SYRIA: The Obama Regime is funding and training al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra Front terrorists

The leader of al-Nusra has met with two CIA officers as well as the Saudi deputy minister of defense Prince Salman bin Sultan in Jordan’s capital city of Amman. 



Al-Alam  According to former Austrian general, Matthias Ghalem, al-Nusra Front leader Abu-Mohammad al-Jolani signed a financial-military contract to confront upcoming military and security challenges in southern Syria in near future.

Ghalem who quoted Colonel Ahmed al-Naameh, head of the rebel Revolutionary Military Council in southern Syria, said that two deputies of Robert Stephen Ford, US former ambassador to Syria, were also presented in the meeting. Saudi deputy minister of defense Prince Salman bin Sultan also participated in the meeting on behalf of his brother Bandar Bin Sultan who is in charge of surveying Syria developments and scheming new operations for fighting Bashar Assad in this regards.


CIA operatives have been secretly providing the Syrian militants with training on the use of anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons for months, The Los Angeles Times reported earlier. Since the opening of a new US base in the desert in southwest of Jordan in November 2012, the CIA operatives and US special operations troops have covertly trained the militants in groups of 20 to 45 at a time in two-week courses.

The militants receive training with Russian-designed 14.5-millimeter anti-tank rifles, anti-tank missiles, and 23-millimeter anti-aircraft weapons, according to a militant commander in the Syrian province of Dara’a. The training program has also been conducted in Turkey, the report said.

The report comes weeks after President Barack Obama ordered the CIA to directly provide the militants in Syria with weapons.

Father Francois Murad beheaded in public by Syrian jihadist 'rebels'

Father Francois Murad beheaded in public by Syrian jihadist ‘rebels’



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  1. We better look inside the US – Bag Head Barry has over 30 al-Qaida training camps set-up, armed, funded and recruiting stations ready to murder Americans. The focus is on the wrong place, as usual.

  2. i hear al nura front has renamed themselves so there is now 2 caliphates demand attention

  3. Another mess the community organizer is creating. The most inept American president of your entire history.

    He clearly hasn’t learned his lesson from the Benghazi fiasco.

    • Sorry, Susan, Obama is far from inept, but is accomplishing the “Cloward-Piven Strategy of Organized Crisis” he once lectured on. Read it and see if the factors therein aren’t all around us. He’s not concerned with an Obama legacy, but with empowering Muslims throughout the world while weakening their enemies. His clear immunity to Islam’s lethal requirements on apostates should end all question of his religious affiliation. What happens to those who sleep with poisionous snakes?

  4. Pure insanity on the part of odumbo. Insanity is doing the same crazy stuff, over and over again and expecting a different result. odumbo gives weapons and support to the sunni rebels in syria to fight the shiite muslum assaud foreces and gives support to the shiite muslum rebels in Iraq to fight the sunni muslim terrorists in Iraq. The good news is the murdering of muslum savages continues. The only side to be on that is not insanity is to fully support Israel the only nation worth supporting in the middle east hell holes.

    • Sorry, Cat, the expectations that prove insanity is by whoever is repeating the act over and over. Obama’s expectations are apparently very nearly being met.

  5. Impeachment alone will not do for Obama and company. He and his immediate collaborators must be tried for treason and given the maximum sentence if and when convicted.