KAFIR: The filthiest word in Arabic means you, the unbeliever

The sole purpose of Islam is to eliminate the Kafir. Every act of jihad is against the kafir. When a Muslim calls you a “Kafir,” understand that he means to kill you. Sacred hate for the Kafir dominates Islam’s holy books – the quran, hadith, etc. Know your enemy.

Bill Warner


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  1. Allah Means God and Infidel Means Unbeliever

    By Mahmoud El-Yousseph
    10 January, 2017

    The other day, I ran into a group of middle-aged people who were wearing T-shirts and baseball caps written on it “infidel” in both English and Arabic. Since Arabic is my native tongue, I took a quick note of it and I feel I should clear up the misconceptions and misunderstandings about the use of the term “infidel.” as well as the word “Allah.”

    Myth # 1: Infidel does not mean “Westerner” or a “non Muslim”. The term refers to disbeliever, people who do not believe in God. It is also mentioned in the Bible and it means the same in Arabic.

    Myth # 2: People who think using the term is a clever way to insult Muslims are in fact making fools of themselves by declaring themselves to be atheists and enemies of their own God.

    Christians and Jews are referred to in the Quran as “people of the book” and are respected branches of Abrahamic religions. This means they all worship the God of Abraham.

    Myth # 3: Muslims worship only God that they refer to in Arabic as Allah. Because of language differences, God is referred to by different names, but they are one and the same. In German, God is called Gott and Jews call him Yahweh. I should note here that Jews and Christians living in Arabia use the Arabic phrase “Allah” when referring to God.

    Prior to Islam, Christians used the term infidels to describe unbelievers and enemies of God. Once again, the name God is Allah in Arabic and Yahweh in Hebrew. Next time someone pokes fun of the name “Allah” or misuses the term “infidels”, tell them, “Don’t be a fool, Allah means God and infidel means unbeliever.”

    Mahmoud El-Yousseph
    Retired USAF Veteran
    Westerville, Ohio

    Feedback: elyousseph6@yahoo.com

    • Mahmoud,
      Allah may well mean God, but to us Infidels it means false God.
      Fake God, like Palestine is fake.
      We infidels who know of, trust in and give glory in all things to the one true God are proud to be infidels, as we are not denying our Lord, Saviour and King, but a make- believe imposter.
      A counterfeit God.
      Thank you for your service, however, and may God bless and protect President Trump.
      He who will be catalyst in the civilised West’s cure of the Islamic plague, and it’s eventual banishment back to the various hell-hole and backwaters it oozed from.

    • Mahmoud, the Arabic word “Allah” does NOT mean God. God implies Almighty God of the Holy Bible.
      Allah means “the god,” who is, in fact, the Moon god of the heathen Arabs of long ago. Mohammed’s uncle was the caretaker at the Kaaba and used to tend to the idol of Allah, a.k.a. Ba’al.
      Mohammed decided Ba’al would be the only god worshiped by his new cultists and he got rid of the other 359 gods in the Kaaba.

  2. You guys are deaf, dumb and blind completely oblivious to the truth. You believe in parts of your scriptures while denying portions of it because there is no real love for your creator but love human life. We muslims only retaliate against kafirs if they are hostile against us. Live your petty life’s till your terms are over then you’ll return to your lord and it will be said, (It will be said to him): “Read your book. You yourself are sufficient as a reckoner against you this Day.”

    اقرأ كتابك كفى بنفسك اليوم عليك حسيبا

    [Quran 17:14]

    • Here’s a TRUTH for you to think about- from your infallible koran and hadith–

      “He demonstrated good examples in all aspects of life, Allah says: ‘You have indeed in the Apostle of Allah a beautiful pattern of (conduct) for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Final Day and who engages much in the praise of Allah.’ (Qur’an, 33:21).”

      1. “Whenever his wives were in their menstruation, I saw the Messenger of Allah often near his camel herd. There, he made loving contact with the females, but sometimes also turned to the young animals of both sexes.” 
      – Sahih Al-Bukhari 2;357 

    • Every war between Muslims and Jews & Christians has been started by Muslims.
      Your Quran orders you to murder, terrorize, rape, and steal from non Muslims.
      It tells you to be relentless against us until the religion will be only to Allah.
      Hatred is the bedrock foundation stone of your cult, as evidenced by Muslim behaviour over the past 1400 years.
      I’ll bet you cannot give me one verse from the Quran where Allah tells Muslims to love or be kind to non Muslims.
      I can give you 79 verses where Allah orders Muslims to be violent and evil to non Muslims.

  3. I know my enemy. They speak and or pray in Arabic. They put their asses in their for their fellow ragheads to admire and enjoy, They smell like sheep because livestock is an object of their affection as well as little boys. They try to kill anything that offends them and then claims sharia as their legal right to kill. Yep I know my enemies well.

  4. I am not grateful for the primitive, plundering, plagiarizing, posturing, psychopathic, pretentious, prevaricating, polygamous, pathological, poisonous, playboy, pedophile pirate…Mohammed.

