CANADA: 13-year-old boy in serious condition with multiple skull fractures after being savagely attacked by a Muslim wielding a hammer

Unknown-1RAFID JIHAD, 28, was arrested shortly after and charged with attempted murder. Windsor Police Constable Matt D’Asti said the boy was transferred to a London hospital with multiple skull fractures. “He’s stable and he’s going to have surgery in London,” said Staff Sgt. Jeff Mailloux.

Windsor Star  (h/t Richard S) D’Asti  said witnesses told police the victim was walking past the house when the attack occurred. A neighbour, whose adult son witnessed the attack, said there was no reason for it. “He’s a very quiet boy. I feel bad, the poor kid,” she said of the victim. She and a male neighbour who spoke to The Star did not want to be identified because they are concerned about their safety. 


The male neighbour said the man threw the boy on the road and hit him multiple times in the hand, chest and head. The boy got up and walked to his home on the same street after the attack, the neighbour said. After the attack, he said he heard the man yell, “What is wrong with the people in this world?”

The female neighbour said the man was sitting in front of his house with his hands on his head after the attack. When the police arrived, he stood up and surrendered without incident. The male neighbour said he called the police last week when the 28-year-old was spotted walking up and down the street holding a hammer behind his back. “He has violent vocal outbursts even when no one is around,” he said.

Police are still trying to determine the motive for the attack, D’Asti said.  (That’s easy: Sudden Jihad Syndrome)