IRAQ: ISIS terrorists’ mass executions and beheadings of Iraqi soldiers and civilians (WARNING: Graphic)

“We have come to you with slaughter.” ISIS has declared it intentions to conquer  Jordan, Lebananon, Gaza, Sinai as well as Jerusalem, Rome, and Spain.



274 comments on “IRAQ: ISIS terrorists’ mass executions and beheadings of Iraqi soldiers and civilians (WARNING: Graphic)

  1. Every time I speak out against the violence of Islam, I get attacked, not only by muslims, but by arrogantly ignorant non-muslims defending them. Yes, I’m made to feel that I’m wrong for opposing the heinous nature of their actions and I’m called a racist, a bigot, and other words I won’t repeat. Well, just because you defend them, it isn’t going to save you – you’re on their list too idiots. I wonder, if it comes to it, whether these moronic fools will still defend Islam when some dirty, filthy little towel-head is hacking away at their neck with a short, blunt knife, so he can take it as a trophy – let’s see you stand up for them then you ignoramus! I’m so sick and tired of these dickwads, who I guarantee have never seen a video like this, and who refuse to watch videos like this because they’re gutless, spineless cowards, mouthing off at me. From now on I refuse to get into any argument with anyone who is too stupid and too ignorant to educate themselves, because unless they are, they have nothing intelligent to contribute!

  2. These people are nothing else than terrorists as we had here in Germany unfortunately in the 70s (“R.A.F.”). – I wish there would be a world army of at least 2.000.000 soldiers consisting of the leading countries (USA, Canada, Germany, France, GB, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Australia, Japan etc.) always available to clean up wherever on this planet sh*t is going on: in this case to eliminate the IS/ISIS completely so that the unfortunate Syrians can return to their land which they love and build it up new again. – I am against killing but if nothing else works the world army should kill ALL IS/ISIS members. – They are barbarians, thousands of years backwards who can’t even count to 10; imagine to give a Neanderthaler a gun in his hand: there you have the IS/ISIS :( !

  3. This is brutal shit that in the end will do nothing to help your cause except have millions wanting to fight against you. These men have family’s children that maybe able to watch there own being treated like stock who will also be filled with hate for you, and on and on it will go till we are all Dead. If I was a young man a may even sign up to fight against you……….. Where is God

    • When Islam is the one who starts the wars, not fighting back is just not an option. You can chose to submit to islam or be executed if you want, but as for me and mine, we will fight. I am a middle aged woman but I will lock ‘n load to protect my family from the muslum rapists and murderers.

    • This is the question that I’ve been asking as my anger, hatred and outrage grows. WHERE IS GOD? I want the Muslims to come out and fight, right here in our homeland. Let’s get it on Obama is filling our military, Homeland Security, and our intelligence agencies with Muslims. If he succeeds in Islamizing our military, America will be destroyed. Maybe God is done with America. Maybe we are at the end and the Book of Revelation is about to unfold. I would rather die now, as a free man than live in this politically correct socialist liberal society that America has become. I am a warrior. Islam wants a war. Let’s get to it.


  5. Well the ones from Mexico aren’t as harsh and land taking, but Isis needs to understand that Catholic or Muslim people need to take care for each other not simply kill or ruin their lives because you misinterpret a book written before an era known to have Civil Rights and abolished Slavery, point is please leave behind the barbaric ways of the Qu’ran and Bible, and start living a life of Peace because I’m pretty sure the Bible and Qu’ran writer all wanted one simple thing PEACE, LOVE, and a God to worship.

    • King, I do know the Bible, it does teach peace, love and worshipping God. If you’ve read the whole Bible, studied it and UNDERSTOOD it, you would know that.

      I’ve read the Full koran, haddith and sira and completely understand it as well, so I
      KNOW that the early part of the Muslim writings were about peace and love but the koran itself says that if there is any conflict with verses on the same subject that the later written verses override the earlier verses. The qu’ran’s later verses are mostly command hate, stealing, mysogyne, enslaving non-muslims, Islamic sanctioned lying and deceit, convert or murder those who do not believe in a certain interpretation of Islam, marital rape, domestic violence, raping and molesting of children, sexwithdeadpeople, conquring by force, terrorizing, etc. The qu’ran actually commands all of that. 60 percent of the koran is blood lust, warmongering and oppression of others by all means possible.

      And then you have to look at the HISTORICAL DIFFERNCES of the people that live by the Bible and those that live by the koran: The Christian persecution of Jews was based on what was written in the Talmud. Christians and Jews have learned to accept differences, heal old wounds and support each other. While Muslims have murdered and enslaved HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, Pagans, Sikhs, Atheists, Agnostics, etc. and are still at it full steam ahead. The are committing these acts as much as they ever did in the name of their false prophet and their false idealogy.

      Jeesh, I can’t believe that this has to be explained to people like you, King. When are people like you going to wake up and educate yourselves and learn to pay attention?

    • King, no the writers of the qu’ran never intended true peace. They say peace is only acheivable when all is islam. Then theres the issue of about 72 different sects warring over which sect has the right to live. So when they get done killing all non-muslums then they’ll finish off each other.

    • Catholics haven’t executed any one for centuries. And they were going against the Bible. And have admitted wrong doing and apologized. Koran preches perpetual warfare forever.

  6. And this is why I am joining the army… so then when countries start realizing they need to face isis and start fighting back, i can go and eradicate the thought that any of this is even acceptable in the slightest bit… there is no reason whatsoever for this much ruthlessness towards anybody…

  7. that is horiable absalutely horiable it skares ,saddens,inrages me that this is happening on the same planet we live on . whats there fukn problam man what the fuck is wrong with these people in these other places of the world . how did we get so good and they came so evil . i think the end of days really is coming

  8. May these people rest in peace and go to heaven! But for these bloody unforgivable a stares that killed all these people should get such a punishment for their whole life that they beg for death but are still kept alive! Even after their death may they go to hell and also suffer there forever!

  9. Its not just the muslim gangs that are hateful. The koran is 60% hate. Even if you want to focus on the 40%good part, promotion of an idealogy that preaches ssssoooooo much hate is just backward and wrong. Any muslim is subject to get caught up in all the negativity due to being open to the koran and thinking of mohammad as a good man. It is a slippery slope. Just like when people play with Quija boards or invoke spirits through seances open up themselves up to possible evil influences.

  10. Meena, if a child were to ask their muslim mother how to treat others and she tells them to use the koran, it would be the same thing as telling them to go be a terrorist. Mohammad was a terrorist, muderer, rapist, enslaver, womanizer, paedophile, necrophile, genocidal warmonger, thief, liar, manipulator, narcicist, fascist, the list goes on. You say you are a muslim but are against things that Mohammed did and commands (60% of koran) his followers to do in addition to worshipping himself. I suggest for your sake, that you find God without islam. Because islam is against God and humanity. At the very least, keep your children away from the death cult mohammd invented known as islam. I hope you find peace and truth and real love. Jesus taught real love of all people. He taught us to serve each other. Jesus was against all the things that Mohammad was about. Jesus never had any slaves or unlimited sex partners like Mohammad. Jesus taught that women should be respected, listened to and treated as equals. But there are other paths if you are seeking God but islam has never been on that path. There is so much secular history proving that. Islam has been waging war as agressors for 1400 years and when retailiated or pushed back, they cry victimhood. So, if you are currently muslim and you want peace then you are truly in a conflict within yourself. I will pray for you, Meena.

  11. Stupid people without humanity feels.Im muslim but here i can say,,,,,,,,hell is wonderful place for terrorism.Im so lucky not born in that stupid country.Never prepare hows public have better life n happy felling.Always prepared how to killing each other.Please ask to your mother how to love n respect each other.So pity ur parents whos bring u to this world.

    • Meena, I am sorry you are a muslim. Mohammad was one of those who ” was without humanity”. Muslimes regard him as “the best person to emulate their life aaround”. So if you are muslim and venerate “the prophet of islam”. You need to educate yourself of what he did to people in his lifetime and what he dictated to his followers.

  12. Im muslim.but here i can say ISIS Is stupid Muslim with no humanity’s feelings.they are all is terrorism with no mercy.Hell is wonderful place for all of so lucky not born in that stupid country.Never prepare hows public have better life with peace full feelings.always prepared how to kill each other.all of u who’s n whatever the group of ur name is big stupid n uselessness.

