Moammar Gaddafi warned Europe, “If I go down, Europe goes black”

Before Barack Hussein Obama came to power, Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi was aggressively blocking the tidal wave of mostly Muslim illegal aliens heading for Europe from sub-Saharan Africa and repatriating them back to Africa.


TCN  When Barack Obama started bombing Libya and arming Al-Qaeda backed ,ihadists, Gaddafi said “if I go down, Europe goes black.”Now, without Gaddafi fighting to stop of the flow of illegals, the greatest tidal wave of illegal aliens of all time is at Europe’s door. Obama’s actions in Egypt and Syria have also crippled border enforcement in other places, sending illegal aliens streaming into Israel, Bulgaria, and Greece.

It is being called a “biblical exodus” and is directly related to the toppling of Gaddafi. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are directly involved in creating this situation. Libya is still stopping some illegal immigrants, but just a tiny fraction of what was stopped under Gaddafi.

Think Africa Press  According to one news report, “A spokesman for Gaddafi suggested that increased illegal immigration was the price European nations would pay for their military and political support of the rebels trying to topple Libya’s strongman.”

Europe’s reliance on Libyan complicity in holding back asylum seekers became particularly clear in the final days of Gaddafi’s regime when the threatened dictator warned that if he was deposed, “thousands of people from Libya will invade Europe and there will be no one to stop them.” In fact, Gaddafi made good on his promise when, in May 2011, Libyan authorities reportedly began putting non-Libyan citizens on boats and sending them north to Europe. 

From Italy to Spain to the UK and the rest of the EU, the ever-rising flood of mainly young male illegal aliens from Africa is proving Gaddafi’s prediction to be spot on. 


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  1. Since the Sinai wall was completed the flood of illegals into Israel has slowed to zero. Food for thought regarding the Mexican frontier.

  2. I made an error regarding the Army personnel killed at the discoteque in Berlin. There were two, Sergeant Kenneth T. Ford and Sergeant, James E. Goins. Of the several hundred injured some were left permanently disabled.

  3. I remember 3 Army sergeants murdered in a bombing of a bar in Berlin. I remember 189 Americans murdered on PANAM 103

    Flight 103 crew: Nichole Avonye, Jerry Avritt, Noelle Berti, Siv Engstrom, Stacie Franklin, Paul Garrett, Elke Kuehne, Maria Larracoechea, James MacQuarrie, Lilibeth McAlolooy, Mary Murphy, Jocelyn Reina, Myra Royal, Irja Skabo, Milutin Velimirovich, Raymond Wagner.

