and pray on the site in the Name Of The Lord..Claiming the land back in his name and his name only..

  56. One muslim hurts one hair on any family member, there will be thousands that will pay, I may die and many family may die as well, but they will pay as the lord is my witness and any homo sapien of the christian or even the atheist relgiion should declare their own religious jihad against all the pig skanks of that religion. I swear.

  57. But this is all soooo confusing, because they all say they’re only about tolerance, peace and love and nothing else remotely bad. And that’s what porcliticians keep saying too, and those things that never professionally hide things…. Medias !

    Has somebody been lying to us ? Ah, nothing to worry about, I’m told these are only the bad ones, you know, the “extremists”. phfew !!

  58. I, for one, am glad the accounts and comments don’t get taken down. These statements should remain on the internet for all time. The truth should never be scrubbed, shoved down the memory hole.

      • Speaking of “anti-islam” speech: When I have posted in my FB status a simple quote from the koran with NO OPINION OR COMMENT ON MY PART, within seconds the status update…BLIP…just disappears right in front of my eyes. And that’s just a quote of their own beliefs.
        I don’t know if what I just read here makes me want to laugh or cry.

    • Sorry about my last comment. Everyone is entitled to their own belief. It just angers me to read about a religion based on violence. And I will never forget what you peopledid to my country on 9/11. The coming of christ is near.

      • faithful to god……you’d better believe it! These inbreds are the devil’s own and all will have to answer to Christ,mohammed was just a man and an evil one at that.

        • islam is a cult! Stop pretending that Islam is a religion. Islam is a totalitarian ideology. In other words, the right to religious freedom should not apply to Islam. “Death for Apostasy” 4:89, Sahih Bukharifemale genital mutilation:Another
          muslim practice that This is no joke. It’s a fact.moohumid was a pedophilic war mongering rapist All muslim are not terrorist…. But all terrorist are muslim
          That was a clever tactic of satan’s……..tell a load of gullible men that if they die killing others, they’ll get rewarded with 72 virgins. He knows full well that all they’ll get is eternity in hell.There are not Values, Principles and Respect in the Muslims Ideology. This PIGS do not respect Common sense, Logic and Life; they need to be erase from this World.

      • Islam is the Taress spoken of in the bible, remember it says many are planted there by satan, what does that tell you, Mohammed was the Biggest weed of the all and his seed has spread to the winds. The weeds and the seeds must be destroyed, the time is coming and Jesus alone will see to it, till then, protect yourself, take defense training, Karate, jujistu, ANYTHING because you know they are ! Dont be fooled by these tares, get your monsanto spectracide out and and use it.

      • I have always been sceptical of who did 911. lesson 1…never listen or read what the media say…. this documentary makes sense and puts a lot of crap that was out there, at the time of 911, into a garbage bin. Listen to the facts this General discussed in a documentary. Puts everything into perspective….would you not agree?…….

        (LINK DELETED You are banned. 9/11 Truthers don’t get to comment here. —BNI)

  59. Same here, A guy who studied in the same college as I am was — a swine of first order thinks that their god (devil) is greater than any of us infidels gods and despises us even though he is dependent on tax payer’s money (mostly infidels) in india. When will the good day of perishment of pisslam come?

  60. There is a very, very big mentality problem with these followers of a FALSE god.
    A god that does NOT exist.
    Satan sure has done his work well with that group.

  61. Threats of violence and rape by muslims are made DAILY to Britain’s terrorized NON-muslim school children! EVIL UK leaders ALLOW it!

    British Schoolgirl’s Testimony – Muslims Threaten Children With Violence & Rape Outside School Daily

    • She is going to grow up hating Muslims. These experiences will give her the most extreme anti-Moslem education imaginable. Nothing makes people hate someone like having that person (or group) have the right to rape you, and you having no way to stop it or get justice. Giving these worst exmples of Islam blanket immunity to abuse British girls in their own country is going to rouse huge anti-immigrant feelings. If you want people to love and accept each other, that’s a very noble goal, but allowing this sort of thing is not the way to do it. Squelsh this sexual abuse stuff. Force it to stop, and anyone who doesn’t like the strictly enforced rules against sexual abuse is free to leave the country. Only allow civilized Muslims to stay. Then more people will accept Muslim people. But allowing sex abusers free reign, just because they are Muslims will stir up a lot of hate against Muslims. The girl in this video is very likely to develop some deep anti-Muslim hostility. And years from now, when she has children, she will probably teach them to hate and fear Muslims too.

