NETHERLANDS: Look what happens when a Muslim conductor starts proselytizing for Islam from the concert stage

NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM Reason #123: From 2012, Queen Beatrix of Holland was in attendance at the concert. The Conductor, a Muslim, proceeds to lecture the Queen on the greatness of Islam, encouraging her to come to the faith. As the orchestra starts to walk out, he says: “There is no bomb, Stay seated. I am not a madman. I am a servant of Allah.”

Too bad Geert Wilders wasn’t in the audience.

h/t CCLeong


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  1. Just simply they are nothing more than rock apes they always will be and how stupid are our governments for letting them in with us , all I can say is we must hold out governments individually accountable for what is happening today in this world of ours yes ours not theirs and not our governments either .
    They belong in the desert and they need good men like Saddam Hussein to keep them under control ( thanks Gorge Bush ) thanks a lot you started it all

  2. Muslim Disrupts Concert in Netherlands-Truth! & Fiction!

    Summary of the eRumor:
    Several versions of a story about a Muslim man who disrupted a concert in the Netherlands to invite Queen Beatrix of Holland to the Islamic faith have appeared online. Some versions say the man was the orchestra conductor, and all the members of the orchestra walked off the stage in a sign of solidarity.

    The Truth:
    There was an incident at a concert attended by Queen Beatrix of Holland, but we are not fully clear of all the details because of the lack of English language news reports. According to an April 30, 2013, article by BBC, this may not have occurred recently because Queen Beatrix abdicated the throne to her son.

    The man who addressed the queen was not the conductor of the orchestra. According to a September 4, 2011, entry in an Islam in Europe blog, the man had a history of interrupting events. We believe that the incident occurred near that time. The blog post also said that the orchestra was ordered off stage by the security team that showed up shortly after the interruption of the program.

    The concert resumed after a police check for explosives.

    Posted 07/30/14

    The example below was found on

  3. I don’t see how this video is supposed to be scandalous. The only thing that is scandalous is that the orchestra lacked maturity to continue on with the performance, simply because a man used the microphone to briefly express his beliefs (which were not filled with hatred etc, he mentions peace and charity). Whether it was appropriate or not is trivial, but the comments on this video are not, it really shows the kind of ‘intelligence’ that views this website.

    I would be surprised if this comment even gets allowed, because it would counter all the ridiculous comments accusing the man of being a barbarian, when he clearly is not.

      • Shame I pity all the ignorance from the commentators as well as on your website and implore all mature people to please study true islam for a more balanced logical appraisal

      • umi mth, “…a more balanced logical appraisal?” Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!! All that from a retrograde, medieval follower of a 7th Century death cult!! How dare a mere islamopithecine such as yourself, lecture me, a modern Homo Sapiens, as to the true nature of your backward, Bedouin gorefest? You’re about as stupid as your unpronounceable username, now get back to your place you islamopithecine scum and don’t question your betters!

        Better yet, leave islam and reclaim your humanity (and dignity.)

      • @Hieronymous Bwoof, They are of a clade all of their own. In this case the genus, ‘Homo Islamopithecus Nederlandus’ is the proper nomenclature, taxonomically-speaking of course. They are an invasive ‘muhominid’ subspecies that upsets the eco/socio/political balance of the Benelux countries’ native flora and fauna. Repatriation of said islamopithecine subspecies to the floor of the North Sea is the recommended abatement procedure in order to mitigate further environmental degradation to the Low Countries.

    • Marco, your comment was allowed to stay in order to highlight your total ignorance and naivety about islam and current events, not to mention the world’s history for the past 1,400 years. In other words, to show your “kind of ‘intelligence’ or lack thereof, solely for the benefit of those more islam savvy as well as those sitting on the fence so to speak.

      And no, your comments don’t counter or disprove “all the ‘ridiculous’ comments” posted here. Only in that liberal, narcissistic, little bubble you so obviously live in.

      • @Marco
        I’ll convert to Islam the day ANY Muslim (YOU TOO) can show me the wall made out of iron and lead as mentioned in Sura 18:92-99

        It has nothing to do with religion, but with human craftsman-ship, available at the time people were inspired by spooky fairy-tales

        BTW MUHAMMAD is a title NOT a name:

        his name was Qathem (rotten food)
        Muhammad means the praised one the honored one. Don’t think this fits this messianic impostor who stole the ideas from the Jews of his time. And when they spread the news that he was a fake, he could only drive the Jews out or KILL THEM.

        “IS” IS 100% following the examples of the wanna be Jewish messaih.

  4. Consider that to be a shock therapy to people to understand and to open their eyes and mind on how those Muslim people acts. It’s a good thing that more and more people know or even experience when Muslim showing their own true colors! They are just savages, unethical, hostile, arrogant and rude! Shocking, isn’t it?! That’s what “Religion of Peace”, people..!

