SYRIA: Eight men accused of apostasy (aka not supporting Islamic jihadists) killed and crucified

Eight Muslims accused of apostasy were executed and crucified by ISIS in Dayr Ḥāfir (دير حافر‎) a town in the Aleppo Governorate, Syria. In other words, ISIS killed these men and left their corpses hanging in a public place because they were not the followers of fundamentalist Islam approved by ISIS.


BG  As we have seen in the video of truck drivers executed in the Anbar Province of Iraq, ISIS members have a series of religious questions only a Salafi fanatic deeply submerged in the Sunni religion would be able to answer. The inability to answer them correctly signifies to them that you are not a Sunni and that’s the grounds for execution on the grounds of you being the apostate.


The truck drivers, who in an attempt to save their lives told ISIS that they were Sunni, were asked how they performed each of the prayers: morning, midday and evening. The drivers were unable to properly describe the rites of Sunnis and were all shot.

This is of course not the first time we’ve seen ISIS utilizing crucifixion in Syria. In May, ISIS crucified two men in Raqqa  and a few weeks later they crucified a boy for rape and theft.