ISIS jihadists are systematically beheading Christian children in Iraq

“Christianity in Mosul is dead, and a Christian holocaust is in our midst,” said Mark Arabo, a Californian businessman and Chaldean-American leader. In an interview with CNN’s Jonathan Mann, he called what’s happening in Iraq a “Christian genocide” and said “children are being beheaded, mothers are being raped and killed, and fathers are being hung.”


CNS News  “Right now, three thousand Christians are in Iraq fleeing to neighboring cities,” he told Mann. Arabo is calling on the international community to follow France’s lead and offer the Christians of Iraq asylum.


“They are systematically beheading children,” Arabo repeated slowly. “And mothers and fathers. The world hasn’t seen an evil like this for generations.” “There’s actually a park in Mosul where they actually beheaded children and put their heads on a stick… this is crimes against humanity. They are doing the most horrendous, the most heart-breaking crimes that you can think of.”


Mann asked about the ISIS letter sent to Christians in Mosul, demanding that they either convert to Islam, pay a fine or be put to “death by the sword.” “It’s very clear they are killing people, but are Christians managing to escape by paying a fine?” he asked.


Arabo reports that after Christians pay the fine, the fighters take the Christian wives and children “and make them their wives – so it’s really convert, or die.” This is a tweet that reportedly shows Yazidi children who escaped the fighters by fleeing to the mountains, but have died from lack of food and water there:

Ezidi Kurdish children are dying of thirst and hunger on Sinjar mountains.

Ezidi Kurdish children are dying of thirst and hunger on Sinjar mountains.

“They are absolutely killing every Christian they see,” Arabo said of ISIS. “This is absolutely a genocide in every sense of the word. They want everyone to convert, and they want sharia law to be the law of the land.”

ISIS Human Slaughter Houses in Syria


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  1. I thank my Father in heaven every day that I will never have to see the monsters that belong to Islam. It says in the bible you have to know God to be with him. And they do not know him.

  2. Drive the Muslims out of ALL Christian Countries B 4 it’s too LATE.. rub the fuckingh lot out…they are the sons of SATAN ! Islam is the Religion of SATAN … The Dark Angel, as OUR LORD tells us in Our Holy Bible… may GOD Curse the sons of SATAN with eternal HELL ,,,,,sew them up in the skins of PIGS !

      • I would never do to them what they’ve done to these people but what I would do is engaged in combat and there would be no survivors to allow even one to survive engagement is to allow one spew that venom somewhere else and rise again. So ahhh Lando Land your solution is to do what, pick your ass and hope for the best. grow some testicular tissue.

      • Is an exterminator evil because he kills rats and vermin before they infect and ruin the neighborhood? no. E hoa (and my self and soo mnay others) are calling for their eradication. Purge the blatant repugnant evil.

    • These people are fucking nuts! They’re not playing with a full deck. Sick bastards using religion as an excuse for murder. This more inhumane than what the Natzi’s did to the Jews. They’ve animals and barbaric.

      • Don’t insult wild animals. Wild animals do not slaughter their own species for psychotic fun. Wild life deserves a future. There is no future for any life with human stupidity. These assholes reveal the very worst human beings are capable of and deserve to be obliterated fast. nazis are assholes and did thing just as bad as these isis fuckers.

      • Our so called leaders need to get their heads out of the sand. If ISIS will do this in there own land, and get away with it, guess what will happen next. Innocent people may die in a full scale bombing, but I’m thinking they would say do it, and get ride of the filth of the land

    • We must all pray for ISIS and other Muslim extremists to literally ‘go back to hell’ where they belong… I totally agree with you – they are all demons and belong to Satan.

    • Islam was named after Ismael who was also the son of Abraham whom his mother was Heggai, the God of Isaac, Jacob and Abraham sent him and his mother away from the promise land and God promised that Ismael will also be blessed like Isaac, Isaac was spiritually blessed and inherited his fathers wealth which is Christianity. Ismael did not get anything from his father Abraham when he left and there wasn’t any love of God in Ismael when he left.
      Islam or Ishmaelite’s and Allah is Baal of Babylon.

      the real and true God is the God Lord which Christians and Jews are worshiping.

  3. It’s natural to ask: WHERE IS GOD? in all of this. Maybe the question is: Where are WE??? This isn’t a finger pointing game. Christ has no feet or hands but ours! (Mother Teresa)

    • I love when people ask “where is God” or “What kind of God allows this to happen” God isn’t doing any of this. All people have FREE WILL and unfortunately some choose to do the most horrific things with it. If God intervenes then there is no free will. People love to say “Everything happens for a reason”, No some things unfortunately just happen with no rhyme or good reason or an eventual “enlightening” when it’s over. God should NEVER EVER be blamed for what MAN DOES!!! I know that God IS RIGHT THERE WITH EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS! I know GOD & HEAVEN WEEP at the monstrosities that occur against his children every single day. Crimes against innocent children are the lowest of all lows. Besides knowing those things I also know that GOD WILL make all things right one day. I continue to pray and have faith that God will put and end to all of this madness sooner than later. PLEASE SEEK JESUS CHRIST & THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! I SWEAR TO YOU ON ALL I HOLD DEAR THAT JESUS IS REAL AND ALIVE AND WAITING WITH OPEN ARMS FOR YOU. PLEASE JUST LOOK INTO IT AT LEAST. WHY NOT GIVE IT A CHANCE WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOOSE……NOTHING! BUT YOU HAVE EVERYTHING TO GAIN MY FRIENDS!! All you have to do is truly ask for Jesus to change your life and surrender to him. He will take care of the rest as you are faithful and diligent in your pursuit of all things good and true. He WILL reveal himself to those who honestly desire him. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  4. In my country once upon a time things were simple. In that time Vlad the Impaler was very good to build forests of impaled bastards like these. He even terrified the very conqueror of Constantinople with some 20k impaled people. True, not all moslims. In those times people were very harsh. They knew the real face of Islam. Maybe you also know it, even better, and remain tolerant… I wonder how can this be possible, though.
    The tolerance of such murderers in whatever form be it, is equal to be an accomplice to the death of these and many other people. I wonder how in the world can anyone be so stupid and naive to deal carefully not to offense the Islamist feelings and on the other throw the Christianity – the thing that exalted you as a nation – out of your schools and society. This is not only unjust, this is stupid.
    ‘thou hast done foolishly: therefore from henceforth thou shalt have wars’

    • Daniel, A lot of what you say is true. I am American but the fact the leaders of my country try to be so “politically correct” all the time spewing tolerance, yet in turn they offend & turn their backs on Jesus, God & Christians, just disgusts me. They fear mans wrath more than Gods wrath. One day they will find out how wrong their choices were. It makes me sick that my children are no longer allowed to pray in class yet I am sup. to teach my child about accepting all people? Our rights as Christians have been trampled on and we are just sitting back watching it happen. I know Jesus was peaceful but if it comes down to them trying to take my child I will fight to the death no doubt. They are the ultimate cowards & murderers hiding behind “religion”. True Muslims know killing was not the intention of the Koran. They are rabid animals and rabid animals must be put down before they infect the rest of their breed. However, I’m afraid this was foretold long ago. They don’t realize any victory they feel they have on earth will be short lived. Their suffering for eternity will not be enough for the horrific crimes they have committed. Bless you Daniel

  5. NICE NICE NICE THE REAL GOD IS WATCHING !!! Killing children like that is putting a bull’s eye on you people–your time is SHORT !!


    The question is— WHEN is he (the REAL GOD) going to ACT and DO something about it instead of just “watching”??
    It seems he’s allowed these ‘sand creatures’ to do as they please for centuries. What makes you think he’s R-E-A-L-L-Y there— as you say “watching”????

    • He’s there. He’ll come soon.
      They’ve damned themselves to Hell.
      They never need to fear being too cold.
      But they’re always going to be a bit to HOT!

    • Billy Ball, he is there have no doubt. The truth is this was all foretold long before. If you want to know what he is waiting for…….YOU!!! He is holding out as long as possible waiting, begging, pleading for you to see Jesus, to accept JESUS CHRIST!! He LOVES YOU BILLY!!! Please just give Jesus a chance. Seek and ye shall find I PROMISE YOU! Truly seek Jesus and he will reveal himself to you. He has loved you since before you were born, he chose you :). He is your true Father. As much as a father loves his son or a mother loves her child, God loves you more. BELIEVE IT, BECAUSE IT’S TRUE!! I will pray for you with all of my heart. Remember it is not to late, until it is. So many will beg and plead after the fact, do not be one of them.

  6. NICE NICE NICE THE REAL GOD IS WATCHING !!! Killing children like that is putting a bull’s eye on you people–your time is SHORT !!

    • The question is— WHEN is he (the REAL GOD) going to ACT and DO something about it instead of just “watching”??
      It seems he’s allowed these ‘sand creatures’ to do as they please for centuries. What makes you think he’s R-E-A-L-L-Y there— as you say “watching”????

      • GOD IS REAL! Evil is REAL– THE ENEMIES WILL BE THROWN IN THE LAKE OF FIRE— we all have been granted with FREE WILL.
        FOR THOSE THAT KNOW GOD AND HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM, all we can do is sit, watch and wait. For those that don’t know or don’t have a relationship with him, REPENT NOW… THE END IS NEAR—-” THY KINGDOM COME. THY WILL BE DONE. ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN”…AMEN.

        • I just read someone say where is God in all this. I don’t mean to be overly critical of that thinking cause it’s a legitimate question. But that question usually comes out of the mouth of someone who is neither doing anything to stop it or is not willing to let anyone else either. Blame God for what you are at fault for also. Not hypocritical or anything.
          I think it’s funny also that people also say war is not the answer. But they are saying that if “allah” not be with us then we will be defeated. They are literally seeking and asking for war.?Sounds like we should do the righteous thing and show them that allah is not with them. And by we I don’t mean me. I’m not willing at this point to go fight them. But I am less willing to tie the hands of those who would. People much brave than myself.

  7. Romans 12:19
    Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.

    Unless they people repent, they will face an eternity in Hell!

      • You call me stupid??? Maybe you should check your IQ fool before you take your mouth to full!! Lol…..Humanity is causing the planets cooling cycles to get out of balance!! That’s a physical and chemical fact but you obviously no nothing about it!!! Check this, you better hope the Suns activity doesn’t increase because with the planets cooling system off balance, once the Sun activity increases things’ll get pretty damn hot arround here. You better not doubt because it will happen, it’s as inevitable as humans stupid, ignorant behavior. You’re the best example for it!! Have fun baking !!!

        PS: You probably believe the earth is only 6000 years old and that man walked next to dinasaurs aswell: Huh???

        • Now you are banned. Global warming wackos are not welcome here. You have yet to explain how all these extreme climate changes occurred before man even inhabited the earth. Are you sure you’re not a muslim? Oh, that’s right, you can’t answer because you are now banned.

        • Blueplanet911,

          Your idiotic waffle highly emotional illogical response, indicates clearly you have sawdust in your brain.

          Desperate emotional wandering knee-jerk reaction, shooting from the hip remarks adds up to one performance result, it = CRAP!

          The fact that you used the numbers 911 in your anonymous name indicates that you are a low-life sniggering ‘Jihad Muslim.’

      • The Lord of that promise is not slack as some men count slackness but is patient toward us, and would have no man to perish, but would all men to come to repentance. 2 Peter 3:9

    • Those words are written by man. They were written by corrupt leaders to prevent the public from retaliating against evil, opressive leaders. The creater doesn’t want us to stand by and watch evil take place. He wants us to rid of all evil on this planet.
      True belief is expressed in positive action and interaction among man kind. This beheading sh*t is evil crap. We need to do something to trace these people and arrest them or something. If they return to the west, to Europe, the US or Kanada, you will have evil criminals walking free whereas if you were to commit a crime like this in the US you would be either be sentanced to 200 years without parole or the death sentance. Why can these people just get away with it. That’s a bad message to the civilized western society. Sick perverd, criminals getting away with evil crimes. They have to be caught and atleast arrested and brought to guantanamo or even sentenced to death themselves!!!


    • The creator doesn’t interact on a personal level by sending a lightning bolt to an evil individual, or causing an evil individual to get into an accident….his world is the one beyond death…the faster the criminals are dead the faster they will witness the lords wrath…The lord placed intelligent, righteouss and good humans among those who are evil on this planet to show those who are evil that they are wrong and to stop those who are evil from doing wrong!!! That’s the way he programmed the action & reaction functions of our planet…It’s basically automated. Here’s an example: we invent new technologies but were too lazy to think and calculate the whole consequences through. Industry and cars, we polut our planet, our planet shows reaction and reacts by warming, and klimate change.

      We develop weapons but evil individuals abuse the power of weapons to commit genocide. We good humans need to react as the voice inside us sais!!! As the US did in WW2 against the NAZIS!!!

      • Blue, and what made the planet warm before there were any people or cars on it? What is making Mars warm now? It’s the sun, stupid, and man has nothing to do with it. Don’t comment here again.

      • When ice in the north pole was drilled into they went down 80,000 years into layered ice. In the last 80,000 years of ice there is the same amount of carbon in each layer and it never changed. In the last 200 years it has risen 40%. The earth dose have short cycles on carbon but they are long ones. This one is way to fast. Something not nature is causing it. What is it? Stats show that climate increases causes more crime and violence. The middle east is a desert and it is getting hotter also. Resources is getting lower including good drinking water around the globe. The middle east has not enough nature resources and to many people. People that think evil like isis will feel the need to react more violently as the earth worms up and water runs out.

