CAIR’S star IslamoJew, Jacob Bender, sides with Hamas against Israel


At competing pro-Israel/pro-Hamas rallies in Philly, the Judenrat Executive Director of CAIR-Phildelphia, Jacob Bender, stood in solidarity with Hamas:

Newsworks  As “an American and as a Jew,” Jacob Bender, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said he was there to protest the policies of the state of Israel in killing Palestinian civilians.

cair JB at GazaDemo

BENDER has a long history of virulently attacking Israel and Zionism. His letters to various newspapers:

“As an American Jew, I believe the improvement of Muslim-Jewish relations rests upon two foundations: a recognition by Muslims that anti-Jewish bigotry violates Islamic values and principles, and a recognition by Jews that as long as Israel continues its brutal occupation of the Palestinians, no improvement in relations between “the children of Abraham” will be possible.”Jacob Bender, Stuttgart, Germany

“The vast settlement project, widely recognized as violating international law, is only the most visible manifestation of Israel’s four-decade long rule over Palestinian territory, an occupation that has included torture, political assassination, home demolitions and economic strangulation.] Many Jews, like myself, have long argued that the occupation is inimical to Israel’s own security, as well as violating Jewish ethics that mandate justice and mercy. The Saudi Initiative, which offers Israel full diplomatic recognition and regional integration, may be one of the final chances for Israel to achieve a lasting peace.”Jacob Bender, New York


Frontpage Joe Kaufman  For the past decade or so, a strange phenomenon has taken place whereby a small group of extreme leftist Jews have willingly aligned themselves with Islamists, mainly out of a common animosity towards the foreign policies of America, Israel and other Western Capitalist societies. These Jews generally function as political pawns and stooges acting against their own best interests, but none of them have gone on to head the Islamist organizations they have teamed with. That is, until now.

On October 15th, the Philadelphia office of the radical Muslim group CAIR put out a press release announcing that it had hired Jacob Bender, a left-wing Jewish activist and filmmaker, as its new Executive Director. Hiring Bender was a public relations win for CAIR. For Bender, he joins a group that, in his estimation, appears to be like-minded, especially on the issue of Israel.

Jacob Bender, the Islamofascists' favorite useful idiot Jew
Jacob Bender, the Islamofascists’ favorite useful idiot Jew

And what does Bender think about “the growth of terrorism and Islamist extremism” from Israel’s enemies? He blames that on Israel, as well. He writes, in another letter, that they are “a direct result of its oppression of the Palestinians.”

“As we approach the 40th anniversary of the 1967 Six-Day War, your article makes clear that the suffering the Palestinians have endured is a result of Israel’s occupation. After four decades, friends of Israel, especially American Jews, must lose their inhibitions against “washing dirty laundry in public” and finally raise their collective voices against the self-destructive madness of Israeli policy.”

“A change in American policy that recognizes the right of the Palestinian people to national self-determination in a state of their own would also imply the ending of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem and a dismantling of the Israeli settlements. This would ultimately prove to be in the best interest of everyone: Israel, the Palestinians, the entire Middle East and the United States.” –Jacob Bender, New York

Jacob Bender can sleep well with the pride of being a useful idiot for a terror front.