GAZA: Crispy Critters

Israeli Air Force fries Islamic Jihad leader and two of his accomplices as they travel in  a car in Gaza.

IVN  The Israeli Air Force successfully struck Alaa Abed a-Nabi, a senior officer responsible for Islamic Jihad’s rocket operations in Gaza, as well as two other terrorists. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit released footage of the targeted killing in the Gaza Strip.An IAF aircraft fired a missile on the three Islamic Jihad terrorists while they were in a vehicle in the northern Gaza Strip around noon. The 3 Hamas members were Mahmoud Valoud, Hazzam Ba’alusa, and a-Nabi. The IDF said a-Nabi was responsible for Islamic Jihad rocket operations in the northern Strip and has actively taken part in rocket barrages on Israel during IDF Operation Protective Edge, including long-range missiles.