    • That’s is called “spiritual suicide” and a holocaust brought on by sin, inaction and wrong choices.

      You’re are loving your enemy more than loving Jesus and your own family.

      When peace efforts fail and your patience runs then with wise counsel make war

    • @Jojobean : i studie the bible/thora/koran enz. and indeed a lot of story’s match with the things that are happening today in the world in all holy writtings by the way. I’m just curious ….I don’t know what your religion is … I believe that there is something ..something big…I call it the BIG ALL….and mister big …is in al of us …no matter color believe ore rase . My question if he is in al of us ….who the f@#£ is running the film script and is destroying everything..? All for one and one for ALL

    • Ya, but ifo you have noticed, there were only a few times God sent in His angels to put an end to wars. Most of the time HE has used human instruments. He told the Israelites several times, “go in and take them out” often HE said, “every man woman and child”. Every time the Israelites dissobyed, and saved the enemy so as to not be to harsh, God told them they would be sorry because the enemy will not have mercy on them, (some paraphrasing)

    • I agree.. But get the good peaceful people out then nuke. There wouldn’t be any land worth fighting over, either. Problems solved.

  8. When will our governments finally realize we are at war?
    We need to fight before it’s too late, we need to scare them and hurt them and terrorize them like they do us. I don’t want to be held to a higher standard anymore. Any person or peoples that could do this deserve the law that was in place far before any of this sharia shit entered the middle east, in fact they stole half of it. The Code of Hammurabi, the sin you commit is dealt to you.

    They’ve come to Canada, our government has recognized their multiple marriages and have agreed to pay welfare out to all four families, which to be ‘politically correct’ is only paid out to the men. Then the women litter our subways and our streets begging, getting picked up by the men in the evening in very nice SUVs. They’ve already inacted their own form of Jizyah against us.

    Just for speaking out about it other Canadians have called me a racist. Just for questioning this idiocracy. Thank you BNI i have no idea how i would have acted out had i not found some kind of outlet with like-minded people who are just as scared as me. You give me some solace in knowing there’s some awareness.

      • I’m sorry, i didn’t realize i was quoting anything.
        Though i was reading your blog for quite some time before making that post, so i can understand if i may have pulled a few facts from you.

      • All you do is threaten to block people and block them if their views are different from yours. No need to band me I’m not bothering here anymore. There are thousands of websites out there that allow true freedom of speech. I hope you find truth and real freedom. God Bless Jesus is KING!!!

        • SS777,

          Your emotional immature response, increases my conviction that a lot of Christians that can’t handle rejection of their belief system, are not true Christians.

          Why should I believe in Christianity when people like you are so easily offended?

          • Allan, you know I don’t reject it, I just don’t want an advertising campaign for it here. We take it for granted that all religions and/or no religion is superior to the death cult Islam.

          • BNI,

            I understand and I have always supported all Christians that stand against Islam and their right to believe what they believe…I have Christian friends; but I have had enough of emotional Christians that get easily offended and spit the dummy…I have experienced too much of this nonsense throughout my life, including recently.

            And I get even more angry when Christians accuse others of blasphemy which supports Muslim mentality.

          • BKI I apologize that you took great offense to my post. I must admit I was a bit offended you threatened me for simply speaking my mind and sharing MY truth when so many others mention the same God I speak of. I was simply answering a question from someone who asked if God is real what is he waiting for. Please don’t let my ignorance turn you from God. I am sorry for my childish response you are right I didn’t handle myself well. I feel terrible, I did the opposite of what I should have and I am sorry. I became one of those Christians I try so hard never to be. I understand if you feel the need to ban me, I deserve it. However, like I said please don’t let my ignorance keep you from Jesus. I would never forgive myself and I mean that with all of my heart. Again I am sorry! I hope you accept my apology. I let my feelings get in the way when I should not.

          • BNI, lol well we aren’t that far off then are we 😉 Thank you for accepting my apology. btw, I do know it’s ban and not band I couldn’t tell you why I did that. I believe I did it twice at that lol. I think I was flustered. I admit I do spell terribly but I am pretty good with words and correct grammar. Thanks again for being forgiving. Happy Hanukkah 🙂

          • Ha I was aware of that. It worked tho I felt like a real moron for a moment. Thanks for the welcome

    • If your approach is “All Muslims are murderers” then, yes you’re a racist. This horror has nothing to do with religion, it couldn’t be further removed if they were openly declaring their fealty to The Flying Spaghetti Monster.

      These people are psychopaths. They are determinedly evil, dangerous and nasty individuals.

      Christians do this type of thing (below the media radar…). As do Buddhists, Sikhs, Jews, etc. as well. Religion? Or Region?

      Even atheists commit these types of acts.

      No, this isn’t about who’s non-existent God is better than someone else’s non-existent God (Apparently, they’re the same God in theological terms anyway…!) This is about frustrated young people taking out an entirely disproportionate sense of rage out on others.

      These people use the term “Muslim” to excuse their barbarism. Knowing that the rest of the world is all too happy to believe it, and prove their twisted cause worthy by stupid and aggressive rebuttals. They’re alleged religious affiliation is nothing more than a smokescreen.

      They are murderers, and nothing more or less. And that is all they are.

      I wish I believed in a Hell, Because I could take some small comfort from the idea that that’s where these horrendous mistakes might end up…

        1-Who are they killing? Christians. Kurds. Christians. Yazidis. Christians. people that do not follow Islam. Christians. Shia Muslim(don’t really get that part but anyway) Oh and More Christians.

        2- If you go along the same path as all these other idiots saying that all religion is bad I will Scream. All religion may be have been bad at times, but that was…. Oh I don’t know, maybe…. HUNDREDS OF FUKEN YEARS AGO… WE HAVE EVOLVED.. If you can tell me the last time A christian/Buddhist/Athiest caused a beheading or suicide bomb, then I will travel to Syria and kill them myself…

        3- Read that horse shit book that I piss on the QARAN It tells you what to do in the name of gay cunt wanker loser pedo they call Muhammad.

        4- Finally I hope it does not take for one of your family members or friends to get beheaded for you to wake up and stop being one of these stupid tree huggers.. I am not a RACIST but I do hate MUSLIMS!!!

      • @ Adam I bet any amount of money you wouldn’t go up to a Muslim and let him know you piss on his Quran, you’re a fucking idiot. Islam teaches to respect and believe in a the books sent down by God. You so call righteous Christians on here sound so stupid. You guys have so much hatred in your heart, that isn’t the God way. You should be ashamed of your self. Disrespecting a religion and claimimg to urinate on a holy book is disgusting. Don’t worry the hell fire is waiting for you too, I don’t agree with what Isis is doing. They all should be punished for their crimes. No human being should be killed for his or her belief or religion they choose. I have a Christian daughter and I love her and respect her choice. I never force her to convert or even threaten to piss on her bible. Smfh grow up. Adam you really need God in your life. The Devil has taken over your soul. Read the quarn my brother, it will bring you the peace and humbleness you’re missing.

        asalam walikum

  9. Why does everyone who is religious think their GOD is a ‘Loving God’? Let’s assume GOD created everything, so therefore god created the Devil/Satan and GOD created insane people who slice heads off and insane dictators who murdered millions. So GOD is not all loving. IMHO, GOD was created by MAN and so was Satan. We are all a part of a giant universe that we barely understand and are just barely coming into enlightenment. The fear of science or the abuse of science by the brainwashed religious is another issue altogether.

    • Barney, I will pray that your eyes open to our Lord almighty and that you repent your wicked thinking. God gave us all Free Will…we choose to be good or evil we choose to blasphemy or to stand ad Christians and do our best to be worthy. None are worthy but because God’s only begotten son came to earth and walked as a man and died as a man without sin and asked ” Father forgive them they know not what they do” we can all be saved and have everlasting life in heaven with our Gloriously Loving and Forgiving God.

      • April, and all of you, does it really matter whether or not there is a God? When you child’s head is being slowly sawed off by a knife wielding psycho and there is no hope of rescue? Study the history of Islam from its beginning to its rise in power (submit or die or pay the tax, but mostly die) to its temporary demise over the last few hundred years to its resurgence. Muhammad himself beheaded and murdered innocents in the name of Allah, and of course to expand his power base to achieve wealth and dominion over others in a might makes right world.

        Hitleer and the Nazis are the Islamic State’s brothers…cut from the same cloth of hating the “other” and seeking dominon through terror and force.

        God has no place in humanity’s future. Can you really believe that the all powerful creator of the universe transmitted his designs for the human race and the world to a) a stuttering murderer, b) an unmarried 30+ year old Jewish carpenter (all a contradiction in terms if you know what you are talking about), and a semi-literate camel driver? Can you really believe that God would design creatures who have perpetrated the most heinous evils on each other in the hundreds of millions throughout history?

        It is up to us to reform ourselves, without God’s help, or perish in our folly as a species. I for one will fight these bastards until they are annihilated, and negotiate with any enemy who will truly make peace….but not with any religious nutters no matter where they are from. And morality and ethics exist quite apart from religion, thank you.

        This is the world we live in, the only world we can hope to enjoy for at least a long time. Some people, not matter the cause, give up their right to live in it with us. Such is the Islamic State.

  10. US troops killed hundreds of these innocent people in Irak. Now a group of fools do these horrors and we want a crusade, because they’re killing people. Let’s kill more people that are killing people, that is killing people because the US killed people. Are we fool?
    We do not need a crusade against Islam. Of course we must throw these bastards away; we must help the irakis and the syrians against these bastards, but let’s remember that everything started with George Bush and the invasion of Irak for the benefit of their enterprises.
    This is what happens when you sow the wind. But, of course, some will argue about how civilised we are, and how ‘these muslims’ are. Thanks, Mr. Bush.

    • Are you f***ing kidding me? What sort of delusion are you trying to spew. The Middle East has been killing itself for three thousand years. White people or George bush were the least of it worries. The only stupid thing we did was not take the whole damn country over and keep it. There were wmd’s in Iraq people. The rest if the world knows that and just realizes we lost in the game if hide and seek to find them. Muslims killing Muslims. Jews killing Muslims. Muslims killing Jews. Christians killing people over there to. When did it start. It started with an apple so shut up and stop trying to pretend that George bush made it any worse than it already was. If you don’t believe me then look it all up. But please shut up until you do.

  11. Oh my god the absolute FU***** MUSLIMS THAT BEHEAD THE CHILDREN, WHY WOULD THE FU**************************************** DO THAT? (Excuse my french, i’m not normally this pissed off.)

    • Why indeed? Perhaps it is because Islam (the faith of worshiping a pagan moon god) has never grown out of its medieval beginnings. perhaps because, like most extremist faiths, it relies on brutality and cruelty, as did the catholic and Protestant church to swell its numbers. Perhaps because at least one faction of its faith derives a perverted pleasure from torture, rape and plunder. I do not believe, having seen the crimes committed by the followers of Islam and having lived in a country that has tolerated and welcomed their freedom to practice their faith and watched their slow infiltration through trying to introduce Sharia law with the aim of establishing a global caliphate, that any aspect of Islam can now be tolerated, or allowed to grow. It needs rooting out before the acts that are being practiced in Iraq today become the acts practiced in the USA or Europe tomorrow

      • Your absolutely right. However it seems that the current administration and apparently the last one looks at Islam as a religion of peace. That is the biggest lie. If our country is not going to protect us, we should at least be allowed to protect ourself.

  12. Please Don’t argue about this. This horrendous evil should be addressed appropriately. To all the good hearted, caring people on this site, I am pleased to see that we are all outraged by this senseless injustice toward innocent, babes, children, women, men families torn apart by unimagineable hateful crimes. I get that we are all beyond frustrated that something hasn’t been done sooner to quell this onslaught of terror, however, none of us has the means nor artiliary to avenge nor protect our fellow humans. However, we can harass and insight such an irritating amount of emails, and letters to congress and our countries capitol of our cry out for mercy that the post office nor social media has ever seen. Venting on here is good, but Mark Arabo had a campaign to help provide asylum for these tortured people, women and children and only 2,000 showed. I have seen more people at a rock concert, supporting musicians who could give a damn less about anyone but their own fancy cars, vacation homes worth an excess of four billion dollars and drug addictions. We need to write in response to this to our officials and the president and unite putting all differences aside. Even the Christian God obliterated all of Sodom and Gomorah saving only the good people, we should now do the same.

  13. Hamas to path of union with IISIS, the two terrorist organizations share many of the same goals of establishing a Muslim caliphate! Fuck Hamas – Fuck ISIS

  14. No, no, no, Jesus Christ, these pics are going to haunt me tonight. These barbaric evil psychopaths must be devoid of any feelings whatsoever. There is no way a human could cut off somebodies head with a knive while he is still alive, or point guns at a toddlers head like that. Not human whatsoever. Very, very scary stuff. Please, somebody, annihilate these monsters, please.

  15. Iraqis are beating people, bombing and shooting. They are taking all hospital equipment, babies out of incubators . Life-support systems are turned off. . . . They are even removing traffic lights. The Iraqis are beating Kuwaitis, torturing them, knifing them, beating them, cutting their ears off if they are caught resisting or are with the Kuwaiti army or police.