    • What in the world are you talking about? Where in the video did the man show he was unethical, hostile, arrogant, or rude? If anything, you are showing all those qualities in your comment. He was solely expressing his belief and faith, whether you agree or not is trivial. Unbelievable hypocrisy…

      • He was unethical because that wasn’t the place to be preaching and he knew that so that made him arrogant too, it was also very rude and unprofessional. Anytime a Muslim tell you about peace and the love that his religion has to offer he is lying though his teeth. These people knew that that’s why they walked out. Marco you have a lot to learn about Islam.

      • Marco… I am an Arab, from a muslim background, i really doubt anyone on this forum knows islam better than me, i had to study it and practice it at school since i were a little kid. islam is nothing close to the religion of peace dude, whoever told you that is either lying or have been lied to. muslims of the arab world are becoming more moderate day after day ( in general), and asian muslims have a very diluted version of this religion, muslims are just adapting to the new world’s ideology for if they don’t their religion is to vanish in a matter of decades. I agree this man acted peacefully but that’s not the true face of islam mate…

  5. Quote: Stay seated, I am not a madman. I am a servant of Allah….

    Lmfao…The last statement kinda negates the second one don’t you think??

    • hey there, as an arab in europe,netherlands , i can (sadly) assure most (i’m the only exclusion yet) arabs i know here actually take regular jobs, ones that do not come up with anything new or progressive to society, just like working in some restaurant or similar. moreover, they skip paying taxes as most as possible and aim to get (if possible illegally) whatever possible of the government’s aid. how do you stop this cancer? to reverse the effect you have to actually stop their flow at first, then kick whatever seems to be a danger of them out. Sadly, very sadly, i’ve hit a level where i have to disgrace my very own people. they’re here just owning bike shops and spreading their beliefs among other dutchies… it’s like islam is there wake up and sleep subject.

    • oops i forgot to press notify me of new comments the first time. i’ll just leave this comment here for the same purpose.

  6. Like my deceased step-father used to say “Just like turkey s**t on yellow shoes” …
    I’d hire an exorcist to come in and clean the demons out.

  7. “Too bad Geert Wilders wasn’t in the audience.”

    Too bad I wasn’t in the audience. Too bad the entire audience didn’t walk out.

  8. This was an act of war against the very heart of Western Civilization and should be treated as such.
    Everything Muslims touch turns to s**t. The musicians, the audience will never be able to be part of a classical music concert again without this incident poisoning their hearts and minds. Tell me this isn’t warfare …

  9. A couple of years ago, in one of the Nordic countries, a Mausoleum from the audience walked out on stage during a classical concert to spew his Islamic poison.
    Too bad police snipers didn’t put bullets through both of their heads. This is simply proof, once again, that no Muslim is harmless. What if he’d walked out with forty pounds of C4 strapped to him?

  10. Wow, a proselytizing muslim conductor of Western Classical music. What a hypocritical idiot. contrary to what some people believe, including many devout islamotards, there is music in the muslim world. Arabic, Turkish, etc. Among todays puritanical breed of muslims however, Western music is pretty much haram. When one looks at and listens to the Western Classical music repertoire, especially Baroque era composers like J.S. Bach, Juan Bautista Cabanilles, Antonio Lucia Vivaldi, Jean-Baptiste Lully, George Frideric Handel, etc. one notices how many of them composed sacred music, church music, missals, masses, Te Deum, and much much more. Cabanilles himself was a Catholic priest in Valencia Spain. Bach’s epic signature sign-off, “Soli Deo Gloria,” (Glory to God alone) certainly attests to his strong Lutheran faith, so therefore it seems quite heretical for a devout muslim to be involved in Western Classical music. I’m glad the orchestra walked out, because this act by the conductor is the very first DEMAND issued by muslims before laying siege to a city they intend to conquer as per muhammad.

    People, this invitation to the Queen to join islam is clearly an act of aggression. It is the first step in the process. It is what muslims do prior to conquest, as history clearly shows, multiple times over, and it is insulting to the extreme. Clueless leftards will never get it though, they’re much too subjective and too projecting of their own patterns of thinking upon muslims, and that right there is the left’s biggest folly.

    Now, for your listening pleasure, a fine example of the Church Militant from Juan Cabanilles, played on an ancient Spanish organ by Arturo Barba.

    • Leftists are wannabe Muslims, they just don’t have quite enough mental and emotional pathology, but they’re learning. Liberals live out their murderous rage vicariously through the atrocities of Muslims and, of course, they share that faux victimhood. Brotherly love, ain’t it grand?

