MUSLIM convenience store owners are winning multiple lottery jackpots and ripping off customers

0Each year the Florida Lottery pays out billions of dollars in prizes. But there are some people who may be taking winning tickets out of your hands. Of the Tampa Bay area’s top 10 winners of scratch off games, nine had something in common. They were all affiliated with Muslim-owned retail stores that sell lottery tickets.

ABC News   Pinellas County convenience store owner Chirag Parmar once claimed five $1,000  prizes in only one day. His mom once claimed 12 wins in a day. Together they had 47 prizes of a thousand dollars or more in just three years.  Records show that nearly half of the winning tickets he and his mom cashed in came from the seven convenience stores in which Parmar has an ownership interest.

Tampa Muslim store owner Mujahed Elbooz also won repeatedly, claiming $5,000 and $10,000 prizes in back to back months. The odds of each of those wins is 1 in 60,000.