LIBYA demands U.S. return Benghazi mastermind, calling raid that captured him an “attack on our sovereignty”

Not to worry, Barack Hussein Obama is only using him as a distraction from his tanking approval ratings. He’ll give him back as soon as all this Benghazi ‘nonsense’ quiets down again.

Ahmed abu Khattala, Benghazi mastermind

Ahmed abu Khattala, Benghazi mastermind

UK Daily Mail  Libyan government officials have condemned the U.S. Delta Force raid that captured an alleged Benghazi mastermind and demanded that he be returned to Libya. Libyan Justice Minister Saleh al-Marghani said American forces has no right to abscond with Ahmed abu Khattala and another official added that the operation was an ‘attack on Libyan sovereignty.’

Khattala, who was indicted by a U.S. federal court last August for the 2013 attack that killed four Americans, should face trial in Libya for the crimes, al-Marghani said – in the first official response from the government in Tripoli. (He’s been running around out in the open for 2 years if you wanted him) ‘We had no prior notification. We did not to expect the U.S. to upset our political scene,’ he told a press conference on Wednesday.

Members of the clandestine Delta Force

Members of the clandestine Delta Force

He said Khatalah had been wanted by Libyan authorities for questioning but a lack of security had prevented this. For nearly two years, Khattala taunted American and Libyan authorities – refusing to hide and maintaining a high public profile.  Even after he was indicted my American authorities, he gave several interviews to Americans news media from a cafe in Benghazi. 

Said al Saoud, spokesman for the foreign ministry, said of the American raid: ‘This attack on Libya sovereignty happened at a time when Benghazi is suffering from many problems.’ (Awwww)

Observed by two drones flying overhead, the Delta Force team reportedly tricked their way into Khattala’s headquarters on Sunday and he is currently being held aboard the USS New York – which was built using steel from the World Trade Center destroyed in September, 2001. 


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