      • Thank you for that beautiful video, randy63ism. Islam has never has and will never gift the world with such beautiful sounds. Jeanne

      • Thank you Jeanne for your kind words. You’re quite right about that. Islam’s only real contribution to anything artistic was it’s monumental architecture in centuries past and even that was mostly derived from the peoples they conquered. For example, the Horseshoe arch used in many mosques was actually invented by the Visigoths in Spain and is well attested by the few remaining Visigoth churches still standing. All this was well before the muslims arrived there. Turkish mosques are nothing but carbon copies of Byzantine churches sans the figurative mosaics, and with the addition of minarets. All the glazed tile works in muslim buildings were derived from pre-Islamic Persian and Mesopotamian buildings, again sans figurative depictions, instead replaced by geometric and floral themes by the iconoclastic muslims with their false monotheism. Despite what many So-called Western scholars of islam say, and the muslim apologist John Esposito comes to mind here, muslims contributed very little to civilization, scientifically, artistically, or theologically. They merely took from others from the vast areas they conquered centuries ago.

    • Thank you so very much, “randy63ism”, for your posting of Cabanilles “Batalla Imperial” – very enjoyable!!

      As to “Pray Hard”‘s sniping at me regarding the comparison of score-reading to chart-reading: aren’t you allowed here to make personal observations from your own life??

    • Right on Randy, about the mudslimes, and thanks for the music–I remember a year or two back you mentioned Cabanilles and I listened to some of his works on the computer. Inspiring, I happen to like organ music which I used to hear every time I visited a friend in Blaine who has THREE organs set up in his house.

      I miss those organ recitals, due to the hassle my wife and I encounter every time we try to cross the border into WA. (the ONLY country to do so, incidentally)

      • Hi Pete. I’m sorry to hear about the border hassles. The left is absurd to the extreme aren’t they? If your name was Pedro35 instead, you would have little trouble going thru our southern border as opposed to our northern one, lol. I guess you’re not the right ethnicity. The irony just kills me, but there is a reason for it. You see, the Democrat Party in the US is doing their level, seditious best to create an authoritarian, one-party, socialist state, that being the Democrat Party of course, and the method they deploy is demographics, Hispanic demographics, that is. This is not a criticism of Hispanic people in general, I have many friends who are and many are conservative, but the difference is they came here legally. The wholesale importation of illegal aliens enabled by liberal scumbag Democrats along with the 0bama Administration, especially the current, ongoing crisis of under age, unaccompanied illegals crossing the southern border is nothing but a cynical partisan maneuver to gain more Democratic voters, nevermind the fact that as non-citizens, they aren’t legally allowed to vote. Since when did Democrats let something ‘quaint’ like rule of law get in their way? Remember these are the people who cornered the market in gaining the “Cemetery Community” as a solid Demo-voting constituency. Yep, voter fraud is a time-honored liberal practice, they’re quite good at it and that is why they are dead set against voter ID laws being enacted. This is exactly what liberal moral relativity leads to, namely an appalling lack of ethical behavior.

        God I detest them (liberals).

      • Hi again Randy, and thanks for your comment–hope others read it too!
        I too loathe the west-destroying liberals!
        BTW, isn’t this video a hoot! Here’s this idiot trying to convert Beatrix–he’s “preaching to the converted!” The traitorous bitch has been muslim friendly all along.
        Uplifting that the orchestra knew what to do!
        Cheers, Pete—no, scrub that, Pedro!

  11. This is really very peculiar because Music is not Islamic — Mohammed hated music and at the sound of a few notes from a flute or the voice of someone singing, he would cover his ears with his hands. He said people who listen to music would have lead poured into their ears. So I cannot imagine how any Muslim could become a conductor — you have to love music and study for many long years — why would any Muslim want to be a conductor? Why would any Muslim be allowed to conduct an orchestra big enough and famous enough that the Queen would attend it?
    I wonder what was done to this madman? Probably nothing, knowing Holland.

  12. FGS, WHY would they ever let one of those conduct an orchestra!! Music is haram in much of the mudslime world, and in any case islam is THE ENEMY!!

    But all over the western world there are dhimmis prepared to cater to them! Will westerners NEVER learn?

  13. are you sure he was a real conductor? i’m having a real hard time reconciling muslims and music they just don’t go together they were too polite and let him speak for 2 minutes. he actually expected his requests to see Queen Beatrix to be honored and couldn’t understand why he was ignored/ so he pretended to be something he wasn’t to talk to heer

  14. Such a fucking disrespectful cunt, Jesus,Issa, Yeshu or how ever you want to say it, how about treating you the same shit dog head …
    glad the security services pulled his ass out, the more shit they do, the more the people hate them !