  16. Forthe crimes against humanity which the ISIS forces have perpetrated against the defenceless Yazidi’s and Christians, decapitating the heads of babes in arms etc. etc. they should all be lined up when captured and then one by one their both arms and legs should be amputated,left in the sun to die a slow painful death without food and water.

    • We should not bring ourselves to their level, it would only satisfy their crazed outlook on the way things should work.

      • They are beyond redemption. They will do again what they have already done in a heartbeat. There is no need to have them on this planet. They should be culled quickly and efficiently. Striking them with Hellfire missiles is mercy killing – effective and the better of two options. The other would be handing them over to non-ISIS Iraqis.

  17. These people are not human and have forfeited their universal rights. They should be wiped out like the insects they are.

  18. Interesting that in Hebrew mythology the Angel of pure evil is called Samael (Lucifer in english) In hebrew when the letters that spell out Samael are rearranged they also spell out Islam!
    1. Islam – יסלאמ
    2. Samael – סמאל

  19. I dont care what religion this is. Only know these are monsters, not worth to be named human. Nobody should do this to other ppl. Really makes me sick to see what happens there. And im sure there is no God in the world that says this is ok.

  20. Now where are all the so called Christian nations now, and since the Christian nations support Israel, where is Israel in this? seems that when you are a Christian, the world forgets about you.

    • G, Israel is a little preoccupied with their own war right now. But the Christians who are in Israel for the most part are very happy to be there. The question should be, where is America? And why isn’t Obama granting asylum to these Christians in peril, when France and Australia already have?

      • Excellent question which nails it! I do believe because Obama and the current administration are Pro-Gaza. Remember when Obama declared that this nation was no longer a Christian nation. That was the beginning of his first term. I guess he meant that it was a country of many faiths, but hey, we were founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs. I guess his true Islamic colors are showing. It also shows a lack of understanding the roots of our history.

    • Israel is protecting there own. Jihadists are killing everyone all over the world.. They want to cleans the world.. They are terrorist and the world needs to unite and cleans the world of them.

    • Everyone has it wrong. This situation was pushed by the world’s elite. Everything started with 9/11. The elite want a world government. To do that, they have to destabilize the existing ones and convince each side to fight each other. They finance both sides of the fight. It reduces the population and gives them more control in the end. The elite provoke these attacks intentionally meanwhile each side thinks they are fighting for a greater cause. When everyone is exhausted from fighting and every available resource is wasted, where will everyone turn to fix it? Satan runs the world elite and he loves chaos. The more distraction from the bigger picture, the better. They play it like a magician. Just wait when no one can fight any more, the elite will send a leader out from the shadows promising a new world with no more violence and poverty. And it will seem like a miracle for a while until the entire human population realizes they are enslaved with no freedoms or rights. The Nazi’s almost accomplished it but now they are more sneaky by causing others to wage war on themselves. The world elite embed powerful people to organize the ignorant to become monsters and do their bidding. It’s all a game to them for more power and control, you will all see. Israel is just one of the many focal points to draw everyone’s attention. Look at this hand so you can’t see the trick happen in the other. It’s not about religion, territory, terrorism but the elite can make the ignorant believe it is about that stuff. If it was about that, the US and her allies would have sprung into action already.

  21. I will not comment on this as per religion…I would comment on this as a human being with conscience. Everyone has a good within us what ever religion or non-religious or race one can be. But I would say that this is pure evil and people without conscience or trace of being human. Let’s just say that this is negative energy at its purest form. I am a religious person and my husband has a different religion but we come to respect one another and our beliefs without prejudice…well he has one on mine but it’s all about good communication and a nonjudgmental attitude. We don’t try to convert each other to our own religions. That would be silly and disrespectful of one’s belief. We love each other and our children and that’s what matters.

  22. Will say this about ISIS, they know how to pull a following. On the other hand, I see a lot of outrage here, but I don’t see many people jumping on the first plane to Erbil and joining the fight to protect their Christian brethren. Pretty easy, you can get a visa on arrival at Erbil airport, so onward Christian solders, put up or shut up

    • Idiot. And a nasty little man. Sounds like you appreciate the mohommedists as they rape and pillage. That’s pretty sick in it’s self.
      Besides you have no Idea what we do when not on line. If you do please inform us.

    • A true Christ follower does not kill another human to advance the kingdom of god. The truth is we die to advance the gospel. We don’t need to defend our selves with guns and swords we already have what we Need and that is Jesus.
      Its better to die than become a murderer. all unrepentant isis followers will face judgment forever. Our judgment is a matter of time and it will end and our reward is life with Jesus.

      • Amen brother your are right those who die for christ he will be live with jeswith jesus.but sisi will be panish from God.sure .sure .sure…

    • I am ready willing and able to go. Just need some connections to locals and be able to arm myself. Some company wouldn’t hurt.





    • Sorry but that right there is they whole problem. If there were no religion then what would people have to kill for…..there is no bloody God and the sooner everyone realizes that and starts putting their faith in each other, instead of some fairy tale the happier we will all be! Think like this article really make me feel sick, what people are willing to do to each other in diagreement on which ‘mystical’ figure they put their faith in!
      Just my opinion.

      • Try not to make a difference between God, religion and ideology. Because Its a question about how we live our religion that becomes an ideology… God is a God of peace. But how people interpret their religion that make it that they impose their religion, kill one another because of the way they want to live their “religion”… then these people are not religious men. Their ideologies have pushed them to become barbaric … do we call religion that pretends to set men free? to give man his greater happiness when we are rather enslave by our lust for power and violence? when we are enslave by our thirst for blood and money and guns? is that religion to you?

      • Jenine
        You do realize that the mohommedists Pray to Satan, Correct? I don’t see the connection between you and no belief, and me with direct knowledge of the existence of GOD. Did you wake up one morning pissed off at GOD because he did not answer your prayers? Or someone close died that believed in GOD and you felt that it was not fare. Well guess what? To you in your limited understanding of the the Universes it probably wasn’t However you wanted something that you wanted regardless of what HE wanted or the Individual that died, it was all about you. Not anybody else. Total selfish attitude, I want and that’s it. Waaaaaa…!

      • No offense but isn’t it kind of doltish to completely write off God based on the crappy behavior of people who believe in Him? Islam in my opinion is the official religion of Satan. Although it will soon be replaced by the anti-Christ’s personal religion when he forces everyone to worship him or die. Until then it’s Islam. But even Islam does not account for as many deaths as non-religious government. Unfortunately you will never know God until you use your faith, which you apparently have disposed of. We are made in God’s image, which means we are a trinity; body, soul (emotions, will and intellect) and spirit. You’ve murdered, or at least put to sleep the most important one-third of that trinity, because of your disdain for people who do really dumb, evil things out of ignorance of God. It seems to be a common false belief among atheists that religion is responsible for most of the death and suffering in the world. It is not true, since you can look at the 20th century alone and see the hundreds of millions of deaths at the hands of atheist leaders; Stalin, Hitler, Mao, just to name a few. When you think about this in the broader scope of history, such names as Alexander the Great, Agamemnon, Xerxes, etc, the number of people whose lives have been snuffed out under political ideology, rather than religious belief is staggering. Less than 7%, in fact, of all known deaths due to war, are attributable to non-religious government:

        Non-Religious Dictator Lives Lost

        Joseph Stalin – 42,672,000
        Mao Zedong – 37,828,000
        Adolf Hitler – 20,946,000
        Chiang Kai-shek – 10,214,000
        Vladimir Lenin – 4,017,000
        Hideki Tojo – 3,990,000
        Pol Pot – 2,397,0003

        Those are just a few more examples, but the number is considered to be greater than 300 million just in recent history.

        Here are some interesting points of view that might give you and your atheist friends a broader perspective on things.

      • CORRECTION: What I meant to say at the end of my post was: “Less than 7%, in fact, of all known deaths due to war, are attributable to religion” not non-religious government. Thanks.

      • Communism… More people have been killed the name of political ideologies than any other reason. NO liberal ever wants to give up big government, but they do want to give up religion. The problem is man himself.

    • Just because heaven is for real and christians go to heaven does not JUSTIFY the evil. Even more so that ISIS, use religion to justify these killings. Is killing coming from God, though??

      • Citizen ghost , u are a madman if you really think and believe that those leaders you’ve named there didn’t hold on to some kind of twisted religion they hold as absolute truth…they ain’t never been noar ever will be atheists my dear miss-informed and confused friend hahaha…half of them are even christians haha

    • Lean not on your own understanding…. Absent from the body and at home with the Lord. Earth is only temporary. Hatred is not of God and the devil will never win! !!!!

  24. What’s the problem? They are Christians, don’t they believe that they are being tested by there loving God, and then they will go to heaven and live happily ever after.
    Is that not what all religious people want?

    Would be much worse if they killed atheists.

    • Yeah, true, we believe in being tested. And being persecuted by our faith. But does that mean you can kill people? Don’t think so…
      But thanks for your compassion with beheaded children and killed adults.

      God bless

  25. To the idiot who said humans come from apes I just want to tell you that your delusional! Think about it really hard. How could it possible that we have water or blood or a heart pumping or a eco-system that is perfect? Mate there is definitely a higher being or we call it a God.

    Secondly I have a question for use all.i want your opinion. Do Christians have the same God as Muslims? I’m not talking about muhamed or jesus. I’m taking about God? Are they The same? The father of Abraham as it says in the Bible (old testimate)?

  26. A lot of bullshit !

    Saladin has forgiven jerusalem when he conquert it back from the crusaders after that They killed every one inside the city when They took it.

    How is giving these weapens to Isis?
    How is Isis?

    Untill we don’t know this we don’t know the enemy and this is the problem !

    Not islam not judisme or Any other belief is the enemy.

    We must protect our children from every evil men but please stop blaming god for all what we are doing to our selfs we already killed his Son and he has nothing to lose

    If you think he Will help us kill the enemy you are wrong!

    • Ohh my god I haven’t seen like this all my life animal people muslin if they have power the all world it’s gonna be down they f…stupid

  27. All religions are a way to mislead mankind.
    Every religion hangs on to something else this is the way for the devil to mislead us.
    Don’t get me wrong i believe in our savior jesus christ but i don’t believe any religion, but i only believe what is written in the holy bible.
    After reading a lot of the comments it opened my eyes how good the devil is doing his job, because muslims are pointing fingers at christians and vice versa.
    It’s not religion what kills people it’s people who are killing people “in the name of god”.
    So people who are really religious won’t judge people with other religions but respect and love their brothers and sisters dispite their religion etnicity or colour.
    Time will come when god will judge and punish the people who are doing this.
    And his day will come soon, just look around and you will see the signs in the world and in the sky for god said “look at the evening sky’s to see the signs that my day will come” and you will see people standing up against their goverments but have no fear of this al for my day will come ( i have a dutch bible so in english it might be somewhat different)

    • Amen! So well said! All things in life need to have a balance. Excess of one thing or another almost always leads to sin. I don’t believe you can pray too much though. It’s the one thing in excess I feel we should always be doing.

  28. I can’t believe people can do something like that!!!!!! They are ANIMALS!!!!! I hate every kind of extremists activities where is your god now???

    • Animals are better then that 10000000000x better I don’t know how to call these things… the are not wurth anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. In stead off killing people in the name off a god it’s time to respect other people and the believe off a other humanbeing so we can live in peace!!! religion is about loving and helping other humans and not killing. This is the only true way to lead your religion it doesn’t matter if you are christian ore muslim. There is only one god and that is the one who is in your heart so let your heart speak and stop with killing people and children and start help to make this a better world in the name off the god who is in your heart!!!

  30. For people that say the blood is on us are stupid fucking hippies that smoke shit all day a.doc ate deluded. No one child from any content deserve this. They are innocent it just shows the barbaric behaviour of stupid religions. #it’sabput the children. I’m in the army and I would give myself for the children of the Barbaric countries to have a voice!

    • Islam is not evil. This is the work of evil people who have claimed a faith, but that does not give us the right to say or think that about any one religion. Thinking like that leads to vile actions like what we are seeing here.

  31. I PRAY FOR ALL THOSE WHO HAVE DIED.AND THOSE WHO ARE STILL ESCAPING…Watch what God will do to the people who are doing this..

    • You no longer have to pray for those who have died, for they are with the Lord. Pray for the ones who are left, to protect them from this evil.


  33. Islam is all about love…peace and humanity….hell which is going on in iraq and sham is outrage.they are not killing only Christians but also killing Muslims….Islam says to kill a person is to kill humanity……they are bastards…i am a Muslim from pakistan…but i know the teachings of Islam very well.we are also suffering from worse conditions here in Pakistan….but we will fight these Islam and humanity enemies till the last Pakistani is alive…be aware Al-qaida and isis

  34. I have read most of the comments here (that’s a dang long list), and what I see most is that people go in conflict with eachother as religions and political visions differ. The outcome of their opinion however is often the same. A quote from a comment here: “The right thing to do would be to execute a war of annihilation against the ISIS movement and to take no prisoners”. The thing is, if we’d do that, we’d do the same. ‘Eradicate’ a species. That’s exactly what those people out there are doing. We as humans have always done that. Every kind of religion/political movement has dirty hands. This is often the first reaction of people who are conflicted with cruelties like this; a counter reaction with the same behaviour. I think in order to ‘evolve’ as human beings, in order not to murder eachother, we need to focus on our ratio and to look at our primal instincts. Yes we are intelligent, but we are still a relatively young species ‘acting’ on our instinct, more than we think. As lots of us know/accept, we evolved out of apes, and apes are agressive, dominant, very territorial and based on ego. If we can see this, if we can see that our reactions and thoughts are coming forth out of these basic emotions and instincts, maybe we could change. There’s love as well, and caring. We need to unite as a species, and look to the skies. Not to the nice piece of steak which the neighbours are having. Use your gift, your intelligence, look to all facets, do not just focus on one religion/political movement, one point of view. Try to see it all, and share it so the humanity will rise instead of die. Because that will ultimately happen if we continue our simple, yet agressive behaviour.

