NYC Muslim food cart vendor gets stabbed by angry customer

He probably got sick on the disgusting halal food they sell from these carts.


The vendor,  Amayan Shiha, told CAIR-NY that he saw a customer arguing with another Muslim food cart vendor over a sandwich. When he approached the men engaged in the argument in an effort to interfere , the customer faced him and allegedly said, “You don’t belong to this country. Go back to your fucking country ,” and stabbed him a total of 15 times.

ABC News Amayan Shiha has 25 stitches in the side of his head. He also has another wound not two inches from his kidney and another on his leg. Shiha says the injuries were sustained when a crazed attacker went after him with a switchblade and made his motive painfully clear.

Typical halal slop sold from these carts
Typical halal slop sold from these carts

“He looked at me and he tell me ‘you wanna fight?'” said Shiha, “and he grabbed something from his right pocket.”

He has demanded that his case gets classified as a hate crime. Ayman Shiha told CBS News 2’s Lou Young he believes the motive for the attack this past Tuesday was that he is Muslim. Police said the attack was just over a sandwich.

Shiha needed 25 stitches to the face and ear, and suffered a plunging wound that narrowly missed his kidney and multiple other wounds to the left side of his body.

NYC Halal Food carts get more Health Dept violations than any other vendors
NYC Halal Food carts get more Health Dept violations than any other vendors

“It’s a hate crime, because I work in a halal truck. You know, most of the people who work there are Muslim people or immigrant people,” Shiha said. “Before he started stabbing in my neck, he told me, ‘You don’t belong to United States? Why are you here? Go back to your fucking country.’”


The food cart was parked right across from Bellevue hospital in Kips Bay around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday when the attack happened. Shiha said the attacker became enraged because the halal stand would not serve a Philly cheesesteak at the halal food cart.

So far, suspect Louis Garcia is only charged with simple assault. The case goes to a grand jury on Monday.