  15. When they say “come to our faith”, we have to say “we are already there. You are a new-comer”.
    The Arab people are “New Muslim”. This is strange-a people claiming monopoly over Islam. Islam has always been there as Allah is there always.
    This is something son giving lessons to father. I belong to the great ancient tradition of India’s indigenous Hindu Islam but my Islam was declared as non-Islam by the Medieval anti-Indian Arab/Muslim invaders and what not we suffered?
    But the miracle is that Hindu India survived and is alive today in spite of total collapse. 8th wonder of the world.

    • SRW….I may be reading you wrong but the so called religion of Islam Is much younger than Judaism and Christianity…..They were here first and Allah is just a bastardization of the moon god “Al-Illah” of the pagan Arabs of the time of which “Al-Illah” was the main god over the others that were worshiped by the pagans of the day…..There were 365 deities of which “Al-Illah” (the moon god) was the head honcho…This is why you will see the crescent moon on just about everything muslime……

      • Very true OF, islam is nothing but monotheistic paganism, the monotheistic part being a thin veneer for respectability, window dressing so to speak in order to graft islam onto an Abrahamic foundation to which it does not belong. That alone is damning evidence of islam’s fabrication. A fairytale, a bloody fairytale that is straight from the dark, twisted, jinn-possessed mind of Muhammad (may piggy piss be upon his dry and brittle bones!)

  16. I loved how someone pulled away the microphone and looked at him with disgust. Filthy savage, they will use every opportunity to promote their moon god and child raping prophet. Did the musicians go back on stage and perform once the savage had been removed?

  17. A moo-HAM-eddan is a conductor of a symphonic orchestra??? NO WAY JOSE…You just dont become a conductor without some serious experience as an instrumentalist and heavy experience in chart reading….Anyways, izlam has never produced a Mozart,Beethoven, Verdi,Puccini…so he is definitely in the wrong trade…

    • Nice way of putting it, “Matamoros”: score-reading being “chart-reading”!!!

      When studying all those symphony and opera scores in my library (which I’ve been doing for over 4 decades!!), I never thought of them as “charts”, interestingly enough… Charts, I thought, were for navigation (ships AND planes), LOL!!

  18. Normative muslum supremist inbred stupidity. The savage is totally ignorant, rude and inconsiderate, which are normative attributes of the savage islamic monster muslum.

  19. His faith is deep and strong which proves he is crazy. Show me a highly religious individual in any religion and I’ll show you a person that needs to be locked up and treated. We need laws that no one is allowed to teach a child religion before the age of 21 – by which time they will have developed critical faculties. With this kind of law, Islam would vanish in one generation, as would most other religions, too.

    • hardiharhar: You state: His faith is deep and strong which proves he is crazy. Show me a highly religious individual in any religion and I’ll show you a person that needs to be locked up and treated.

      Apparently, you would like many infidels who read and/or make comments on BNI and many others in the counter-jihad movement to be locked up and treated. I have a strong faith in God. Apparently, you would like me and hundreds of millions of Christians and Jews to be locked up and treated. Plus Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and others.

      Unlike ISLAM, we believe strongly in the Golden Rule — to treat people the same way you want to be treated.

      • Linda……so correct and keep on saying it.It’s the fact that the world has turned it’s back on God that is the cause of the world’s troubles.We need God’s laws,God’s love and guidance.

    • hardiharhar, You state: We need laws that no one is allowed to teach a child religion before the age of 21.

      You are against freedom? The freedom for parents to tell their child about a Loving God?

    • That is just plain nonsense! Would you wait 21 years to weed your garden or mow your lawn?You did say “Develope” critical faculties didn’t you? Just who is doing the developing? We see how that works in prisons, they are called career criminals.
      What father or mother would leave a child to their own devices by a busy freeway? Would you do that?
      If a man is not to be informed by one greater in stature than he, just who is he to be informed by? That is why parents are obligated to “Train up their child!”
      Why do you think it is so outrageous to look at these children with banners arounds their heads with the bismillah on them and little rifles or swords in their hands.
      No, we have a duty to teach our children what is right and what is to be avoided.
      One of those things is reverence to God.
      In our meager beginnings as a nation, that was not neglected such as it is now.
      How many 21 year olds do you know that have the faculties or presence of mind to choose responsible behavior?
      Many of them today are seen guzzling alcohol on the beaches in a ritual called spring break. How many lives have been damaged by that kind of behavior?

      • BRAVISSIMI to both Linda Rivera and “Reader” – you’ve both said it brilliantly!!! Thanks for helping rebut that antitheist/atheist MONSTER…

    • “hardiharhar”, that’s an absolute LIE!!!! In that way you’d aim to kill Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and everything else – yet religion will NEVER truly vanish, like it or not…

      Have you ANY IDEA whatsoever how many MILLIONS of people atheism (or at least anti-theism) has killed in just 97 years???

