It isn’t only Egypt that thinks al-Jazeera is a mouthpiece for Islamic terrorists

al-jazeera-wins-america-journalism-award-february-20-20121Apparently, many in Iraq, do, too. Not in the U.S., however, where Hillary Clinton endorsed them as one of the best, most honest news outlets in the world. It’s time for Iraq to start jailing al-Jazeera reporters as Egypt has been doing.

Iraqi journalist Abu Firas Hamdani has acquired worldwide recognition after visiting the Aljazeera studio in Qatar where he accused the Qatari government and its main state television Al Jazeera of manipulating news and thereby ‘regulating’ terrorism in Iraq. Qatar and Saudi Arabia are frequently referred to as the primary source of revenue for ISIS in Iraq and Syria. On June 18, Abu Firas was invited to hold a debate at the Al Jazeera studio in Doha. While speaking at the Al Jazeera show, Hamdani questioned Al Jazeera’s intentions and directed criticism toward the Emir of the country. A pen was thrown at Hamdani by his opponent during the diatribe but Hamdani was arrested and jailed for his remarks by State Security Forces loyal to the Emir.