MONTANA restaurant guaranteed to be Muslim-free

bearcreek_01Fondly known by the locals as the “Swine & Dine,” the Bear Creek Saloon and Steakhouse thrills crowds with their world famous Pig Races. And no doubt their pork ribs.


YellowStoneGate  For the last 20 years, Bear Creek Downs has been the site of the most exciting 10 seconds in swine-related bar sports. Five pigs burst (or sometimes wallow) from the starting gate to race (or sometimes waddle) around a 150-foot oval, where a finish-line snack awaits.

This being America, you can also wager on pig racing, which makes the competition so much more compelling than if it were a matter of only porky pride and bragging rights. But handicapping the pigs is tough.


“Anything can happen. You can have one leading the pack, then all of a sudden, he’ll just stop in the middle of the race. There’s really no way to know. Sometimes the small pigs will beat the big ones who get jammed up in the corner. It keeps it exciting,” he said.

The Bear Creek Saloon is an authentic, historic western bar, first built in 1904 as a bar and meat market to serve residents who worked in the nearby coal mines.

h/t Bernard R