  13. I know, I know……let’s swap one superstition for another. All “religion” teaches the same old life after death bull hockey. Ever noticed how religion thrives among the poor and illiterate steeple? Swaggart. Bakker and Mohammad all had the same motivation….ego and ningnang. Pile up the “Holy” books full of fairy tales of flying horses named Barack and water walking Jews and what do you have?

    • as far as i know, the percentage of jews that exist (0.2 % of the world) compared to the amount of jewish billionaires, millionaires, etc. is ridiculous. i mean the Jews make up about 11 percent of all billionaires on Earth, but they account for 15 percent of all billionaires’ worth. you can look that up… so about that “ever noticed how religion thrives among the poor and illiterate people” you can shove that up your ass.

  14. This situation of religious intolerance will never end because of misunderstandings from the beginning. It’s unfortunate!!! We are all capable of giving to each other instead of bullying and killing in the name of God!…like pearls before swine!
    Hopefully for our children there may be a solution????…but I doubt it….sad.

  15. if one of you have have balls come to brooklyn love to meet you masked cowards… call me …….i fought in veitnam my uncle beat the germans here is my number and my address (Deleted by BNI –Sorry)
    can’t wait to do battle with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I feel you brother! Id love for one of them come out here to the blue ridge mts in va so they could get a taste of their own meds, battled them myself, their a group of thug cowards.

    • They might have a problem getting a visa to the US. Why don’t you and your uncle go over there and fight then insead of being a hero over the Internet? Oh and didn’t you get your asses kicked in Vietnam? Lol!

      • Jk you really should be more astute when it comes to the whole situation. Not all people who would die for their own country and brother get to because of many different reasons. You making fun of Vietnam veterans is deplorable, but it is in fact your right ! . You are clearly uneducated and or ignorant . You most likely have never pampered anything other than your own ego and I will be better for having forgot you even exist. You are sad, and your mother is probably very ashamed.

  16. لعنة الله على محمّد و أتباعه.
    هذا هو تاريخهم منذ الأزل
    God Damn On Mohammed and their followers.
    this is their way from the begining

  17. Man that’s so messed up its crazy how people can do things like that and think nuns gonna happens well I hope they remember that there’s always a God and one day were all gonna be judge

  18. Jesus christ said thou shall not kill, jesus tells us to love one another.. But the doctrine of the mohammedans says you must kill and hate one another. What a contrast.

  19. The people who are being slaughtered and killed are Muslims and the killers are gangs that claim to be a Muslim made by whatever governments and agendas..its what they want is racism and fear and hatred…please understand this..

  20. Animals Muslims Animals this is the only way you describe these MF,,,and the sad part is they are all over if we don’t stand up and do something about it is going to happen here i mean her in USA they have to be stopped know and know before the Animals eat all of us.they should be exterminated from our society.

    • Yes I totally agree – apart from the fact of calling these bastards animals – I have so much respect for animals – these subhuman fuckers should be totally exterminated – this is what u get for having open borders letting in the scum

  21. Where is the fucking United Nations? Every civilised nation on the planet needs to get together and exterminate these subhuman barbaric bastards.

    • I agree with this and everything else that’s said about these mindless inhumane fuckers. USA and UK – forget politics, upcoming elections and your lack of appetite for another ME conflict – move now to eradicate these fuckers from the face of the earth.

      • Not with a muslim in the White House, we won’t. Let all the other nations do the dirty work this time. We are sick of losing our citizens in defense of muslims, who show no gratitude and always end up hating us anyway. Why don’t You volunteer to go fight them?

        I see you are in Spain. What is YOUR country doing?

      • For a start pal – I live in Spain, but I’m British, hence the comment about MY country pulling their finger out and doing something about it. As for the USA – who I have enormous respect for – they cannot sit idle while these callous bastards go about their business. I hope it doesn’t take another 911 to bring them into the fray. I agree with your sentiments when considering Iraq or Afghanistan – we (USA and UK) should never have gone there. This one is different, like it or not, it is your war too.

    • Kenya, after the second round of slaughter innocent people, has told the UN to get the Somalis out of refugee camps in Kenya. They’re festering holes where the Somalis plot against their hosts (Which is pretty usual as we all know.)
      Another killer who worked with the Mujahaddin who was to be extradited from the UK has had the order revoked because of his “human rights”. Are we MAD?
      What RIGHTS do Jihadis grant to anybody????

    • All of these motherfuckers will burn in hell on day I can’t wait until the whole world declares war on Isis and Isis realizes how little power they truly have. Fuck these animals

    • You understand the people being murdered are Muslims as well don’t you? Do you honestly believe you can blame homicide on any religion? These men are using religion to justify their actions, to lend legitimacy to their insane acts. Muslims are dying on the front lines of the war with ISIS, how about not marginalizing their sacrifices so you can sell anti-Muslim tee-shirts…

      • They lost all legitimacy when they started killing actual Muslim people. Now they are a just group of radicals killing anyone who does not agree with them. They must be stopped

      • Because their book calls for this you idiot. Read it!!!!! Everything they do is ordered by Muhammad the pedophile, the madman who spoke to Satan by his own admission! Are you really that fucking naive?

      • “… These men are using religion to justify their actions, to lend legitimacy to their insane acts. ..”

        Of course they are!! But don’t be facile. It’s not just any old religion – they are using the only religion where murder is prescribed for the sake of the spread of that religion. Their religion allows it – you actually read the koran – it’s all there in black and white – and not in the fine print.

      • You need to wake the fuck up and smell the bullshit falling out of your mouth. When have Muslims ever done anything productive towards any peace goals? When have they done anything else but do for themselves? You ever read the Koran? I guess not, if you have you wouldn’t be spewing that verbose bullshit. Questions; what would Islam do if they couldn’t sponsor more terror acts or kill women for getting an education or droving a car . What are you working for – Isis? Spread your foolish shit on some blog where nobody knows exactly how stupid the things you say really are. Do us all a favor and go dig your hole, so when these scum come over here you can kneel in front of it when they saw your head off with a kitchen knife.

    • yes, why isn’t the vast majority of the islam nation not speaking out against these extremist. maybe there not extremist. Not one single muslim is publicly denouncing this. i’m not a redneck but,” wake up people”

      • That’s because they know that their bastion of bullshit ot her wise known as the Koran prescribes these barbarous acts and they are living a lie.

  22. My english is not too god but, those people are monsters. They will burn hell. I dont know who was this killed people but when I watching this movie i feel hate to this fucking little worms. Justice will someday punised you. Stop coming islam on europe. We had monsters Nasis in Poland no more killing. Stop islamizacji europy

  23. The world just needs to ban together and wipe out Isis and all these peace of shit .bunch of cowards hiding behind masks.punk motherfuckers come to the hood show you what an o.g. can do…..I’m rick James …bitch

  24. i don’t understand how people can treat other people like little more than slabs of meat. no one deserves to die by slowing having their head cut off with a hunting knife. it just should never happen!

  25. In silence ‘we’ are preparing massive strikes on IS. They will not understand what happens on that moment, but simply said : we will wipe them from this earth.

      • No self respecting S.O.F operative would put such info on a post. Where do you think these guys in the units come from ? Stupid asshole land?

    • Hope you really are one. if so do us a favor and
      get mossad into the game and post them videos
      of their isis boys being put out of their mysery
      on youtube.

    • Isis will dominate mainland Europe very soon as well as the middle east. You’ve got to be crazy to believe your soft western armies can fight isis guerrilla warfare… god willing we are coming for your blood and were coming to take your women… IT WILL HAPPEN… Funny how the cowards the USA are thousands upon thousands of miles away… Europe will pay for Americas foreign policy. ALLAH AKBUR

      • “… god willing we are coming for your blood and were coming to take your women… IT WILL HAPPEN…..”

        LOL! Are you serious or just being sarcastic? If not then really, you need medication. It must be a nice wet dream for a bloodthirsy, pissed off pathological mind – but, and I hate to dash your most fervent hopes – but you should realise that ISIS is nothing more than a ragtag army of misfits and fanatics – with very little real military training and has no military hardware other than what it stole from the beleaguered Iraqi Army – which was gifted from the US. They are even training their children. Even the Nazis didn’t do that until the very end – and no one under 12 years of age. Perhaps the end is closer than ISIS expected it to be.

        Soft Western armies? You mean the ones muslims always describe as being bloodthirsty and the cause of all the problems in the world in the 20th C? YOu are severely mistaken. All they need is the go-ahead to get serious from political leaders and ISIS would be wiped out in a week.