    • tobiasnl123,

      Your observations and concerns are valid.

      But it is important to remember even as we value high standards of decency, kindness and goodwill that there are creatures human and others that do not share the same caring values.

      There are many non-human animals that have more humanity in them than a lot of humans; and there are other animals like many humans that are vicious and will attack to kill with dedicated aggression.

      When a creature man or beast attacks with intent to kill we have no choice but to fight back and kill even when we do not like fighting.

      The rule of survival does apply when being attacked… “Kill or be Killed!”

      It is important to remember that a persons ‘Belief System’ is the reason for their thinking and subsequent actions.

      I.S. Muslims will not convert out of Islam, they are committed to following the exact Jihad instructions in the Koran and they believe they are living true to the living example of Muhammad.

      There is only one solution when such belief systems are trying to kill you…fight…

      “Victory or Death!”

    • Very trou and very nice written but the problem is ther are always people who WILL take adwantich of nice and dicend people, trying to domenat or rob them.
      the other problem is thad reliktion is a easy way to holt people damm and in feer
      (easy to roole) and ther ar inoght they dont want to think & actually like it to be rooled.

  35. Matthew 27:25
    Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children!!

    This is short and simple answer to why those people in Mid East can’t live in peace, they laid a curse on themselves. “Jesus is coming with the clouds,” and “every eye will see him, even those who pierced him”; and all peoples on earth “will mourn because of him.” So shall it be! Amen.

  36. This is exactly what turks used to do with Christians in Ottoman empire. Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians were in a similar way killed, and until now Turkey is supported by EU and USA. It is even a part of NATO. Why? I guess because EU and USA needs time by time such cannibals.

    • It is also what the ‘Christians did to the Turks and the Armenians etc when the went over there and invaded their lands and stole their wealth under the guise of Christianity. As always it was just power and greed and nothing to do with religion – any more than the current conflict.

  37. Capture a few and bury them in grave with pig body parts, then pour pigs blood over them and video the lot and send it out to the ISIS. If captured this will happen

  38. What would they feel if we Christians do beheading also to them?…..But Christians and some good Muslims are not like that The Lord says Thou shall not kill.. That heartless people will suffer more than what they have done to the innocent children…God sees, God knows, God’s power is more powerful. The Lord says satan will steal, harm and kill you..But if you are with me nothing to fear. If you died because of My name , I will rescue you and you will be in heaven…My heart filled with Anger to see those selfless people. My heart burns…..



    • imonurside,

      Since Pantheism was replaced by Monotheism we have been waiting over three thousand years for God to step in and eliminate all of this violence.

      Don’t expect God to help us- we are on our own.

      God gave us ‘Freedom of Choice’- God expects us to solve our own problems.

      By all means talk to God for guidance, but we alone must fix it.

      We must stop Islam by joining the ‘Freedom Resistance’ in our Nation and standing united as one force.

      First we must challenge all of the ‘Political Dhimmis’ head-on and send a message loud and clear… “No Islam!”

  39. I wish people would open their eyes and realise that religion is not the problem- but extremism, intolerance and ignorance are.

      • I disagree with u.I am a muslim and muslims traching does not include what the ISIS are doing. The ISIS arent real muslims as real muslims dont do this. Every religion is beautiful..they teach us to do good. humans destroy it by being too extreme. It’s the human..not the religion.

      • That is totally untrue. I am a Christian but I know that it is not the way of Islam any more than the conflict in Ireland between the Catholics and Protestants bombers or the bloodthirsty, pillaging Crusaders were representative of Christ’s message of love. Don’t be misled by propaganda and emotive talk with those who just want to add fuel to the fire! They worship the same God as the Jews and the Christians and they also take Abraham as their ‘grandfather’, they are being misled by their leaders just as a lot of Christians were.

      • i guess you never study history,,
        who dropped atomic bomb and kills millions civillian in japan?
        who start the world war I ?
        who start the world war II ?

        this just a small example…
        think smart..

      • Rizza, you are sadly uneducated. Who started WW!? Germany. Who started WWll? Germany. Who started the war between the US and Japan? Japan. Had Japan gotten the atom bomb first, it would have been them dropping them on US cities.

    • Lyn ellis i agree with u, religion not involve in this matter but people who got to extremist, introlerance and ignorance make this things happen

    • how many people have died in the name of god from the time of the Crusade until now… Humanity have ushered war in the name of god.. calling it ‘god’s will’ or ‘god will’s it’ for so long..

    • Religion isthe problem! Religion is the work man,, Jesus is my Saviour not my religion, the biggest crime is Muhammad and his False Evil God.

      • Well you can’t just say these things. This is eventually too much. Using the name of Islam to do what they want. But doesn’t mean that all Muslim in the world are the same. It’s just them who acts like coward, needing “Islam” to feel strong. I believe, if they were pissing their pants off if the Christians stood up and fight them but not being one of them.

  40. Jamesbrown – You are correct. Only the Devil himself would demand such things!

    Now consider logic for a moment:

    As far as Theism goes , there are two logical possibilities:

    1) There is a God. If that is so then ONE religion will be right. All others are in error.

    2)There is no God. ALL Religions are wrong.

    There is no 3rd option where all religions lead to God …

    Now if we consider the first option, and suppose for a moment that God exists then

    only 1 religion can be right, and the others must either be deceptions or corruptions of truth, because the doctrines and teachings are not consistent.

    Taking this one step further, where a Religion is clearly seen to be in direct opposition to another, then one is black, one is white, one may be right, but the other can’t be!

    So for Example if the Antithesis of Christianity is Islam, and Christianity is right, then the God of Christianity is God, which makes the true identity of the God of Islam , Satan. Or Vice Versa.

    So if there is a God, which religion embodies Goodness and Which absolute evil?

    Which religion is beheading Children, raping women, marrying 7 year old girls, cutting children in half?

    And if there is a good side to this religion, why is it not the first to cry out and try to stop these atrocities?

    Religion isn’t the issue!.

    This evil is the Devils work, and his adherents who happen to call him Allah!

    • a third option is that there are many gods, and all religions are correct for the god they worship.
      after all, if there is one god, there could be many gods.

        • Shava,

          Buddha is not a God- it is just a monument of philosophy, called ‘Enlightenment.’

          It represents an idea like the ‘Statue of Liberty’ stands for a valued idea.

      • remember that story of lucifer coming to earth with his hosts and taking for themselves women. Thats what those ‘other gods’ are. #Illuminati #AncientAliens #SatansLot.

        This is disgusting whats happening, and its going to get far far worse before it gets better.
        Glory to God
        Peace to all Nations

        • Hey Aaron do you believe in Jesus? Not the False Jesus of the Quran, im talking about the Jesus of History and in the bible, the true Jesus.

      • Shava
        allah does exist. A Satan god. Buddah was a prophet and teacher, taught by Daniel. Later the Old Priests called him a god and made him into an Idol.

    • This is my own personal belief. I’m a Southern Baptist but for a very long time now I’ve had a very strong feeling that “NONE!!!” not one of the many Religions practiced around the world are Correct. They ALL at times touch on the actual Truth and that is where the problem lies. We have to figure out just what that truth is and (collect all of the pieces). Then we SHOULD be able to put the pieces together to revile the TRUE Picture.
      As to the actions of those RAG-HEADS-ISIS! Instead of letting ANY of those poor soles, civilians, continue to suffer physically and or mentally, I would CARPET (Hydrogen-Bomb) the entire part of that world!……, ” FORGIVE ME LORD FOR HAVING SUCH HATRED.”
      Those Rag-Isis-Heads do have one thing right. ALA will bless them with virgins, only it will be THEM who will BE THE VIRGINS. [OUCH!!]

    • Ah, so for the sake of your argument to portray all muslims as satan worshippers, you just ignored history? Have you ever heard of the Crusades, the Inquisition, Witchhunts, and the Chrisitian West colonising and enslaving huge parts of Africa? Do I need to go on? I’m sure I left some gruesome things out in the endles list people did in the name of God or Christ.
      That logic you talk about is really working for you, ain’t it?

      • Where did you get that information.. from your air-bagged brain.. dude we christians respect all of the religions including islam, but shots are fired when there are killings involved, especially isis crapheads.
        I hate It when some christians are flogged, persecuted, killed, hunged, beheaded, and tortured. Ever heard of christian killing muslim people?. All we’re doing is to share the Good news or what we call the gospel, and when we share it they have the choice if they are going to take God as their saviour or live life on their own.. we’re not even forcing to be a christian , and we’re not going to kill them if they don’t want to be christians.

        And about that thing you said on christians colonizing africa. Dude you must be a comedian, because that thing is a joke, even in africa, christians are still in Danger because when some of us are trying to help other africans in famine, they’re hunted down, beated and burned alive by sharing the Gospel. If christians are colonizing africa, all of the africans are christians already. But it seems impossible because we’re not colonizing them at all and we won’t be because colonizing them in other terms is training people to be in an army. I’m not begging to have pity on us christians but understand and realizing that we’re not doing any harm at all, so why kill us? In behalf of all christian, we would to say sorry if we have offended you muslims

    • This is the most ridiculous logic I have ‘Black’ and ‘White’? Don’t make me laugh. Islam doesn’t oppose Christianity, it re-enforces it. It agree’s with the teachings of Jesus (pbuh) but not that he was God, which is the fundamental difference. And no where in the Bible does it say he was God or any such rubbish as the holy trinity.

      No where in the Qu’ran does it condone beheading children, I’d like to see the evidence you ignorant cunt. It also doesn’t allow marriage to anyone who is not mature, meaning anyone who hasn’t gone through puberty. It is the only religion that directly opposes it. It forbids premarital sex, so rape is a definite no. And cutting Children in half? Are you high? Please feel free to bring up any quote from the Qu’ran that allows any of this. Non of the cherry picking bullshit. Actual quotes and paragraphs.

      • At last a bit of commonsense! True Muslims revere Jesus as a great prophet and honour women. None of the 3 religions worship Satan only the one true God called Yahweh, Allah, Le Dieu, Mein Gott etc etc. All different names – all the same God – all the same 10 commandments!! AND none of them should be killing each other!

      • My brother in christ. Islam contradicts itself. In the quran it refers to Christians as infidels. That’s already judging some one and my friend God which is the father the son and the Holy Spirit would not judge others.i want you to study Islam and all its teachings with an open mind. I have studied Islam and Christianity and until you open up your mind and make a conscience decision on which religion really seems to show love and peace them you will know the truth.

        Study the hadithh and quran the have a look at the Holy Bible. Learn about jesus christ in the old and new testimate and you will see how God has a different personalty to the god that Islam has. My best friends are Muslim and i am Christian. And as a Christian we do not call Muslims infidels or hate them.

        All I’m trying to say brother is open your eyes and let your heart be filled with the truth.
        Muslim children are basically brain washed and don’t make the conscious decision on what is the truth because of the parents.

        God bless and forgive all ISIS people for what they are doing. I honestly do wish I could sit down and talk to the leader of ISIS. I’m so eager to find out how he explains himself and these actions. How is that God’s work.

        And let me finish off by saying no1 is perfect. We are all humans even priests are sinners but we have to remind ourselves that we believe in God not a priest.

      • Actual quotes like these?
        Unless “strike [them] upon the necks” means give them a hicky.

        Narrated ‘Aisha: that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death).

        —Sahih al-Bukhari, 7:62:64
        Now you can find a verse where she reached puberty before 9.

        For what it’s worth, it’s the “radical” element in any group which disturbs the peace of humanity.

    • I believe that every religions core belief is the same, and most of them have basically come from the one religion. Therefore we are all praying to the same heavenly entity(s) just in a slightly different way with no one way better than the other. It’s just that families have grown, languages have developed, populations have expanded, colonising nearly the entire planet and in ancient times everything was spoken – not written. Hence basically a big game of ‘Chinese whispers’ occurred effectively creating the different religions. Everyone has to get over themselves and look beyond religion and at the individual and show some respect to themselves and their neighbours.

  41. And he said: “These are they who have come out of the great tribulation; they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. – Rev. 7:14

  42. The one that breaks my heart is the baby with three guns in its face looking at them like “hey what’s up?” I hope that image is faked. I hope it’s just propaganda.

