Criticize Islam and Facebook will ban you. Praise Hitler and Islamic terrorists and you’re good to go.

facebookislamNeed more evidence that progressive political correctness only extends to favored groups? Look no further than Facebook. While Facebook’s official community standards forbid hate speech and threats of violence, the social media site has so far failed to remove repeated insults and vicious threats against Israel and Jews in general. Amidst a mounting Israeli campaign against Hamas, Facebook has become a hotbed of anti-Jew hatred.

277061_125316150824707_629847945_nNewsbusters  Users have been allowed to blanket Israeli pages with rants like “FUCK YOU ISRAEL FUCK YOU ISRAEL,” “I wish Hitler wiped you off the map your time is coming again” and “Oh, Allah, destroy the Jews around the world.” Many of the comments on Israel’s Facebook page or the Israeli military’s profile endorsed terrorism and called on Hamas and other Muslim terrorists to massacre Jews.

Facebook’s official “Community Standards” prohibit this sort of hate speech. For example, “Violence and Threats” are not allowed and users may not “credibly threaten others, or organize acts of real-world violence,” including “terrorist or violent criminal activity.” In addition, “Facebook does not permit hate speech” such as attacks on “race, ethnicity, national origin [or] religion.”

If Facebook is literally just refusing to remove this anti-Israeli sentiment, it would not be the first time they had selectively applied their community standards for ideological reasons.


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