      • You do realise that paedophilia is normal behaviour in islam. The quran says it is permissible. There is also no age limit in marriage. They can marry a baby if they wish. mohammed was a paedophile and put in the quran this is perfectly acceptable behaviour. They all follow the same quran. Whilst a lot of muslims do not enage in violence, (there is no need, as a few seem to be able to control whole countries and cause problems), that does not mean that they are good. 40% of British muslims want sharia law, and 40% of the number in Britain means it is most of them, and that poll asked so-called peaceful muslims as well. So, in essence, there is no such thing as peaceful muslims. With the way the quran is written, open ended, the violence will never end. islam itself is evil and should be banned. People will not embrace an evil ideology. Nor should they. If she wants to hate islam, fair enough. Trusting a culture that has a system that is taught to them, e.g. taqiyya or kitman (lying and deceit) is madness. Because they are taught these systems of lying and deceit, you can never trust them. I know how these children feel about being gang raped. I learnt the hard way too like these children did. I guess you will have to learn in a similar fashion. Shame for you really.

      • Sweet Marmot, There are no civilized Muslims! The Muslims & Islam, every little bit of it MUST be wiped from the land. Jusus will, in due time, take care of the problem. In the meantime, it is up to us to defend Civilization.

      • Multiculturism doesn’t have a place in the modern world different creeds and colours havedifferent views and will never see eye to eye it’s stupid to keep trying to force everybody to live together peacefully it just will not happen

  62. My oh my. Potty mouthed little fucks aren’t they. Fuck you muzzie hogs and the whole ideology of the cult you call islam. Dogs have more respect than you clowns it seems. Any place in the world you d-bags hang your shingle seems to start going downhill pretty quick. You lazy bastards just suck the resources dry any country you set your asses in. Wash my mouth out with soap. Show me a country you have contributed big time to. Just fill in the blank ________________.

  63. ALERT TO ALL PATRIOTIC GROUPS and individuals in Britain! Please pass this on!

    Protesters are urgently needed at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence event in London which begins on Tuesday!

    A charge of hypocrisy is being made that muslim ‘refugee’ women who came to Britain are being ignored. (there’s a pic in the article of Angelina Jolie wearing a muslim head covering that is deceptive and MISLEADING. Huge numbers of NON-muslim females are the ones who suffer tremendous sexual violence from muslims!).

    The true hypocrisy is that for decades many thousands of Britain’s non-muslim female children and women have been violently gang raped, tortured and forced into prostitution by dirty, demonic, INHUMAN, sex-slaver muslim MONSTERS. Desperate child sex-slave victims begged the authorities for help and were ignored!
    Only recently have the filth, muslim-children of the devil been prosecuted. The EVIL satanic muslim RAPE WAR against our women and children continues in Europe and Britain!
    Rape summit in London sparks charge of ‘hypocrisy’
    Government under attack for hosting Global Summit to End Sexual Violence event while women asylum seekers suffer

    The government has been accused of hypocrisy for hosting this week’s Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict in London, while failing victims of rape on its own doorstep.

    The foreign secretary, William Hague, and film star Angelina Jolie, special envoy for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, are co-chairing the conference, which begins on Tuesday at the Excel Centre in east London and aims to create “irreversible momentum against sexual violence in conflict”….

    Dear God, please help us!

    Join Paul Weston’s Liberty GB, patriotic counter-jihad party the only political party that cares for our people! Traumatized 16-year-old British girl was brutally raped by 90 different Muslim men in one weekend

    Muslim Gangs Drug & Rape Children All Over The UK

  64. You cannot defend the absurd lies of the abuser of Aisha aka the false prophet mohammed the filthy (may turds be upon him). In the many years of lurking on messageboards, I have not yet seen a knowledgeable Non Muslim lose a argument on islam against a mudslime, you simply cannot defend the indefensible. Mo was a child raping, rapist, sadist, murdering, slaver, its from their own artarded scripture.

    The typical is they leave cursing wishing an eternity of torture on you and your family (filthy moes snuff fantasy), spam off the actual point, abuse with sexual connotations and threat. The best way to defeat islam is with islam anyone with a modicum of interllect can see, its utter shit and being told that makes them angry, because they also can see it..