  43. More people have been murdered in Syria the past year then in all the wars in 70 years involving Israel. Still people complain about Israel! Claiming genocide. It is a bad joke and it is insane. Genocide is when an army/organized group murders intentionally innocent unarmed people. That is not the fact in Gaza! No beheadings or executions have ever occurred by Israel against the Palestinian population. To shoot a person making a riot is keeping the order in a country not a murder! The European police does the same if you throw molotov cocktails at them! To bomb a territory that is firing rockets to another territory is a war not a genocide. Many die in wars also it doesn’t make it genocide just because people are dying, what makes it genocide is the mass executions of a group of people in this case christians and Yazidis. The difference is huge! I believe lots of people are abusing the word genocide. You really shouldn’t because then it will loose it’s meaning

  44. @Emerald: You’re not an atheist. You’re just a clueless, equivocating, angry liberal. If you were an atheist, you would not defend Islam by reviling Christianity. If you cannot discern the difference between Islam and Christianity in today’s world, you have something seriously wrong with your education or your reasoning ability. Furthermore, anyone who feels the need to inform the world that they’re an atheist is still caught up in the drama and ego of it all. When you can just let it all go, you’ll be making progress. Try writing a post about Islam without equivocating, conflating and or referring to any other religion in any shape, form or fashion. I bet you can’t.

    • Oh what’s happening with the Christian people? These Isis jihadists are monsters and have no feeling or heart for anything! The nations of the world stop this carnage and help these poor people! Don’t let there ever be another Holocaust!

  45. They post things like this, caring about a small group of people (no offense) but do any of you know whats happening in Iran , Iraq, Croatia, Palestine, South Africa and more

    Thats because they have no one to do anything for them

    • Yes, we know what’s happening all over the Earth. We actually keep up with things, unlike liberals who only keep up with their agenda. But, exactly what are you alluding to? The one thing we can’t do is read minds. If it’s a bunch of muslim/liberal whining about the poor little Pali terrorists and other poor little mistreated muslim terrorists, never mind.

    • “No don’t look there, look over here, no look over there, no now look over here, no don’t look at them!” I’ve seen this dumb game for over 50 years. Now hear this the persecution that involves little girls and women being raped and killed and pregnant women having their unborn babies ripped out of them and strung from trees far outweighs your weird ploy. The fact is the whole Chaldean Catholic Church in Iraq is in danger of dying in a horrific manner Yes this has happened in Sudan and other places but if we do not do something about it now not only will we be partakers in this horrific slaughter we will wake up to see it on our streets.

    • Ayaan Dee…These pictures are in Iraq, and not just a small group of people but part of a huge number of Christians being killed by IS…Do not even try and lump Palestine in there because nothing like this is happening in Palestine not by a thousand long chalks.

    • Why do you talk about Iran, Iraq, Croatia, Palestine etc etc etc? Can’t you they are just children, teenagers irregardless of their races, believes, religions? They are human being just like you and me, who has the rights to kill and torture them? With the name “Allah”?

  46. “Mohammed is gods apostle, those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another” Quran 48:29
    There’s a lot of hate in ur Quran, yet u also kill each other, Muslims kill Muslims, Muslims kill Jews, Muslims kill Christians! What the fuck is peaceful about ur religion? Nothing u rape women, u marry girls as young as 7yrs old n consider it halal, a brother is scared to have his brother enter his house so that he doesn’t fuck his wife or daughters. You threaten every country you live in, brings in Indonesia , bombings in Lebanon, bombings in London, bombings in America , attempted bombing in Australia by a dipshot whose been on Centrelink for 17 yrs.
    We know Muslims who drink n eat bacon on the sly, who Mary & divorce 3 times to bring more Muslims into Australia.

    Ps don’t sit here defending your religion, get up n oppose ur Muslim brothers & sisters that are slaughtering Christians…. But no all the Christians in Iraq neighbours with Muslims are being killed n those so called neighbours turned their backs! Practice what u preach

  47. I can’t notice there are many US citizens (Bush haters/Obama haters) debating this subject and there is no doubt that the images are disturbing. But your hypocrisy is disgusting. After more than a half a century of full support for the rogue state of israel, full support for Kosovo terrorists and support for one of the most fucked up regime ever (Khmer Rouge) now you cry over the deaths of the citizens of a country you bombed not long time ago? Outrageous lack of shame.

    • I am an American and I find the entire world screwed up. I do not support George Bush and I cannot stand Obama. I find it despicable that Obama praises Hamas and does nothing about the ISIS situation. Most Americans do not agree with the way Obama has destroyed America’s credibility and the way he and his idiots support and negotiate with these terrorist monsters. America is just as bad as these other countries with the drug and gang violence. Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, and Los Angeles are truly violent places. Remember when you hate America that so many people, except for the Blacks and Latinos, hate what Obama has done. I am ashemed of my country and would gladly migrate somewhere else but it is hard for an American to pick up and leave. Other countries accept Muslim scum with no problems, but a white American will get turned down every time.

  48. What I just learned is that bashar al Assad, sudam Hussein, and the president of Libya used to hunt Isis and kill them almost as sport because those guys thought they were to extreme. But now that 2 of 3 of those as dead they are able to grow faster due to no opposition. I’m not sure what to do with that info cause those guys were no angels by any means but they did seem to know that Isis had to be fought tooth and nail and not diplomacy and sanctions. Weird how the Middle East is such a tangled web. I hope someone can figure it out.

    • If you keep some simple things in mind, it’s not such a tangled web. If you get caught up in picking the fly sh*t out of the pepper, you’ll stay confused. They’re Muslims. Their goal is the caliphate, domination by the sword and sharia after conquest and extermination and or slavery of all Jews and Infidels. Everything they do is for those goals, no matter what those things appear to be from our perspective. Even their slaughter of each other is for those goals. They are nothing but walking death, everything they say that sounds remotely civilized is a lie and all of their weeping and wailing is nothing but Islamic theater. We’re not fighting people. We’re fighting Islamobots, aliens.

    • Sadam, should never of been removed form Iraq he some how kept it together under his regime. It has all gone down hill since he was taken out the picture. He may have been an evil man but nowhere near as evil as what they have now. I feel for any Christian or Muslin that has to live under these conditions. Destroy Isis and dont stop until they all dead.

  49. How about us Christian men in America make up a Christian army to defend people. We don’t need our governments permission to defend innocent people. Of course this will be on our own territory but the thing we must remember is that these bastards are here in America and more are coming. We must organize and prepare ourselves for a fight.

  50. Well I can see one thing that shouts out to me and that is religion is an excuse for blood shed. If there was no religions at all then there would be no conflicts.

    • Stop equivocating and pick a side. We all know that there is no perfect “religion”. That issue has been settled centuries or thousands of years ago. This is Islam, however. If you are incapable of discerning the difference between Islam and the other major religions of the world, then I recommend that you go back to school and learn how to discriminate the details. Yes, we all know that Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, etc., did bad things, so don’t even bring it up. We’re talking about Islam today, now, the 21st century, not about things that happened centuries ago.

      • Christianity is the only true religion. Take any part of it out the bible and it’s word will still stand. Every day I’m realizing how wrong the teaching of Islam is. I’m a christian, married to Muslim and I am not convinced one bit when I compare Christianity to Islam that Islam is really from God. Our God never ever asks us to take our own lives for him because he gave his life for us when Christ was crucified. Many people here need to seek great wisdom from God to see clearly Good vs Evil.

      • Mate that is what I have been trying to tell all these that claim all religion is bad. Spot on. We are not living in the fuken 7th stone age. We are living today. Fuken everyone with their all religions are bad. Fuken wake up everyone. It is only Islam that still does this shit today.

        Well said Pray Hard

    • One of the founding ideological objectives of the Soviet Union was the elimination of religion and the spread of universal atheism. That regime went on to murder approximately 85 to 100 million people. You’re philosophy was shared by some of the least peaceful people in history. Atheism is not inherently peaceful. Belief in God is not the problem, belief that murder solves something is the problem.

    • Well, that’s just a lie. And, Christianity is not a religion, but a state of describing one’s relationship to the one true living God. Men’s hearts are dark. Violence is but one way of showing that. We all need a savior and Jesus Christ is that savior. But, I will say that God supports our defending the weak and tortured. In this case, what could be used but violence to defend the defenseless?

    • John, your conclusion is too simple and short-sighted. One of the main reasons for the situations all around the world is about money. And people: they are eogoistic selfish by nature.

  51. As a Christian, I know this is what the Bible has warned us of coming in the End Times. Jesus said, “If they persecute me, they will also persecute you.” We should not be surprised what blood-thirsty Muslims do. We should be praying for Christians world-wide, and for Israel against the invasion by Hamas. Most Americans still think, in spite of 9/11, that this can’t happen in America. This is the future of America, this is the future Obama wants in America. He hates America, he hates Americans, and he hates Christians above all. He allows Muslims in the White House, but God is not allowed anywhere in the U.S. But no matter what Obama wants or what happens anywhere around the world, GOD IS IN CONTROL. “Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that HE IS LORD!” Hallelujah!

    • so why the fuck did you idiots elect the boy inot your white house !?!? fuck sake …token gone extreme here !

    • Thank you, Maria. You are absolutely right. EVERY knee WILL bow and EVERY tongue WILL declare that Jesus Christ is Lord. No matter what people believe today, there will come a time when they, too, will believe. Unfortunately, there are those will see this much too late and be separated from God forever. If you’re on this website today, don’t let that be your sad and unfortunate story. Heaven is real and so is hell. Repent today. Men (and women, too) will do what they do and we are helpless to stop them, as we see in Iraq. We should help put a stop to the atrocities we see in that country that are being directed toward our brothers and sisters in Christ. We should pray for a ceasing of that unbelievable violence to even the most innocent of those suffering people. We should pray for their unceasing belief in the Lord Jesus Christ, no matter what their ending is–even death, rape, forced marriage. This is the real testimony. This will always be the real testimony.

  52. This is a MOSSAD site. Israel trained and armed ISIS and now Israel LAUGHS as the GOYIM kill one another.

      • I’m sick of hearing that not all muslims are bad. All I can see is that they can’t get along with anyone. I don’t see muslims coming to the defense of anyone who has been persecuted by other muslims. Your ignorance consumes YOU when you cannot see what’s in front of you! Esoteric reasoning is for those that have no reasoning ability/ignorant or for those that are truly evil. If it looks like a duck…

    • Israel GAVE ALL OF GAZA to the Palestinians in exchange for peace in 2005. All they got was rockets, bombs, kidnappings, murders and suicide bombers. There were no blockades in 2005. Only after Hamas and their criminal terrorist activities forced the Israelis to secure their people against Hamas.

      • Israel gave all of Gaza….. . ., you’re kidding right, I’m not up on the latest who is right wrong or indifferent, f**k Em all. But history is clear on what land was given to Israel and they have taken and taken, maybe justified taking, but they haven’t given anything.

    • Gee, thanks, Regina. “Not all Muslims are bad people”. Hmmm, where have I heard that before. Oh, yeah, from liberals who don’t have a clue.

      • Pray Hard. i can see that u r not fighting inhumanity, but fighting islam. Read the quran, not all muslims are bad ok.

  53. This is what we are here for, this is a reason and a justification for War, we have a duty and a responsibility as a free democratic country to defend these people. This is not about religion, this is not about Islam, this is not about freedom. It’s just wrong. Send the Army, Navy, Airforce – hell just send everyone. This an affront to humanity and should be ended using all means necessary. If they’re short of people give us ex-forces guys a shout, most of us are fathers ourselves now and that is enough to make me want to defend those children. I might not be able to run anymore but I can still pull a trigger.

    • Gary, you are wrong. It IS about Islam, all about Islam. Ask any of them. And it’s time the rich Arab countries took up arms to fight these terrorists. We, in the West, are sick and tired of it.

      • Have you read the Bible? A more bloodthirsty pile of crap it is hard to imagine. This isn’t about Islam or Christianity or any other fairy tale – this is about whether or not we as a species are going to progress or regress.

        More importantly, it is about what lines we draw in the sand and what we are willing to do to those who cross them – eight million Germans were slaughtered in the process of bending their nation’s will to the will of the rest of the human race. Was it worth it? You’d have to ask the relatives of the forty million who died as a result of waiting to draw a line in the sand for Germany.

        Resolving the issues of the Middle East is beginning to look as if it might take a similar tolerance for slaughter. Because the only truth of war is this – that it ends only when one side has killed the last person on the other side still willing to fight and that if you are not willing to slaughter a million innocents to get to that last person, you have no business sending your young people off to war.

        That is a truth the world has tried to forget since 1945 and because it has tried to forget how wars end, wars never end. This sickening series of images is a perfect demonstration of this truth.

        The only question now is how many more images will form the entire history of this time?

    • It’s not about religion? Well, you’re absolutely right! It’s about Islam, believe it or not. Yeah, we know it’s wrong, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not about Islam. Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey!

  54. It’s nothing to do with religion any more….. Just cold horrific bloody murder and they get away with it!!!!!!

    • It has nothing to do with religion? What have you people been drinking? That’s the second “it’s not about religion” comment I’ve read. Well, you’re absolutely right. It’s not about religion, it’s about Islam. Now go have some coffee and wake TF up.

      • I really believe u have personal issue with islam. Please go read the whole quran first before u can judge the religion bad. Not all muslims bad. Islam probihibited rape. They cant even hold hand. Those who commit crime are not following islam teaching. If you have proof at all, show us the proof from quran itself. Show us the page in quran mentioning killing, raping for fun

  55. The only way to solve these horrific wars and bull shit is to sanitize all religious practices all over the world and purely teach science. Religion should had been abolished long ago

    • if religion is a cause, than wouldn’t humanity have died long ago? I know quite some people who believe in Islam, I know people who are christian… they’re all nice people and don’t want to kill anyone.
      also, Atheism is as much a religion as christianity, Islam, Buddism etc is, and science will never ever be able to proof there is nothing like a God because proving something doesn’t exist is impossible, merely by the fact that it doesn’t exist.
      the only way to really purge corruption within humanity is by cuttin it out, litterally, but how would we be any better than them if we’d do the same?

