‘The United West’ confronts two CAIR spokesIslamists about Islamic religious apartheid


The hypocrisy of Muslims in this video is exposed when they try to justify the prohibition of ALL non-Muslims from entering Mecca and Medina.  CAIR-Tampastan Director, Hassan Shibly, is leading a trip to the Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia that must exclude anyone who does not share his faith, Islam. Watch how he tries to weasel around that one!

When Mr. Shibly was asked about this he blamed Saudi Arabia for the Islamic religious apartheid of the Hajj. Mr. Shibly knows the exclusion of non-Muslim from Mecca and Medina under threat of arrest or death has been a common practice long before Saudi Arabia was established.

The fact that Hassan Shibly and CAIR do not do what is right but instead promote the Islamic religious apartheid exposes them for being religious and political supremacists and haters of more than 3/4 of the worlds population who are not followers of Islam.

h/t connect741