      • You allah must have been a pedophile like u.. And your false prophet was a sucker who loved cocks… Get lost u islamic morans

      • In America girls can fight battles as well I hope one of these women you plan on taking puts your punk was in your place and demasculinizes you!! I would love to line these guys up and chop their fuckin heads off!! : )

      • Islam will not win due to the Muslim scum being mostly cowardly with little heart or soul, not to mention brains stunted by inbreeding with cousins. Muslims typically attack from within schools,mosques and from behind women,children and elderly. So when return fire happens,they whine about civilian casualties. Only cowards use this tactic. All the world knows that Muslims are famous for doing this. The main problem with the western nations are that we have higher conscience and care too much and are far too forgiving. We are from “western school of thought” that romantically wants to believe in redemption and that all people are inherently good and will do the right thing given the chance. But we need to remember that there are those who do not have the same respect for human life, honesty and integrity. Islam does not teach integrity. So my point is that Islam can’t win because islamists are weak of heart, mind and soul. Islamist actually think dominance of females makes them more masculine but in fact islamic men fanatically dominate their women because they are not confident in their own masculinity. They feel threatened by the thought of strong women. They can’t feel strong around strong women because they really are cowardly pussies at heart. Islamists are also confused by the word martyr. To be a martyr means that the person in question is murdered while peacefully expressing their faith. To murder innocents by committing suicide near them and unprovoked is the opposite of martyrdom. You cannot be considered a martyr by simply declaring yourself one. Just like you cannot be considered a prophet just by declaring yourself one like mohammad did. He named himself prophet, commanded others to revere him and murder those who do not believe in him. He did not possess inner strength or grace so he felt easily threatened by anyone who spoke against him. That culture of inner weakness and lack of graceful strength is why Islam will soon fall. Cowards really just don’t have the stamina to see a fight all the way through.

      • Think that all you want. Unlike your ass backwards religion and ideas, us women here in the US own guns and can fight, were not scared by your tactics. Can’t wait for that to happen cause if your killed by a woman according to your sadistic religion you will go to hell and will not receive your fake 72 virgins.

      • Oh you crazy muslim – you’re assuming western women are as piss weak as your women, who cower under your oppression. We’re not – we’re strong, independent warrior women, and we’ll kick your ass any day of the week! And by the way, I’ve never seen akbar spelt with a u, so you can’t even spell your own language – how funny is that, hahahaha!!

  26. If isis prides themselves on this shit,then they should expect
    the world to do the same to them. rules
    of war and humanity do not apply to them
    so why should we westerners offer our hospitality
    in its many wonderful forms including umane treatment
    of war prisoners or asylum for ‘refugees’ that we cannot confim
    identity much less their intentions??
    Best thing find their caliph,get navy seals or sas
    to abduct his ass then mail him back in pieces
    to their strongholds like the spetsnas have done to terrorists.

    • I will be so happy when Isis and every person envolved with them is wiped from this planet. They are the worst scum I’ve ever seen or heard about. Not even the nazis were this bad. ” most of the time”. I’d gladly go to war against this horror.

  27. Muhammad is innocent, after him, the Qur’an and Hadith were falsified by the Khalif Othman and Omayyads for political reasons. they added everything about jihad, executions, terror, .. slavery was still maintained for several centuries. The Quran is full of contradictions, and there are also contradictions between the Qur’an and Hadith. Originally, Muhammad has only summary and updated the words of Christ and other prophets.

    • they added everything about jihad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how did you get to that? the only sect of Musslim that added and deleted from Haith of the prophet are the shiets. this sect in fact was founded by a Yemani Jew by the name of Abdullah Ibn Sabaa.
      the persons you see here being executed, were being punished for the crimes they committed against other musslims including innocent children.

      Muhammad has only summary and updated the words of Christ and other prophets.!!!
      Message of Mohammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him has simply superseded these teachings given to Jesus Christ peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. The message of Jesus is the one that updated the one given to Moses peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.
      they were all sent by Allah the Almighty with approximately the same message

      • “….Message of Mohammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him has simply superseded these teachings given to Jesus Christ …”

        Sheeesh! Ignorance really knows no bounds.

        Mohammed’s messages were dictated by a voice in his head but putting that aside which ‘message’ of mohammed surpasses ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you”? How do you ‘supercede’ that?

        What is mo’s ‘golden rule’? ‘do unto little girls as I would like to do unto them’?

      • Ahmad, apparently you either do actually know the Bible or Qu’ran or you are playing that old taquiyya game-known to rest of the world as lying. Because although there are some peaceful verses in the Qu’ran, it is pretty much OPPOSITE of the Bible. Jesus did not tell his followers to murder ,rape, lie,steal and cheat to take over the world but mohammad did. Jesus did not own slaves but no did including many sex slaves. Jesus did not murder,lie,cheat,steal or speak one word of hate. But in the Quran alone, mohammad has over 500 quotes of hate speech. Jesus peacefully taught love and understanding. Jesus taught that women had the right and duty to fully take part in society. Mohammad taught mostly evil acts including female genital mutilation necrophilia and paedophilia and his ideas about how inferior females are. He took advantage of his first rich wife who he married to advance himself because he couldn’t do it on his own because he lacked character and integrity. He married between 9 and11 times depending on which muslim school of thought, and used many sex slaves. DONT EVER EVEN THINK THAT QURAN,HADDITHS OR SIRAS COULD EVER COME CLOSE TO THE BIBLE. THEY ARE OPPOSING VIEWPOINTS. IVE READ THEM ALL. I KNOW. Mo was posses by demons-hey he even said so. He was schizophrenic, narcissistic,paranoid and obcessive/compulsive by any psychiatric standard. You cannot even try to put him in the same category as Moses orJesus. They are obvious opposites. Anyone who has fully studied both sets of literature knows Islam is the opposite of Judaism and Christianity. Not “supplemental” as you’ve been brainwashed to think. Grow some brain cells why don’t you?

      • The last book in the Bible commands that no more may be added. So, mo’s additions are blasphemy. He commanded opposite of the Bible even added for people to venerate him. What a crock of shit you spew.

  28. No offend to minority, but I have noticed majority of people here just ordinary sheeple that relay on mainstream media which get control by the authority which trying to control people’s mind , so they can thrive on their hidden agenda. please people do more research before you make you own mind up .IS is group which by created by the USA and all those inbreed solders were trained by CIA .firstly to shift the focus from Israel’s dirty work in Gaza and secondly overthrown the Assad (Syrian ‘government)like they did in in Iraq and Libya and Egypt and………………, and more importantly use the war against the IS as a excuse for their future economical collapse. for years and years US and western country has been raping African country’s resources and creating uneducated and illiterate nations throughout the African contents and creating violence in many African countries just to be able to control their oil , gold, diamond and etc… .I have to go now running late for my uni exam.

    P.s to all the violence and inbreeds people cross this planet specially Yankees , don’t try to come to Australia thinking you can cause kayos here too ,you will find kangaroo and koala have been shoved up your back side as soon as your arrival here.

    • Gabriel, how cute! Afraid to use your real name! I guess the Qur’an allows you to LIE, but the world knows your game! Your books and your actions over many years reveal your true poorly hidden agenda! Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, other religions, agnostics, Atheists and simply secular all know your lies!

      You are at best an advocate, not that it will save your punk ass, you are a muzzie at heart, you are the enemy of humankind! I wish you no mercy!

    • There’s no authority trying to control people’s minds in Islamic countries ? OMG u guys are the worst in the world at this. Don’t sugarcoat it by calling it controlling… it’s called brainwashing. Kinda like how u convince a suicide bomber that all men, women, AND children that they’ll be at Allah’s side afterwards….Poor little infant whose diaper you shoved a grenade in. Lucky for you that you didn’t even have to brainwash those babies..

    • So you were late for your “uni exam”? Maybe kindergarten exam because you certainly need lessons in spelling and grammar – not to mention a complete mental evaluation. You have been brainwashed and are traveling a road that will lead you into a life of violence and hate. If you and others of your opinion love islam (purposely used lower letter) so much then by all means practice it – in one of the muslim (again purposely used lower letter) countries! Do not think any one in any country with freedom of religion would cry at your departure! If you do not respect nor believe in the rights and freedom of people to believe and worship a religion other than islam, you do not deserve to enjoy the other rights and freedoms of a free nation. Go, girl – go quickly, volunteer for combat to fight islam so that when the nations of Earth finally ban together to destroy islam forever, you will be on the front lines to get what you deserve.

