PARIS Police unable to control the pro-Hamas Muslim savages in the streets

Disgraceful. The police are overwhelmed and back away. They need to send in an armed military brigade.

LTL News 2  h/t Susan K


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  1. Muslims are born to riot, since Islam is basically one huge, never-ending riot and the Koran is the rioters handbook. I suggest a bounty on rioters. Let the unemployed collect their heads and turn them in to the French government for money. Kill two birds with one stone: Unemployment goes down and the Muslims are soon gone, since eventually they will all riot.

  2. And this is what you get, kids for supporting “palestinians” (just another shi**y islamic arabs) and anti-semitism, trolol

  3. 40 years ago this could have been prevented by simply not admitting ‘slimes to France. Now their numbers confer impunity and there is nothing the Froggies can do about it. Failure to beat the shit out of the slimes emboldens them… the violence will only escalate.

    We need to elect men smart enough to learn from the mistakes of others. The ‘slimes must be kicked out of here and excluded before their numbers confer impunity.

    Paint balls loaded with a mix of indellible dye and Butyl Mercaptan would make the AssWholes easily identifiable after the riots, by sight and smell. Once identified they sould be deported immediately.

  4. This is the beginning, of the changing of the guard, so the Natives can come back with real force and demolish the mohommedists. It will take a little longer to permeate into the psyche of the Europeans.

  5. The civilized world is going to have to learn how to deal with mob control. Helicopters are too expensive and vulnerable, too easily shot down with even sidearms. Fast moving, light, armed vehicles with machine guns, grenade launchers, water canons and flame throwers on the ground and new type remote controlled robots that fly between buildings. Ultimately, when mobs become too big and dangerous, there needs to be some killing. Live ammo has a way of impressing reality on mobs.

    • Way to go HARDI, YOU JUST DESCRIBED OUR FUTURE! Don’t worry that is what they,(those in charge of us), have been preparing for! They are just waiting on enough of us to demand that they protect us then its on and we will all pay the price for protection! No more freedoms people! Their plan is working perfectly! Kiss your ass goodbye and blame yourselves for expecting these governments to do what we should do for ourselves! Rise up vote them out and demand these mongrels get deported! It is the only way for peace and freedom! Do it now before its to late!

  6. Tear gas is useless. Use an anesthetic like Ether gas. Knock them all out,
    then throw them into trucks, then to the airport, and fly them back to the Dar al Islam.

  7. Coming soon to a town near you USA! Tyson foods advertising for interpreters in Missouri plant! Somalia and Tie language experts needed! While we Americans are getting pink slips at our plants!

  8. Earlier I was watching the Tour De France and I could swear they said the stage was canceled but looks like its on so thats good news. But I agree, France better get its shit together soon or else they won’t have a country anymore. Reminds me of my country here in America where Obama continues to bring Muslims in and now allows thousands of Illegals to enter and he’s shipping them all over the country. Flooding the place with new Democratic voters.

  9. I agree. Shoot a few of them, and let it be known that is what will happen every time they start this kind of shit in France. If we don’t stop pandering to them, we’ll all be in under sharia in no time at all. They are very impatient for their takeover of the world — they don’t want to wait until they simply outnumber us, which will be in one generation, maybe 20 years from now.

  10. Oops, I was about to click on “submit’ on the comment I just made and accidentally clicked on something else and lost my comment. I wish I knew how to get the comment back?

  11. The THIEF has COME to STEAL to KILL and To DESTROY.

    French leaders imported muslims who are now 15% of the population. Infidel taxpayers are forced to financially provide for the muslims savages with free homes and free infidel money. The barbarians thank the French by burning hundreds of infidel cars every year and CONSTANTLY attacking infidels and attacking the police.

    No one respects the Muslim savages. And no one respects French leaders who ALLOW Muslim savages to wage jihad against the French people.

    French leaders are NOT men. I don’t know what they are, but they’re not men.
    Real men would never allow muslim savages to wage jihad against the French people. Real men would have kicked the muslims out a long time ago. Centuries ago, European heroes – real men, drove the muslim barbarian invaders out of Europe.

    French leaders are unfit to rule. Step down now you weak, disgusting leaders! You cowards! You traitors! You are placing the lives of every French infidel in danger!

    Allow Marine Le Pen and her Front National Party to take over!

  12. Western Civilization being destroyed by Muslims right before our very eyes.
    Miniguns mounted on armored SUV’s comes to mind. Take three. That way, one will always be firing.

  13. yesterday I mentioned that the Tour De France was to end in Paris today. Guess what? the final stage has been canceled. Ofc they didn’t say why? Wouldn’t want to let the world know that Muslims are destroying their country. What a sad day in France when the riders can’t finish the ride to paris. The riders are on their bikes but not racing now. I expect they will end up just outside of paris.

  14. Obama IS seeing this. This is exactly what he needs to declare a natl. emergency and martial law. Meanwhile, he is busily engaged with installing head banging muslims to run our Homeland Security Dept. and anywhere else he can. Our own laws and non-discrimination practices actually protect them and insulate them from being pitched out on their Gluteus Maximas. Don’t you feel safer ?

  15. The civilized world is going to have to learn how to deal with mob control. Helicopters are too expensive and vulnerable, too easily shot down with even side arms; fast moving, light, armed vehicles with machine guns, grenade launchers, water cannons and flame throwers on the ground and new type remote controlled robots that fly between buildings. Ultimately, when mobs become too big and dangerous, there needs to be some killing. Live ammo has a way of impressing reality on mobs.