    I worry that our schools brainwash our children and make Dirty Mo out to be a saint when the reality was that he was the bogeyman, we also have numerous channels in the UK such peace tv that spreads utter lies about history and other religions without any debate from Non muslims allowed to counter what they claim.
    “Inventing” Algebra is the jewel in their feces encrusted crown but..The other night a bearded soiled looking freak was “teaching” the ummah how the muslims taught the world how to wash and “invented” shampoo.

    Its like we were complete savages until the mudsludges came along and showed us the way, this view is pumped into houses 24 hours a day..

  65. In the UK we are well on our way to being colonised and made 2nd class citizens in our own country (You’re a few years behind)
    The two things that piss me off the most?
    The way our politicians and MSM facilitate the process
    And secondly we’re being done over by “people” who are vastly inferior both physically and mentally to us. i.e a bunch of scrawny inbred retards.

    • parisclaims……so true.I am so sick and tired of going shopping and seeing these black bin liners floating past,and the other day I saw the ultimate.It was a muzzrat in a wheelchair….boy,has he won the jackpot benefit wise,shudder to think what his income is every week,yet pensioners are living on pitiful amounts unless they have paid into a second private pension.My own brother had a terrible accident at work leaving him unable to work(he lost two limbs)and has been forced to sign for job seekers allowance as he is judged by the powers that be as being fit to work! We are terated like scum in our own country,and that’s just the government.

        • Doučování Matematiky,

          So, what is your point? Hadenoughalready, spoke briefly correct. Your translation of American English is wrong.

          Czech language might be needed in Czechoslovakia, but we don’t need to know it in Australia & America, except if we want a career that requires translation skills.

          How is knowledge of how to speak and write Czech going to help us read and write Arabic & Chinese? Are you an expert in over three hundred different key languages around the world?

          One of the reasons that so much conflict and misunderstanding exists in the world is because we have far too many different languages. We need one universal language and whether Nations like it or not, English is now the dominate universal language, which is an evolved composition of many languages over past centuries.

          You may be clever in Czech language, I don’t know, but you are not clever in thinking in English, your translation was wrong. I don’t trust translations of other languages to English, or vice versa, far too often they are translated incorrectly.

  66. These muslims posting, not just against BNI, but against the Amercian way, are going to die, in the third world war.

  67. Okay, everyone, it is time to stop insulting islam! First, though no one here as actually CALLED them “diaper heads”, I know for a FACT you are THINKING that! How dare you!? Do you not know they do NOT wear “diapers” on their heads – they wear LITTLE SHEETS! Anyone “thinking” the thought crime of calling them “diaper heads” will be dealt with! The are “LITTLE SHEET HEADS”! Now, infidels, I have a goat to rape . . . I mean to care for . . . I have a goat to care for!

    • CaptGene and don’t forget the camel piss. Excellent lubricant, disease healing/preventive, will also prevent your goat getting pregnant. I mean sick.

      MERS’ speed sheethead ! :mrgreen:

  68. And their god is so merciful, lol. I don’t think they comprehend the words peace or mercy! Or even common decency, for that matter!

  69. i love reading the awful comments of angry muslims. i try to imagine them actually speaking those words aloud in all their impotent fury. i…just…love…it!

  70. And speaking of Mohammad Khan, I have gotten into numerous debates with him personally. He has threatened my life. He has threatened to shag my mom and my aunt and my sister. He has said he would burn my house down.

    But after all – thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat’s different…

      • I’ve seen his Facebook page. I am almost certain he is gay.

        It’s hilarious how many of them are gay. Under personal information it will say “Interested in men”. They will threaten me like crazy and will dodge the subject when I ask them if their jihadist buddies know about their gayness.

        They are walking talking Allah zombies with no hearts or souls.

        But back to your original question – do I have his Facebook page? I am off Facebook. Facebook knows me well. They deleted my brand new account too even though I did nothing wrong. I am going to change my phone number so I can get a new account and when I do, I will go by “R Barnard” or something – and probably change some personal data.

    • Me too, I’m now off Facebook. Too easy to trace you, even with limited personal info. Also, so easy to get your page closed down for no valid reason.

      Agree with the GAY comment. They have this thing for ‘men’. I can only imagine it’s the same for the females who are segregated. They’re closet lesbians.

  71. I have been kicked off Facebook permanently. Muslims hate me because I always win debates and arguments with them. I was head admin of several anti-Islam Facebook groups and pages.

    I now spend my time on (the Russian equivalent of Facebook). I have had several Muslims try to get me to tone down my anti-Islam stance but I won’t. Islam is an evil Satanic death cult.

