BROOKLYN dhimmis offer $1,000 reward for information about anti-Islam flier distributor

muslim-cleric-gags-lady-libertyA Sunset Park couple, angered by the recent case in which anti-Muslim fliers were distributed in a Bensonhurst apartment complex, have announced that they are personally offering a $1,000 reward to anyone providing information to police leading to the arrest of those responsible for the alleged ‘hate crime’ (This alleged ‘hate crime’ would be considered a first amendment right if any other religion was involved)

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Brooklyn Eagle  Tony and Renee Giordano, who are well known in the Sunset Park business community and among neighborhood preservationists, said they plan to pay the reward money out of their own pockets. Tony Giordano, a founder of Sunset Park Restoration, a group dedicated to preserving the community’s architecture, said he and his wife, the executive director of the Sunset Park Business Improvement District (BID), were shocked and saddened by the event that took place at Shore Haven and felt they had to take action.

As the Brooklyn Eagle reported, the offensive fliers were discovered in the apartment complex during the early morning hours of July 26. The flier read: “Islamists. Go to your country. USA hates you. You are terrorists and bastards. You are the second Holocaust.”


The case is under investigation by the Police Department’s Hate Crime Task Force and by detectives at the 62nd Precinct (Because the police have nothing better to do than chase after people exercising their first amendment rights).

Giordano recalled that he turned to his wife after reading a newspaper article about the incident and said, “It isn’t enough that we tell people this offends us, we have to do more. Would it be all right with you if we offer a $1,000 reward?” His wife immediately agreed, he said.

To Giordano’s dismay, two individuals asked if a crime had even been committed. “Isn’t this just a person’s fundamental right of freedom of speech?” one person asked. The Giordanos said they believe that the fact that the hate-filled fliers were distributed in an organized manner indicated some level of planning behind it.