    Flight 103 passengers: John Ahern, Sarah Aicher, John Akerstrom, Ronald Alexander, Thomas Ammerman, Martin Apfelbaum, Rachel Asrelsky, William Atkinson, Judith Atkinson, Clare Bacciochi, Harry Bainbridge, Stuart Barclay, Jean Bell, Julian Benello, Lawrence Bennett, Philip Bergstrom, Alistair Berkley, Michael Bernstein, Steven Berrell, Surinder Bhatia, Kenneth Bissett, Diane Boatman-Fuller, Stephen Boland, Glen Bouckley, Paula Bouckley, Nicole Boulanger, Francis Boyer, Nicholas Bright, Daniel Browner, Colleen Brunner, Timothy Burman, Michael Buser, Warren Buser, Steven Butler, William Cadman, Fabiana Caffarone, Hernan Caffarone, Valerie Canady, Gregory Capasso, Timothy Cardwell, Bernt Carlsson, Richard Cawley, Frank Ciulla, Theodora Cohen, Eric Coker, Jason Coker, Gary Colasanti, Bridget Concannon, Sean Concannon, Thomas Concannon, Tracey Corner, Scott Cory, Willis Coursey, Patricia Coyle, John Cummock, Joseph Curry, William Daniels, Gretchen Dater, Shannon Davis, Gabriel Della-Ripa, Joyce DiMauro, Gianfranca DiNardo, Peter Dix, Om Dixit, Shanti Dixit, David Dornstein, Michael Doyle, Edgar Eggleston, Turhan Ergin, Charles Fisher, Clayton Flick, John Flynn, Arthur Fondiler, Robert Fortune, Paul Freeman, James Fuller, Ibolya Gabor, Amy Gallagher, Matthew Gannon, Kenneth Garczynski, Kenneth Gibson, William Giebler, Olive Gordon, Linda Gordon-Gorgacz, Anne Gorgacz, Loretta Gorgacz, David Gould, Andre Guevorgian, Nicola Hall, Lorraine Halsch, Lynne Hartunian, Anthony Hawkins, Pamela Herbert, Rodney Hilbert, Alfred Hill, Katherine Hollister, Josephine Hudson, Melina Hudson, Sophie Hudson, Karen Hunt, Roger Hurst, Elizabeth Ivell, Khalid Jaafar, Robert Jeck, Paul Jeffreys, Rachel Jeffreys, Kathleen Jermyn, Beth Johnson, Mary Johnson, Timothy Johnson, Christopher Jones, Julianne Kelly, Jay Kingham, Patricia Klein, Gregory Kosmowski, Minas Kulukundis, Ronald LaRiviere, Robert Leckburg, William Leyrer, Wendy Lincoln, Alexander Lowenstein, Lloyd Ludlow, Maria Lurbke, William Mack, Douglas Malicote, Wendy Malicote, Elizabeth Marek, Louis Marengo, Noel Martin, Diane Maslowski, William McAllister, Daniel McCarthy, Robert McCollum, Charles McKee, Bernard McLaughlin, Jane Melber, John Merrill, Suzanne Miazga, Joseph Miller, Jewel Mitchell, Richard Monetti, Jane Morgan, Eva Morson, Helga Mosey, Ingrid Mulroy, John Mulroy, Sean Mulroy, Karen Noonan, Daniel O’Connor, Mary O’Neil, Anne Otenasek, Bryony Owen, Gwyneth Owen, Laura Owens, Martha Owens, Robert Owens, Sarah Owens, Robert Pagnucco, Christos Papadopoulos, Peter Peirce, Michael Pescatore, Sarah Philipps, Frederick Phillips, James Pitt, David Platt, Walter Porter, Pamela Posen, William Pugh, Crisostomo Quiguyan, Rajesh Ramses, Anmol Rattan, Garima Rattan, Suruchi Rattan, Anita Reeves, Mark Rein, Diane Rencevicz, Louise Rogers, Edina Roller, Janos Roller, Zsuzsana Roller, Hanne Root, Saul Rosen, Andrea Rosenthal, Daniel Rosenthal, Arnaud Rubin, Elyse Saraceni, Scott Saunders, Theresa Saunders, Johannes Schauble, Robert Schlageter, Thomas Schultz, Sally Scott, Amy Shapiro, Mridula Shastri, Joan Sheanshang, Irving Sigal, Martin Simpson, Cynthia Smith, Ingrid Smith, James Smith, Mary Smith, Geraldine Stevenson, Hannah Stevenson, John Stevenson, Rachael Stevenson, Charlotte Stinnett, Michael Stinnett, Stacey Stinnett, James Stow, Elia Stratis, Anthony Swan, Flora Swire, Marc Tager, Hidekazu Tanaka, Andrew Teran, Arva Thomas, Jonathan Thomas, Lawanda Thomas, Mark Tobin, David Trimmer-Smith, Alexia Tsairis, Barry Valentino, Thomas Van-Tienhoven, Asaad Vejdany, Nicholas Vrenios, Peter Vulcu, Janina Waido, Thomas Walker, Kesha Weedon, Jerome Weston, Jonathan White, Bonnie Williams, Brittany Williams, Eric Williams, George Williams, Stephanie Williams, Miriam Wolfe, Chelsea Woods, Dedera Woods, Joe Woods, Joe Woods Jr., Andrew Wright, Mark Zwynenburg.

    Lockerbie residents: Kathleen Flannigan, Thomas Flannigan, Joanne Flannigan, Dora Henry, Maurice Henry, Mary Lancaster, Jean Murray, John Somerville, Rosaleen Somerville, Paul Somerville, Lyndsey Somerville.

    I don’t believe in bygones are bygones or that some monsters should be allowed to come from the cold.