      • Oh wow, I thought I was the only one who purposely used a lower case m to show my disdain and lack of respect for muslims. High five sister!

    • i just have one thing to say to this only because you disrespected America who saved your a** in WW2 without us you’d be speaking Japanese when have you ever fought a war by yourselves. don’t talk crap about fighting one of the best military’s in the world it would take a week for us to take Australia for ourselves

    • Lol Gabe, you’re so funny! Everyone knows that arabs and persians, have been enslaving Africans for thousands of years and continue to do so to this day. Most Islamic countries did not even legally abolish slavery until recently. There is still very active slave trade in Islamic countries. Estimated 27 million black people enslaved in Islamic counties worldwide. Dubai fancy island and buildings all built by slaves. Don’t even think for a second that Islam has ever done any good for Africans.

  29. OMG Bonni this was shot in June. Most of the world did not know about this shit until the first beheadings. No one knew this sh*t was going on in Iraq, except investigative reporters, operatives and of course military and Obola.. when he popped out of his golf vacation house in August it was all about how there’s always bad things in the world blah blah blah. I have never seen anything more disgusting than this video, and glad I saw it, and good on you for curating these monstrosities for the world to see. Keep up the good work.

  30. How do these ISIS dudes do this stuff without even showing any signs of getting sick or barfing! Gross! For some of these videos, it looks fake because of the low quality, not that I would like to see this sh*t in HD.

  31. just to put it out there for all, history isn’t true, it is told by the victor and always will be told by the victor. sorry but, even those countries that are amazing, make terrible mistakes and wind up not even showing up. Did you know that after WW 2 Germany since then don’t teach their students about the Holocaust or the main events of WW 2. though it’s because Germany showed shame because of it, this still clearly states/shows that history isn’t always correct.

    • If you criticise Islam they kill you. But they burn churches, murder women with jobs and behead people who have different or no religious beliefs. Islamic fundamentalists and their ISIS thugs are a repellent pestilence. They must be eliminated. At the same time, western Muslims must realise that freedom and liberty are values of truly civilised societies. The ones they live in. The medievalist aberration that is spreading in the Middle East belongs in the dustbin of history.

  32. Absolutely gross. I respected people’s religion and beliefs once. Not anymore. Not I say all Muslims can die. I’d rather Nuke the lot of em before one more westerner gets hurt. Bastards. All a bunch of pussies too. Give me 10 minutes in a room with 10 of them. Bare knuckle and I’ll have them eating their own tiny sausages.

  33. u stupid little boys that have your faces covered thinking that your scaring people. I know the true “GOD” His name is ”JESUS”! YOU CAN’T HIND FROM HIM! HE knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb. I pray somehow you’ll find the One true GOD but if not….we who believe in ”JESUS” still have the VICTORY! We WIN IN THE END! Revelation 22!!!! might try reading the Bible sometime it can and will transform your life. you scared boys are of your father the ”devil”.

    • you are as deluded as the islamic nutters, there is no god dont you realise if you had been born in iraq you’d be one of them. you all think your god is the real one and why because your parents told you it was true. read the bible yourself its full of evil, slavery, rape, murder. telling armys to take the spoils of war the same as islamics are, kill the men and boys, rape the women and take the virgins for yourselfs. no religion and a lot less war and hatred.

      • Being anti-theist is another form of fascism. People who don’t believe in anything outside their own egos and don’t want others to do so either. You make no distinction between Buddhism and Christianity I guess? What about Jungian psychlogy – is that allowable in your worldview? Or do we just have to accept a blinkered materialism? Or follow the teachings of other great atheists – Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot?

        NO, religion is fine. IT is not fine when people like muslims pull their blinkered beliefs out of their pants and start forcing them down other people’s throats

      • No, Prop. The Old Testament is a historical account of overcoming your enemies. The Bible does not, nor ever did tell believers to just go ahead and enslave,rape or murder. But the kooky Koran actually does command followers to do those things and more. As for your atheism; there isore to life than the physical, tangeable small part that you are currently aware of. Do you even know how many dimensions there are? Look up what phycisists estimate about dimensions. It is awfully arrogant of you to flaunt your theory of no spirituality as if your theory is fact.

    • Hopefully the leaders of the free world are planning a ground invasion to eliminate ISIS or any other terrorist group in Iraq and Syria. The longer we wait the stronger they become. The world needs to remind themselves of Hitler. We almost blew it then by doing nothing while he was conquering Europe. It’s time to act NOW!

      • Douglas, I disagree. We had the troops there and Obama took them all out. We lost thousands of men and women in that war. Why do more Americans have to die to protect even more Muslims? Let them kill each other. Keep bombing them from the air, carpet bombing them. Are you volunteering to go or are you just sending in other people’s children to die for the muslims? After which, they will still hate us anyway.

      • for the same reason YOU did allen, to make our selves believe their is such evil in this world. we HAVE to see evil to believe it. THE media hides it, so we will pretend to be safe, when the truth the EVIL has a name and its Daeth isil/isis.. they are the scum of the earth ,and need to be wiped out.

  34. Come do Glasgow is wankers we’ll show you how to use knives but we won’t cover our faces like cowards the British are coming you better start running!

    • That’s the thing. Some of these tards are born in the UK – yet they have no insight into what little it would take to have the population swamp civil law and take matters into their own hands to come up with a final solution.

  35. cant wait till im done with college, im going to join the Army to get my fair share of justice on these pieces of shit and many others like them. I am well aware that I may not be doing justice but I prefer doing something then nothing at all.

      • With all due respect, wasn’t it Republicans who had us help build up quaida against Russians? And republicans who got us into Iraq on false pretenses? Bushes in bed with the Saudis all along. Reagan is the one who gave the nerve gas to Sadaam Hussein.Republicans and Democrats are equally at fault because our gov only exists to serve itself and not the people. In a perfect USA, we would now be voting on all issues ourselves, securely. Our government is obsolete as far as usefulness to the American public. And yes, I do believe that Obama et all are danger to America. I am so disgusted with them all. We could be such an Amazing country if we were to invest in US again. Top1% siphoning all the money out and exporting it and driving rest of country to serfdom while the conservative non- 1% is hoping that if they suck up to the 1%- they’ll have a heart or conscience enough to let it trickle down to them. Hah!! And then you have the traitor-in-chief and lefties trying to balance out but just clusterf’ing the normal hard working people that just want to work, save our money, get educated, be with our loved ones and take care of our health. Average Americans are just screwed.

    • The DEVIL is ISIS here on earth. We all must support ANY country , religion, people who fight this UNSPEAKABLE EVIL loose on our world. SADISTS who kill for the love of killing and spark the ire of the world to make themselves bigger in life. Little men small minds that’s what they are. All help to rid our world of this evil. No talk, just DO IT SOON A.S.A.P.

  36. Hello. Your website is informing & educating. I believe in my own uniqueness, as every human has a personality. I am an Enemy of Hypocrite Moslem Priests who talk about religion and god. These moslem priests are enemies of humans who want to enjoy life, people who like fun & entertainment, without hurting anybody, inocents who love Sex, music, these moslem priests say that whoever has sex commits adultry will be punished with hell fire by angels after they die. They as religious hypocrites cannot have sex due to sexual malfunction & disabled manhood (erectional sperm weakening) so they sort of envy good men or women who are able to function. They & their daughters have cars wealth due to donations given by deceived moslem as charity. These moslem priests hearts are dark & stink-smell like seuge-shit. They brain wash moslems through their books, media etc. thus spread their poisonous ideas opinions everywhere.. These moslem priests are serving Satan, they make profit drive their automobiles while humans in some countries cannot find food, water.. On the contrary these moslem priests & their followers will suffer after death! Humans who have sex & believe in sexual freedom can go to heaven., therefore, the first sects HARURIYYE sect members say that people who have sex(adultry) must be punished (perhaps death), today all these murderers (-terrorists) kill humans for religion(they are actually doing sacrifice for Satan to make him happy). Who ever murders one human he/she will be murdering all mankind thus become enemy of humans. Nostradamus predicts of the king in space revival of Mongolian Emperor Ghengis Khan who punished moslem priests who might kill these hypocites, moslem priests once again history repeats itself! 1999 was incorrect calculation, maybe this prophecy might happen before 2018. A cleaning up will happen in this damn world! I support the 1960 s sex revolution and sexual freedom. I am open minded, beings from heavens outer space can make telephathic contact, Love & Peace, music-harmony are vital in life. Cengiz.

