With no evidence, Palestinians riot as they blame Israelis for what they call a “revenge killing” for the recent brutal murders of three Israeli teens

Israeli police are following three paths of investigation: (1) it was a revenge killing, (2) it was an honor killing related to the teen’s alleged gay sexuality, and (3) it was part of a non-political murder as part of an ongoing feud between families.

Mohammed Abu Khedier
Mohammed Abu Khdeir (looks a little swishy)

JPost  Chanting “Intifada, Intifada,” thousands of furious Palestinians called for a new uprising against Israel during the funeral on Friday of a teen they believe was kidnapped and killed by far-right Jews.

Stones thrown at Israeli police were met by teargas, stun grenades and rubber bullets in one of the most highly charged displays of enmity in Jerusalem in years as the body of Muhammad Abu Khdeir, 16, wrapped in a Palestinian flag, was carried through his neighborhood under a sweltering sun. Medics said 15 demonstrators were treated for injuries. There was no immediate word of arrests by the Israelis.


Palestinian officials trying to calm tensions in recent weeks have said they would prevent any intifada, or uprising, and seek a solution to a crisis that began when three Israeli teens were kidnapped in the occupied West Bank on June 12.

The discovery of their dead bodies on Monday prompted an outpouring of national grief in Israel. Tensions spiked after Abu Khdeir was kidnapped on Wednesday in his Arab neighborhood in Jerusalem and his charred body was found hours later in a forest on the edge of the city.


Many Palestinians, including Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, assert he was the victim of far-right Jews incensed at the discovery this week of the remains of the three Israeli teenagers.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called Abu Khdeir’s killing, a day after the three Jewish seminary students were buried, “loathsome” and ordered a swift police investigation. Israeli authorities said they did not yet know whether the Palestinian was indeed the victim of a hate crime.


Netanyahu accused Hamas militants of seizing the three Israelis and the military mounted a nearly three-week-long search in the West Bank and a sweep against the movement’s activists and institutions. Hundreds of Palestinians, many of them Hamas members, were detained. Hamas has neither confirmed nor denied involvement in the West Bank kidnappings. That did not stop some of Abu Khdeir’s mourners calling for more seizures to pressure Israel into releasing Palestinians.