ITALY: Mayor of Padua orders all public buildings and schools to display a crucifix, while banning Muslims from praying in those buildings

17896“Hands off the crucifixes or you will be in trouble,” says controversial Northern League mayor, Massimo Bitonci, as he embarks on a ‘new crusade’ in favor of placing a crucifix in all schools and public buildings…while banning Muslim prayer in them. Yes!

F-Point  Massimo Bitonci, who had joined in protests when courts ruled against the display of the crucifix, said that the city will distribute “a nice mandatory crucifix” to every city school and office. 


The first Venetian citizen in fact announced that the municipality will worry to buy and to supply all schools and public offices of crucifixes needed that should be exposed. “Now in all buildings and schools there will be quite a mandatory crucifix given by the municipality. And woe betide anyone who touches “Bitonci explained from his facebook profile, on which he published a post about it.

Just a few hours before the same Bitonci had waged a new battle in the city against the Islamic ramadan prayers in public buildings. The occasion was the discovery that the previous administration had granted to the faithful Muslims to unite in a gym.


To accompany the notice Bitonci has also published a photo of him while holding a crucifix between people. The shot goes back to 2009 when then-Senator of the Carroccio was actively involved to distribute free crucifixes in Abano Terme in the province of Padua. Bitonci indeed is no stranger to similar positions and at that time began a long battle against the family of a student who had demanded the removal of crucifixes from classroom.


“Municipal gyms should be used for the development of sport, education and sports of the young” Bitonci had explained, adding: “the new Administration intends to specify that, since its establishment, will no longer be granted permission to carry out this type of activity in municipal gyms”. “

There is a regulation on the use of public halls, to the discipline of noisy activities and the administration of food or drink” stressed the Mayor of Padua, warning: “if found transgressions by staff of the local police assigned to controls, including the disturbance of the public peace or safety-related issues, we immediate revocation of the concession.”