      • So much agreed to this statement. There’s no belief nor religion created to engage war. All religion seeks for peacefulness. Just that, what really happened to the world now?

    • Worst ignorant statement today. Both religious and atheistic people have killed. But unfortunately for you atheists have killed millions upon millions of people just in the twentieth century. Many many more according to experts than all religious killings. And not to hold you feet to the fire unfairly and give you credit only where you are due I will only put the death of babies in America due to abortion on the head of your argument of science and reason. Yeah sounds like science has been a good guide for the one hundred years we have allowed it to be at the forefront of our society.

    • you sound like a religious nut job, stop forcing your truth claims on the human race, every man has free will. Christianity was the building blocks to western society.

  56. I am a Christian and have been for nearly 40 years. It is true that the Bible gave many warnings regarding these very events we are witnessing . On the other hand, this is another Viet Nam, it’s a no win situation. We really did try to train the Iraq leadership and army to stand up and fight but they became dependent on us. This has been going on for CENTURIES folks and there is really nothing we can do to change it. We need to let it be what it is, this region has NEVER been stable. ISIS will not stop there , they plan on a full scale caliphate and jihad takeover to posses all for their moongod buddy. It’s only partly about religious beliefs, they are in a power grab for full control over there. My former son in law was senselessly blown up in Iraq 11 years ago. My nephew is one of the American contractors who went to the Middle East for an extended period of time to rebuild Iraq. There is nothing more we can do for them unfortunately. It’s also very unfortunate that our countrys’ leader is a Raghead! Didn’t anyone do any research on him and his backers when he ran for office in 2008? Man oh man, George Soros ( a real Mr. Niceguy , Ayers , his “preacher” his promises that we all knew he couldn’t possibly fulfill. Look at who a person’s friends are and you will know what that person will stand for. Also the bible warned us about all of this happening during end times. It even talked about the Temple being rebuilt and they are right now gathering all kinds of materials to build this 3rd temple. It’s all in back and white. Did you not see his history of lies during election year? The Muslim cult has every intention of wiping Christians and Jews off the planet folks. TIME TO WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE. Anyone who still have a morsel of belief in obummer is either blind or stupid.

    • Are you kidding me Ms. Duncan? Go and tell this to the Christian Mom who witnessed her daughter raped and beheaded…I understand your frustration with our President but to sit, watch, and say ” let it be what it is” is not the answer. I’m sorry about the sacrifice your son-in-law made…lets not allow it to be in vain and let evil win.

    • Are you fucking mental? “There is nothing we can do to change it. There is nothing more we can do for them.”? Are you sure you are Christian or a Natzi loving sociopath. I’m not a religious man, I was raised catholic and I uphold values and the ethos but do I believe in a higher power or god? Clearly not. Science caught up 50 years ago, and been a scientist it just makes no sense. Now saying it was written down in the bible or whatever fictitious tripe you decide in the basis for comparison dose not mean, and will never mean, it’s going to happen. Have we had to build Arcs yet? No in the same way what I read in huckleberry Finn and Tom Soya haven’t dictated out future either. If you believe the fate of our future depends on a story book and you truly believe that then my friend, you are in the same boat they are. A sinking, apathetic delusional one. I for one believe there are things that can be done! And actually so does your “rag head” as you refer, leader. (I presume you are a yank?) if it was your daughter or you lived in this turbulent area of the world and thought they may be coming for your family next do you think it is a suitable conclusion to draw that the world thinks there is nothing more we can do for them?!!!!
      It’s weak men like you that get roped into doing this kind of thing in the first place. If the bible said in the year 2014 we should kill all non-whites would you queue up for a rifle if everyone else was? You bigoted racist fuck!! I think you need to “wake up and smell the coffee”

      Patrick (just returned from the Middle East as I was there due to not thinking there is nothing more we can do) UK

    • You are not a Christian. Your message reads of hate and bitterness, which is the opposite of what scripture teaches. Hate and bitterness is what has flooded religious intolerance going on in Iraq and other places. I do not agree with Obama’s policies by any means. But I respect the office and man he represents. Rather than going on a “attack the president rant” concerning the international crisis at hand. about you do what Christians are called to do: “Act justly, love mercy, and walk with humility” (Mic. 6:8). Most importantly instead of finding a person to blame…get on your knees and pray for peace, love, forgiveness, and protection!

    • “It’s only partly about religious beliefs”

      “The Muslim cult has every intention of wiping Christians and Jews off the planet folks”

      How’s that cognitive dissonance workin’ out for ya?

      • i think you have “a problem” with islam..
        you scared bout that..?

        have you read your bible?
        or you just learned from the media?

  57. I am a Muslim and I am so sickened by this! I can’t believe that these ISIS psycho blood-thirsty monsters have the nerve to call themselves Muslims or any kind of people who worship God and try to do good deeds. This is so against Islam in every single way! This is against humanity! If these supposed “Muslims” care about Sunni Muslims how come they aren’t helping the people of Gaza in their battle against Israel and instead are killing a whole sect of Muslims (Shi’ite) and Christians and children! Doesn’t that sound weird to anyone else? Not usually a conspiracy theorist, but this doesn’t really make sense! A Muslim army killing a bunch of Muslims?? Get rid of ISIS whoever they are! Yes I know you will say Muslims kill other Muslims and that’s true unfortunately not because of the religion, but because tribes fight other tribes and families fight other families, regimes, culture, etc. Who is so sick like that??!! I know a lot of Muslims and NONE of them would kill anyone! Don’t believe all Muslim people like this nastiness! Those ISIS are the filth of the earth!

      • I second that, your religion is the most hate filled of all, I hope a crusade comes and we cleanse the world of these people. Long live Israel

    • Nayan, if you would believe the Koran and live by what it says you would be out doing the same things ! You are not to have any non Muslim friends and you should be cutting the heads of the unbelivers off. A tree is known by its fruits.

      • i”m living in iraq
        isis army r terorists and they r killing shia-christian -izadi”s people
        plz say to world of people they killing men and raped boys and girls and women plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      • Mehrdad, we are praying for the Christians and other religious groups in Iraq. We are telling our Congressmen and Senators to do something. You and your family are in my prayers, may God keep you safe.

    • I don’t know what kind of islam you follow but what they are doing is islam.

      Qur’an 9:29—Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the Religion of Truth, from among the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

      This is quite clear and not out of context.

      • That is Islam if you follow the book to the letter. Let’s take a look at Christianity then shall we? 😉 I guess I don’t have to explain myself any further, since there is enough filth in the Bible telling believers when someone should be put to death. So every Christian is also a cruel, bloodthirsty, inhuman monster if you put it that way? Okay I see now 😛 I’m so happy I’m an atheïst then, I have kept my humanity because of that (if I were to listen to your reasoning) 😛 Oh and I see this also applies to Linda. Your reasoning is very short sighted, I’m sorry.

        Thank you very much for your reply Nayan. And I agree with monique, you don’t see many muslims putting down replies like this in such topics. It should happen more often. People should start to understand that we’re all just humans. And in every religion, every social group, every country are the good ones and the rotten apples.

    • Nayan, Of course, not all muslims would kill. However, Muslim atrocities and muslim barbaric murders all come from the founder of Islam, Mohammad and the Quran.

      Nayan, you state: “This is so against Islam in every single way!” What you say is a LIE because what the muslims monsters did is commanded in the Quran.

      When muslims commit atrocities and it’s reported in the UK Daily Mail, a lot of muslims make comments claiming “This is against Islam”. “This is not Islam”. Your Quran says otherwise.

      When 3,000 innocents were slaughtered on 9/11, muslims who were NOT terrorists celebrated in countries around the world. Muslims celebrated in New York City and New Jersey. Muslims danced in the streets in parts of London.

      Thousands of muslims in Palestinian Authority areas celebrated with great joy. Dancing in the streets, passing out candy and firing into the air. WE WILL NEVER FORGET.

    • lumon, If evil has not been done to a Christian personally, they cannot forgive or pray for forgiveness for what has been done to others. Our concern must be for the VICTIMS.

    • Well, it seems that your lord is either nonexistent, entertained by that or simply doesn’t gives a shit. Which makes him unworthy of any kind of praise. Therefore christianity is no better than islam. Both are the plagues of the modern times.

      • how in the world can you compare Christianity to islam?!?! the bible tells you to love thy neighbor, the quran tells you to chop off the head of any none believer… neither are the same in any way! total opposite when one tells you to be free and the other tells you to obey… get real!

      • God does not play by our rules or the expectations we put on him….and if he did you would be dead. I’m glad for every person I have ever known that he does not exercise the perfect justice you think he should exercise to prove his existence to you. By the way, your standard condemns every person on earth and you know it.

      • Christians, you obviously didn’t read your stupid bible or just cherry picked it and poof… you think god is love! No, being oblivious to such atrocious incidents makes that god of yours either nonexistent or simply ignorant, therefore, in the highly unlikely situation of him existing, he’s not worthy of praise. Read your fucking bible, see what a diabolical monster is that god character, see how misogynistic, racist, homophobic and violent he is. The inventors of this religion created satan merely as a scapegoat. The beginning of christianity was called the Dark Ages for a reason. islam is what tries to get us back there, because it actually takes their holy book of shit ad litteram, unlike nowadays christians.

      • Smoking the scientific non looking in the mirror pipe again I see jujen. Look at the origin or species and you will see that if you are not white, straight, male, extremely smart or wealthy, all you deserve is death. The bible says to love, serve, pray for,donate to, be a friend to, ALL PEOPLE. Read the parts again and ask a real Christian to explain all those nails in the coffin of Christianity and I guarantee you will shut up. All things you have said about Christianity people have looked like but you fofget the Jesus was the example for us and he does not look like anything you have described. Stop describing for us very modern athiest powerhouse in your ideas of what a bad person is and never peddle that ignorant junk here again. All you have successfully done is made the firm distinction that what your describing is not a Christian but all modern atheists. You believe in youth in Asia, you believe in abortiion, you believe in reducing the population by any means necessary. You believe in eugenics. You believe in enabling groups like NAMBLA. You believe in allowing the cycle slavery to start up again in America by restricting liberty. That’s liberalism and the movements started by those who hate God. You are the person you described. The modern liberal movement is the driving force of the hate of women, minorities and anyone who isn’t fe one percent of the self deluded. Liberalism is as one american president has put it is “the hand of soft bigotry handing out low expectations”.

      • And by the way the dark ages was a thousand years after Christianity hit the scene. You are very far off.

  58. Mike, you are absolutely correct.

    Jesus’ 1st Advent was as the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world.

    His 2nd Advent is as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and He’ll destroy all the workers of iniquity, including these monsters and the treacherous men who funded them.

    Until then, keep on the firing line!

  59. I dont care what your religion has taught you to do. In order to something that horrible,you have to be a complete sick bastard who is enjoying what he or she is doing. I think we should spend every last dime to make sure people like this never walk the earth again.If we(free nations of the world)dont do it,then who will?

    • Depends on your level of brainwashing since birth. These people are drip fed hate since birth.

      Qur’an 9:29—Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the Religion of Truth, from among the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

    • Did the Obomber bomb Libya because of religion? Nope. He bombed it because Ghaddafi was selling his oil in currencies other than the U.S. petrodollar, and even worse, he had convinced several countries to go in on a gold-backed Dinar currency.

      Who’s killed more people? Stalin, Hitler, and Mao. None of them were religious at all. Your ignorance is appalling.

      History note: the Arabs were allied with the Nazi’s in WW2. There was even an SS unit of Arabs. The Mufti of Jerusalem was a Nazi. The Nazi’s were defeated in total war. These Nazi’s can only be defeated in total war.

      • I think you need to have a good look at the History of war Jenn…and indeed you will find that Atheist regimes are the largest killer of innocent people. During the last century it was Communism the biggest warmonger, the century before it was civil wars and countries throwing of the old colonial powers……….There are numerous history sites on the internet that show overlaying historical events, three of which I personally have used as study sites, and they show the reasons for war varies generation to generation, and the big surprise is wars based on religion are the least in quantity……..But we also need to identify that Islam is not a religion, yes it does have a religious veneer, but it is Political by structure which is why they are so hung up on Sharia,Sharia is the equivelant to the Communist regimes ideaological control of the mases using the same convert or die strategy

    • No Jenny. What you just said is a lie. You need to stop repeating what you hear the devils servants say. Right is right and wrong is wrong. People like you preach tolerance until these murdering servants of the devil take power and then you turn right around and preach hate against the Christians who were tolerant of them. True and undefiled religion is to visit the fatherless and the widow. Not to dash their heads against a rock and cut their throat and then blame God for it.

    • Jenny, not all wars have been because of religion. Most have been about greed and lust (for power over others). Religion has been used as the excuse by the war mongers to garner the support of their citizens just as the American, British, French, Russian, German etc etc governments/powerful elite have done for centuries if not millennia.