      [The answer is 172,000,000: 120 million via Communism, 52 million via Nazism.]

      J.S. Bach, G.F. Händel, F.J. Haydn, Antonin Dvóřak, Albert Schweitzer (among lots of others – and here I’ve confined myself to musicians: think of sculptors, painters, scientists, &c.) were ALL VERY religious – and you’d lock them ALL up???

      Truly, you belong right in North Korea’s GULag just as much as any other Commie!!!!

      • ADHD

        Atheism hasn’t killed anyone.

        Communism and Nazism did, neither of those are “atheism”. Atheism isn’t an ideology, it is a rejection of an ideology(Theistic God). An atheist can be a capitalist or a socialist, they can be racist and supremist or egalitarian.

        I happen to be an egalitarian, capitalist atheist. I also support christian and jewish values, above any others in terms of morality.

        Plenty of christians supported hitler. But that does not mean that christianity is a fascist racist doctrine.The reason I say this ADHD is because a rejection of an ideology is not support of another ideology by default. Don’t demonize atheists by confusing support of ideologies with people who simply don’t think there is a God.

      • Not one person has ever been killed in the name of atheism. There have been atheist dictators and rulers, but their ideology was not “atheism”. Their ideologies were communism, fascism, etc. It might be a frog’s hair point to you, but think about it.

      • Annie,
        That is preposterous. Atheism is everywhere evident in mans revolt against God who said, “You shall do no murder!”
        You are in error regarding your atheism so called because all of us here, BNI included, understands you do not know everything which seemingly escapes you.
        Because none of us here know everything, the most you can be is agnostic. Though you have rejected God, you may not say with confidence there is no God. You really have no way of knowing, except by observation and proscription.
        Just exactly where do you think Jewish and Christian values come from?
        However, you do not support those values out of reverence or awe as Jews and Christians are reminded they must do. Only because you intuitively recognize they are of a higher value than might be otherwise experienced, do you find value in them.
        They come from God, the very One you deny, and who made His appearance among men in the form of a man called Christ.
        This is the same One who in the jewish writings said, ” And God spake all these words, saying , I am the LORD thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

        I hope you not think me harsh. That is not my intention.


      • Reader,

        I’m not sure what you think is preposterous about what I said. Atheism is something very simple. We disagree about what sits at the centre of reality.

        Atheists do not reject God or deny God. You would have to believe that something exists, to reject it. I don’t reject or Deny Jesus as he did exist and was a brilliant man, I just reject the notion he was god.

        I do reject muhammed. I think he was batshit crazy and a psychopath so there is no way I would follow him.

        I am more of the agnotic atheist, I do not think there is a god, but I also don’t think we can have any definitive knowlegde on the subject.

        What ideologies atheists support, is up to the individual. I do not revere a man who lived 2000 years ago as a God, because I don’t think he was a God. But he was a good man.

        So again, not sure what you think is so preposterous about any of that, other than the fact we obviously disagree on the nature of what is real or not real.


      • I feel sorry for “Annie”, “Peter35” and “Pray Hard” for that they can’t accept the truth about Communism and atheism.

        Communism INSISTS upon atheism as a pre-condition, while believers are persecuted in all sorts of ways!!! If that weren’t the case, why were – and still are!!! – the persecutions so sustained and VICIOUS???? Why all the suffering of people like Richard Wurmbrand, Haralan Popov, Archbishop József Mindszenty and so many COUNTLESS others??? Ergo, your argument that “Communism… is not atheism” falls flat to the ground!!!!

        [As to Nazism, there may be just a little bit of substance to that “hair”, though very little: at the height of World War II, Heinrich Himmler and his minions were working on a brand-new “religion” which would make Hitler the Saviour of the Aryan race while leaving the idea of some nebulous sort of God “vague and indistinct”. However, that cult didn’t get to go any further…]

        As to those “Christians” who supported Hitler: I don’t know of any of them being really Christians. To the contrary, those who were really devout like Bishop Clemens von Galen and Dietrich Bonhoeffer did everything they could to FIGHT the Nazis tooth and claw, with the latter being shot by a Nazi firing squad just days before the collapse of Germany, ending the European part of World War II.

        I’m not out to hate or demonise all atheists by a long shot (a few of them are among my friends); however, the fact remains, like it or not, that you CAN blame atheism as a belief in all of the same ways that others blame Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, you name it…

        Hopefully this will put matters to rest.

      • ADHD, you do not feel sorry for me anymore than I feel sorry for you.

