BREAKING! Boko Haram suspected in suicide bombing that blew up World Cup viewing center in Nigeria


A Muslim suicide bomber rode a tricycle taxi filled with explosives into an outdoor area where Nigerians had gathered to watch the Brazil-Mexico World Cup match and detonated it. Witnesses suspect the Islamic terror group Boko Haram, which abducted more than 250 schoolgirls, are responsible for the deadly blast. 

NY Daily News  Witnesses say many people were killed. There was no immediate word on the number of deaths of injuries. The victims were soccer fans gathered in an outdoor area to watch the Brazil-Mexico match on Tuesday.


Boko Haram, which roughly means “Western education is sinful,” has declared war on anything they consider a sign of influence from the Western world. The terrorist group, which is holding more than 250 schoolgirls hostage, believes that it is forbidden for Muslims to take part in any “Western” activity – whether getting a secular education or watching soccer. Over the past few weeks, they have killed at least 40 people in two blasts at soccer viewing centers and sports bars in northern Nigerian cities.

Many soccer fans in Africa rely on informal television viewing centers – often open-sided structures – to watch international soccer matches. But the Nigerian government has advised locals to avoid gathering in public to watch any more World Cup matches. Rescue workers are being careful for any possible secondary explosions that may have been set up to kill first responders.


Several pickup trucks were seen carrying bodies to the nearby General Sani Abacha Specialist Hospital, according to a source at the hospital. “There are also many casualties in the emergency room,” the source said. All witnesses spoke on the condition of anonymity because they fear becoming targets.

Since 2009, Boko Haram, which has ties to Al-Qaeda, has been responsible for killing thousands of people. They want to overthrow the government and establish an Islamic state in the tumultuous north of the country.