  4. July 24,2014
    Since the genocidal operation called ”Mare Nostrum”(our sea) Italy has spent more than 86 million to help this invasion,9 million a month.
    Money stolen from the Italian people.
    The Italian Rupublic financed other 60 million for this genocide.
    Europe,what are you doing??Do you wanna really turn into Europistan,a continent based on poverty and sharia??
    Do you wanna really lose your liberty,your wealth,your identity??
    Why don’t you wanna help Italy?Why do you forget what Italy did for you??
    Italy defeated the muslim invasion in the Battle of Lepanto.
    Europe should thanks Italy for its own identity.
    If Italy had not intervened, Europe would not exist today.

  5. Hello there….its me again…….Don Laird……

    I have no sympathy for the dead migrants……you came as a malignant, violent dominating cancer and you were given what you asked for.

    Those men are warriors, they are patriots, they are nationalists who love their country dearly and have drawn a line in the sand and told the treasonous that there will be consequences should the barbarians and savages step over that line……

    These me are not cowards, they honour the gifts given them by their ancestors, they have picked up the torch and they hold it high. They refuse to let human garbage smear the excrement of the third-world and a 7th century lunatic on everything they hold dear……

    This is just the start……….thank God we are starting.

    Godspeed Italy!!!!

    Now I look around me……I am sickened by the poverty of bravery, of courage and of righteous burning rage I see around me in North America…..sickened.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  6. When I was a youngster there was a Jewish author of children’s books that I was a big fan of. He wrote of ghosts, space aliens, moon exploration, dinosaurs, Bigfoot, monsters, robots… and anything else that would get a kid to be quick to turn a page to find out what happened next. As I got older, I kept many of his books- mementos of childhood. It was with surprise when I found out- he and his wife’s only child was a 20 year old college student killed in the Lockerbie Pan-Am Flight 103 Disaster.

    Over the years I followed the parents of Theodora Eugenia Cohen as they sought justice for the daughter (their only child)- and the total outrage when the sole person imprisoned for her murder was released out of “humanitarian grounds.”

    It was excruciating to hear a Jewish mother ask where was the compassion when her daughter’s airplane fell to the ground- killing everyone on the plane and people on the ground. People of many different nationalities died that day- all courtesy of Libyan Muslims and Kadaffi.

    His regime would sponsor other acts of terror. And his own individual abuse of his power as dictator… he was known to have his secret police and bodyguards to kidnap beautiful young Libyan women… and young male teens and boys and bring them to his gated homes where he would sexual assault them.

    Kadaffi was a monster. However, deep down- way too many people knew he was needed to keep the Muslim hordes in Libya under control. The US and Europe knew this. And then along came the Obama administration. Lets have the Muslim Brotherhood rule Libya… what could possibly go wrong?

    Benghazi. A raped and slaughtered American ambassador. Brave US military and embassy staff killed trying to stop the take over of the consulate. Muslims committing terrorist murders against oil company employees. The Muslim immigration wave becoming a tidal wave against Europe… The fall of Libya emboldened more and more terrorism.

    As vile as Kadaffi was… the term “necessary evil” had some merit with his yes, acknowledged brutal regime. The West had the ability to encourage reforms and protections of minorities while Kadaffi was alive. You can’t do that with the Mulsim Brotherhood.

    Now, thanks to Obama… a dictator was taken out… but only making the region much worse. It is disgusting having a Muslim in the White House.

    Rest In Peace Theodora Cohen and Ambassador Stevens. Your president has indeed made things worse.

    • Arjay, most Muslim countries need a benevolent dictator to keep them in line. Democracy sort of worked in Turkey…until now…when their democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood leader is trying to turn it into a sharia state. America is not far behind.

      • I disagree BNI.
        There are still to many good and well armed patriots in our great nation to let that happen yet.
        Given enough time however, the muslim in chief and his traitorous party of misfits will disarm us .
        He is trying his best to destroy America, but he can’t finish her off as long as we bitter clingers are so well armed.
        Allah FUBAR !

  7. The RETURN of the DARK AGES? Maybe it depends, if Europe is smart enough to do the right thing. I hold absolutely no hope for that. I am looking at their past record, and what has been happening there in the past five years or so. Not very smart at all.
    So ultimately, Europe can put it’s collective heads between it legs and kiss it’s ass goodbye.