        Atheists do not believe there is a God. That is it. That is the only thing that ties atheists together. No shared political view, no shared economic view, no shared cultural view. A-theist is the label we give to non-theists.

        Socialism is an ideology. Capitalism is an ideology. Democracy is an ideology, theorcracy is an ideology, theism is an ideology.

        Atheism is a rejection of Theism. It is a rejection of an ideology. That is it.

        In the same way Islamists try and get rid of any other religion so their ideology will rain supreme, Communists tried to get rid of any ideology that might challenge their rule. Communists got rid of Atheists capitalists, in the same way they got rid of Christian capitalists.

        No-one does something in the name of “Rejection of theism”. That’s like saying one does things in the name of “There are no aliens”.

        They do something “for” a cause. Get rid of religion FOR communism, get rid of christianity FOR Islam, get rid of capitalism FOR socialism.

        There’s only one of us that is logically correct here ADHD, and it is not you. Stop believing what you want to, and start understanding that problems occur because of ideologies(the wrong ones like Islam, socialism) not due to a rejection of them.

      • Annie,
        You neglect one thing,
        “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked : who can know it?
        That includes your heart as well which brings you to the unfortunate oxymoron of agnostic atheist you identify yourself as.
        ” Without the (mono)theistic influence, the definition would at least read “there are no gods.”
        In keeping with the above, where “there are no gods,” requires not any. This excludes even the “One God” as revealed in the Jewish works and held in esteem by Jews and Christians but denied by all others.
        It is He who has informed all mankind of the condition of their hearts, and He alone who does know the condition of man’s heart.
        He created it.
        I am not speaking of the fleshly heart, but of the heart that makes one uniquely spiritual. You are spiritual Annie, though you may deny that also.
        Frankly Annie, you hold to the god of Islam. He does not exist even as God to you does not exist.
        God does exist and in time you shall face Him.
        The allah of the Muslim is not the Jehovah of the Jewish Writings that are profitable to all men, men such as desire knowledge that comes from the Revealer of the thoughts of the hearts of men.
        You do not regard Christ as a good man! You portray Him as a fraud and a charlatan knowing what it is you are doing all the while having confidence you are cleverly deceiving the willfully ignorant.
        You are one of those who are willfully ignorant.
        You will not come to a knowledge of God because of your own rebellion and hardness of heart, and you would prevent others from doing so also.
        You are the one who pointedly identified yourself as an atheist.
        None of us here compelled you to do it.
        Jesus said, “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness! “
        You disrespect God, that you yourself might be respected.
        There is peril in your course as so many have discovered.

      • Reader, please stop telling me what I am or am not in accordance with your personal beliefs. You will not win this type of argument with anyone if you only have belief, rather than logic at your side.

        Agnostic atheist is not an oxymoron, it is in fact the “correct” use of terminology.

        Agnostic refers to “knowledge” of God while theist/athiesm refers to belief. It is possible to be an agnostic theist(one who believes there is a God but that we cannot have knowlege of God’s nature.) It is also possible to be an agnostic atheist one who believes there is no God, but that we cannot have knowledge either way.I am the latter.

        I do not support the “God” of Islam. What a ludicrous thing to say. Your claim is remarkably similar in nature however to those muslims telling christians they are in fact all muslims because Jesus was a muslim.

        Stop telling people who they are and what they support. Listen to what they have to say.

        If people like you cannot recognize the difference between an ideology and a belief in something, you cannot and mostly will not be able to help in this fight against Islam.

        Just like some atheists who are fighting Islam with the erroneous belief that all religions are bad and the same and must be fought equally, some christians are fighting Islam with the view that all non-christians are the problem.

        You are both as bad as each other, and you are not helping.

