IDF Operation Protective Edge Daily Update from Israel – Sunday, July 20th


Sadly, 13 Israeli soldiers were killed overnight fighting Hamas. Since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge more than 1,790 rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel. 

Sunday, July 20 IDF

6:35 PM: Since last night, 13 soldiers from the IDF’s Golani Brigade were killed while fighting Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

3:41 PM: Despite Hamas’ continuous fire, the IDF has agreed to hold fire in Shuja’iya for an additional hour.


2:13 PM: Despite the IDF’s agreement to the Red Cross’ request for a cease fire in Shuja’iya until 15:30, Hamas has not stopped shooting from Shuja’iya.

1:30 PM: IDF agreed to the Red Cross’ request for a humanitarian window in Shuja’iya. We will hold our fire there from 13:30-15:30.

1:16 PM: Reports received that Hamas is preventing journalists in Gaza from leaving through the Erez crossing.


1:00 PM: This morning the IDF operated in Shuja’iya, Hamas’ terror fortress in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas uses Shuja’iya as a fortress for its weapons, rockets, tunnels and command centers. Hamas uses the neighborhood’s residents as human shields. 


This civilian neighborhood in Gaza is home to extensive Hamas infrastructure. In only 13 days, Hamas has fired over 140 rockets from this neighborhood into Israel. IDF soldiers have found 10 openings to terror tunnels in Shuja’iya. These tunnels are used for infiltrating Israel, smuggling weapons, and launching rockets at Israeli civilians. 


The IDF warned civilians in Shuja’iya to evacuate the area many days before striking the terror infrastructure within it. Dropping leaflets, making phone calls and sending text messages are just some of the many actions the IDF has been taking to minimize civilian casualties in Gaza.

Hamas ordered the residents of Shuja’iya to ignore the IDF’s warning and stay in the neighborhood. By doing so, Hamas put them in the line of fire.

After we fired a warning shot at this target, Hamas ordered civilians to form a human shield on the roof.
After we fired a warning shot at this target, Hamas ordered civilians to form a human shield on the roof.

Despite the fact that many of the residents ignored warnings and didn’t leave the neighborhood, the IDF continued to operate in the most precise and surgical way possible, targeting only terrorists and their infrastructure.

The IDF agreed to the Red Cross’ request for a two-hour humanitarian window in Shuja’iya. This humanitarian window was opened despite the threats emanating from the neighborhood, including continuous Hamas rocket fire at Israel. Hamas broke the humanitarian window when firing at Israel during the two-hour period. Still, the IDF agreed to the Red Cross appeal to extend the Humanitarian widow by another hour.


11:40 AM: We are building a field hospital for Palestinians in Gaza. It will open tonight on Israel’s side of the Erez crossing.

10:00 AM: The Iron Dome intercepted a rocket above Ashkelon.

4:00 AM: Yesterday, we facilitated the transfer of approx. 20 tons of medical supplies into Gaza through Kerem Shalom Crossing. Watch here.


3:20 AM: 2nd Lt. Bar Rahav, 21, and Sgt. Bnaya Rubel, 20, were killed yesterday while fighting Hamas terrorists.

2:30 AM: We are currently expanding our ground operation against Hamas in Gaza.


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