“Smiling” Muslim immigrant stabs and guts a Swedish mother

Stockholm Police are searching for a Muslim man with a foreign background who brutally stabbed a 26-year-old mother for no reason.

Attacker caught on CCTV
Attacker caught on CCTV

Friatider (h/t Susan K)  When the woman, who has a small child, tried to step out of the elevator on the sixth floor, the man blocked her way and pulled out two knives.  The woman told him that she had children, and gave him her purse and pleaded for him not to hurt her.

The man replied with a smile – and stabbed her in the shoulder, abdomen and back, before fleeing. When police arrived at the scene they found the woman very badly injured. She had been stabbed so severely in the stomach that her guts had fallen out.  

The attacker is a foreigner and speaks Swedish with a heavy accent.