      • Annie,
        You are in a camp of your own.
        I quote, “The only common thread that ties all atheists together is a lack of belief in gods and supernatural beings.” Simply stated, there are none as far as the atheist is concerned.
        Now, you may parse that all you want. Truthfully, you are at odds with your own professors of atheism.
        I am not telling you what you are or are not in my perspective, I am only stating what your fellows have said.
        Atheism rejects God! Period!
        Also, agnosticism has nothing to do with knowledge of God, Annie. Rather, agnosticism holds that it is questionable God may be known to be either this or that. There is no “One God,” as revealed in Scripture should you hold to agnosticism, Agnostics may only conjecture there may be one, or there may be many, or none at all. Agnostics may not have confidence in their way of thinking, that God may exist or desires to reveal himself or even that it is necessary He do so. An agnostic, indeed, one intellectually honest, may only say, “I just do not know!” That is precisely what makes them agnostic!
        You are an agnostic at the least, or otherwise grossly misinformed.
        There is no such thing as an atheist.
        You can call yourself a milk bottle all day long, but except you be made of glass, inanimate, and full of milk, you are just deluding yourself as well anyone who gives ear to you.
        The best you can say in your own personal experience is, “I CANNOT SAY FOR CERTAIN, THERE IS NO GOD.”
        The god of Islam is the god of this world. The Muslim allah compels the follower of Islam to deny the Christ of both the Jewish Writings and the Christian Gospels.
        This you do also, you deny the Christ of the Jewish Writings and the Christian Gospels. Therefore, you are of the same spirit as the practitioner of Islam.
        The Isa of Islam is not the Jesus of the Gospels.
        You need not be a murderer to be in league with a murderer.
        The Muslim allah is both thief and murderer and it is the spirit of the same that placed Christ upon the cross. In that significant act of rebellion of evil men, He became sacrifice for all men, yourself included.
        It is the Spirit of God that raised Him. That tomb is empty to this day. It is one of a kind.
        It escapes me how one may shake the fist in the face of Him against whom they have no power.
        Jesus did not have the New Testament to inform Him when He walked among men. He taught all His followers concerning Himself from the Hebrew Canon. When He read in synagogue or in the Temple, His words sprang from the Jewish Writings.
        The Jews knew what He was saying and were prepared to stone Him for it.
        “The Jews answered him, saying , For a good work we stone thee not; but for blasphemy; and because that thou, being a man, makest thyself God.”
        You may not realize this but, the whole of the Christian church was comprised of Jewish followers in the beginning, thousands of them.

        On a final note, Queen Beatrix revealed herself in a most unique way with the following statement made in 2003:
        ” People may call upon God for guidance and encouragement in life, but never call upon Him to defend impermissible acts,”

        Who do you believe it is that foreordained what those impermissable acts were to be? Are they yet impermissable?

      • ADHD, there are atheists, and there are ‘atheists’, and you seem unable to differentiate.

        If you need me to be more specific, then I don’t think you’ll ever get it, so just quit while you’re behind, eh?

      • Oh by the way ADHD, it seems I am indeed old and confused–I did indeed confuse Schweitzer with Einstein, my apologies over that.

      • Yes, Bonnie. I fully agree. This discussion is concluded.
        Thank you. I appreciate your patience.
        Beatrix was Queen at the time this invitation was given.
        She has since abdicated the throne.
        The present Queen is Maxima.
        George Bush was President when Osama Bin Laden made invitation to him and the American people. That is why we are now in the most precarious situation. We have a President who now aids and abets those who would destroy us, and the United States is Dar al Harb. Obama continues to stand with the Muslims.
        The ISIS leader who said “See you in New York,” is not being circumspect.
        He means precisely what he says and I caution that not New York only but anywhere weakness is discovered, they will attack with resolve.
        Their goal after all is to destroy our “Miserable house from within,” as they have stated on more than one occasion.
        With our current president, they have more than opportunity, they have assistance in their cause.
        He should be impeached!
        I don’t know when people will wake up.
        Perry’s response in Texas seems to indicate he does not trust the Federal government to act in our best interests and it looks as though he is prepared to act without governmental approval.
        OTM’s are flooding across our borders and have been for some time.
        Afghanistanis, Pakistanis, Syrians, and others are entering down there and no one is stopping them.
        The New York threat is a very real possibility.

      • To “peter35”: Apology re. Albert Schweitzer accepted.

        Also, thanks for your educating me re. Albert Einstein. One question: did he turn atheistic late in life? I understand that it was around the time the USA developed and used the atomic bomb that he said “God Does not play dice.” Just curious…

      • Linda, Reader, Ice, and ADHD I’m with up you! Absolutely there is a GOD, I was once a big doubter till HE proved me undeniable wrong!

    • Well put, and I’m in complete agreement!! Religion does indeed “poison everything”, as the late Chris. Hitchens said.

      • ADHD, OK, at your imperious behest I shall include myself on the list–since I “saw the light” at the tender age of 5 yrs (in 1940) and realized religion was and is absolute nonsense.

        BTW, I haven’t checked the others you mention, but Albert Schweitzer, a Jew by birth, became a non-believer. Check it out.

        Pity isn’t it, how we who comment here have nearly the same beliefs and mores, but some of us just don’t believe in fairies, while others of you do–and are most persistent and militant about it.

      • Peter35:

        You sound like you’ve confused Albert Schweitzer with Karl Marx, who truly was a Jew by birth and who became an atheist.

        Albert Schweitzer was a Lutheran and the son of non-convert Lutherans – his father was the local Evangelical-Lutheran pastor of Günsbach. Virtually no Jews until the 20th century became this Protestant equivalent of Catholic parish priests (or actual priests in the Anglican, Romanist or Orthodox Churches).