    I wish somebody would sue the hell out of Facebook. They make up their rules as they go along. And they have zero accountability as they have a phone number they never answer and an email address they never check.

    I think Facebook should be sued for millions of dollars for promoting ultra-liberal agendas, anti-American agendas, and pro-Islam agendas.

      • Blessed will be the day when rivals to Facebook start coming unto the scene, so that then (unless the totalitarians pre-empt everything!!) the muzturds won’t be able to control things all that easily…

      • Mona,

        I will never boycott Facebook and most young people will not either.

        Facebook used wisely the right way is a very powerful communication tool. A lot of families & friends keep in touch with each other through FB.

        Several ‘Anti-Islam Freedom Resistance Groups’ in Australia and overseas use FB to oppose Islam. A large percentage of messages get through including posts from Americans Pamela Geller & Brigitte Gabriel.

        Even BNI stories get posted regularly on FB.

        A large percentage of young people use FB & Mobile phones that do not use e-mails and do not surf the Internet for news and subsequently are completely ignorant about the clear & present danger of Islam.

        I have noticed young ones ages 20 to 40 are starting to notice anti-Islam images, stories and videos and are voicing their brief disgust of Muslims.

        Little Hitler’s in FB might be deleting some posts, but the ‘Freedom Resistance’ organisations are succeeding in spreading the word against Islam through FB.

        Facebook cannot keep up with the huge volume of ‘Anti-Islam Posts’ being tabled around the world each day. I monitor FB Resistance daily.

        FB would have to close down its business of making money to stop the ‘Anti-Islam Posts and that is not going to happen.

        The young people are gradually being reached through FB; it would be stupid to stop that communication line.

          • You’re right, Mona – they were simpler then. But you cannot blame the “tool” for the handler’s use of it. Like blaming the rock for the muslim throwing it, right?

            Although I dumped FB several years ago, I still have to agree with Allen in that the use of FB, for information retrieval, is an invaluable tool. Instead of dumping it, refrain from posting and just “listen”.

          • Hadenoughalready,

            Excellent -well said. Conclusion “listen” exactly right.

          • Mona,

            Agreed, in fact I am now 65 years a ‘Baby Boomer’ our young generation in the 1950’s & 60’s without much technology were a lot happier than today’s youngster’s and we were ruled by the slap, cane and occasional strap.

            But from the mid seventies our generation had to constantly change & adapt to survive and hold down a job. Technology hit us rapidly head-on.

            We cannot reverse and go back we can only go forward & most of the young are locked into Facebook and in today’s world it has become a powerful communication tool and that is why ‘Freedom Resistance’ groups around the world are using it to send a message about the ‘Dark Truth of Islam.’

            I will use any communication tool that works to fight Islam.

    • Hey, be careful, it has a lot of illegal pirated movies and music with in-built players + document attachment ability (pirated e-books) while you Americans at the same time got RIAA and MPAA chasing after your ass with NSA monitoring your traffic. Well, they monitor the whole world, but we don’t have so much trouble with copyright. Don’t post songs/movies there yourself :X

  72. One thing the Muzscum have in common they all cannot spell. And to insult “kaffirs” they always have to throw sex into the mix (to prove their non existant “manhood” i.e. microscopic penis) either referencing a mother, sister or daughter of the “kaffir”. Proves to me again and again they are all inbreeded, illiterate, very angry homosexuals whom hate women. I rest my case.

  73. Most likely the bloodthirsty muslim parasites who make these statements live off infidel taxpayers; on benefits and in social housing. Muslims are the top favorites of ruling elites. 9,000 homeless vets and other homeless indigenous Brits live on the streets, DENIED HELP!

    Our evil leaders colonised Britain and Europe with many millions of muslims to destroy our lives, destroy our countries and guaranteeing terrible suffering of our people. Rivers of blood will flow in our streets.

    The EU Wants More Refugees

  74. LOL, why is it they are so FULL OF SHIT. YET WHEN THEY ARE STANDING FACE 2FACE WITH ANYONE,THEY SCREAM/CRY& SOB that we are victim wishing them etc (?) what a bunch of ‘ SHITE ‘ they carry on with wot they dribble outta their arseholes ! These turds of life, need 2 be put down,ASAP….. If they had any pride/respect or BALLS/GUMBUDGE at all (?) they should come out and state the truth of [ what I call, ” PISSLAMIC BULLSHIT OF MUZSCUMS oft by real EVILNESS”… Of it all! Instead of hiding behind the falsehood of lies,that some other ( brainless fools)get sucked into . We the knowingly better see/read & know the crap of it all… Now ya brain dead sicko’si am awaiting to taking ya wasted lives, whenever ya dogs of evil r ready ! Until then, continue to KISS MY BUTT, whilst ya cry a river of lying u do ! From a true BLU INFIDEL, THATS PROUDER THAN YOU DOGS OF HELL.