    • Dear Michael Copeland…..

      Five Italian patriots had enough and they said exactly that when the line they drew in the sand was crossed by human garbage and the manifest dogma of the Leftist/Liberals.

      Expect more of this, much more of this as patriots begin to fight back against the cancer of the third-world and the handiwork of the treasonous Leftist/Liberals.

      My only hope is that these patriots turn their attention to those treasonous and treacherous souls with the bureaucracy, the media, the academia, the judiciary, the law enforcement agencies and all others who have paved the way for this horrific madness, let them exact the price of their treason from their hides and may it be a symphony of agony.

      Please, let it be a symphony of agony.

      Godspeed Italy.

      Godspeed my Italian patriot friends.

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Crankville County
      Alberta, Canada

  8. Another bastard called Pope Francis said ”we MUST help these poor creatures”
    He’s clearly Satan wearing the fake dress of the Good Shepherd.
    If you go to Vatican State you don’t find immigrants,because Vatican DON’T accept them.
    The Church is doing a great profit with this invasion.
    Stop make donations to Church,is another cancer of the Earth.

  9. Multitudes — millions of Muslims, both legal and illegal are DESTROYING Italy and the other little countries of Europe and Britain. The economies, culture and safety of our countries are being annihilated.

    Before our evil leaders colonised each one of our tiny nations of Europe and Britain with millions of muslims, our beautiful countries were SAFE, Happy and Free!
    A Never-ending Flow of Illegal Immigrants Overburdens Italian Welfare

    ….generous Italian welfare, including old-age pensions, is doled out not only to illegal immigrants but, incredibly, to their relatives back home….

    In order to de-industrialize an economy as big as Italy’s, money has to be pried away from millions of hard-working Italians. Which explains the sudden deluge of illegal immigrants which has been literally tossed onto our shores by the shipload, starting in 1993……

    The flooding continued, to the self-righteous glee of Italy’s powerful leftists, until it was stopped by a costly ‘friendship’ treaty with Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi (who was not friends with Italy alone.

    His friendly relationships with the leaders of France and Britain, as well as with Nelson Mandela, are well documented on the Internet, and it is rumoured that he financed the election campaign of Sarkozy, his prime assailer of 2011, in which case Sarkozy would have had good reasons for preferring him dead rather than imprisoned and eventually allowed to talk; same goes for his sons)…..

    • Continuing from the above Liberty GB article:
      A Never-ending Flow of Illegal Immigrants Overburdens Italian Welfare

      …….Which leads us to when the West suddenly discovered the pressing need to get rid of Gaddafi, and Sarkozy led the way in Nato’s … humanitarian bombing.

      It has been proven that the attack on Libya was based on a flagrant lie. There were no mass graves and Gaddafi was demonstrably not killing his own people. (Just like with Syria’s Assad today).

      But the testimony of the Archbishop of Tripoli and other witnesses went unheeded, the forgery of the mass grave pictures was brushed aside, and the ‘humanitarian’ bombing began. (Again, just like with Assad.)….

      One of the major reasons that US/EU/NATO waged an illegal, evil war against the Libyan people and Gaddafi was because the extremely powerful EU and the U.S. ganged up against the excellent country of Italy. The war against Libya was also a war against Italy:
      A Never-ending Flow of Illegal Immigrants Overburdens Italian Welfare

      ……The no-fly zone, which immediately turned into a viciously destructive bombing (like Nato’s intervention in Kosovo, which went on even after Serbia had surrendered), was not just about Gaddafi. It was all about Italy; it was a frontal attack on

      1) Italy’s major companies, which all had legitimate business with Libya and costly infrastructure built up through years of work on the Libyan coast,

      2) the treaty that had put a stop to the wholesale invasion of Italy by impoverished immigrants, who happened to come prevalently from Muslim countries.

      Consequences of the Libyan War for Italy

      Both of these were enormous blows to Italy, but the second one was made particularly odious by the double standards that were flagrantly applied: with Italy being required to take in any and all who come by boat to our shores, or are dumped almost anywhere in the Mediterranean between here and Libya…….

