IDF OPERATION PROTECTIVE EDGE daily update from Israel – Tuesday, July 22nd


Tuesday, July 22

10:50 AM: A vehicle carrying seven soldiers was attacked on July 20. Six of their bodies have been identified and efforts to identify the 7th soldier are ongoing.

10:02 AM: Rocket sirens in Tel Aviv.

9:25 AM: The Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted 7 rockets above Ashdod.

6:00 AM: The IDF confirms that yesterday, Sgt. First Class Oded Ben Sira was killed on the battlefield defending the citizens of Israel. May his memory be blessed.

3:28 AM: Four rockets were fired from Gaza towards Be’er Sheva. One was intercepted by Iron Dome and three hit open areas.

1:48 AM: A rocket fired from Gaza hit an open area near Kafr Qasim in central Israel, nearly 100 km from Gaza.

1:35 AM: A Palestinian terrorist shot and severely injured an Israeli civilian in Judea and Samaria. IDF Forces are searching the area.

Hamas has turned Wafa Hospital into a command center and a rocket-launching site. Hamas has fired at Israel and at IDF forces from the hospital. As a result, the IDF repeatedly conveyed warnings to the hospital staff and urged civilians to leave the area. Hamas continued firing from the hospital. In response, the IDF targeted specific sites and terrorists within the hospital grounds. Secondary explosions can be seen, confirming IDF intellgience about the site.

On July 21, Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel via a tunnel from Gaza. The terrorists were wearing full IDF uniforms, including boots and vests, and had explosives strapped to their bodies. They were engaged and killed by IDF forces.

Despite ongoing terror attacks and constant rocket fire, the IDF goes beyond its legal obligation and supplies medical equipment, food, gas and hygiene products to Gaza.