UK: Moviegoers turned away from Birmingham cinema because they were NOT Muslim

PAY-Star-CityFurious cinemagoers say they were turned away from a busy Vue complex because they weren’t Muslim. Leon Jennings, 22, had been visiting Birmingham’s Star City entertainment complex with two other friends. But as he tried to enter the Vue Cinema on the site, which includes dozens of bars and licenced restaurants, he said he was turned away by a burly security guard.

UK Mirror (h/t Geoff M)  Asked why, shocked Leon says he was told by staff the films showing were only for couples and families celebrating the end of Islamic festival Eid. Vue Cinemas have apologized and promised an investigation.


Leon says he and and his two pals were forced to turn around and go home – because “they did not look like they celebrated Eid” and were left feeling embarrassed and discriminated against for being white.

As we drove in the bloke on the gate said to us ‘not tonight guys, it’s couples and families only’.’ We thought he was  joking and went and parked up.  We tried to get into the cinema and the security guy stopped us from going in. He said we couldn’t go in because it was ‘only couples and families celebrating Eid.’

I tried to point out that there were loads of groups lads who were Muslim being allowed in but that made no difference. He said to us we didn’t look like we were celebrating Eid. He was making assumptions about my religion and banning me based on my skin colour. 


A Facebook page set up to call for a boycott of Star City has already gained over 800 likes on the social network. Other web-users reported similar experiences on Wednesday – which marked the end of Ramadan, where Muslims fast for a month. Emma Noakes wrote on Facebook: “My friends family have just been refused entry at VUE cinema as they are not Muslim this is a shocking disgrace. If the shoe was on the other foot there would be uproar. Can you imagine banning all Muslims to star city because it’s Christmas.