UK police have nothing better to do than to arrest people who write anti-Islam comments on the internet

A TEENAGER has been arrested after allegedly posting a ‘racist’ (What ‘race’ is Islam?) threat against a proposed new mega-mosque eyesore and Islamic Indoctrination Center on Facebook.

Leon Richmond, arrested for a thought crime in the Islamic Republic of Britain
Leon Richmond, arrested for a thought crime in the Islamic Republic of Britain

Leon Richmond, aged 18, from Smithills, is alleged to have made an “offensive” comment about the proposed new mosque in Blackburn Road, Astley Bridge, on a Facebook page. He has been bailed by police, who have warned that more arrests will follow. (Ewwww, the islamofascist UK thought police are going to be very busy)

The proposed mega mosque, which was given approval by Bolton Council members earlier this month, will be built on a plot of land off Canning Street.

The mosquetrosity in question
The mosquetrosity in question

Det Insp Charlotte Cadden, from Bolton North Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “An 18-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of making racial threats to cause criminal damage. “This is the first of a number of arrests we will be making.

“People seem to think they can make racially (What ‘race’ is islam?) offensive comments online with impunity but they can’t because it’s offensive and people are rightly concerned. “If you have put something like that online I would advise you to remove it. “We have captured some of the comments already and we are prioritizing the most serious ones. (That’s right, ignore all the young white girls being sexually abused and turned into prostitutes by muslim men because you have to go after anti-islam commenters)

“The arrest made by (Nazi) police is a warning to people. 

“All people have a right to a lawful protest if they are unhappy about something but this has far overstepped the mark and turned into racial verbal abuse and threats that have caused a lot concern and upset in all communities. (Crap! It only upsets the muslim enemy within)