Obama demands that Israel immediately stop the war when it reaches 1,000 dead in Gaza!

“A senior source in the American Administration says that if the number of  dead among the Palestinians in Gaza reaches 1,000 President Obama will  demand that Israel immediately ceases fire- in a conversation with our  correspondent Oren Nahari.” Israel tells Obama:


IMRA (h/t Linda R)  Israel Radio News bulletin 14:00 19 July 2014 Dr. Aaron Lerner – IMRA: this arbitrary figure is another illustration that when the  Obama Administration says “it has Israel’s back” it means it has a knife in Israel’s back. The issue is not how many human shields Hamas sacrifices in the Gaza Strip. The issue is addressing the festering cancerous security challenge. Stopping this operation with the tunnels intact, for example, means leaving open Israel’s population to the threat of  huge bloody terror attacks at any moment.