      Britons and Europeans are desperate to get out of the evil monster known as the EU.

  10. France and Uk are responsible too for this disaster.Remember,these countries bombeb not only Libya but so other many countries too for their own economic benefits.
    I read on Italian newspapers that Gaddafi was killed because France and Uk wanted to steal the oil in Libya.
    A oil war,like in Middle East.

    • Then no one is helping Italy to stop this invasion.
      But the European Court is constantly blaming Italy for the incessant invasion of these subhumans.
      It’s always easy to blame a country without give help.

  11. Kinda OT… One thing for certain about RT… their coverage on events in Israel are biased and unbalanced and make them look like scapegoats. In regards to Islam they are correct on that. If they don’t stop chastising Israel, their credibility will die.

  12. Muslims are so narrow minded in mecca no non muslim is allowed but in vatican anyone is allowed …….and also saudi has tough immigration rules …..they feel free to go anywhere but they dont allow anyone coming in their place

  13. America was once deeply respected around the world. The respect is gone. U.S. leaders finance, arm and train muslim terrorists and wage war for their top favorite terrorists.

    How dim the light that America once was has become. The light is almost gone now. AUGUST 06, 2011
    Two U.S. sources currently in Tripoli told G2Bulletin that Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kaim, who is part of the embattled Gadhafi regime, told them that the Warfalla tribe – one of the largest in Libya – is being joined by other tribes to fight the rebels because of what is described as indiscriminate killing of civilians by Western alliance-backed troops.

    The sources said that Qatari troops, tanks and helicopters “are openly killing these unarmed tribal members. They have their Qatari tanks in the streets of Benghazi. They are actively shooting on unarmed civilians.”

    Repeated NATO bombings also have included hospitals, Ramadan food storage warehouses, the country’s main water distribution infrastructure, private homes and “more than 1,600 other civilian sites.”

  14. Muslims are such hypocrites they want to escape sharia and other thoughts of there relegion and come to europe and then suddenly after they form a huge community they feel they want sharia law

    • Muslims do NOT want to escape sharia! The overwhelming number of Muslims come to our countries to live as parasites off our people with the goal of conquering us and enslaving our people under barbaric sharia as commanded by the Quran and mosques.

  15. Libyan leader, Gaddafi, had made peace with the West and had his photo taken many times with Western leaders. Gaddafi was fighting AGAINST Al Qaeda. This was unacceptable to US/NATO who waged war for many months for Al Qaeda and other Muslim terrorists in Libya against Gaddafi and the innocent Libyan people.

    The US/NATO war against the stable country of Libya and Gaddafi enabled and empowered U.S. backed anti-Gaddafi RACIST Arab Muslims to perpetrate satanic atrocities and genocide of blacks in Libya. Blacks were safe under Gaddafi.
    As a human rights activist I attended a street demo in Harlem, NYC to protest this evil genocide by U.S. backed RACIST Muslims.

    The black media and black speakers at the protest blamed the Obama White House for the genocide.

    Excessively cruel, anti-human rights US/NATO did not lift a finger to help the terrified blacks. Blacks were taken into captivity by the Arab muslims US/NATO supported. Many black children captured by Arab muslims vanished and were never seen again. It is believed their Arab muslim captors sold them as slaves to other countries.

    It is clearly American policy to destabilize countries and bring to power the most radical Muslims in country after country. This evil, anti-God policy also places OUR Western countries in great danger.

    Stop evil wars! Stop wicked muslim racism!

    LIBERTY GB: Freedom and the West
    …..’In 2011 Sheik Abu Ishak Al Huweini at Al-Azhar University in Cairo (the most respected university in the entire Muslim world) proudly told his brother Muslims that it was their duty to engage in violent jihad and that one day each Muslim would have 3 or 4 white Western slaves.’….

    “Slavery is a part of Islam. Slavery is part of jihad, and jihad will remain as long there is Islam.” – Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan, a leading authority on Islam in Saudi Arabia.

    YES to G-d and Freedom! NO to Islam and Slavery!

    Jihad Slavery in Sudan, with Dr Charles Jacobs

    • Gaddafi cooperated with Western leaders. Western leaders then proceeded to stab Gaddafi in the back. A warning to other countries.