  37. Whatever ISIS terrorists are doing, no God’s children will do…in fact ISIS terrorists are all SATAN WORSHIPERS.. the barbarism and crulity on display against humanity can only come from Satan worshipers… ISIS terrorists are working for SAtan and not for any God. The religion of ISIS terrorists and infact all terrorists is satan worship… Go to HELL all you ISIS terrorists.. burn in Hell for eternity..

    • I agree with you, Victoria. They are satanists. However, Islam is the religion of satan. All you have to do is read the Qu’ran for yourself to realize this.

      • Obama needs to put aside political agendas protect ower children’s future yet a Muslim is in charge and his agenda is not owers is he truly for America or will he help destroy us with his complasint attitude treason is was I think

    • Victoria, religion is the problem. More atrocities have been committed in the name of religion than anything else and Christians have committed their fair share. These people don’t worship Satan. They worship the same good that Christians do.

      • First and foremost BOB Islam is NOT a religion. Christianity teaches Love Respect and Not KILL if you don’t think the Christians way of life. Islam is all about power and control, as a dictatorship. But that is absolutely alright for you to believe the way you want. But let there be NO MISTAKE, Islam is NOT A RELIGION! But none the less May GOD BLESS YOU!

      • Bob, You are dead wrong. You need to educate yourself on both the Bible and the Qu’ran. You also need to educate yourself on history, which you clearly know nothing about. As a matter of fact, the religion that has killed more people than any other religion in history, even more than muslims, has been Athiests under the guise of communism as well as fascism. ….and yes.. Atheism is a religion that cannot be proven to be true, not even with science.

      • Your command of history Bob is feeble. Muslims and atheists have killed more innocents then all the other religions combined. Hitler was definitely not a Christian, nether were the communists of Soviet Union or Maoist China. Muslims have slaughtered tens of millions in their 1400 year spread of faith. The Turks have murdered over ten million Christians and pagens. Barbery pirates took 1,500,000 Anglo prisoners to sell in Middle East slave markets etc. Bob you’re just using a standard and incorrect talking point that never was factual. By the way I’m an atheist and love Christians, Hindus, and Buddhists all whom I could live with. I wish Muslims would vanish from Earth.

      • Bob just said that more atrocities have been committed in the name of religion, not Christianity. Religion itself is what causes all of this. Why can’t people just worship there own faith within there own community and leave others alone? Who cares what others think or believe. I don’t believe in god but I’m not killing everyone who does. Why can’t they just pray 5 times a day and go about there business? Go to church on Sundays then watch football? Or like me, just wonder why we are here, how did we get here, what is life? People should just worry about themselves. Why kill others who don’t believe what you do? I mean I get that the heard must be culled, but not like this. These people are fucking animals. I hope the religion they believe in gets wiped out. That way this barbaric killing will stop.

      • Bob, allah is not, has never been, nor ever will be the same God that Christians worship. The Christian God is The Only God and His Word is the Bible. The Bible is, in its teachings, completely the opposite of the muslim quran. God wants Christians to share(preach) his word, the Bible, with everyone. It is up to the individual to chose(freewill) for themself to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and have eternal life in Heaven or deny Jesus Christ is the Son of God and perish into the depths of hell for eternity. Christians do not kill because you choose not to believe in Jesus or His Father the Christian God, the One and Only God.

  38. I.s u think our doing Gods work well I think that’s bull shit the world will have its vengeance, u ain’t Muslims and u don’t kill for your country u kill because u can u fucking cowards hiding behind your masks if your doing the right thing why hide your faces.the world will have vengeance maybe not now but it will, and as for u British Muslim teenagers thinking of going to fight out their don’t this country hasn’t beheaded you or your family all we have done is except you, we have give you homes,jobs,schools for your kids it makes me angry you don’t even have a good reason your pathetic and all I can think is that you were bullied as kids or something but that’s still no reason to fight for terrorists, all Isis is are glorified bullies, you mark my words as soon as the world fights back they will all run and hide in the mountains. None of you are soldiers your just a bunch of idiots with guns,your all a bunch of sheep just following the flock, have none of you got your own minds and hearts??

  39. They say that the best trick the devil ever played on people was making them believe that he wasn’t real. Well my friends, he is making a comeback this is all his work and these terrorist are his tools. Christians were blessed with enlightenment with the birth of Jesus Christ and shown the true path of Gods way for all humans. Islam has been abandoned and no amount of prayers will save them.

    • Let me tell you something…It is disgusting. You watch it. You tell everyone you know about it and you tell them to watch it. Then you watch it again. You have to prepare yourself to show NO MERCY. If our government isn’t going to protect you, who will? The answer is nobody but you. You better get ready, cause they are here and they are coming for you and me. Get ready. The new crusades are upon us.

      • Well said. All Americans need to arm themselves immediately. You never know when something like what happened in Paris today will just happen…and when that happens I will be prepared. And I will kill who ever poses a threat to my family and loved ones. Every American should know how to operate and own at least one gun. When the shit really hits the fan you will only have yourself to count on to watch your back. Man, I have a feeling that the world will soon be over as we know it.

  40. Though these videos are extremely hard to watch & I could not stomach more than 3 of the beheadings, everyone, including Obama himself, needs to see what these devils are doing! These demon possessed PIGS are the scum of the earth!! They are raised to think & act like this from the time they learn to walk & talk so by the time they are 6 or 7 they are stating the fact that they cannot wait to behave in like manner as their heroes do & saw off the heads of every Jew & Christian throughout the world, be they man, woman or child!!

    Someday we may finally know who is behind the curtain & making all the calls for this President (possibly Valarie Jarred who is usually at his side, but rarely no more than a few steps behind Obama). Obama himself has stated on numerous occasions that he only knew about such & such event after he read it in the paper or hears about it on the news. That being the case, who is behind the curtain & running things while Obama is off playing yet another round of golf as one disaster after another is taking place all around us?
    As in the book, “The Wizard of Oz”, 3 of the main characters in this WH are the ‘Tin Man’ with no heart (for his job), played by Obama himself. Next we have the brainless ‘Scarecrow’ known as Joe Biden, who is forever putting his foot in his mouth. And thirdly we have the “cowardly Lion”, who is in reality the cowardly John Kerry. Kerry is a left over from the Vietnam days who showed his cowardly ways by giving aid & comfort to the enemy back then & today we see him once again giving aid & comfort to enemy Muslim terrorist groups (the PLO) against our true ally, Israel.

    People may have been duped into voting for Obama the first time around by the cover-up that took place by the mainstream media & I considered those people to be IGNORANT! 4 years later those same people continued to be ignorant because they didn’t want to admit they had been wrong nor admit that Obama was destroying America, so they voted for him again. Or as in the case of most Democrats, and to quote my Democrat neighbor, “I only vote for Democrats no matter who they are!” (huh? Even if the person is the personification of Hitler himself??). So those who voted for him the 2nd time around, I cannot consider them to be ignorant, I now consider them to be nothing more than TRAITORS!!

    Today we see the Tin Man still has no heart to be the leader of the (once) free world as he has continued to tear down America while turning his back to the be-headings and other murderous acts against Christians & Jews in Africa and elsewhere while catering to Muslims. He once more claims he knew nothing about what was taking place with Issis until 2 days he was informed that they were closing in on Mosul. If he had acted at the very beginning of Issis’ move, they would not be where they are today nor would they have beheaded children and Iraqi soldiers & civilians. As usual with this Tin Man, he is once again “a day late and a dollar short”. Now, in an attempt to quiet the cries directed toward him, the Tin Man “plays” at war by selectively dropping a few bombs here & there. If he had a heart for his job, he would eradicate these PIGS known as Issis from the world. He would order a 24 hour assault against Issis in order to wipe out every weapon at their disposal (due to the Iraqi army, who as usual, were too cowardly to stand & fight).

  41. I realize that it’s not PC, but Islam, and the sheep that follow is slowly destroying the world. Wake up people. Cowards are most dangerous when they flock togather they tend to give each other false bravado. Dangerous, and where is the condemnation from the non ISIS Muslims. Where’s the anger, the outrage. Are all Muslims cowards?