    • Jenny, You are a shameless apologist for Islam. Muslims have carried out more than 23,593 deadly terror attacks since 9/11 — and you want people to believe that all religions are the same. Try telling your lie to Hindus. Muslims murdered 80 million Hindus and murdered huge numbers of Sikhs.

      Since Islam began, muslims have murdered hundreds of millions of non-muslim innocents for the sole reason they didn’t worship the muslim death god.

      What are you talking about people being preached to? You sound like a God-hater and a Christian hater who seeks to make people believe that Christianity which is the complete opposite of Islam — is the same as Islam. I’m not saying this of you, but it’s not just muslims that want all Jews and Christians killed!

      Bible, Jesus Christ: Blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy.

      Bible, Jesus Christ: Matthew 7:12 Treat people the same way you want them to treat you for this is the Law and the Prophets.

      The Golden Rule (above) has always been the Law and the teachings of all of the Bible Prophets.

      • during the middle ages, the Catholic Church killed litterally everyone who wasn’t a christian. not to forget that the bible (I have to be honest and say it’s mainly the old testament)
        “They entered into a covenant to seek the Lord, the God of their fathers, with all their heart and soul; and everyone who would not seek the Lord, the God of Israel, was to be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman. (2 Chronicles 15:12-13 NAB)” (I am aware of the new testament saying the laws of old do not anymore apply because of the sacrifice Jesus made, I couldn’t find an exact quote though)
        I don’t agree we can blame everyone who is a Muslim for the killings done by people preaching Islam. I have some friends and collegues who are Muslim and they are really nice people and would never ever kill anyone. blaming everyone who believes the Islam for killings done by others won’t make you any better than them. neither will bringing war to them help. Jesus himself said that if someone hits you in the face you should turn the other cheek.

      • Or those who pretend to be tolerant of everybody yet hate those who believe in God. I’m not pointing fingers but the person above me is guilty of that. (I can’t make fingers to point with but I would if I could)

  60. Why is the Obama Administration supplying weapons to these muslim murders?
    Our tax dollars are being used to kill innocent men, women and CHILDREN.
    The current Administration is GUILTY of aiding terrorist !!!!!!!

  61. When we start, Which is not yet. The complete annihilation of all mohommedists Men, Women and Children that have been touched by this Unadulterated EVIL, will be necessary to forever end this Cult.
    Think your values over folks. The west has tried for year to drag the Savage into the light. How we doing? Oh Satan turned up the heat in the kitchen on the Christians and Jews. What are you going to do.
    Let BO drop two 500 lb bombs and tell you he has done his best? He is a total SHAM living a life of a King for just being able to lie at the drop of a hat.

  62. Dear God please help the Christians and Yazidi to escape from the muslim devil worshipers.

    Islam never stops the atrocities and barbaric murders of innocents. It’s what the
    Quran and mosques teach. It is a battle between good and evil.

    Western leaders are on the side of Islam and muslim conquest of our countries via massive muslim colonisation of our countries and by Western leaders constant training of muslim terrorist savages.

    US/NATO waged ruthless war against Kosovo’s Christian innocents based on a phony massacre US/NATO knew never took place. US/NATO achieved their wicked goal: a Muslim TERROR state in the heart of Europe.

    In Christian Ivory Coast, Africa, with very strong U.S. backing French military and UN troops waged war for muslim savages against the Christians. France and the UN were victorious in winning the war for global jihad against hated Christians.

    • In Ivory Coast, Africa, there was massive voter fraud. Christian President Gbagbo was the true winner. 1,000 Christian innocents were hacked to death or burnt alive by Quattara’s Islamic forces. The barbaric savages the U.S. France and the UN have put into power. The French handed over Christian President Gbagbo and his family to the Muslims.

      frontpagemag: Ouattara’s troops were using machetes. “They were slitting people’s throats, anyone — men, women, children,”

      Ouattara’s men circle Simone Gbagbo. Inhofe said that the thugs had pulled out her hair by the roots and then went to the streets, displaying her hair to mobs of cheering Ouattara supporters.

      In one of the pictures on the internet, the faces of the terrified captured Christians are etched with fear. The Christians are deeply aware of savage Islamic barbarism. There is no one to rescue them and President Gbagbo and his family. No one.

      A Christian couple in an Ivory Coast protest hold up the same signs, a desperate appeal to the world for help:


      This is how America, France and the UN are looked upon by victims of Islam. (that photo and some of the other photos were later removed from the internet).

      UN Peacekeepers? Give them their proper name: UN Soldiers for Global Islamic Conquest.

  63. These are not people they are evil evil from the devil God will send fire from heaven and devoured them and the devil who deceived them will be thrown into the lake of burning sulfur with them and they and the devil will be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

  64. The blood of these Christian’s is on the hands of the Bush Administration that opened the door to these barbarians – Saddam was not removed because he was a bad guy – he was removed because he was in the way of United States objectives. Objectives that superseded the lives and safety of all Christian’s in the whole region.

    • One more note: Christian churches should be outraged! The congregation of those churches should also be outraged! Everyone that sees this article should forward it to their churches and as many Christian affiliated organizations as possible. And Christian’s need to wake up to the atrocities of this government ‘especially’ what the Bush Administration put in motion.

      • Go ahead keep blaming Bush. Obama is a muslim, everybody knows it. He could do something.
        Maybe we should start blaming George Washington or Christopher Columbus.
        When will you stop playing the blame game????

      • how can they be outraged when they are busy listening to prosperity gospel and feel good, your best life and when the going get tough we are gone be raptured out of here

      • Typical Liberal, blame it all on Bush.. It had absolutely nothing to do with how fucking shitty of a job our muzzie president handled it after he took office…. Go refill your Kool Aid cup and open your eyes.. Sincerely a US Army Vet..

      • Dave L,

        I am disgusted and angry with Western Christians. 97% of Christians are not doing anything and are refusing to become involved in the fight to stop ‘Islamization of the World.’

        Only about 3% of Christians are valiantly standing against Islam.

        The only way to stop Islam is every person must become a subscribing supporting member of a genuine ‘Freedom Resistance’ group in their Nation.

        Christians must join an existing ‘Freedom Resistance’ organisation or start their own ‘Christian Freedom Resistance Group.’

        It is time Christians, Catholics and Protestants all united as one force.

        First target must be to march against all Dhimmi Politicians in the thousands – regularly quarterly Christian Marches.

        Until this happens- Islam shall continue to expand in the West without much resistance.

      • Allan, there is a group of Christians that stand openly against Islam. It is the Christian Democratic Party, we are openly anti Islamic,Fred Nile and his wife Silvana have been to Egypt in the heat of the problems there to support the Christians, and to appeal to the leaders. They and the Party have been involved with Ethnic Christians in Australia for years, yet the media only reports what the majors do on odd occasions in the Australian ethnic Christian Community………I hope you can support them in their battle on many issues within NSW

        • Kim,


          I have been a supporter of Fred Nile now 79 years old, since 2005 when I read his A4 – 2 page brochure in 2005. I owned until I retired in 2010, an education bookstore in Grafton and I made colour A4 posters display of Niles report and mounted on a wall in shop together with large print quotes from Koran. Underneath display I sold Anti-Islam books including the ‘Roots of Jihad’ by Dr. Tawfik Hamid published 2005.

          I broke the rules of retailing and spoke against Islam and gave out highlighted photocopies of pages of the Koran to people that did not believe me.

          I tried selling a copy of ‘Fred Niles’ autobiography which is a great read- for 7 years it sat in a key position on my display counter and it never sold.

          Grafton NSW Christians were not interested in reading the Nile book. And Christians would not support Nile and when I advised them to read the Qur’an they said they were not interested.

          Grafton is a very strong Christian town. I am no longer a Christian with good reason but I do still support Nile. Even though he is getting old, he is running again in 2015.

          His spouse ‘Elaine Nile’ (1958-2011) deceased supported him. And now Silvana Nero 15th December 2013 to present supports him.

          Fred Nile fought in Korea and he served in the Australian Army Citizen’s Military Force 1952-1972.

          On two occasions I had an Aussie that converted to Islam visit my shop. He praised the Koran, on the 1st visit I rejected his crap. On the second visit, I told him to get out. He left the town and never came back.

          I once had a ‘Middle Eastern Arab’ – a big man like I am, visit my store. He saw the ‘Anti-Islam Display’ signed off by my name. He came over to me and said, “Who is Allan Ivarsson?”

          I replied, “That’s me.” He smiled and shook my hand and said, “Well Done.”

          He purchased an item and left.

    • ISIS weapons are American made, because Obama provided them to rebels in Syria who later joined with ISIS. ISIS moved into Northern Iraq in late 2013 and the Obama followed its movements. The Iraqi government asked for drone attacks on the columns. Obama did nohing. Caravans of militants and US equipment moved deep into Iraq taking Fallujah on January 3, 2014. Obama did nothing. Bush has been out of office 5-1/2 years and yet you claim: “The blood of these Christian’s is on the hands of the Bush Administration.” Your statement is hyperbole at best and totally ignores the inaction by Obama for almost a year.

    • I love how this has to be a political issue with the people to blame being American politicians. How about the assholes who are murdering people all over Iraq. I say let the rough and easy to hate men who have the experience and skills to kill swiftly and brutally go back to Iraq and do what they are best at. Systematically hunt and kill these subhuman scum. I am not a Christian no do I believe there is anyone that will save these people except harder trained men who have just enough softness in their hearts to protect innocence.

    • So let me follow this: If North Korea attacks South Korea after a hypothetical withdrawal of American troops under Obama, and we need to send troops back to save lives, it is Truman’s war?

    • Bush, Bush, Bush….on and on it goes. It was Bush and seemingly everyone else, who repeatedly warned the world the war on terror will last decades, not months or a few years. We forgot about that…and “stupidly” thought we could end a war by retreating. The war does NOT end simply because America bailed. Just ask the victims living through hell now. How quickly we forget how evil hussein was…responsible for several wars against his neighbors, chemical attacks on his own people, bribing families with money if they engage in suicide bombings against jews, mass Graves found of his victims who simply dissappear ed one night. There is indescribable evil in the world, which fills power vacuum …and America created this vacuum when we left….

    • Not to mention destabilizing the entire region. It is sickening to me however that people turn a blind eye to 170,000 dead Syrians but squeal like stuck pigs every time a Jews lifts a finger to defend his very life.

    • Still blaming Bush when there is a sitting president who says and does NOTHING about the Christian Holocaust taking place at this moment. He wants to help the Zoroastrians, however; “ABC”, Anything But Christians (and Jews). How’s that electric kool-aid working for you? Any good visuals?

    • Your an idiot who knows NOTHING about Islam ! Bush going over there kept this from happening! This blood is on the hands of OBAMA the muslim president. these sick bastard Islamic asswipes know that Obama will do NOTHING and that is why this crap is going on!

    • I disagree. The blood is on the hands of this president who refuses to grow a pair and call it for what it is. He could have bombed these monsters into oblivion on their way in to Iraq. He is more concerned about polls,celebrities, his own personal comfort and his friends the Muslims. Wake up people. Stop blaming George Bush. He has not been the president for 6 years. A real leader leads. Look at Nenanyau!

    • How long are people going to blame Bush yes he mDe mistakes but that Muslim king. Has been in office long enough the blame is on him

  65. read your bible. all biblical profacys will come true.its going 2 get worse jesus is on his way back and he aint comeing as the nice lamb of god,satan rules this earth so enjoy ur time with ur famileys and frends now while u can,lets all try and be careing 2 each other and those around us weather Christian muslem r atheist r the alcoholic r drug addict on the streets because soon we wont have that luxury of choice.ive rang my local mp member of parloment here in the uk 2 enquire why when Christians r getting slaughterd this glorious defender of human sorry muslum rights country of mine aint going 2 do anything,iam just waiting 2 get arrested for being an islamaphobe

    • You’re right, this time He’ll resemble Ted Nugent, as seen on the cover of “Weekend Warriors”… hey, wait a minute, maybe Theo IS JC…. wouldn’t that be a kick?

      Save us, Nuge!

      Let’s start a write-in campaign for Jesus…. I mean, Ted Nugent for President. 🙂

  66. This is abhorrent – But what about George Bush, his dad & Clintons war dead? – i didnt see too many pictures of them, in the millions……….& they are the ones with Obama who have trained & armed these Islamic nut jobs…..

  67. Ok George Bush and Tony Blair, Condolizza Rice and Nato, the four horseman of Death, Saddam was bad and he had to go, and Bush said the other day he does not regret that Saddam was toppled, so we are left with this quagmire, our brothers and sisters in Christ are being butchered and crucified and we have these 4 horseman of apocalypse to thank for, i just wonder what they think or feel when they go to bed seeing these pictures, i really wonder, because any human being with a soul would weep and mourn and repent!

    • Elida,YOUR idea of foreign leaders is the PROBLEM,in america,you have a pussy leader in america and hes destroying the country,SADDAM was what it took to keep everything running smood in IRAQ,but hey,america is about to pay deatr for sticking their nose into thing they should have stayed out of,THOSE DEAD CHILDREN can be laided at the feet of american women……….

    • You state: “Bush said the other day he does not regret that Saddam was toppled”

      Devoid of ALL compassion. Utterly inhuman. Apparently Bush prefers what is being perpetrated today by the spawn of satan in Iraq (and the same horrors in Syria).