      U.S. aircraft ruthlessly hunted down Gaddafi enabling barbaric muslims to put Gaddafi to the same exact horrific death that was later perpetrated on the U.S. ambassador.

      More betrayal: Safe in America, Obama and Hillary Clinton refused the desperate pleas for help from the U.S. ambassador and the heroic Americans who courageously fought and died waiting for the help that was ruthlessly denied them at Benghazi.

      • He refused the dollar he wanted gold for oil. The bankers didn’t like this so they had him killed. It’s all about money. Follow the money.

  16. Qaddafi had long ago stopped messing with us and was no threat to America when our country stupidly aided jihadis to take him out. It was clear from the beginning to anyone paying attention that giving aid to the people trying to overthrow Qadafi would also be giving aid to people who want to kill US, have killed US, and will kill us again whenever they can. Does anyone remember when GWB was POTUS and Qadafi had voluntarily destroyed Libyan WMD facilities? Will anyone in any position of authority ever have the sense to say that treasonous behavior which aids our self declared mortal enemies is a bad thing and should be stopped and should be punished? WTF is wrong with the idiots running the USA and the EU?
    Of course I still don’t understand why so many countries voluntarily surrendered their soveirgnty to be ruled over by a bunch of unelected beurocrats in the commie EU.
    Why is the West so stupid and suicidal?

    • Zilla, Our people never got to vote if they wanted to join the evil monster known as the EU. Our wicked leaders knew if they gave our people the vote, our people would never have voted to have our rights and freedom and our national sovereignty annihilated. We would NEVER have voted to be ruled over by cruel, selfish, wealthy elites consumed with a demonic desire to have total power and control over all people.

  17. I once heard this statement….” name one country run by a black person that is a successful nation!”. You cant… whether that be by an African, muslim, or black skin color person you can’t name one successful country.

  18. Gaddafi was a brutal dictator who ran Libya with an iron fist for many years. But he was undoubtedly a prophetic son of the desert because everything he said has come true!

  19. Small question to the Western piss weak countries ‘leaders’ , why not just shoot the invaders ? Stalin and company did that and not a peep out of the bleeding hearts .
    Dickhead leaders have forgotten about the best interest of a nation .
    Plus , sovereignty . All these results of feral ab-dull’s nightly sport rooting are excess humans . If the left are so compassionate , charter ships and bring excess sub human animals , and totally stuff western countries . They would be happy then .

    • Steve, no, he was still an evil man. But he understood the economic benefits to his country of fighting off the jihadists, pushing back the hordes of illegals, and getting rid of his WMD’s

    • Steve, we must learn to understand the nature of things, before we make moral judgments.

      Keeping hordes of muslims and african tribal nutjobs out of europe was a good thing.Gaddafi, did not however do it because he was a good man. He was very bad.

      It is a damages our morality Steve, when we claim a person is good because the “end result” of what they did for us ….is good.

      This is the equivalent of saying that the ends justifies the means. That is the exact mentality of the islamists .They can support terrible things without any guilt because it will result in the greater good(according to them) of a global caliphate. History shows us that many others had this mentality, IE nazi’s, communists etc. And they all destroyed life, culture and civilizations.

      Christianity and Judaism is very unique in it’s ability to understand objective truth and objective morality. There is a right and there is a wrong. And it isn’t dependant on what is good for “us” right here and right now, or how things make us feel at this moment. It is objective and absolute.

      That is what the Jew’s are fighting for right now. It is so so very easy, to give into evil, when it tempts us with rewards. But it never works in the end. The Jews …know this more than any.

      I hope you understand what I’m saying. The ends, never justify the means.

    • I do understand Gaddafi was evil. I despised him, and cheered when he was eliminated. My earlier reply was sarcastic, even if it didn’t look that way.

      I also understood, that the ‘rebels’ who eliminated him were also evil, demonstrated by kicking over the headstones of allied serviceman who sacrificed themselves for a free world, by the rebels.
      My father fought in that part of the world during WWII.

      But I could not have realised, by eliminating him, the problems created by the hordes of African muslims invading the West.