JEW-HATING pro-Hamas demonstrators force pro-Israel supporters to be evacuated in front of the White House under police protection

A small group of pro-Israel demonstrators carrying Israeli flags stood on Pennsylvania Avenue across from the pro-Hamas terrorist rally.


Gateway Pundit  Dan Merica, associate producer for CNN Politics has sent out a series of photos and reports on social media about Israel supporters being evacuated in police vans from in front of the White House after being surrounded by menacing Hamas supporters. Merica was there covering a pro-Hamas rally by the communist terrorist support group ANSWER being held at Lafayette Park.


Pro Hamas supporters confronted the pro-Israel supporters, shouting anti-Jewish slurs and burning an Israel flag.


Radical Far left professor Cornel West gives an impassioned speech at a pro-Hamas rally outside the White House.


The police set up a barrier around the pro-Israel protesters in front of the White House. But that was not enough. They had to be rescued by the police from the radical pro-Hamas protesters. Merica then posted a photo with a caption saying the pro-Israel group was being put in police vans and were being escorted away for their safety.