  75. Bloody hell , be insulted by sand monkeys and like it , or be a racist ? Fuck a brown dog , western pollies are traitors to the max , especially those arseholes who are paid , if they are paid . Being stupid or paid ? Both against the wall …………..

    Those dogs trained to attack Ab-Doll . It would be as good for the dogs to hump Ab-Doll’s leg as well . It would be , does Ab-Doll get his arm ripped off , or does he get it up the Khyber Pass ?

  76. These Facebook messages prove that Muslims are violent by nature as instructed in the Koran as guided by the Sunnah, the example of evil ‘Paedophile Muhammad.’

    Anti-Freedom Totalitarian Apartheid Islam is not compatible with the West and must be banned. No one is safe where insane Muslims exist.

    ‘Religion of Peace!’ These Facebook messages add to the proof that Islam is not a religion of peace but is in fact an evil cult of cruel violence and war.

    Ban Islam, arrest these Muslim creeps and permanently exile them from the West.

    Any person that makes ‘Death Threats’ must be exiled- such behaviour is not acceptable in a civilized peaceful society.

    • Nah mate! They are resorting to violence due to their sorry state of mental health spiritually frustrated and absolutely clueless on what they’re championing for.

      • GBV,

        Well said, you got it right. Muslims are clueless and are suffering from a syndrome called ‘backward mental thinking’ a societal disease created by a phony belief system invented by ‘Paedophile Muhammad.’

        And yes, I know you were using tongue-in-cheek and didn’t mean what you said. But you got it right by default.

  77. The photo that Mo”hamm-head” Khan uses above show how much his Momma thought he sucked big Camel Cock! If she would have loved him, she would have turned him so that he would not end up having a Hammer-Head!

    Too bad he came here as an adult! I would have loved calling him: “Ham-head the hammer head” in school! (I forgot the bully laws, I’d hate to see Mo pee-pee his liddo panties!)

  78. This is so typical of FB. Many news sites use FB so I keep an account open just so I can post on stories including sometimes linking to stories. Often jihadists post using an avatar to hide behind then attack you for voicing anti-Islamist and pro-Conservative ideas. Recently, one of them threatened to shoot me. Right out threatened it. And no, FB does not censor their hatred. Mind you, I don’t bother to report the abuse either because what’s the point? They’ll just come back under some other avatar and I support free speech, no matter how offensive. Still, we need to be prepared for rising conflict in our communities as Muslims grow in numbers. Police will do nothing to help us. They will enforce for the enemy because that is what they are paid to do. Sad.

  79. yo,moo-HAM-head…YOU VILL KEEEL ME???but… but… but…you keep saying that izlam is the religion of peace???you mean PISS???izlam means SUBMISSION…here we dont submit to a black rock idol…allat…and we piss on mu-HAM-head…

    • 🙂 they can’t ever be Any sort of ‘ PROUD OR RESPECTED ‘ sort of people they claim to be . For thy falsehoods and bullshit that they claim is beyond any hopeful sort possible of true beliefhood ,they wish to be ! For they can’t even help another of their own ( without screwing/ raping or molestering greed of thy self’s ) it’s karma will in earnest ,be thy downfall within its own stupidity shit ! I’m certain to live on to see it happen too… And after it’s done, I’ll be happy to retire. Finding myself at thy big BAR in the heavens, for doing my bit on thy end of muzscum’s worldwide ! Who else is in with us ? :)…

  80. These beasts NEED to be confined to their Natural Habitats.
    i.e. Whatever Islamic cesspools that spawned them.
    Like ALL predators (regardless if they have 4 legs/2 legs/no legs) they’re incapable of cohabitating safely with humans, animals or inanimate objects, without behaving like predators.

    • Ohomo would have a son but that would mean marrying a woman! Right now the only thing he can get out of a sexual union is a stinky turd!

      Those girls of his are as fake as his Birth Certificate. If all of his records are sealed, why not Adoption Papers, too?