    Yes, Mozzies we know what KAFIR means…it means you have a duty to HATE!

    You are a ‘bad Moslem’ if you do not HATE kafirs!

    Where does all the hate come from? From Allah and his pedophile pirate partner.

  5. I am not a Kafir for I do not conceal that I hate the Mohammedan vampires and want to feed them to their closest modern day relatives – alligators and crocodiles !

    • ‘Kafir’ is what they call us. You do not choose that title and it is a DELUSIONAL title, but Mohammed (the pedophile pirate) was DELUSIONALLY INSANE and demon-possessed.

      Mohammedans have no judgment because they believe a pedophile pirate is the partner and adviser of Allah.

  6. Hey! A lil help needed here… I do not believe in Lord Jesus, the Father and that Holy Ghost crap . So, what are my chances to have a shot at heaven?

    If I’m not an unbeliever or infidel how should I be addressed then?

    Can somebody answer this?


    • How should you be addressed?? … Well, NOT by a “word” that describes you as a “filthy, worthless” individual! …

      I’m a born again Christian, a believer in “Jesus, the Son of God”, and just because a person doesn’t believe doesn’t give “anyone” the right to devalue another person.

    • There is no God, Lord Jesus or any of that afterlife or heaven bullshit.
      Dead is dead – for ever.
      Same goes for atheists, sane people and religious nutters of all denominations alike.
      Don’t waste your life and mind on nonsense.
      If there is a living God, however, surely it could only be Bill Shatner?

      • You are making unverified and unverifiable claims…like the Moslems. You place faith in your unverifiable claims. Or is it intellectual sloth? Like that of the Moslems?

      • Believe what you like – but don’t state it, please, as something everybody else should do or must do!!!

        I’m a Christian who aims to do the right thing; however, I’m not going to disdain atheists, agnostics or anybody else (though I’ll be extremely suspicious of Moslems due to what they wish to everybody else)!!! Remember: “do unto others as you’d like them to do unto you.”

      • Religion is on the downslope in the developed world- meaning Christianity, mainly. Atheism is the fastest-growing (non)-belief; I fear that Islam is filling the void. All we can do is expose Islam by whatever means is most effective- in my case I choose to use ridicule because Islam is indeed, utterly ridiculous and hundreds of instances abound it its texts.

    • “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” – Jesus, in the Gospel of John 14:6 GBV, you asked an honest question and you deserve an honest answer. Those are your chances, my friend.

  7. Now, is it strange at all :- That when a ‘ INFIDEL ‘ is accused of offending a NON INFIDEL, ITS ALL OVER THY NEWS/PAPERS AND MEDIA SOURCES ! Yet, when thy boot is on thy other FOOT (?) and they are protesting with placards and the many other UN-GODILY STATEMENTS & REMARKS AS WELL AS THREATS TO THY REMAINING LOT OF US.
    ITS CLAIMED AS ” NOT BEING RACIST AT ALL ” to how in thy kingdom of hell or WTF ya want to call it ….
    How can this be so ?
    Is there a special law,for it, to being so ??
    Considering that these so called poor peaceful mozlems or moslems have a such a mean & evil way of life ???
    # Of MURDERING/KILLING & HARMING OTHERS, is so well known with facts to prove it too !

    • Derbyiter……it’s like a dripping tap,drip,drip,drip and the muzzrats think if something is said often enough,you’ll accept it,and so do the government.They think that the public and voters are brainless and can be pushed around at will and will accept anything…..are they all in for a suprise! this website tells it like it is,educates people from all over the world on the danger that is pisslam,and as you know,education frees people and the more you are aware of a problem,then you can face it head on,even though some may try to convince you that you are wrong.All these people that are taking sides with the sand rats will surely pay one day.

    • Good point and a mind boggling one. I’m still searching for answers to those questions. Without associating any of it to conspiracy theories that I’ve known is proven to be tricky. 🙂

  8. Well Bill, I agree with you totally. I also tell everyone that I am a Kaffir. A white South African Kaffir. Calling a black man a Kaffir can get you jail time here in South Africa. I don’t know if it’s illegal to call yourself a Kaffir. In South Africa it’s a derogatory word the whites, mainly Afrikaners, used against blacks, not knowing that they were Kaffirs themselves.

  9. Kristians Against Felonious Islamic Rapists …. KAFIR …. our answer to …. CAIR ? Monedas 1929 Comedy Jihad Head Cutter Offers Too World Cup Tour

  10. Not sure if anybody has noticed but even CNN has started to take notice lately of the bullshit that Islam is. People are catching on to the Muslim lies! This website is helping no doubt.

      • Yup. Words like terrorists, islam and jihad being mentioned. One day I hope one of them mentions, that this has been known for years, then one brave investigator will reveal the MASSIVE cover up by the MSM.

        Sirhan Sirhan, Leila Khaled, abu Nidal… join the dots, they all lead to Mecca.