DEARBORNISTAN: Ex-Muslim fined $400 for burning qurans near mosque

A Dearborn, Michigan judge fined a 51-year-old Detroit man $400 for two misdemeanor offenses stemming from the burning of qurans in Dearborn.

Ali Hassan Al-Asadi
Ali Hassan Al-Asadi

  Chief Judge Sam Salamey of 19th District Court in Dearborn fined Ali Hassan Al-Asadi $200 each for open burning and littering in the June 25 incident outside a Dearborn mosque, Karbalaa Islamic Education Center. Al-Asadi paid the $200 fine for the open burning charge and owes $200 for the littering charge, which must be paid within 60 days.

Al-Asadi told the Free Press last month he started burning Qurans after having some disputes involving money with a Muslim man at a local mosque. Al-Asadi said he was raised in Iraq as a Shia Muslim, but converted to Christianity and attends local churches. He told the Free Press he has has burned about a dozen Qurans over the past year.

Al-Asadi said he had also burned Qurans on June 10 outside the same Dearborn mosque a few days before Quran-burning Pastor Terry Jones of Florida visited Dearborn. Those burnings caused concern, with Gov. Rick Snyder condemning them during a visit to the Arab-American National Museum in Dearborn. After being arrested and charged in the June 25 incident, Al-Asadi was released on a $500 bond.


Dearborn Police Sgt. Douglas Topolski said that Al-Asadi told police he “repeatedly asked mosque officials for help with getting his money back from the Muslim,” but got no help.