        He also ALWAYS believed in Christ (he wrote volumes about His Lord!!!): while some of his philosophical and theological stances apparently are open to question, he fundamentally remained a Christian who even carved the cross for his own grave in Lambaréné, Gabon. An atheist surely wouldn’t want THAT kind of memorial!!! [Also, few if any atheists would play the organ at the level which he did… Not for nothing that Charles-Marie Widor, Schweitzer’s mentor, wrote that “organ-playing is the manifestation of a spirit filled with the vision of eternity.”]

        As to your “seeing the light” of atheism at age 5: so what?? That happened with my late father, who was born in the midst of World War I Serbia, which was ransacked by Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria – with a whole third of her army slaughtered by Albanian guerillas in the mountains of Albania before they made it to an Allied-controlled port, from which they were shipped to the Greek island of Kerkyra (Corfù), where another third perished because they had been too severely weakened by their forced march over those hostile ranges. He had good reason, seeing his country so devastated (and with his father and uncles all fighting in the Serbian Army), to be resentful; however, he never concocted ANY such lies as what you’ve just now circulated. [Whether you’re doing so accidentally or deliberately, I don’t know…]

        As Joe Murphy put it: this is NOT the forum for fights between atheists and believers; however, the facts about Albert Schweitzer are too well known for such lies to have any worth…

    • Hardiharhar, without faith you are blind and will not be able to understand anything we have here. Good by.

    • You have just fallen into the Islamist trap of conflating religion with Islam. Muslims all over the world thank you.

    • HEY! This is not a good place for atheist/religion fights! Take those disputes elsewhere! We infidels, of all stripes — Jew, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist and so on, need to stick together in the counterjihad, not fight among ourselves!

    • I thought that Cat Stevens had to forgo ever using anything other than flutes and drums. He became the “Boy with a Moon and Star on his Head”. He found Islam and now has a hard time doing music that goes past the 7th Century. What a loss to the Music World, (I hope they keep him on the “no fly” list).

      • Cat Stevens was indoctrinated into the Rock Music Hall of Fame this year, right here in the US and did a show, along with all the others. He is no longer on the no fly-no enter list. And of course, all the lefties were kissing his ass, all about his bravery etc for holding to his beliefs, despite his alleged oppression.
        He did not use his time onstage to say anything about Islam, which was well thought out by production. However they did use his Islamic name a few times.

      • To “Sonja”:

        The word is “inducted”, in case you didn’t know…

        Either way, I couldn’t care less about Cat Stevens, Michael Jackson or other such TRAITORS!!! May God PUNISH them if they don’t REPENT…

    • No, they’re simply using taqiyya and kitman to ensnare us supposedly “filthy, stupid, despicable infidels”!!! They only know HATE, DESTRUCTION, MISERY and EVIL!!!! They PERVERT ANYTHING that’s any good…

      What a pity Jenghiz Khan and his Mongols didn’t exterminate ALL “Islamic ‘civilisation'” when they had the chance to do so!!! Also, an equal pity that Duke Reginald of Châtillon didn’t destroy Mohammed’s relics in Medina and the Ka’aba in Mecca – those two combined would likely have wiped this cult-ideology off the face of the earth forever…

      And to think of who’s now the Dowager-Queen Beatrix being sympathetic to them – behold a real TRAITRESS!!

      • Put a mark on the wall–you’re right about Beatrix! She was and is a real traitress. Seemingly hates her own people, visits muslims and their madrassas more than schools and hospitals run by her own people.

        What an inspiration to the Dutch.

  20. Can you imagine all those nice folk getting their hair cut or having a shave at Ali’s. It’s only a matter of time.

  21. Islamic arrogance on display. I hope this conductor will get told by another Muslim that Western music is haram.

  22. How is that possible?
    Music is haram in Islam!
    This guy is apostate in keeping with quran and ahadiths.
    It is possiblee will meet the same fate as desired for Geert Wilders and that which befell Theo van Gogh once he meets a jealous follower of allah.
    That is unless he is purposely deceiving people?
    I am doubtful his being a real conductor.
    Was he recognized as such by those in the orchestra?
    Did they know he was an islamist?

  23. They live and breath their BS cult teachings, they are basically robots regurgitating this stuff constantly.

    • Takes a lot of effort to move a Queen, and Beatrix and her family have killed a few million people in their own right.

      • Beatrix married Claus Von Amsberg, a Hitler youth and Dutch Nazi.
        The Royals are absolute scum of the Earth, in my educated opinion, so no use kissing their asses either. Theyve killed more people than Anyone.
        And our own political leaders are almost always directly related to these, who consider themselves directly god given to rule, Forever.