    • Mac, condemnation is insufficient a reaction to what these deranged crazed freaks are doing. Since their actions are physical a counter reaction of shock and awe would be more appropriate against them, wherever they are. Not clandestinely,but with precision. They should be questioned and made to speak before their death to understand their mission and ideology. Until then, where on earth did they spring from? Who is arming them? How come they are over powering conventional armies? So many questions and few answers.

  42. They say they kill in the name of islam and there god allah has shown him to way, the only that there going is to hell the same way the countries who made isis and trained this barbaric cult because thats what they are a cult of rapistes and murderes

  43. As sad as it is. This is our fault. The us caused this. As bad as Saddam was, he kept the peace. Muslims hate us because we meddle to much in their affairs, and we do. If it wasn’t for oil we’d give less of a fuck about the problems of the middle east then we do about africas. We need to get off gas, stop throwing money down the bottomless pit that is the middle east and take care of our own problems. Let the sunni and shia kill eachother, its not our problem.

  44. Like everyone else here I am sick from what this group is doing! I am sad, and mad, and just down right depressed! And let me not forget ANGRY! But, UNLIKE most people here I understand that the people responsible for all of this are not Muslims. They claim to be a part of the Islamic faith, but in reality they are nothing more than brutal cowards who hide behind a very sacred, poetic, and beautiful book. I myself am a Christian. I am not trying to defend a religion, Christian, Muslim, or otherwise. But, when people have something this fragile so very wrong I feel a need to speak up!
    The ISIS group is not the same thing as Muslim!!! I can’t say it enough! I urge you all to go out and find this out on your own. A year ago I thought the same thing but I was blessed with the opportunity to LEARN the difference between a Muslim and what they stand for, and a Muslim Extremist! No matter how many times one says so, no matter how much anger one says it with, it simply is not true. People are uneducated about the religion, YES it IS a religion. It is one of the oldest religions and is the fastest growing religion in the world today. The reason that people are so confused about the Islamic faith is a simple matter of misinterpretation and words taken out of context. One example of this occurring is in “the sword verse”. Google it and you will get an idea of how this happens and why Islam has the name that it does. I could go on for hours about just what I have learned but I wont. Most people here will not like what I am saying, and that’s okay with me. One can choose to believe what they read on websites that have no credibility (not to say this is one), or they can actually educate themselves and find answers that are legitimate. If just one person reads this and goes out and finds that what Im saying is correct then putting it down here was worth it. I understand that most will not. This is America and we lovely citizens, more often than not, are comfortable with our ignorance and would rather stay where we feel safe. Again, ignorance.
    I sincerely hope that the members of ISIS are stopped, immediately! And I hope that they stand before GOD one day and pay the price for what they have done here on Earth. I will continue to pray for those who are unfortunate to be in close proximity these members. And I will also pray that people will educate themselves on the reality of what is actually happening. Not what the majority has deemed truth.
    For those who have read this in its entirety, thanks. Whether you agree or not, Thanks! :-)

    • Kim, don’t waste your time. Nobody here believes you. We have read your holy books and understand that the terrorists are following the commands given to them in the quran, hadith, sunna, etc. Violence is a major part of Islam and all Muslims support it, even if they don’t practice it, Now get lost.

    • It appears you are unaware that ISIS is indeed a “purist” Islamic group of Sunni Muslims, who have vowed to kill all “western, modernized” Muslims as apostates and infidels. They have said this will apply to both Sunni and Shiite Muslims in the U.S. They apply the strictest forms of Sharia Law, something many American Muslims have fled from. Having lived in “purist” Islamic nations in the 1960s, I assure you that ALL of them there feel the same about the “religion of peace” expounded by Americanized Muslims. What Qur’an have you read? There is but ONE Qur’an acceptable to Muslims in the Middle Eastern nations from whence ISIS has sprung. True ignorance denies what is severely taught by that book. I suppose we can wait and see what ISIS does here in the U.S. Maybe then America’s Muslims will see the vast difference in Islam here and Islam there.

  45. I’m sorry to say this, but these people (pigs/animals/beasts) need to be eradicated from the earth by any means. ANY MEANS!!! Anyone associated with these animals also need to erased from the earth. No questions. No negotiating. No trying to “understand them”. This idiology should be removed…. Immediately. Bomb them. Yes…even NUKE THEM…to oblivian. This must not continue on this planet. To “understand them” is just as bad as letting them exist. Their “god” is not God. He is a worm. A parasite. A cock-less she-male. Cockroaches are more noble them these f$@ks.

    • I could not have said it better, Thank You Well maybe not the last couple sentences. Not quite my wording but, all the same Good Job! Now lets get the job done, well I can wish

    • Its the mighty, god fearing, darn tootin’ USA who are causing this mess. Firstly they were the ones who trained this mob and supplied them with weapons in 2012 to supposedly fight against Assad in Syria. Secondly its their great mate, the Saudis who are the single largest funders of global terrorism. Like ISIS, they too are Sunnis. So now they’re in a situation where they are sending in ‘advisors’ to aid a war against a terrorist group they trained and armed who’s being directly sponsored by one of their closest allys. Sound familiar? Absolutely, brain numbingly abbsurd.

  46. I think I’m going to get a kuran/coran/queran/quran… what-F ‘n ever, and piss on it and put the video on You Tube. Why??? Just to get some attention. Just like the preacher did down in Florida. This jihad BS is the product of religion… Maybe not the kind we practice (openly…) here in the US. Or what most refer to as “Christianity” etc…. but religion just the same. Meaning WORSHIP of some hokus pokus god. And, then the religion thereof develops into a cultural thing. And, then it’s allowed to take over part of the government and then ALL of the government… until you have what we have now.. ISLAM. The ISLAM umbrella …made up of various levels of hokus pokus bullshit. And, within it there are actually caring human beings, just like in Christian-ity. But, somehow when we forget to separate church and state we end up with the mess we now have on our hands. And, this mess can actually be solved by governments… ya ya… made up of “human” beings who can exercise common sense and not these books of verse.

    There is hope. That intelligence will prevail. Not some god.. fer crissssakes!!!

    D hydro 12A

    • I am sorry Lx but you are not correct in your thinking on what these people are. It is not the Islam religion, (Muslim), but Islamic Extremists. There IS a difference. I am in no way criticizing your beliefs, I only want to point out that you are a little off with what the facts are. It sounds like any kind of religion is just nonsense to you and you’re entitled to that belief. But you MUST understand that the men involved with ISIS are not simply people of Muslim faith. No where does the term “extremism” belong more so than for this group of people. Also, is it religion in general or the lack of separation between church and state that you blame? You seem to blame both. Again , please understand I’m not attacking your opinion. I simply wish to ask you to learn the difference between a Muslim and an ISIS group member. As for the members of ISIS (again, NOT a standard Muslim), YES! bomb the life right out of them and their ideology! I’m sorry if their homes and “land” was stolen from them- Allah would NOT want this!

      • You are a LIAR! Barbaric mass murderer and huge slave trader, founder of Islam, declared: WAR IS DECEPTION.


      • Wow Linda, that was mean. Clearly u have a bit of an anger issue. Might wanna look into that. Just a thought….. I was under the impression that we could have an adult like conversation. Guess that’s not something you wish to partake in so if u wouldn’t mind please kindly excuse yourself from this. And with the downtime that brings you maybe you could spend a few mins educating yourself on the topic that has you feeling so angry :-)

        K- no I have not lived anywhere except the US. The knowledge that I
        Have of Islam comes from 14 credit hours at a highly respected University, in religion classes, primarily stemming from the Judaic faith, which I’m sure you’re aware does include Islam. In no way am I claiming to know everything there is to know about Islam, or any other faith, but I do know the ideology and the misconceptions. The history, the people, the objectives, and the belief systems. What ISIS does is take an ancient belief system and destroy it’s content, changing certain things to fit their agenda. It doesn’t take an expert in religion to see that.
        That being said, I truly feel that anyone who believes that the members of ISIS follow the ideology of the Islam faith are either uneducated and just don’t know, or they choose to believe people who have no clue what their talking about. And i do not wish to be disrespectful towards anyone. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. It’s simply the facts that I am talking about.

        • Kimberly, surely you are joking or do you really think 14 hours of Muslim propaganda from a left wing commie-infested university has educated you about an evil political ideology/death cult posing as a religion? Spend half that amount of time looking at the Categories section in the Sidebar here and you will come away a lot better informed.

          I feel sorry for you buying into that crap. ISIS isn’t perverting anything. They are obeying the teachings to Mohammed of a T – which makes them the best of Muslims according to their holy books.

