Even in NYC, Social Services staffers pander to Muslims, talk down to Jews

This letter is from a Jewish woman (who shall remain anonymous for her safety) who had the misfortune of finding herself in a homeless shelter in New York City filled with Muslims and Muslim sympathizers. I imagine they rarely encounter any Jewish ‘clients’ in these kinds of shelters.


“Unfortunately I am at a homeless shelter in NYC. I am awaiting a Section 8 (subsidized) apartment.

The first day there was a meeting for “clients” – meaning the homeless – about more security and how security would have access to your room. Well, a big fat muslim woman said: “I don’t want anyone in my room touching my Koran because everyone has “UNCLEAN HANDS.”

NOT ONE person, no staff, no homeless, except ME caught the comment or understood the comment. After the meeting, I turned to someone in the group and said: “Here we go….muslims shoving their shit on us, their “religion” is just so much more important than any other.”

The muslim woman heard me and a few days later she tried to attack me but was thwarted by security. She was not kicked out.

The woman who is handling my case and facilitating the paperwork  for the apartment is very unprofessional. She knows I am Jewish only because she tried to shove a crappy apartment on me, so I said: “Look, I am also going to JEWISH neighborhoods to look.” She said: “Oh, you’re Jewish, well, well, they do stick together.”

Then, when she botched the paperwork she said a couple times to me: “I am really sick of Israel and Palestine.”

I said: “What do you mean?” She said: “Who is Israel to think they own the land?”

I said: “Do you remember why Israel, the modern day Israel was created? “

She said NOTHING about that, only said: “It is no one’s land.”

I said: “You don’t know what you are talking about and by the way, there is no such thing as Palestine and Jews were there first, Jewish religion was there first and Jews have a right to defend THEIR land.”

She said: “It is everyone’s land.”

Then she made a snide comment about how she is going to Istanbul in September. I said: “Well, not a wise choice and you better be prepared to wear a headbag.”

She said: “You don’t know nothing.”

So, even the staff in homeless shelters are anti-Semites yet allow Muslims to shove their crap down the homeless system’s throat.

By the way, I have no proof that CAIR is involved, but the muslim woman got a cushy first floor room, with air conditioning, on the pretense that she can’t walk (she is always outside sitting on one of those walkers), but I saw her WALKING many times.