Barack Hussein Obama’s job approval rate is soaring with one group

And one group only – MUSLIMS!  Obama, long recognized as a Muslim by most of the Muslim world and many in the West, not surprisingly, has a huge following among U.S. Muslims.




Washington Post  A new poll from Gallup shows 72 percent of American Muslims rate Obama favorably. That’s his best rating among religious groups — by far. At the other end of the spectrum are Mormons, just 18 percent of whom approve of Obama.

The numbers for Muslim Americans shouldn’t be surprising either, as they are heavily Democratic. Numbers from the Pew Research Center show 63 percent of Muslims are Democrats or lean Democratic, compared to just 11 percent who lean the other way.


Obama has also made a point in his presidency to reach out to the Muslim world — at least internationally.

Muslims have stuck by Obama more than basically any other group. Their support is down just 14 points from when Obama first took office. Every other group is down at least 20 points.