      • Surely you do realize that 14 hours is NOT the same thing as 14 credit hours in college? Either way, you’re asking me to take what I read on a website for absolute truth? I think I will stick with my professors who are experts on the topic. Call me crazy but I would bet my ass that every one of my professors spent more time studying in the Middle East while working on their PhDs than the majority of the people here claiming to know what’s really going on. I am sorry but we will have to agree to disagree :-) do not feel sorry for me, I am very content with the information I have obtained over my years and have that alone to thank for my success! You can call me dumb for believing what I do, but thankfully you don’t sign my paycheck- in fact, I sign my own paycheck- nor do you have any impact or influence on my day to day life. And neither does your “sidebar”. The history books don’t lie, people do. Pick one up one day, you will be very surprised at what you find. On that note I am going to politely and respectfully bow out of this back and forth nonsense. I’m not going to change your mind about this topic, and you won’t change mine. I pray that you, and most of the others here, are able to see the real truth one day and stop believing what society would have you believe to fit their agendas.

      • Well said, Ms. BNI, regarding that bigoted ignoramus “Kimberly”!!!!

        That so MANY, MANY universities, colleges, institutions, &c. are utterly infested and worse by Marxists is a principal reason why our Western civilisation is so RAPIDLY DECAYING!!!! It’s the Marxists who’re preparing us to be conquered and exterminated by the muzzies…

        Yours truly thinks that perhaps one out of every two academics (teachers, lecturers, professors, “experts”, &c.) needs to be arrested (with their immediate families), disenfranchised and permanently exiled to places like North Korea, Iran or Saudi Arabia (as well as countries just as bad) so they can enjoy their “workers’ paradises” and “pure Islam” – and “Kimberly” sure sounds like she needs the same kind of punishment…

        Also, BRAVISSIMA to Linda Rivera for what she said as hitting the bull’s eye…

      • ADHD- YOU are the absolute definition of ridiculous. To say something so incredibly immature as that only proves my point further. For the last week I have vowed to ignore all the comments showing up in my email from this website, because reading and responding does nothing but waste my time. I mean really, to argue with a group of strangers who are incapable of an adult conversation and has absolutely NO CLUE why they feel the way they do (oh I forgot, the good ol’ “sidebar” has the answers!!)??? Even if half the people here DID have a clue, what’s the point? Talking isn’t going to change anything. Awareness? Please! Like everyone doesn’t already know what’s going on? The only reason I’m replying to this is because what ADHD had to say is just pathetic! I get it- most of you feel that being educated in America is somehow a bad thing. Well that’s just retarded but hey, who am I to tell you that, right? But to say that myself, my husband, and my SIX YEAR OLD DAUGHTER should be sent to one of these countries to experience the pain, torture and suffering that the people of said societies do?!?!?! Really??? How you people can argue with me about my views and my opinion when you’ve got people like “ADHD” making comments like that makes one have the opinion that this website is an absolute joke! When I read the initial article I had no reason to think that this would turn out to be childish head games from a bunch of adults.

      • Wicked “Kimberly”:

        I NEVER thought ‘per se’ that being educated in the United States of America is wrong; HOWEVER, being educated anywhere in the world by crypto-Marxists with their HATE of differing viewpoints and their love of totalitarianism IS ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS BAD, PERIOD!!!!!

        Yes: I WOULD send you and your family to such places so that you’ll LEARN not to teach such things to anybody who may have the MISFORTUNE of being among your students – or to take your freedoms for granted the way you currently do!!! FAR TOO MANY people don’t realise what they’re promoting unless they LIVE THROUGH IT themselves!!! That’s why Eastern Europe currently (aside from Bjelarúsj) is vigorously anti-Communist: they lived through it (as did my parents and grandparents!!!), so they knew what it was all about and brought me up to HATE and FEAR any and ALL totalitarianism!!!!

        Then you’d learn to really fear it and you’d do your best to ensure your offspring would never have to contend with it – and you’d learn how to really fight it effectively. As you stand, you strongly strike me as somebody who could hardly care less at heart because you just don’t really know what it is to have to live under it for, say, 15 whole years (as my late father did!!!). As it was, I had the misfortune in both high-school and university to meet teachers who truly were crypto-Communists who, if they had the opportunity, would implement the same atrocities upon others the way Ljéñin, Stáljin, Mao, the Kim dynasty, Mugabe, Pol Pot and their underlings have done and STILL ARE doing!!!!!

      • I’ll add one more point: what I’ve observed of Mankind has convinced me that enough times people WON’T accept to learn from history (especially if it’s from their elders). I.e., they all too often have to learn EVERYTHING from first principles, with the rod striking their backs directly!!!

        Only in this SAD way can stubborn wretches like “Kimberly” REALLY learn of the horror and MONSTROSITY that totalitarianism of ANY sort entails. This is all the more so given that the totalitarian instinct is VERY POWERFUL in ALL of us – and DEEPLY EMBEDDED in each one of us likewise. Only by learning to recognise it at all times can one truly be on guard against it…

        It’s my profound hope that “Kimberly” and a few others like her will start eventually thinking why some of us who have really suffered through such things are so desperate to prevent such things as have happened and are still happening under totalitarianism (be it Communism, Fascism, Islam or Nazism: it all still is E—V—I—L!!!!!) as to feel that such Milquetoast types as you need to go through the same GULag, alas…

      • Yet another point I’m going to add, since you, “Kimberly”, speak of yourself, your husband and your six-year-old son.

        I’ll STRONGLY recommend you get your hands upon the autobiography of Alexander Dolgun (“An American in the GULag”), who at the age of 5 was taken from the USA to the USSR (around 1934). His parents believed in Communism but became disillusioned; however, it was almost impossible to escape under Stáljin. [Both of them died in the USSR, with them both having undergone unspeakable tortures which finally left the mother insane…]

        In 1946, Dolgun was arrested and was forced to spend 6 whole years in the GULag; afterwards, it wasn’t until 1971 that he at LONG LAST – with the dedicated help of his sister and her husband – was able to leave the USSR “by the skin of his teeth”!!!! [The Soviets tried to stop and arrest him at every last conceivable turn, even right at Moscow’s Shjerjemjétjevo Airport – not until he and his Russian wife were physically aboard the Austrian Airlines flight taking them to Vienna (from whence they then flew to New York), could they relax.

        I’ll leave the rest of that horrifying tale for you to discover…

      • i agree with u kimberly
        there is so differences between a Muslim and an ISIS group member. most of isis members are Foreigns which do everywork for money.

    • You do that and your will fly off by itself lol don’t even think about it you’ll be in sick head if you even think like that learn to respect it’s from The Lord of the bible you fool.

    • Samuel….you are so correct! I cannot imagine the carnage that will follow when the fight begins,it will be fearsome.All non muslims will be as one,evry man and woman,regardless of colour or country will be your brother and sister,just as it should be,and we will all have one another’s backs,as we aren’t muslims.The only fly in the ointment here is the muzzrat and I’m afraid there will only be a violent and bloody end to all this,and as the government won’t face up to the challenge,then it will be taken on by the average man/woman on the street across the world.

    • Adam…..
      Maybe that is because ISLAM is the problem…..It is itself a hateful and twisted ideology that still embraces the 6th Century mindset and its followers refuse to take responsibility for the actions that go hand in glove with its teachings…It’s called “GROWING UP”….. Stop playing the “VICTIM” all of the time and blaming everybody else for Islam’s and muslim short comings and disgusting ways…..
      Anyone who falls for the crap “Islam means Peace” deserves all they get for being so ignorantly stupid…..
      There are many non muslims who seem to understand Islam better than most muslims…I put this down to the fact that we (non muslims) can think for ourselves rather than have an outdated death manual making all our decisions for us and believing all of the rubbish and lies it contains….

      • A’men! ‘outdated death manual making all their decisions’.. is a really good way to put it. They are brainwashed with it from moment they can talk….its gone on for so many generations.. hundreds and hundreds of years.. How can a people so submersed in this kind of brainwashing ever learn to seperate (religious beliefs being some form of rules of living .. so important you DIE if you do not follow… ) from the ability to live without having to obey a strict set of rules.. they cannot even comprehend how to consider it … they are like the north korean brainwashed masses.. no hope for them to be reasoned with ever.

    • Stop whining and being a victim. Become apostate, grow up, get a brain. And, BTW, Muslims more than deserve the hate directed at them. Most are either slaughtering or whining like you. We’re tired of both.

