Glenn Greenwald, journalist and leading paid shill for CAIR and Edward Snowden are aiding and abetting Islamic jihadist enemies of America

It’s now clear that ex-NSA contractor Ed Snowden and his journalist sidekick Glenn Greenwald have an agenda beyond exposing spying abuses. They’re really aiding and abetting the Islamic terrorist enemy.

Glenn Greenwald & Edward Snowden
Glenn Greenwald & Edward Snowden

Investors Business Daily  By releasing the names of several Muslim terrorist targets under surveillance by the NSA and FBI in a new expose — “Under Surveillance: Meet the Muslim-American Leaders the FBI and NSA Have Been Spying On” — Snowden and his mouthpiece Greenwald have tipped off the enemy and jeopardized major counterterror investigations.

Glenn Greenwald's lover David Miranda was detained by Heathrow Security under Terror Act
Glenn Greenwald’s lover David Miranda was detained by Heathrow Security under Terror Act

They make it seem as if the five American Muslim leaders they found listed in NSA and FBI surveillance records were victims of anti-Muslim prejudice, while glossing over the raft of counterterror evidence against them. In fact, the government has court-approved cause to spy on them.

One of the FBI’s terrorist targets — a subject of a FISA court warrant — is the executive director, Nihad Awad,  of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Washington, a group Greenwald describes as a harmless “civil-rights organization,” though the FBI has called it a “Hamas front” and the Justice Department has implicated it in a plot to raise millions for Palestinian terrorists.

NIHAD AWAD (center)
NIHAD AWAD (center)

A federal judge OK’d warrants to read CAIR chief Nihad Awad’s email accounts. The FBI showed Awad may be engaged in “certain criminal activity on behalf of a foreign power.” No wonder the agency cut off ties to CAIR and its Palestinian leader.  Greenwald has pocketed thousands of dollars speaking at CAIR fundraising banquets.

“There really is no organization with which I’d rather be spending my time, or with which I feel more at home than CAIR,” Greenwald told CAIR’s San Francisco chapter in 2012, though a year earlier the same office issued a poster advising Muslims to slam the door in the face of FBI agents asking for help finding terrorists to prevent another 9/11. “I’m really glad to be a part of anything that CAIR does,” he added, “and to support the organization in any way that I can.”

His support includes interfering in federal investigations. After CAIR lawyers contacted him, Greenwald took classified investigative information Snowden stole and fed it to Awad, knowing the CAIR leader was the subject of a major terrorism probe.

Greenwald’s role in the Snowden saga goes far beyond journalism. He’s a paid shill for a terrorist front group. No wonder he and his co-conspirator hide overseas.

Greenwald speaking at a CAIR banquet
Greenwald speaking at a CAIR banquet

Greenwald has spoken to CAIR on at least two previous occasions and long expressed affinity for the organization. Greenwald told the CAIR-San Francisco Bay Area chapter on November 17, 2012 that “there really is no organization with which I’d rather be spending my time, or with which I feel more at home than CAIR.” Greenwald dismissed critics of CAIR, who contend the organization is terrorist-friendly, as smear merchants. He praised CAIR for its concerted effort to fight alleged oppression of Muslims in the United States and abroad.

“Despite malicious attacks and coordinated smear campaigns, including from our own government, and various other precincts [CAIR] has continued to devote itself relentlessly and really quite heroically to the fight for what I think is quite clearly, far and away, the greatest civil liberties crisis of our generation, at least, which is the persecution of Muslim Americans, and Muslims generally, in the post-9/11 era, which is really an assault on the liberties of everyone.”