MSNBC: Chris ‘tingles’ Mathews on Benghazi: “Hey, sometimes you get killed, that’s just part of the business”

Too bad Obama’s water-carrying moronic news anchors getting killed isn’t part of the business.

brandon-webb-chris-matthews Newsbusters  Troubled by a recent poll number showing 52 percent of independent voters approve of a select congressional committee investigating the Benghazi fiasco, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews offered former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton his messaging advice on the matter during a segment of the June 10 Hardball. MATTHEWS: “My view is get with it, guys. We live in the Third World, we’ve got a country like Libya that doesn’t really have a government. We’re relying on the local militia to protect us. It’s late night over a weekend. 

The ambassador there, who she (Hillary Clinton) really liked personally as a friend, took a risk and went out there, and it was a bad move. I wish somebody out there could just say, on Hillary’s behalf, “Damnit, it’s a real dangerous world out there.” 

BREAKING: US spy agencies heard Benghazi attackers using State Dept. cell phones to call terrorist leaders