    • How about armed drones? Even armed with pepper spray, they’d be effective. Send in two dozen. All armed. That’d scatter these terrorists fast enough.

      • Pepper spray? Uh uh, don’t think so. The above comments are the only way.

        The only way to get rid of a problem like that is to—-GET RID OF IT! Live ammo–no holds barred.

        A thousand years ago they would have annihilated them, and there would have been peace…………! Today we simply perpetuate the problem because leaders have no guts.

        Incidentally, looking around, I see only three men who perhaps qualify to be called ‘leaders’, Harper, Netanyahu and, wait for it…….Putin. On the distaff side, perhaps Erna Solberg. Merkel? Oh puleeez!!

    • How about carpet bombing their ghetto’s with large scale vacum bombs like the moab? save western lives instead of haveing to go house to house.

      besides after the street fighting your have to disinfectant any a muslim touched… so it’s save time and money in the long run :)

  16. Not wishing to offend any French , but the frogs have almost always had funny politics . I think they also have some of the best military hardware going .

    If these were ‘whites’ , they would have been baton charged , or the ‘Emergency Response Unit’ , the armed with firearms lot , would be shooting and killing the rioters .

    Fuck fucking hell , I do hope there is a day of reckoning to those , everyone , responsible .

  17. Here’s a compilation of what HAPPENED a week ago, the same events as yersterday, sunday 27 beginning at 03:00 local hour :

    What you could see in the mobilization that-is-peacful-and-is-not-death-to-jew !!

    Title : ” EXCITED by medias’lies, they spread terror in Paris ”

    No need to read french language, pictures “talks” by themselves !!

    We, french people, who loves our country, NEED a RAMBO with his chopper !!!

    you have to know that such mobilzations were FORBIDDEN by government, but, as it was for the “good” – we, patriots are evil…for government – the mayor administration choosed to “tolerate” the mobilization, with the same results you can see last week !!!

      • BarenakedisIslam :
        What you have to know is that left party was elected – “helped” – because of french muslims, more than 90% of the millions of this “french” population, voted for socialist party…following imam’s order…

        You also have to know that government is suppressing police brigades…

        Add to that, that, at the contrary of your law, ALL, I repeat, ALL TV medias OBEY to the governement – it was the same with older ones – and, if TV shows some pictures, they “forgot” – as usual – to show NAZIS salutes, al qaïda flag, black crows…and said they were some violent protesters, and SUPERBLY failed to show anti-Jews signs and slogans…

        You can see the REAL mobilization and protesters in DREUZ article, given in the same comment…

        So, as the government stepped back when muslims showed that they did NOT agree with the theory of gender – by not putting their breed – goverment WANT this population to vote AGAIN on 2017…

        Of course, when the law – by this governement OFFICIALIZED the marriage between 2 men or 2 women, muslim were angry…

        Its its one of the principal mistakes with muslim…

        But, as the BANKRUPTING is COMING, I think one can say that :

        1 – FRANCE is BANKRUPTING, then, ethno-religious WAR come JUST after
        2 – Ethno-religious WAR comes FIRST, then, brings the BANKRUPTING of France

        In both of them, we have BANKRUPTING & WAR !!!

        We, patriots, are FED UP, more & more, and it’s a pity you don’t read french, because there is a site where you can see what french people think : – articles and comments are very INTERESTING as TROLLS try to TRICK, but they are UNMASKED very rapidly !!!

        You have to know that we, french people, CAN NOT buy firearms, the french law STRICTLY prohibit such buying…

        I would love to buy an ATCHINSSON AA12, a PUMPGUN like REMINGTON 870 express police, for example, but it’s impossible here, unless you buy it to SCUMS…or a GLOCK 17…

    • Bonnie, France will NOT go to 2017, to the NEXT election !!!

      We already have politics TRAITORS & ISLAMIZATION of France, so, we will NOT add LACK & dehonnor…when defending our nation !!!

      EVEN if french people see situation in France, the reflex “not to VOTE for a “fascist party” is permanently SPREAD on TV channels !!! – you’ll have the impression to live in Georges ORWELL novel – 1984 !!!

      French people are AWAKING, more & more, that’s a REALITY, but, personnally, I think ONLY BOMBING ATTACKS will COMPLETLY wake UP them, or OFFICIAL bankrupting !!!

      Let’s imagine we go to 2017, AT the moment Marine LE PEN is elected, the ethno-religious war INSTANTLY BEGINS !!!

      Politics like jean-luc MECHANTGROCON – melenchon – and other leftist others, ADVERTISED that they WILL NOT RESPECT votes for FN !!! add NAZISLAMO-SCUMS WITH, as we have more than 600 zones of no-go zones, lawless-zones, and you know what’s awaiting french & legitim population !!!

  18. I was out with some friends last night who told me the Muslims inOman can’t believe Muslims in UK, France and America behave like this. They would be imprisoned for long term or killed in Oman!

    • Muslims who behaved like this would be shot to death in any Muslim country. Our EVIL leaders ALLOW muslims to do this to our people. Our leaders are completely evil.

  19. Water cannon with reclaimed sewage. A better thought is the riot control procedures in the film “Soylent Green”.

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