US spy agencies heard Benghazi attackers using State Department cell phones to call terrorist leaders

images-3They overheard them contacting more senior terrorist leaders to report on the success of the operation. Eric Stahl, who recently retired as a major in the U.S. Air Force said members of a CIA-trained Global Response Staff who raced to the scene of the attacks were confused by the administration’s repeated implication of the video as a trigger for the attacks, because “they knew during the attack…who was doing the attacking.”

FOX News  Major Stahl was never interviewed by the Accountability Review Board, the investigative panel convened, pursuant to statute, by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as the official body reviewing all the circumstances surrounding the attacks and their aftermath.

Stahl also contended that given his crew’s alert status and location, they could have reached Benghazi in time to have played a role in rescuing the victims of the assault, and ferrying them to safety in Germany, had they been asked to do so. “We were there basically to pick up priority missions, last-minute missions that needed to be accomplished.”