  47. In the 60’s a Buddhist monk setting himself on fire made the world news. Now humans getting hacked apart, is just a daily occurrence, X factor gets way more interest. Its what islam does takes away humanity and compassion for human and animals.

    Even with all the acts of horror from these retarded followers of prophet mohammed the putrid (may shit be upon him) all over the news daily, I saw a pic of some little guy in his 50’s siting over a shallow grave and this retarded jihadi standing over him ready to murder this little man in cold blood, who looked so scared knowing his fate, it brought a tear to my eye..

  48. obamo needs to be impeached asap and these horrid monsters need to be turned into dust, you cant change them
    I am afraid to ask but why are the pants of the men being shot pulled down to their ankles?

    • Sally its an act of religious symbolism in reverence to the king rapist pedophile murdering slaver prophet mohammed (may the effluence of farmyard animals be upon him).

      All religions have it. Jesus fed 5000 or Stopped a woman getting stoned, The Buddha meditating, In Hinduism there are too many to mention, but one of the more known ones is giving up your worldly possessions, striping naked, covering yourself in Ash, growing dreadlocks and smoking copious amounts of cannabis.

      mohammed the rapist murderer prophet checked the sexual parts of the men and boys of a defeated Jewish tribe to humiliate that little bit more, before he hacked their heads off and raped/sold their women and children..

      Its allahs favorite method of murder, he loves the sight of trouser less men with no heads, the screams, the tears, the blood, the horror.

  49. Cowards, killing women and children. All barry and kerry can do is bitch about it and play golf. God what fucking leaders we have. No boots on the ground, but I do believe some air support would be nice. Bush and Cheney will see a lake of fire at the end of their days for starting this mess of shit anyway. WMD my ass.

    • Bush, Cheney, Obama, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, etc., are nothing but little blips on the screen of Islamic insanity and slaughter over the past 1,400 years. None of them started anything, they simply exploited what was already there. Obama is the apparent worst, but who’s counting? Pick a president, any president …

  50. Barrack Hussein Obama is directly responsible for this! Perhaps we should drag him out of the White House, arm him with an M-16, and air drop him into the middle of this mess. Better yet, air drop all those that voted for him along with him.

    • Hi Roy! I am in no way an Obama supporter, nor did I participate in voting him in. I am wondering how he is directly responsible for all of this? How did he bring about the problem we are seeing with ISIS? Not Muslims, ISIS? Im not questioning your belief that he is responsible, just asking you to explain it to me so that I may better understand the idea that its his fault. Thanks :-)

  51. As much as I detest Muslims, I couldn’t bear to watch more than a couple of minutes of these executions. What a sick, depraved religion islam is.

  52. CAIR will just turn around and say these Islamists are not following Islam and are not True Muslims. They are Masters of Deception and Propaganda.What we are seeing are “GOOD” Muslims following their holy Quran as it is written. True SAVAGES, Islam has to be wiped of the face of the Earth FOREVER.

  53. blocked on my end but the message is crystal clear , one we all knew would come when obama made his famous welcome speech in 2009 from that day forward the future was promised to be what we see today . we will ram this bloody message down them liberal lefties throat until they choke to death then we can deal with these cut throats not by lead by nuke

    • not missing anything new.they lucky ones got a bullet to the head. the unlucky ones got their heads sliced off.
      remember this is the “realigion of pieces” you know
      LOTS OF ALLA FUBAR shouted
      the reason they call themselves the slaves of alla is according to the Sumerians
      he was head of the IGIGI (slaves) of the gods who revolted against the hard work they were forced to do.

    • That’s bull shit Obama pulled all your ppl out of war only for all u guys to wanna go back to war . Make up your minds . No president will ever be good enough for you. If u all have so much to say about OBAMA maybe u should run for president . Or just keep complaining

  54. EVIL EVIL EVIL!! Cold blooded murderers! I couldn’t watch once the beheading started. What kind of monster does one have to be to end human life like this and worse, exalt in it like these vile creatures do? When will our cowardly so-called leaders wake up and eradicate this hateful cult from the West?

    • Marie….”When will our cowardly so-called leaders wake up and eradicate this hateful cult from the West?”

      I guess when the cowardly populations of the West wake up and make them take notice instead of cowering behind the Political Correctness of the Left and keeping bloody quiet……

    • Yes, they are sadists of the highest order. Beheading has always been a common method of execution, but it was done quickly with a sword or axe. Only the muslims have turned it into the most sadistic orgy. Beheading slowly with a knife, while the victim is fully conscious. And all laughing and smiling as they do it.

  55. Yes, Yes..they will gonna conquer Jerusalem, Roma and Spain…for shore!!!..It’s just we need top start the clean the earth of ismafascists,…feel free to come to the peninsula!!

  56. Time for the western world to wake up and unite to completely annihilate this appalling death-cult called Islam, and all who support it, as happened in 1939 when the Allied forces set out to destroy Naziism and Japanese imperialist and brutal expansion.

    There will be no other way – No negotiation – no tolerance for ‘diversity’ – finish it once and for all time with massive force.

  57. And they Always proclaim Allahu assbar as they do and film these atrocities in the name of allah, aka. Satan, Lucifer, Son of Perdition and he smiles as looking on!………

  58. Did they ever stop to wonder how they’d like it, if ALL the other religions of the world ganged up and declared their own “holy war”, then set out to mass murder those who are Muslims? Would they find it equally “understandable”, to see their own families slaughtered in the name of various other gods and teachings, with videos of the massacres posted on the internet ?

    • They would then be martyrs and get to go to town on 72 virgins and 18 little boys for all of eternity while drunk on wine from the wine rivers in paradise. So no they dont think about it and if they did they would be elated. These are not normal human beings these are deranged gang bangers.

    • I think all yhe religions have already ganged up on Muslims, what do you think is happening in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Pakistan. Yeah thats right, its been more than a decade since the west is wiping out Muslim population, hundreds of thousands of Muslims including women and children. So before you express your anger about something, make sure you are standing on moral high ground. PS i do not support IS

  59. The muslim savages’ craving for human blood is never satisfied. The barbarians plan to behead innocents in all of the countries they enter.

    The response of Western leaders to the horror and terror that is Islam is to continue massively importing muslims into our countries and in Britain and Europe viciously persecuting and sometimes jailing non-muslims who protest Islamisation.

  60. Does not mean you have to show it. I disagree that Obama appeases the jihadists. He just doesn’t do anything. Period. A true mark of a sociopath. Totally aloof from all human suffering. I am truelly afraid for THIS nation. I honestly doubt the survival of this country.

      • Thank you Bonni, people need to see it so they believe it and it affects them to demand that it stop. We are witnessing REAL Islam. People are starting to see the truth because you post it!

      • Does anyone sent these daily info to the politicians and that Obama Buns? I’ve sent a few to my local politicians, so far I haven’t been blocked by them except Boxer buns and fienstein Butt, Then again this may not have been the reason…… they stopped taking my emails. failure to send, I think that’s what my response is. Just wondering?

      • BNI…..agree,and if just one person watching this video is so shocked that it makes them sit up and realise the evil that is called islam,then those poor men who died in that video will not have died in vain.People sometimes need the truth red in tooth and claw to wake them out of their slumber,it may even save their own life one day.On my first visit to this website I never had a clue what these muzzrats were like and now I do,and tell everybody I know to visitthis website… are afraid,some so sickened by what they see they don’t return,some wise enough to see that the muzzrats are the biggest threat to the world today,and become regular visitors here(like myself!).You must never be afraid to speak the truth and one day,maybe not in our lifetimes,people will look at sites like yours and marvel at your courage.

    • It doesn’t mean you have to hide it, either. Just because I couldn’t bare watching to the end doesn’t mean others shouldn’t see what’s REALLY GOING ON. It’s NOT your decision to make.
      Your job, as an American, is to get the truth OUT~!

  61. I’m sorry, Bonni, but I couldn’t continue to watch this to the end. My stomach couldn’t handle it.
    I did, however, send this far and wide, with a warning message that THIS is what’s coming to our neighborhoods soon enough. I wanted to make sure it got out.

  62. Although this is Muslims killing Muslims, it still sickens me beyond belief.

    Fuck Allah, fuck Mohammed and fuck all the followers of this evil cult. Humanity will not be at peace until this cancer has been killed.

  63. I’m also reading this a.m. in French that they have also entered Maghreb… and intend to set up quarters in Algeria.

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