NEW JERSEY: Muslim supremacists bully their way into small town that doesn’t want them

Even though virtually all the residents of Midland Park, New Jersey were virulently opposed to the mosque, the town was forced to approve it. And the repugnant Palestinian Muslim 3rd-rate comedian, Dean Obeidallah, writing for the Daily Beast, has a lot to say about it, in another one of his ‘infidelphobic’ rants. 

 (Hey, Dean, shouldn’t you be lobbing rockets into Israel right now?)


The Daily Beast  Typically, there isn’t a large police presence at a land-use hearing. But Wednesday night’s hearing was different. There was a palpable sense of concern by law enforcement. Why? Because Wednesday night, the board was deciding whether to approve the application of Muslims to convert an old church into a mosque.

The little town of Midland Park is a middle-class suburb of New York City, just north of my hometown of Paramus. It’s home to about 7,000 residents. And now this quiet township had also become the home of an ugly mosque controversy. Unlike the Ground Zero mosque protest of 2010, this fight didn’t make national headlines or become the lead story on the nightly news. Yet to the local residents and the Muslim-Americans who desperately wanted a place of worship, it was just as important, and emotions were just as high.

The former church that will become a mosque
The former church that will become a mosque in Midland Park

The small hearing room that accommodated 60 was packed with the faces of brown and white people, while others filled the hallways and adjacent conference rooms. For the next three hours, this hearing would be the big show in this small town. And it didn’t disappoint. Some of the objections as reported in the NW Bergen Press were:

Loudspeakers blaring chants five times a day, increased traffic and the potential for crime were among the fears expressed by residents last night to plans to open a mosque in Midland Park.

“They say they are a small congregation, but they are looking to grow. They want to educate people and bring people from Bergen County to this building,” neighbor Lisa Fastuca told the borough mayor and council at a packed meeting last night. “It is going to change the way I live and the way my family lives.

“I think you guys should do something about it.”

Increased traffic throughout town — but especially on quiet Irving Street — as well as overflow parking on surrounding streets and noise were among other concerns.

“Traditional Muslims practice a Call to Faith over a loud speaker system,” said Danielle Allen, who lives near the property. “Do we have to listen to chants at all hours of the day and night?”

Safety was another concern. “I’ve been caught in traffic with people coming out of a mosque in Paterson,” resident Patty O’Donnell said. “There were 50 or 60 men in the street. I was scared.

“Is that what is going to happen in this town?

Residents also said they fear taxes will rise and property values will drop because members of the new congregation will want to live closer.

Several attendees asked whether the borough could seize the property through eminent domain. “The Religious Land Use and Institutional Persons Act precludes us from taking action that puts an undue burden on a house of worship,” Borough Attorney Robert Regan said. “There are a number of communities in Rockland County who were sued by the federal government for millions of dollars.”


From the Midland Park Press Facebook page

Saying there are good muslims is like a Jewish family saying there are good Nazis…. if they make this Church a mosque, Midland can kiss their town Goodbye…. and don’t let the rino socialist christy get involved… he’s is good friends with the muslim in d.c.
These are your HOMES, you must educate yourselves and not bury your heads in sand: Read The Story of Mohammed by Harry Richardson  (available at BNI – see sidebar) and make your own, educated conclusions. There will be ramifications to this.
I would fight this as hard as I can
Matt Davison

You’re right this is the “diversity” I want this in my neighborhood.

At the outset of the hearing, the attorney for the mosque, sensing that the room was filled with opponents, made a simple plea to the municipal board members: “This is not a public referendum, it’s a question of law.”

He was legally correct, but that didn’t prevent local officials in Bridgewater, New Jersey from improperly preventing the building of a mosque a few years ago. The result was a lawsuit in federal court that found in favor of the mosque, although it’s currently still engulfed in the appeals process.

Angry Muslims marching down the street in Midland Park
Angry Muslims marching down the street in Midland Park

And then came the parade of people testifying for and against the mosque.  We heard from opponents who lived on the block of the proposed mosque. I sincerely believe they were simply concerned about traffic, not Muslims. Others opened by saying “I have nothing against Muslims,” but you could still sense apprehension—not based on malice, but more from a lack of personal exposure to Muslims.

Soon, however, the mask of civility was removed, revealing the ugly face of bigotry. As one Muslim man from a neighboring town testified, someone yelled out, “Build the mosque in your town!” Another commented: “I don’t care if they worship their God, just not in our town.”

There was a man holding up a sign that read “Stop Application” and “Keep R Kids Safe.” I was a bit confused about the second sign. Was he alleging that Muslims are a threat to children? (YES! They are) Not sure, but it wasn’t long until he stormed out of the hearing, declaring: “There are 180 million radicalized Muslims!”


The hearing soon reached a boiling point as a woman calmly, but intensely, testified from prepared notes about the alleged threats Islam posed to the people of the town. Parroting the crap we have heard from Islamophbes on Fox News, she claimed Muslims are “trained” to lie and that they don’t share the same values as we, Americans, do. When someone in the crowd objected, another in the audience said: “It’s the truth, you don’t know them.”

Islamic Thinkers Society burning these flags on a midtown Manhattan street
Islamic Thinkers Society burning these flags on a midtown Manhattan street

There was even a moment of surreal levity. Another woman sitting in the audience, and again this is small room where everyone could easily see one another, had been loudly voicing anti-Muslim comments. She then came up to testify, stating: “I don’t have any problems with Muslims, it’s about traffic.” Did she really think we couldn’t see she was the same person saying anti-Muslim crap minutes before?

Don’t get me wrong, there were some bright spots, such as when a Jewish and a Christian leader testified in support of the Muslims’ freedom to worship like people of other faiths. However, every single resident of Midland Park who testified voiced opposition to the mosque.


The decision was unanimous. A new place of worship was coming to this small town. And it would bring with it people that don’t look or pray like most of the local residents. (Once again, Muslim supremacists bullying their way into neighborhoods that don’t want them. Pretty soon there will be nothing but Muslims there when everyone else rushes to sell their homes before the values drop too much)