Did you know that the five Taliban terrorists were released to Qatar five days before Bergdahl was picked up?

Did you also know that these five were going to be released anyway and Bergdahl was just an afterthought? Apparently, to make America euphoric.

In the video shot by the Taliban, you will notice the military helicopter lands in a valley, as apparent members of the Taliban stand perched on surrounding hills with weapons. Non-uniformed Americans then walk over and shake hands with Bergdahl’s captors. 

Do you see the mountainsides around,” Glenn asked. “We’re landing our helicopter in a in the low point, so they have all of the high points… Look at the guys in the video. You can see the guys in the video. They all have their weapons at the ready.” Furthermore, after Bergdahl is handed over, he is brought to the idling chopper and frisked. Had he been outfitted with some sort of suicide vest, the entire helicopter would have blown up.