      • For several years before Sunni Muslim Brotherhood Obama, the U.S. trained muslim terrorists and continues to do so. The U.S. gives weapons and ongoing advanced military training to the muslim terrorist organization PLO/Palestinian Authority. One of the U.S. trained terrorists told journalist Aaron Klien that the muslims use all of the U.S. training against Israel’s Jews.

        Some of the bloodthirsty ISIS barbarians were trained by the U.S. and other Western powers.

        Many of the satanic savages returned to Britain and other Western countries eager to teach their fellow muslims their filthy atrocities and eager to wage barbaric jihad against hated non-muslims.

        Western leaders are responsible for every evil act muslims perpetrate against non-muslims in our Western countries. Our traitor leaders colonised our nations with the followers of the Quran book of Mass MURDER of infidels.

        Just days ago in a big muslim demo in a London tunnel, muslims flew ISIS and Al Qaeda flags.

        Brits and Europeans will never forget that our traitor leaders colonised each one of our tiny countries with many millions of the followers of the Blood Cult of Islam.

    • Don’t forget, Iraq was under control and on its way to being a Democratic Republic until Obama pulled all the US troops out to score political points with short sighted voters. Everyone with a brain saw this coming when Obama abandoned Iraq.

    • Bush defeated saddAm… It’s obamas poor management of the situation for the last five years that led us here. Hussein was doing similar dispicable acts to his own people …. And that has nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction. Hillary Clinton and a whole slew of democrats voted to goto war with Iraq so simply blaming bush is irrelevant.. The lesson here is that evil exists and sburying your head in the sand doesn’t make it go away….

    • It never ceases to amaze me that people no longer blame murderers for murdering. Everyman is accountable for himself. But according to you George bush is responsible for a psycho path that murders children. Even in the craziest messed up situation that hypothetically George bush said to these guys to go kill Christian children……the men over there killing Christians men women and children are still responsible for pulling the trigger. Liberals blame everyone else because they don’t want to held responsible for there own acts….ignorantly they justify the murder of these Christians by blaming bush, appealing on the basis of justice and ultimately doing a big fat NOTHING!!!!! SHUT UP!!!!

  68. Now that the pressure is on Obama of his Peaceful Religion of Islam he states he will send forces in to cease ISIS and their genocide. MY God will have no mercy towards Obama and all those who support him and Islam. The Evil of Islam in rampant and inside America. What and when will it take to wake the sheep? There are many who are prepared and waiting for the genocide to start in the USA. Isis,
    Islam be warned you are again outnumbered.,and out gunned. You will finally be eliminated. The Genocide of Islam will finally bring World Peace.

    • ISIS wouldn’t come to Idaho. That’s all I have to say. This pic of the children dying in the desert is unacceptable on ANY level.

      • Sure they will. They’re probably there now. I’ve read numerous stories over the years about Muslims pulling stunts in Idaho. You’re not immune. I thought we were immune in Texas. I was wrong. No where is. Selling you Lotto tickets on Saturday night, an ISIS terrorist Sunday morning.

    • The sheep would rather see gigantic numbers of christians and jews dead before they will admit they are wrong! You are so correct when you say the Genocide of Islam will bring world peace!


    • Well, let’s see, NOW is too busy hating white men. Liberals are too busy hating themselves, white men, America, Israel, each other and “religion”. Oh, wait, never mind, they’re not humanity.

  70. I am having a hard time believing any of this is true. Reason being, I was raised to believe that if there is evil out there that we as Christian Nation would not allow that horror to continue. Maybe it is time for me to realize that we are no longer a Christian Nation.

  71. These things doing this are psychopaths . Madder than you can imagine .

    A bullet in the head is too good but must be done .

    Where are the UN armies ? Did not NATO do things in Bosnia ? These people are being killed and the world lets them ? Well , you know who is enemy is .

  72. If angles could cry…

    The word should know about this genocide. No politician can say later, sorry I did not know about. Spread it to all the countries open for Muslim immigration.

    • No there wouldn’t. People would just crawl back in their burrows in deeper denial than before they saw the photos and videos. People want to stay stupid. Something has to hit them personally before they will even begin to catch on.

      • Pray Hard,

        Accurately said, I wish there were more people like you out there staying focused all out against Islam.

        We don’t need all of the other ‘Belief Systems’ crap on the table- we all simply need to leave our other beliefs out of this fight and stay united head-on against Islam.

  73. … But… but the Jews! Gaza! Disproportionate force…!

    … Monstrous beyond words… monstrous beyond monstrous…

    Islam is the enemy of civilization. It’s do or die; either civilization destroys Islam or Islam will destroy civilization. There’s no in-between.

    Islam must be identified as the enemy of civilization and resisted and attacked relentlessly, without restraint nor apology.

    (P.S. Bonnie -it’s a girl!)

  74. The right thing to do would be to execute a war of annihilation against the ISIS movement and to take no prisoners because they will not take prisoners except for the purpose of filming them being tortured (and raped if they are female) and beheaded. They must be completely exterminated.

    • But hey—let’s all just have massive street protests and condemnations of Israel for their “disproportionate use of force” and their audacity to fight back against savages bent on their destruction. I recently saw a youtube video of a suspected Israeli collaborator in Gaza- his dead body being dragged by a motorcycle all over the streets there. People also forget that when Hamas took over by force, their “Palestinian brothers” from Fatah/Palestinian Authority were taken to the roofs of buildings where they were hurled off the roofs to their deaths. But Hamas is looking out for the interests of the Palestinians in Gaza…(LOL) By the way, there were published reports of a boy in Syria mutilated and tortured beyond recognition by the Syrian regime, his genitalia shorn off his body and a popular singer who had his vocal cords literally ripped out of his throat by Assad’s henchmen for prematurely gloating about Assad’s demise, his corpse then tossed into the river. Chemical weapons attacks on kids by the Syrian regime, more than 150,000 men, women and children butchered to this day with many more to come…meanwhile the Useless Nations (UN) condemns the disgraceful shelling of schools by Israeli forces and considers war crime investigations at the urging of disgusting countries like Indonesia, Qatar, Turkey among others. I am so disappointed in India, a country that suffers so much from Islamic terrorism joining in the anti-Israel chorus. Netanyahu recently showed footage of these radical Islamic savages firing rockets from adjacent to a hospital…not to mention schools and mosques. I am scared to death for Europe. I fear another Crusade one day there. These people will never assimilate into Christian society. Most are infected with violent radical Islamic dogma, sadly.

  75. The children don’t count unless they are Muslims, the Christian ones are disposable – based on Dems support for abortion on demand and Islam in general. Disgusting.

    • Don’t be an idiot, Democrats don’t support abortion on demand anymore than Republicans support waging war on every country in the world. Project much?

      • Apparently you can’t help but be an idiot – or I would tell you not to be one. If you deny that the Democrat Party supports abortion on demand you are an idiot who cannot read a party platform. If you think Republicans want to wage war against every country in the world you are making lies up with no supporting evidence and then believing your own lies – again you are an idiot. The truth (which you will of course deny – don’t know why I bother even trying to inform you) the Democrats DO support abortion on demand and Republicans have started fewer armed conflicts than the Democrats and in fewer countries. You are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts – read a book – learn something – think. Don’t just recite your bumper sticker slogans.

      • What a dumb LIE and blatant EQUIVOCATION!!!!

        Enough Republicans surely are NOT warmongers (who waged war upon Serbia during 1992-2000? You ultra-evil “Democrat” COMMUNISTS!!!!), whereas on the other hand the “Democrats” supporting abortion on demand and hating the Christian God is so patently obvious that there’s no way you can honestly deny as much!!!!

      • Maybe not all democrats support abortion on demand but the leader if the democrats who happens to be our president supports abortiion on demand up to and including failed abortions where the child lived through it. Obama says throw it in the trash, and I’m not speaking hypothetically. Good job to every one who elected the guy who has such a high regard for the weakest life on earth. Don’t believe me???? Check his voting record…..the only thing that Obama can’t lie about.

  76. Agreed that those incidents r fucking horrific. Agreed that Genocide is happening. Agreed that rockets r landing on israel. But what is not agreeable is lack of unity among Christian, jews and Hindus. All the 3 major religions being screwed by Islam. It says in reports that 500 Muslim men from England r fighting in Iraq. it also says in reports that 40 muslims from India went “missing” in Iraq and r now thot to b fighting in Iraq. but when I request israeli authorities that I am ready to enlist in their IDF and fight muslims, even ready to convert to judaism, I never even get a reply. Online recruitment is for Islamic terrorists and not for ppl who want to fight against them I guess. This attitude shud change. In times of war help shud b taken from any quarter we can get help from. Only unity between other religions can protect mankind from Islamic barbarism.

  77. I caught CBS national news broadcast. They are still saying this conflict began x number of days ago… ie when Israel started firing back at Gaza and thus giving the impression the hostilities began WHITH ISRAEL STARTING IT… when Israel was just finally responding and defending itself AFTER MONTHS of Gaza attacks.

    Then the report mentions the “children of the conflict” and is to report on “both sides.” It starts with bemoaning the death of children in Gaza. What it doesn’t mention is the scores of children KILLED in forced labor to make the terror tunnels for Hamas AND the children killed because Hamas used them as human shields or simply did not allow them to flee areas about to be specifically targeted (and plenty of warning giving out).

    One thing the report mentioned in passing, it contradicted previous reports about Gaza without realizing it. Usually, Gaza is mentioned only in the most desolate of terms- the “open air prison” line of garbage. This time the reporter to did mention an infrastructure that didn’t reflect poverty- referring to playgrounds and amusement parks, that of course have no been damaged. Yet, still that was a “slip.’

    After the all sorrowful shots of Pally-tots… the report shows Israeli children playing in some-sort of under-ground playground. There Israelis CARE FOR CHILDREN and don’t use them as war pawns but that is not talked about. The reporter tried to get the Israeli mother to continually say something about the pally-tots. She wouldn’t BUDGE and stood by a comment that her sadness for Pallytots was not going over rule the fact that Hamas keeps trying to kill her children. GOOD FOR HER!

    Oh, the Palestinian “parents” were never asked about their concern for Israeli children that have dealing Hamas rocket attacks for months.

    Oh, and the FAKE footage of the staged school attack. CBS is still showing that even though it is fraudulent imagery.

    This is “balanced reporting.” NBC and ABC didn’t do much better. They only station not demonizing Israel is Fox; which of course the other stations deride.

    As for the mass genocide going on against Christians in Mosul or the Yazidi people… so much of the media is silent- and seems to leave the Islamic slant out of it. Such as the “convert or die.”

    The Ebola Pandemic is spreading in Africa (and is now in Europe), the Middle East is in the grip of Islamic terrorists who want to kill minority Muslims and all non Muslims, Israel is still under threat, Hamas rioters have caused chaos in European and some South American cities with their Jewish populations on high alert… and in America their are devastating wildfires and Hawaii is about to get hit with not one, BUT TWO Hurricanes.

    Where is the Muslim President during all this? Is he sleeping off all those rich Ishtar meals at the end of Ramadan? The world in a mess (he helped get it that way) and the country is facing some immediate natural disasters? Anybody out there?

  78. I’m surprised CNN even bothered to report this since they have been supportive of HAMAS.
    this is beyond horrific. the world can no longer turn a blind eye

    • Totally agree there,kristiann,pure evil and followers of satan every one of them,there can be no other explanation.

  79. This is according to the command made by the evil murderer Mohammad on behalf of Allah/Satan. As we are told, by their fruits a tree shall be known.

    We see in our media the alleged deaths of children at the hands of Israel. But when safe, journalists in Gaza admit the deaths are staged. They know that the deaths of civilians are caused by Muslim terrorists hiding among civilians while they fire upon Israel. Yet that same MSM won’t show us pictures like this saying they might upset viewers.

    Those that say this aren’t Chamberlains, they’re quislings.

  80. this is fucking horrific. The UN is so quiet. i guess only muslim blood has value these days and only when that blood is spilled by a non muslim

      • i have….from the shelter i lived in in israel….SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY. You fucking rats make me so sick. You have to shove that shit everywhere. Why dont you say “yes, this is horrific. Im going to speak up against little childrens heads being cut of by ‘religious’ men”? you guys have rocks for brains.
        You want to get it to Gaza-its fucking simple. AS A JEW-i dont give a fuck about it. I would but im too busy listening to gazans tell me how they want to murder me or drown me in the sea.
        Gaza–stop using tax payer $$ to purchase weapons and use that $ for schools not rockets. let us have a century-no a decade of calm and then when its all cooled off, lets figure it out.
        but NOOOOOO you want to throw rockets daily for years and then expect everyone to give a fuck when you FINALLY get what you keep asking for??
        What was the master plan? just throw rockets at a country and never get them back.

      • You have learned nothing! This is NOT about christians or muslism. This is not about religion. There is no such religion demanding to kill children, women and inocents. This is sole and only about power. Look at this ISIS troops. Poor people, dumb, sick and manipulated. If there was any reason to unite in the name of humanity after 2nd ww and fucking kill these sick so called humans of isis this would be the time. No god, not Allah not Jesus nor Buddah would demand what isis does. Only the devil himself would demand such things.

        If the free world does not stand up and fight against these babarians this is treason against everything that values the civilized world. Or maybe the civilized world is nothing better….